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'RenEx': Silence is (garnet), golden and nerve-racking (12/5/19)

A whole lot of questions about the coaching search obviously


No splash, no problem. Debating the merits and some hoops talk (12/3/19)

Probably not going to be one of the slam dunks...and that's ok. Arguing over Campbell and Norvell. (53'): Hoops heads to famed Assembly Hall as 2.5 pt dog


Still broken, kicking around a timeline and whether a surprise is in store (12/2/19)

Loss to Florida looked par for the course (12'): Harlon Barnett has not paid dividends (20'): Black Sunday, coaches getting axed all over the place (26'): Fans panicking over the "head start" on the search (30'): Bigger pile of mess to clean up for the next guy than '17 (37'): Is FSU still the best job on the market, are coaches scared of by the way Taggart was handled? (45'): Can you pin an FSU Renaissance marketing campaign on a G5 HC? (48): Any chance it's a name we haven't...


Coaching 'marriages', avoiding being the next Miami or Tennessee, save or swing (11/27/19)

(7'): Alum only all-star coaching staff (10'): The 'marriage' between program & coach, both lifting each other (14'): How does FSU avoid being Tennessee or Miami or a lion in the winter (30'): Swing with all their might at a candidate like they did with Stoops or something more commensurate to their resume? Music: MEUTE - You & Me


Finding a way vs. Florida, 'Renegade Express', contract mishap (11/26/19)

Kicking the tires on whether FSU has a shot at upsetting Florida. (25'): Which coaches, players would you like to have over for Thanksgiving to spill the beans on what the hell happened the last 2 years at FSU (30'): Will a salty defense ever make a comeback at FSU? (38'): On James Franklin, marketing the path to the CFP at FSU should be a bigger deal (46'): More on Florida and the rivalry (52'): Taggart didn't sign a "contract"; big deal? Music: Don Diablo - Head Up


We there yet? Culling down the candidates, leftovers

(4'): Timeline, top candidates coming into focus after a Stoops drops out (15'): Scoreboard watching, the price for Bob would of created a monster (23'): Courting a coach in the playoff, being blindly optimistic about the candidates (32'): 'Also-ran's', leftover RenEx Music: Oliver Tree - Do You Feel Me?


Stoops Truthers, Odell odds, new names (11/21/19)

(3'): FSU rolls to 36 pt win over Chattanooga (9'): Bob Stoops Truthers growing on Warchant, beyond (17'): Odds Odell gets the job, why is the admin taking heat? (20'): Gary Patterson? (24'): Les Miles? (35'): Yay or nay; Mike Gundy? (39'): How bad of a miscalculation was coaching with 9 guys? (48'): Mark Stoops? (50'): Where the fans? (1:03:00): Matt Campbell? (1:10:00): Odell and DK, will Willie be back at a P5 program as HC? Music: Terrible Things - Conspiracy


Protective fans, the sizzle of Mark vs. the Matt's, Odell gets even (11/20/19)

(3'): People like answers, not questions (13'): Odell improbable but people continue to be infuriated (17'): Better be patient, gonna be awhile on a hire (25'): Having to talk up a less than great candidate (31'): Mark vs. Matt, how winning at lesser places projects to big time (38'): More upside to the Matt's? (47'): Odell sacks David Kelly Music: Anarbor - Drugstore Diet


Odell backlash, no guarantees for success, how much to invest in backup plans (11/18/19)

(3'): Fans want the media to vet Odell harder, thoughts on the Alabama St. win (9'): Where Odell falls on the pecking order, pushback from certain corners of the fan base (16'): FSU's position in the job market (28'): The anxiety over what FSU will become with 2nd tier candidates, misplaced anger at the administration and the ongoing search (35'): Why Odell isn't Orgeron. (45'): Changes already underway under Haggins (52'): FSU threw the sink at Bob Stoops -- should they approach "The...


Odell wants in, tradition or top target, over/under (11/15/19)

New Hot Board out. We drop a name. Left over 'RenEx' - Why the early hook on Willie - Should FSU hire someone who fits their culture or the best candidate? - The narrative of Stoops being burnt out, half-hearted (52'): Over/under Music: Nicole Bus - Mr. Big Shot


'RenEx', players lobbying for Odell, what's the "hold up" on a hire (11/14/19)

Players take to Twitter to campaign for Odell -- does this mean he wants the job? 'Renegade Express' (11'): Dream bowl matchup (14'): Jordan Travis thoughts (24'): What are the scenarios for Stoops, concerned he really wants the job? (27'): Venables or Fleck or Campbell? (31'): How can FSU beat Florida? (49'): More emotion shown from the staff (1:00): LSU blueprint?


False start on good news of a Stoops hire, Dedrick Dodge interview (11/13/19)

From silence to sizzle to screeching halt around Stoops -- something has to give soon. (31'): "The Blade" Dedrick Dodge talks nickname, dynasty, Odell and what the next coach needs to do.


Timeline on Stoops, Odell showing something, calling out fibs (11/12/19)

(3'): Clark-Shreveport rivalry (5'): What a likely timeline for Stoops/FSU looks like (15'): Odell offers up 'change' that sounds pretty standard; what was going on? (25'): Are we sure Odell couldn't pull this off? (31'): Trust the coaches -- but were they being honest and how that affected the discussion around Jordan Travis Music: Sparks the Rescue - Water Your Heart


All that went wrong went right, extent of Taggart's meddling and Odell's candidacy (11/11/19)

What a satisfying win (6'): Did the coaching change improve their play? (11'): The most resilient drive of the game, season, Taggart Era. (15'): Fooled Aslan, Briles went with Blackman. (24'): Taggart was more meddlesome than led on. (33'): Odell and his candidacy (52'): 6 in a row over Florida in men's hoops. Get some! (55'): More thoughts on Jordan Travis


Big loss with Big Marv, Stoops non-denial denial, closer look at PJ Fleck (11/8/19)

(5'): No Big Marv (13'): Stoops on rumors (21'): Example of disorganization under Taggart (26'): Anything Stoops wouldn't be able to get from FSU? (31'): Closer look at PJ Fleck (1:06): Over/under Music: Thug Life - Don't Get It Twisted


Still seeking Stoops, hoops loss, 'RenEx', disconnect on discipline (11/7/19)

Coaching hubbub (9'): Hoops falls 63-61 in season, ACC opener (19'): Timeline on a new hire (23'): We scared of Stoops' combative nature with the press? (29'): What two candidates besides Stoops do we like. (36'): Biggest issues for the rest of the season: players or coaches checking out? (41'): How surprising was the move to part ways with Taggart? (49'): Taggart instill discipline to do well in class, why did they act the fool on the field?


Stoops fading?, backlash mild (for now), recruiting update (11/6/19)

(5'): Big Game turning into long shot and "home run hires" (20'): Some backlash beginning to form and will having more time to vet a coach mean a better pick? (30'): This podcast is pro-Venables, money can't buy you happiness or wins. (43'): Michael Langston updates the status of recruiting with the staff in limbo. Music: Sleep On it - Under The Moment


All about the W's and L's, Bob Stoops smoke, Odell back in the saddle (11/5/19)

(4'): 6-6 is not good enough -- athletics director lays down the gauntlet. (7'): Corey's takeaway. Game 21 looked an awful lot like Game 1 and why this hire will be tough to screw up. (16'): Will Odell have full support of Taggart loyalists on the staff, will he be able to galvanize like he did in 2017? Bowl eligibility is big, will it be Bob Stoops? (48'): More on a bowl, the horror show that was VaTech game (51'): 2-0dell back at it Music: Mayer Hawthrorne - The Game


Willie Taggart done at FSU; why, why now, who's next?: (11/4/19)

First thing's first -- seemed like a good dude. (5'): Surprised by the timing (14'): This thing was broken (19'): Was it W-L's or belief in his ability to lead, organize? (46'): Midseason fire, do they have the successor in mind? (49'): Hot board (50'): 'Keeping the same energy' -- any coach follows suit, yes, they will be criticized. (56'): Will the next guy inherit a worse program than Willie did?


(Do) we want Bama, a look into the future, over/under: (11/1/19)

FSU and Bama to play a home-and-home in 2025-6. Good thing? Who will be coaching? (15'): Do we keep moving the goalposts for Willie, the perks of Hornibrook, what if they win out, punting etc. (45'): Over/under