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Daily discussion of Florida State Seminoles football, recruiting, basketball and baseball.

Daily discussion of Florida State Seminoles football, recruiting, basketball and baseball.


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Daily discussion of Florida State Seminoles football, recruiting, basketball and baseball.








'RenEx', Josh Storms interview (4/3/20)

'Renegade Express' subscriber questions (48'): FSU Director of Strength and Conditioning Josh Storms discusses lay off, standouts


'War Chattin' - Gene & Corey discuss 1991 romp over Michigan (4/1/20)

(3'): Founder and administrator of Warchant.com, Gene Williams, and senior writer Corey Clark share their memories and discuss FSU's signature win over Michigan in Ann Arbor back on September 29, 1991


FL high school coaching, feeding the players, season outlook (3/30/20)

Lots going on over at Warchant.com this week -- we discuss. As well as life on lockdown. Fast forward if you need your meat and potatoes. (25'): The economics of high school football coaches in FL vs. their peers and if it matters (37'): Was the win vs. Michigan in 1991 the watershed moment for FSU Football? (43'): ....we feeding these kids stuck back home yet? (52'): Lamenting the logo (59'): Herbie, Sports Biz Journal discuss the outlook for a 2020 season Music: MC Hammer - Turn This...


'Renegade Express', no practice problems, 'what if's', changing outcomes (3/26/20):

Patrick Williams declares for the NBA Draft. (17'): Not sugar coating the loss of practices for a 1st year staff (24'): Another school more hosed by pandemic than FSU? (29'): Another big 'what if?'... (36'): Biggest FSU hit on opponent (46'): If you could change the outcome of an FSU game... Music: Hey Champ - Cold Dust Girl


Actual news, team update, OL transfer interview (3/25/20)

Bracket challenge begins: Amp vs. Dexter, Chollie vs. Daws. (8'): Jashaun Corbin immediately eligible -- frontrunner? (13'): Norvell speaks -- what is the team up to? (22'): More from Norvell -- thoughts on missing practices (28'): Listener e-mails: expand the playoff idea (35'): Thoughts on the state of Oregon (40'): Will Blackman start whole year or be replaced? (45'): Ranking the Rocky movie franchise (55'): Interview with Devontay Love-Taylor Music: Beat Connection - So Good


Brackets, Mark & Bill, binge menu (3/23/20)

Setting the table for the Warchant.com Bracket Challenge (14'): What is the team doing? (25'): Life in isolation (29'): Mark McHale or Bill Miller? (35'): What Corey is watching? (39'): FSU makes the Sweet 16* Music: A Wandering Tree - The Descent


'Renegade Express', favorite moments, Taggart Tales? (3/20/20)

(7'): Make 'em earn spears on the helmet? (10'): Next week - The All-85 (13'): Looking at cutting nets in the regular season in hindsight (16'): Jameis musings (19'): Pause for life discussion (21'): Favorite FSU football, hoops, baseball moments (50'): Taggart Tales, will it ever happen?


Spring sports shelved, 'RenEx' blame-game w/OL, what to do w/ Jameis? (3/18/20)

ACC announces all spring sports have been canceled -- any hopes of sports this spring is now done for. 'RenEx' (19'): Most embarrassing moment at a game (25'): Last star-struck encounter, coronavirus tangent (39'): Biggest FSU "what if" (52'): Who's to blame for the state of the offensive line? (1:02:00): Brady a Buc, what's next for Jameis Music: Terrible Things - Up All Night


Favorite FSU player, silver lining and the ills of the world (3/16/20)

The story of the world looms over the show but... (8'): Corey's favorite 'Nole (31'): Maybe a silver lining from the season cancelations (37'): A tweet from practice goes viral, players respond Music: Truth Hurts - Addictive


It's a bummer (3/13/20)

It's over. Conference tournaments, national tournaments. What. A. Bummer. (32'): Observations from football practice -- knuck if you're buck? (56'): RenEx Pt. II: RB depth chart (59'): How are the old coaches doing? (1:03:00): Bigger bummer for Leonard or Trent?


ACCN Dalen Cuff on FSU hoops, 'RenEx' (3/12/20)

Dalen Cuff of the ACC Network discusses the strengths and the surprising surge of FSU basketball RenEx (19'): Thoughts on Adam Fuller (31'): 1-seed, tougher draw or 2-seed, better bracket (38'): Most heart-breaking hoops loss (39'): How's the conditioning look? (45'): Good first week, can we remove 'cautiously' from the optimism? (49'): Any players make a jump? Favorite coaches to watch? (54'): Will basketball ever be as important as football at FSU?


"They're getting coached better", skid ends on the diamond (3/11/20)

4': FSU beats the Gators on the diamond for the first time in a long time 7': "It can't be more different", the details and coaching anecdotes 22': Coaching comp, more examples -- "They're being coached better...and probably a lot better" 25': ....but the offense is struggling for now 29': Individual standouts and observations 42': Corey trying to ruin Christmas 52': Back to the diamond -- it's a big win


ACC hoops takes notice of FSU, Mike Martin Jr. interview (3/10/20)

Empty arena for 'March Madness'? No way...right? (10'): FSU cleans up on All-ACC honors (12'): Leonard easiest vote of all (15'): Re-litigating ACC Coach of the Year snubs (20'): Patrick Williams 6th man, 3rd most important cog? (32'): Picking a favorite new coach, what to watch at Tuesday's practice (36'): A Gator filling in for Odell?! (37'): 1-seed still in play, latest bracket projections (44'): Mike Martin Jr. interview


"A different kind of different", impressive changes on the field, champs on the hardwood (3/9/20)

Complete shift for FSU Football...at least at practice. Wide-ranging commentary and observations of change and anecdotes. (36'): Individual standouts (41'): Hoops wins ACC regular season title


Excited for access, practice expectations, 40 win for baseball? (3/6/20)

Corey is stoked to watch practice. Yes, practice! (8'): What to look for from the OL, DBs, timeline for return (13'): Favorite FSU-Florida moment (16'): What are you most excited to see during spring (23'): Baseball talk (33'): The Ballad of Wyatt Rector (39'): Spitballing Doak improvements Four Year Strong - Talking Myself In Circles


Rallying past the Irish, 'RenEx' deep dive on QBs (3/5/20)

What a rally (28'): What will the offense look like, is the 4-3 coming back? (36'): Dad Corner (44'): Does anyone want Blackman? Freshman possible?


The Slanffel Sessions: interviews w/ Kenny Dillingham & David Johnson (3/4/20)

Kenny Dillingham talks about his coaching journey, the strength of the coaching staff and his first ever official visit (19'): Warchant.com managing editor Ira Schoffel sits down for a one-on-one interview with running backs coach David "Coach YAC" Johnson. Music: Seaway - Something Wonderful


The Schoffel Sessions: Ira interviews Chris Thomsen, Marcus Woodson (3/3/20)

(3'): Warchant.com managing editor Ira Schoffel sits down for a one-on-one interview with deputy head coach Chris Thomsen (22'): Ira then interviews defensive backs coach Marcus Woodson


Clemson loss, The Combine, Chris Marve interview (3/2/20)

Bummer of a loss Saturday but buoyed by other action, current Bracketology projections (16'): Cam faster than Dalvin? Stanford Samuels III slow in the 40 (29'): Baseball observations heading into March -- ace arms, awful defense (59'): The Schoffel Session: Ira's interview with LB coach Chris Marve Music: Taking Back Sunday - Spin


'RenEx', OL coach Alex Atkins interview (2/27/20)

Summary of Norvell's comments at athletics department meeting (10'): Why aren't there grad transfer QBs in the mix (17'): Any chance FSU gets a #1 seed in the East region? (27'): What teams do you want to avoid in the tourney? (30'): Which coach likely to improve his segment, be poached (40'): BUILD MICKEY ANDREWS SOMETHING NOW! (49'): What we'll be watching once spring practice starts (58'): Alex Atkins interview Music: Ambushed - Silence In Waves