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What's good, Internet? Join Waypoint's Rob Zacny, Patrick Klepek, Natalie Watson, and Ricardo Contreras two times a week, as they break down the biggest stories in video games, talk about their favorite media, and unfairly compare everything to Dark Souls. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

What's good, Internet? Join Waypoint's Rob Zacny, Patrick Klepek, Natalie Watson, and Ricardo Contreras two times a week, as they break down the biggest stories in video games, talk about their favorite media, and unfairly compare everything to Dark Souls. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


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What's good, Internet? Join Waypoint's Rob Zacny, Patrick Klepek, Natalie Watson, and Ricardo Contreras two times a week, as they break down the biggest stories in video games, talk about their favorite media, and unfairly compare everything to Dark Souls. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.




Episode 454 - The Games We Think Will Come Out in 2022

2022 is barely two weeks old which means there isn't a lot of new games yet, so we look towards the future to consider: "You think that's actually gonna come out this year?" But first, Patrick is sweeping through some 2021 indie platformers, Rob's rediscovering Halo: Combat Evolved, and Cado's griping about the latest Valorant season. Discussed: Coffee Talk 1:11, Filmechanism 22:36, Below the Ocean 29:47, Halo MCC 34:32, Need for Speed: Shift 40:43, Valorant 44:42, Ubisoft NFTs 57:05, Games...


Episode 453 - Rob's Year of Motorsports

The most of the WPR crew is getting back into the swing of things by wrapping up some games of 2021, but not before Rob and Patrick can talk about the end of the NFL's regular season. Cado however is going way back, to 2018, to check out Death Crown: the 1-bit art style and short match times made this RTS the perfect fit for a weekend full of other obligations. Patrick is closing the loop on Outer Wilds: Echos of the Eye, an ultimately welcome addition to what was a fantastic base game, even...


Episode 452 - The Gremlin Zone

We're back from the holiday break and we're here to share our experiences being tiny little gremlins. Patrick was the least gremlin of us all at first, playing through The Forgotten City in a normal, non-gremliny amount of time. Cado was his usual MOBA gremlin self, just a bit more than usual over the break. Rob's become a nog gremlin, as well as a tactical naval combat gremlin in Highfleet. Patrick re-entered Halo gremlin mode with Halo Infinite, just on Normal mode this time, while Rob is...


Episode 451 - The Final Question Bucket of 2021

As the year comes to a close, Rob, Patrick, and Cado gaher one last time to talk about how cool Inscryption (last time this year, at least). Then they clear out the question bucket for 2021 by trying to decipher the contents of a company christmas "dinner," genres they would be into in an alternate universe, and whether or not this image is loss. Discussed: Inscryption 3:52, The End of Year Question Bucket 41:34 See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.


Episode 450 - The GOTY of GOTY Categories

GOTY Season. The time when many games media people really reflect on the year that was, and the game that they played through it. But what if instead of a list of just our favorites we talked about the ones we stuck with too long, the ones that we wished we played more, or the ones that caused the most discourse? This year, we asked you, our listeners, to submit your GOTY categories, and we sat down with 20 of the best to take a look back at 2021 from a slightly different point of...


Episode 449 - Tarzan's Sting

Rob, Patrick, and Cado gather today to record their final podcast of 2021, so of course the first thing they talk about is COVID. After sharing stories about their booster shot symptoms and discussing the way this pandemic just keeps happening, they turn their gaze to The Game Awards. Having already lambasted Geoff's weak response to the culture of abuse at Activision-Blizzard on a previous podcast (that will release sometime in the next two weeks), they take a look at some of the game...


Episode 448 - The Animatrix

We've got a special treat for y'all on Waypoint Radio today- a glimpse into our Waypoint Plus feed and the discussions on The Matrix Franchise we've been having. Special guest Gita Jackson joins Rob, Patrick, and Cado to dissect the 9 short animated films that make up The Animatrix, the lore and story implications they have, and how transmedia marketing became a diluted standard operating procedure after The Matrix. Discussed: Final Flight of the Osiris 8:17. The Second Renaissance 20:21....


Episode 447 - CHOP VS.

Rob, Patrick, and Cado come together on this Keighly’s Eve to talk about the things that, well, The Game Awards probably won’t talk about. We catch up with the continuing stories coming out of Activision-Blizzard, and the current strike and strike fund to combat against horrible working conditions and the layoffs that happened at Raven Software. After the break, Rob and Cado are taking to the stars in CHOPVS. Er, sorry CHORVS. Wait no, I’m hearing word that it’s actually Chorus? An arcady...


Episode 446 - Who’s Dune?

Patrick is falling dangerously close to a genre he swears he’ll never touch… MOBAs. He’s been checking out Arcane, but instead of talking about it, Natalie, Rob, and Cado derail him into an extended news segment? Then, Cado’s living his best hacker life in Midnight Protocol, a tactical hacking game you control completely from a command line prompt. After the break, Patrick is back on his platforming bullshit with Solar Ash, the new game from developer Heart Machine that’s one part Jet Set...


Episode 445 - An "Accidental" Pirate

We’re back! After our half week break we’re here and ready to talk about… HDMI splitters and their accidental “perks” if you know what I’m saying. Of course a story about a TV from Patrick was going to lead us into an entire segment on the structure of our entertainment systems and how hard it is to digitally back up our physical media collections. Then, Patrick has wrapped up the end of Unpacking, and find that thankfully the game didn’t skew as dark as he once feared it might. After the...


BONUS: WPNMP - Evangelion 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo and 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time

Well folks, it’s come to this. Through highs and lows, Impacts and Near Impacts, Fantastic Fights and Groan inducing Fan service, the time has come to put a cap on our time with Neon Genesis Evangelion. Join as special guest Gita Jackson joins Rob, Patrick, Austin, and Cado to talk about the final impact this series has had on each of us, both intellectually and emotionally, both positively and negatively. It’s time to say goodbye. This podcast is brought to you by Waypoint Plus. We're...


BONUS: WNMP - Evangelion 1.11 You Are (Not) Alone and 2.22 You Can (Not) Advance

Join Austin, Patrick, Rob, and Cado as they re-enter and re-examine the world of Evangelion once again. What starts as something familiar begins to shift, has us asking why this work is revisited, what all the differences amount to, and where we think Evangelion might go from here. This podcast is brought to you by Waypoint Plus. We're offering 25% off annual subscriptions to Waypoint+ between Friday, November 26th and Monday, November 29th. Just go to vice.com/waypoint and apply code...


Episode 444 - Tummy Troubles Are More Problem For Us!

We’ve got some real chaos energy on this pod, so get ready! We sprinkle emails in amongst some games we’re playing, like Patrick checking out the orb game Exo One, a chill game about being a space orb that is sometimes not an orb. Natalie and Cado have been checking out Voice of Cards, the card based RPG that maybe didn’t need to be card based at all. Rob is suffering through his time with Battlefield 2042, wondering if a co-op crew might be the answers to his multiplayer woes. Then we fully...


Episode 443 - Abuse at Activision-Blizzard

Rob, Patrick, and Cado gather today to talk about the allegations of abuse at Activision-Blizzard. They discuss the ways corporate structures aid abusers, the possibility of ousting Bobby Kotick, and what levers of power workers have to enact lasting change. Then we go stream spoiler mode for Inscryption, the digital card game that ends up being more than meets the eye. After the break, Patrick checks in with Halo Infinite, the latest Halo game from 343 Industries, which takes the Halo...


Introducing: A Show About Animals

Today we are sharing an episode from one of VICE's newest series -- A Show About Animals. This season, we tell the strange and wonderful story of the wildly famous Koko the “talking” Gorilla. In the early 1970s, a grad student named Penny Patterson set out to investigate a big question: is language unique to humans? So she begins an ambitious experiment -- with the help of a young gorilla named Koko. Pretty soon, Penny says Koko is learning sign language. But, of course, that’s not the...


Episode 442 - Wiggle Waggle Into My Heart

Natalie and Rob went on a tear through Inscryption on last week’s stream, and so now the whole crew has to talk about how awesome this game is. Then special guest Austin Walker joins Cado and Patrick to talk through their time in the Elden Ring network test, and try to contain their hype as they discuss what worked and what questions still remain unanswered about the full game. After the break, the crew talks about the first two episodes of Otherside Picnic, the Roadside Picnic inspired...


Episode 441 - Herodotus: Check Out This Bullshit I Saw!

The crew is fully on their bullshit this week, some of it good, some of it great, and some utterly disappointing. First up, Cado is becoming the pilot he always hoped he could be in Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation: Code Fairy, a game about a group of young women that form a secret elite squad of Zeon pilots that were always just off to the side of the original Gundam anime’s story. It’s got a convincing weight to it that has Cado chomping at the bit to play the next volume (or maybe hop...


Episode 440- Lee Pace Appreciation Zone

The Waypoint Radio crew welcomes Motherboard senior editor Jordan Pearson onto the show to talk about gaming NFTs. We discuss how some of the current trends portend a grim future, the NFT games that already exist and how they operate, and what a AAA developer might do with this technology. Come along and listen as we collectively stare into the abyss! After the break, Rob, Patrick, and Cado talk about two recent sci-fi epics: Foundation and Dune, and how they both tackle the way empires...


Episode 439 - The Dark Souls of Pokemon

We’ve got an extra beefy episode today, because guess what, it’s JRPG time! Gita Jackson joins the pod to talk Shin Megami Tensei V, a game we totally don’t call “the dark souls of Pokemon” in any serious way but it was too cursed to not get out of my head I’m sorry. It is, however, a traditional JRPG in a lot of ways that most other franchises have moved on from, for better and for worse. After the break, Rob and Patrick have been revving up their engines in the new Forza Horizon 5. Patrick...


Episode 438 - I Would Simply Not Have 20k Unread Emails

We’re back and boy, do we have GAMES to talk about! Natalie is taking the traditional Animal Crossing walk of shame, as all her villagers berate her for being gone so long, but the real problem with being away for so long is much worse, and flower shaped, and might have its roots in some real life, uh, tendencies that everyone except Patrick share. Patrick is finding time for gaming with his kid in Zookeeper World, a solid match three game. Rob has the answers to all of our organizational...