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Home court optics, where are the blowouts, first Norvell defection (2/20/20)

Depsite FSU basketball's home dominance, sell out's seem off (16'): Tailgate treats of choice (30'): Any concern the hoops team hasn't blown out more opponents, the randomness of March Madness (41'): Top 3 coaches currently at FSU (46'): Dad Corner (51'): Turquoise unis, embrace it already (55'): AJ Lytton no longer at FSU, related tweet may rankle the new regime


Williams wows, laser show at Howser, neutral site games (2/19/20)

(6'): FSU's ceiling higher with the emergence of freshman Patrick Williams? Visiting coaches losing their cool after losses at The Tuck. (23'): Strobe light celebration for dingers at The Dick (29'): ACC to allow one-time, penalty-free transfer (41'): Neutral sites games; why the hate?


Corey and Ira talk FSU football, basketball and opening weekend for Seminole baseball (2/16)

Wake Up Warchant is back! Corey and Ira while Aslan is on vacation. Topics include FSU football's Tour of Duty drills, basketball's win over Syracuse, Mike Martin Jr's debut with baseball, FSU recruiting and a feature coming on Keyshawn Helton.


'Renegade Express', stars, recruiting, breakouts, TV money (2/6/20)

(5'): Ruminating on the recruiting class (18'): Transfer QB market is more hit than miss (25'): Ugly side of recruiting (31'): Age-old back and forth on whether stars matter (39'): Newcomer, breakout candidates (42'): Win 10 crack the top 5 recruiting rankings? (54'): Is it a problem the SEC is lapping the country in revenue/TV dollars Music: Madcon - Beggin'


5-star paying dividends, room for improvement, OL woes (2/5/20)

(6'): If Patrick Williams can build off his performance vs. UNC... (16'): Recruiting NFL talent; lagging behind Miami? (21'): Best FSU uniform combos? (25'): What segment has the most room for improvement? (34'): Deep dive on OL; why has it taken so long to fix, is it a lot of bad luck? Music: State Champs - Elevated


Hoops bounces back, 2020 over/under wins, recruiting recap (2/3/20)

FSU responds on the road, what to improve on, what's the next step (17'): Dad Corner (24'): Football o/u wins (31'): Recruiting


'Renegade Express', last-minute offense, QBs, telling the truth (1/30/20)

(6'): Thoughts on Norvell's recruiting and being in the mix for elite recruits (13'): Hoops talk (15'): Grad transfer QB mandatory? (26'): Last minute hoops offense (33'): Don't give up on Blackman? (48'): Why didn't the media blow the whistle on previous coaches sooner rather than after the fact stories? Music: And Then There Was You - Burn My House


More 'croots, Chris Thompson interview (1/29/20)

#5 FSU falls to UVA, ending 10-game win streak. Recruiting keeps trucking along with two verbal commitments from Tennessee prepsters. (6'): Interview with Chris Thompson -- his injury, his rehab, his resiliency


Ire of the Irish, speedster commits, youth sports corner (1/27/20)

FSU survives scares vs. Notre Dame; did Mike Brey lose it or just have a odd sense of humor? (31'): FSU gets commitment from Boot State product with blazing speed, The Legend of Kermit Whitfield (37'): Life as a dad in the youth sports world Music: Coldfront - Everything You Want Me To Be


Schedule thoughts, quick hire, 'RenEx' (1/23/20):

(2'): Early bye, confidence pts in picking w's for the 2020 schedule (11'): Norvell wastes little time replacing Rushing, hires Marcus Woodson (16'): Warchant dress code (19'): How did UM get D'Eriq King? (23'): Having a coach with an eye for (coaching) talent (25'): Who do you want shooting the last shot for FSU hoops? (31'): Do you need the best QB to win the national title? (40'): Deonte Sheffield is a player to watch, right? Music: Tuxedo - The Tuxedo Way


How to lose a coach in 3 weeks, can FSU counter Miami in the portal (1/22/20)

(4'): Thoughts on TJ Rushing heading to College Station and T-Buck more than "just" a legend. (17'): Miami addressed needs and added stars (25'): ...but FSU could be addressing a big-time need in the portal to even the odds (29'): Is FSU still a "premier" job (41'): Top 5 hoops program, would Leonard go against the trend? Music: Rhodz - Little Creature


Hoops keeps truckin, rivals getting better, recruiting updates (1/20/20)

(6'): FSU shows mettle in rallying to beat Miami (25:30): So Travis Etienne is staying? (33'):...but what difference does it make? And a player that could make a difference elsewhere in state (46:30): Michael Langston breaks down the recruiting weekend Music: The Wrecks - I Don't Like You


FSU fends off the champs, 'Renegade Express' (1/16/20)

#9 FSU wins 54-50 over reigning national champion UVa (10'): What has pleasantly surprises us about Norvell (16'): Did FSU get hosed on the ESPN150 (23'): PWO/preferred walk-on (26'): Is Hamilton in rare air having hit stride late in the game? (32'): Ceiling for hoops team? (42'): Goals, ceiling for football team (49'): Hitching star to a wagon? (50'): Hygiene (55'): Orienting team to FSU traditions? Music: Forever The Sickest Kids - Nice To Meet You


Hoops host the champs, 2013 feats fading, competency goes a long way (1/15/20)

(4'): Thoughts on #9 FSU vs UVA (10'): Belated thoughts on the 2019 CFP title game (21'): 2013 team seems to be forgotten by college football public (25'): How is offseason conditioning going? (36'): Keys to winning the ACC regular season hoops title (48'): Staff solid or just in comparison to the last regime? (54'): Freshman, Blackman or the field? Music: Everyday Sunday - Best Night


Pull for the SEC or a rival? Norvell's history with QBs (1/13/20)

Clemson or SEC -- the merits of one winning over the other. (13'): Brief trip to memory lane and the 2013 title game (29'): Any precedent for true freshman starting for Norvell? (48'): More thoughts on QBs Music: We Have Band - Time After Time


Meet the staff, turnarounds, anecdotal stories (1/9/20)

The media meets the staff and quite the impression is made (24'): Corey follow's up on his turnaround's can happen fast column (34'): Anecdotal stories the coaches shared about one another Music: A Change Of Pace - Take Care


Confident coaches, 'RenEx', recruiting update (1/8/20)

(3'): Glimpses of good traits in the staff that's been assembled (14'): Poor coaching tree of the predecessors (23'): Any questionable moves from Norvell? (33'): What's more likely ____ & some El Paso thoughts (42'): Support staff difference, AD talk (53'): Michael Langston provides a recruiting updates Music: Bonfires - Last Drive Home


Staff complete, hoops shows championship caliber level at UL (1/6/20)

Football coaching staff complete with hire of David Johnson as RB coach and recruiting coordinator -- also, some quick thoughts on key games for 2020. (20'): FSU wallops Louisville -- what a display of their potential in March. Music: No Doubt - World Go 'Round


(1/3/20): Is Blackman fixable, most important hire, what needs the most help

Corey with a postmortem on the Sun Bowl -- Blackman's comportment, defense on the rise? (15'): El Paso shoutouts (18'): What needs the most help: offense, defense, special teams? (21'): Most important hire so far? (30'): Hoops talk Music: Stand Atlantic - Hate Me


Harlon, heartache, happier time ahead (1/1/20)

Hooray for Harlon, heartache for Blackman and everything in between as FSU hits reset