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Detailed exploration topics for World of Warcraft lovers who crave the hidden, secret, and less traveled areas in Azeroth. Learn and share the stories, facts, tricks, and fun of traveling WoW.

Detailed exploration topics for World of Warcraft lovers who crave the hidden, secret, and less traveled areas in Azeroth. Learn and share the stories, facts, tricks, and fun of traveling WoW.
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Detailed exploration topics for World of Warcraft lovers who crave the hidden, secret, and less traveled areas in Azeroth. Learn and share the stories, facts, tricks, and fun of traveling WoW.




Warcraft Less Traveled #83 – Ghost of Franclorn Forgewright

Episode #83: Everyone loves a good ghost story… especially in Azeroth. Our journey brings us to the ancient halls of Blackrock Mountain and into Forgewright’s Tomb subzone @(20.6,28.8). All explorers have the opportunity to visit a hidden NPC ghost, Franclorn Forgewright. This forgotten, level 60 Dark Iron dwarf once played an important role as a […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #82 – The Grave of Ray D. Tear

Episode #82: Daring adventurers have traveled through the Dark Portal, explored the entirety of Draenor, and constructed a personal garrison… Yet have you pondered the meaning behind the mysterious grave in Shadowmoon Valley? Located in the subzone of Lunarfall at coordinates @(40.3, 69.7), a solitary gray-colored stone can be found. Resting at the base of […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #81 – Lon’li Guju

Episode #81: While exploring the northern coastlines of the Kun-Lai Summit zone, explorers should look skyward to catch sight of a wandering NPC named Lon’li Guju. This level 88, flying giant sea tortoise is friendly to both factions. The angelic-winged Lon’li Guju is a special in-game memorial to Lonesome George, the last of his subspecies […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #80 – The Secret Aerie

Episode #80: Nested high in one of the isolated mountain regions of Pandaria, explorers can discover a noteworthy subzone called The Secret Aerie. Although accessible with a flying mount, game designers created a way for lost adventurers to make the beautiful journey into this hidden area entirely by foot. The Secret Aerie is home to […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #79 – Shrine of the Unseen Force

Episode #79: Inside the Shado-Pan Monastery 5-man instance, a mysterious graveyard conceals the location of 2 invisible NPCs, a stone shrine, and a hidden spell buff. Found on a southwestern-central mountain cliff at coordinates (46,65), the instanced Shado-Pan Monastery hides an ornately-decorated Pandaran graveyard. Explorers to this far-removed area can discover two “Shado-Pan Assassin” NPCs, […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #78 – Gokk’lok Shell

Episode #78: Off the coast of the Dreadwastes zone, an enormous NPC, named Gokk’lok, conceals a secret. This neutral, elite rare clam is found in the subzone titled the Gokk’lok Shallows at coordinates (27, 16). Although Gokk’lok shows no signs of aggression, any adventurer who attempts to attack this creature will need to defend off […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #77 – The Steamy Romance Novels

Episode #77: Tales of wicked seduction exist in the lands of Azeroth. With each expansion in WoW, various Steamy Romance Novels have been introduced for players to find. With a total of 7 different volumes in all, the Steamy Romance Novels are readable, gray-quality books with very… um.. risque topics. For many years, most novels […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #76 – Cro’akan, The Critter Guardian of Frog Island

Episode #76: On a small island (coordinates 18,70), off the southwestern coast of Krasarang Wilds, a mighty guardian NPC elite named Cro’akan protects the defenseless critters that live upon the island. Located west of the Cradle of Chi-Ji, this island is empty of quests, NPCs, or known achievements. However, this emerald island is populated by […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #75 – Krasarang Wilds Stack of Papers

Episode #75: Found off the southern Krasarang Wilds coast, atop a rocky hill on Marista Island, a strange scene awaits every Pandaren explorer. Surrounded by seven small skeletons, a large metal hatch can be discovered (coordinates 52,73). Hidden next to the hatch, a special gray-quality item called Stack of Papers, can be looted from the […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #74 – The 5 Ring of Dalaran

Episode #74: Over the years, Azeroth fisherman have reeled in a great number of interesting items… mostly trash, yet sometimes treasure. The crowning jewel for any angler is the incredibly elusive, ultra-rare item called The 5 Ring. This ring follows in a line of similar fishing-only discoveries: The 1 Ring and The 2 Ring. The […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #73 – Crossbow of the Phoenix

Episode #73: Ezra “Phoenix” Chatterton, at the age of 10, was a heroic boy who fulfilled his dream of becoming a Blizzard game developer through the Make-A-Wish Foundation in 2007. During his magical day at Blizzard, Ezra helped design the Merciless Gladiators Crossbow of the Phoenix. Although originally appearing in game with the Season 2 […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #72 – Goblin Hideout of Thousand Needles

Episode #72: Submerged under the Fizzle and Pozzik Steambarge in Thousand Needles, explorers of Azeroth can discover a very secluded goblin hideout. Complete with table, chairs, bubbling beverages, floating seahorse raft, and pinup calendar – this hidden room may have once been used by relaxing goblin boat-builders. Although this secret location (coordinates 77,74) has no […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #71 – Martin’s Thunder & GM Legendaries

Episode #71: Throughout the history of WoW, many legendary items have existed in game for players to acquire from epic quests and achievements. However, a small number of Blizzard GM (game master) items have been uncovered and prove to be the most elusive of all. Discovered in the WoW Armory, Crafty’s Pole grants the Azeroth […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #70 – Lost Hatch of Bittertide Lake

Episode #70: Isolated on a small island in the middle of Bittertide Lake, explorers can discover a mysterious glowing hatch. Found at Sholazar Basin coordinates 38,37 – this metallic trap door is not tied to a quest chain or achievements. Closer inspection, using a mouse-over, reveals the numbers “5 9 16 17 24 43″ etched […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #69 – Lordaeron Citizens

Episode #69 Lost Adventurers Journal: The Citizens of Lordaeron were betrayed by their Crowned Prince, Arthas. Years later, the empty courtyard of the Ruins of Lordaeron still hold their tortured souls. Explorers who venture into this dark courtyard, found above the present day Undercity, have the opportunity to find the hidden NPCs called the Lordaeron […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #68 – Gillijim’s Isle of the South Seas

Episode #68: Gillijim’s Isle was an original subzone that existed during the alpha-testing of WoW. Along with the Island of Doctor Lapidis, this small tropical island was never officially released into Azeroth. Although the island’s name may have been a playful reference to the popular tv show called Gilligan’s Island, the Blizzard developers may have […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #67 – Island of Doctor Lapidis

Episode #67: The Island of Doctor Lapidis and Gillijim’s Isle are two forgotten subzones that never made it past the early alpha-testing of World of Warcraft. Found in the fatigue waters off the southwestern Stranglethorn Vale coast, the Island of Doctor Lapidis may have been an early attempt for Troll-specific leveling (originally marked for levels […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #66 – The Unseen

Episode #66 Lost Adventurers Journal: Found in the Duskwood village of Raven Hill, a number of invisible specters haunt the shadows. The ghostly creatures, called The Unseen, are unknown to most players in Azeroth today. Only explorers who use detect invisibility (or similar) spells will have the opportunity to witness this hidden NPC in game. […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #65 – Damp Diary Pages of Tel’Abim Island

Episode #65: A handful of very rare Damp Diary Pages (Day 4, Day 87, Day 512) can be found by an avid Azeroth fisherman. Contained inside a mundane Message In A Bottle, each Damp Diary Page strings together a colorful story of a castaway, shipwrecked on an island filled with bananas. Curious explorers may question […]


Warcraft Less Traveled #64 – Darkmoon Faire Sea Pony

Episode #64 Lost Adventurers Journal: A number of mysterious things are found throughout the Darkmoon Faire. Yet, explorers of all levels can acquire a pair of souvenirs that share a common theme… ponies! Learn how to earn the I Was Promised a Pony achievement for riding a special faire pony and how to fish up […]