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Daily discussion of Florida State Seminoles football, recruiting, basketball and baseball.

Daily discussion of Florida State Seminoles football, recruiting, basketball and baseball.


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Daily discussion of Florida State Seminoles football, recruiting, basketball and baseball.








Talking season begins, player responsibility, "Renegade Express" (8/6/20

On Thursday the ACC will release game dates for the 2020 football season and in the afternoon Mike Norvell, coaching staff and select players will speak to the media on the eve of preseason camp. (6')Will they ask players to avoid being social to make the season a reality? Bubbles work, too late? "RenEx" (18'): How does Chubba have an edge on a RS-Jr.? (24'): State champs, Norvell can do something Jimbo never did, (26'): If the BCS was around in 2014... (30'): Inevitable to compensate...


Bands, breakouts, big bucks phone calls (8/5/20)

Tuesday's live YouTube show adapted into a Wednesday podcast. Phone calls and YouTube comments regarding: bounce-back for Blackman, CFB with no marching band halftime shows, under the radar breakout candidates and more


Masks, Pac12 mutiny, Blackman HS coach interview (8/3/20)

LSU unveils full face shield -- nice try but... (10'): Pac 12 players organize to ask for health, monetary concessions -- the "launch point" for likely fundamental change to college sports. (18'): Pool the money from the coaches salaries? (22'): The anti crowd, is there one player that can start the process (30'): Do you think the coaches are ok with paying players? (37'): Ham and Co. not done on the recruiting trail? (41'): Rick Butts, James Blackman's HS QB coach (and uncle)...


Rivalry on the ropes, scrutinizing the schedule, "Renegade Express (7/31/20)

(3'): SEC declines +1 model, what does it mean for UF rivalry? Does FSU budge and lose a home game in the series? (18'): Is the new schedule really that much more daunting that the original? (26'): Will conference push marquees games up to the beginning of the season? (28'): "Renegade Express"/ how about the hoops recruiting? (32'): Mentally, is this team too far gone after all the upheaval? (36'): Play a Group of 5 team for a spring game and more schedule questions (43'): Will...


Laborn gone, Odell still has it and more call-in's (7/30/20)

Adapted from Tuesday night's live stream on YouTube. -The loss of Laborn -Put respek on Odell's name -Comments from Chubba's coach has folks giddy -Put the hooks into ND? -Kickers? Music: Mayday Parade - Keep In Mind...


D-Week for ACC, will all RBs eat, Chubby Purdy's HS coach (7/27/20)

(4'): Football decision for 2020 from the ACC likely on Wednesday -- the current landscape, the optics, the options (21'): Letdown if FSU doesn't open with WVU -- worthy, vulnerable adversary (29'): Lotta options at RB, big shoes to fill (36'): ...but is this team going to be able to specialize packages for all these backs (41'): Preston Jones, head football coach at Perry High (Perry, AZ) on coaching Chubba Purdy, projecting his future Music - Marcus King Band - Jealous Man


"Renegade Express", transfers approved, empty campus needed for full season? (7/24/20):

(8'): FSU gets pledge from edge rusher (16'): SEC transfers immediately eligible for FSU (20'): Are empty campuses the path to a full season? (32'): What if a head coach gets the virus in-season? (38'): CFA Kick-off, how to prep for uncertain opening opponent? Music: MEST - Masquerade


Hoops rolling in recruiting, scheduling thoughts, best segs on the team (7/22/20)

Phone calls regarding FSU basketball recruiting, any possible added motivation for Khalan Laborn, best away venues, Shedeur Sanders, the gap in ACC revenue and more Music - Seoul - Stay With Us


Inside intel from Ira, NIL developments, 1995 (7/20/20)

Warchant.com managing editor Ira Schoffel shares insight from his four month project examining all levels of the FSU football program during the pandemic (15'): The shifting attitude, challenges the staff has faced during the break (26'): This staff has 6 weeks to roll out a Florida State Football team...and Taggart had it bad? (33'): NIL to go before the Senate -- suggested limits agreeable? (45'): Entertainment Corner, the 1995 Source Awards Music: Digitalism - Echoes


First look at rules for 2020, breaking from the NCAA, 'RenEx' (7/17/20)

First draft of quarantine, testing guidelines has leaked -- some odd choices. "Renegade Express" (22'): New booster blood bring in young money? Perfect 10 game schedule -- we're warming up to pod play (31'): New ACC divisions? (32'): Time for Power 5 to break from the NCAA? (40'): Would a football commissioner make a difference? (42'): The consequences of 10+ years of reckless spending (50'): If you could spy on any FSU football meeting in the last 3 yrs... (52'): Who sticks around...


Pod sked, Deion sends kid to FAU, Tamorrion looking tough (7/15/20)

Phone calls about a pod set-up for the ACC, any issues with a legacy going to Taggart, 'mirin Terry's physique, underrated WRs, who will be the #3 RB and more Music: Skylar Spence - Fiona Coyne


Retain the rivalry, respect other regions, reel in ND, the forgotten 'L' (7/13/20)

How important is it to retain in-state rivalries if non-conference skeds are the path forward in 2020? (16'): Does the ACC disrespect FSU? (23'): Have we taken the soul out of the Gators as much as they have from us? (32'): Blackman better than new guys? Fans should respect players from outside the southeastern bubble (46'): Pressure Notre Dame into joining forces? (53'): Game you wish you did not attend i.e. the forgotten L Tom Misch - Down By The River


Balling in the fall? Is conference-only news a positive step? 'RenEx'(7/9/20)

B1G makes the move -- conference-only *IF* there's a fall season. (21'): We're optimistic about this, right? (36'): Shorter layoffs for positive cases (38'): Pay players to stay home? (42'): Economic impact hits home (48'): Executing a conference-only sked (53'): W-L prediction with new slate (1:00:00): Blackman still a factor? (1:05:00): Best opposing QB who flourished in NFL


Phone calls, bolstering the ACC, does the train stop, Blackman washed? (7/8/20)

Tuesday night's live YouTube call-in show adapted into a pod for Wednesday. Calls regarding 1993 vs. 2013, what four teams would make the ACC the best football conference, how many W's if the offensive line is "above average", did James Blackman commit a fatal sin vs. Clemson? Music: Nightclub - Show It To Me


Throw the people a bone, pivot coming, QB, coaches or D most vital? (7/6/20)

Enthusiasm waning due to season expectations or uncertainty? How likely is it a coherent plan is being put together? (19'): A pivot likely in the next 24-48 hrs, will that force CFB to make some decision, put things in motion? (30'): For the fans still dialed in -- is it coaching, QB or a better defense that means better days in the immediate future? (42'): Entertainment Corner


'RenEx' - any benefit to a delayed season, scheduling scenarios, is there even a plan? (7/3/20)

Jimbo misbehaving (8'): Would Norvell, FSU benefit in a spring season? (21'): Pick 3 ACC or SEC schools to replace for Week 1-3 (25'): A bold prediction from a subscriber (35'): MLB shortened their season, should colleges? (42'): FSU Fan Hall of Fame (47'): Thoughts on the lack of information re: positive players (54'): Leading tackler at LB will be _____ (1:00:00): Pac12 might do x, y, and z -- does anyone have a plan!? Music: unwritten law - Holiday


Final leg of the Top 40; #10-1 (6/29/20)

(10'): Younger siblings who outshine in athletics (15'): The 10 most important players for 2020


"RenEx" - Pressure, 'Choke at Coke', social life sacrifice for a CFB season (6/26/20)

After a 24 year run, John Swofford plans to step down as ACC Commissioner. "Renegade Express" (16'): Worse - 'Lost Decade' or 2017-20? (23'): "Allen Iverson" talks pressures (26'): Stadium sponsors, type of money out there (35'): Is the best thing the hardest thing i.e. players having to dump social life for a football season? (45'): 4 favorite plays in FSU history (52'): Does the playbook change if a freshman QB gets the job? Music: Guts - And The Living Is Easy


Unrefined thoughts on Doak, phone call frenzy (6/24/20)

Some quick thoughts on the man, name on the home of the Seminoles. Phone calls: special teams play, erasing little errors can pay big dividends, a James Blackman fan and more Music: Beanie Sigel - Roc The Mic


(6/22/20): Worrisome weekend, resurgent rush, Top 40

No two ways about it, discouraging developments in the path to a 2020 season (23'): but hey, FSU has the best returning pass rush in the nation, discuss! (28'): FSU all-time draft recap. (32'): Quick rundown of 30-21 of the Top 40 and then a closer look at 20-11. Music: Mystery Skulls - God