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For baseball fans. By baseball fans






“I’m With Her 100%”

In this episode, Manny and CT discuss what the playoffs will look like for the Yankees and the Red Sox. Speaking of, why are teams celebrating clinching a Wild Card spot? Then, we delve into the Addison Russell situation, who will make up the rest of the playoff teams, and finally some much needed football talk. Call our FREE voicemail hotline (856)336-8755 to participate in our show. We will react to your calls. Also, make sure to follow us on Instagram and Twitter and don’t forget to...


Yippee Ki Yay! The High Leverage Debacle

Live free with your best arm or die hard in ninth. The Welcome to the Show podcast delves deep into yet another debate in which neither side is willing to give up! In other news, David Price struggles in the bronx (again), but CT isn’t hitting the panic button just yet. Gary Sanchez: from hero to zero? Luke Voit or Jack Parkman? If you get the joke, you get this podcast … So join us as we talk Yankees - Redsox, MVP race and more! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter and...


“Eminem Has Taken over This Podcast”

*WARNING: Excuse Manny’s audio in this episode. We were experiencing technical difficulties with our equipment. Everything will be back to normal on Thursday.* In this episode, Manny and CT talk about Eminem’s latest album “Kamikaze.” They also discuss Sir Paul McCartney’s latest, somewhat disturbing, revelation. Warning! You might be disturbed. In baseball talk: Who rides the bench when Judge is finally inserted into the starting lineup? Then, the Red Sox are considering using Sale in a...


“All the Pressure Is on the Yankees”

In this episode, Manny and CT discuss how the Yankees have used up all of their cushion for the top Wild Card spot. The pressure is on the Yankees to maintain their position at the top. Also, the Red Sox have clinched a playoff berth and Mookie Betts looks to be only the third player in history to hit 50 doubles, 30 home runs, and 30 steals. Then, lots of MLB history was made this week. Find out what Alex Bregman, Trevor Story, and Jose Ramirez did this week to forever etch their names in...


Sean Taunt of VeloPRO Baseball

In this bonus pod, Manny and CT talk to Sean Taunt, associate head coach at Pacific Lutheran University and cofounder of VeloPRO Baseball. We cover Sean’s experience as a baseball coach and Director of Teams at Big League Edge. We also talk about how alongside former MLB pitchers Jim Parque and Mike Sirotka, Sean developed the Velocity Load Harness, “the world's first and only movement enhancement training system that GUARANTEES results within three weeks.” Follow VeloPRO Baseball on IG...


Life in a Dominican Baseball Academy with Luigi Gómez

In this episode, Manny and CT discuss whether the Yankees still have a chance to take the division this season. Also, if the Yankees are a Wild Card team, who starts the game? Is Sonny Gray a good option for an away game start? Then, the Red Sox have revealed their kryptonite: the bullpen. Also, JD Martinez is looking to achieve the first true triple crown since 1967. Will he do it? Finally, Luigi Gomez aka @314.ft joins us to talk about his experience in a Dominican Baseball Academy. In...


“Super Sevy”

In this episode, Manny and CT discuss the emergence of Luke Voit. They also break down the Red Sox improbable comeback against the first place Braves. Also, the Angels are recommending that Ohtani have TJ surgery. On the same day, he’s inserted in the lineup. What’s up with that? Then, what was the scuffle in the Mariners clubhouse all about? Finally, what the heck is #theopener and does it work? What’s your take on the SAVE stat? Well, Manny wants it gone. What’s your take? Call our FREE...


“(Cole Hamels Is) Justin Verlander 2.0”

In this episode, Manny and CT discuss whether Shohei Ohtani is this generations Babe Ruth. Also, why did the Yankees take so long to acquire an outfielder? Plus, when Judge returns, does McCutchen replace Gardner? Then, on this week in CT’s Conspiracy Theories, Aaron Boone is tossed out of a game on the same day Michael Kay calls him out. Is this all fixed? Finally, is Cole Hamels this year’s Justin Verlander? What's your take on the SAVE stat? Well, Manny wants it gone. What's your take?...


“Arod is Innocent”

Max Scherzer, Jacob deGrom, and Aaron Nola are all having similar seasons. Who’s the NL Cy Young of those three? Manny and CT break it all down. The playoff races are tightening up. The guys break down each race and predict who will make the playoffs. Then, Eddie Dominguez’s new book “Baseball Cop” details some new revelations involving some of baseball’s biggest stars. What are they and what are the implications? Listen in to find out! What do you think about the SAVE stat? Well Manny is...


“Family Jewels” + Brandon Warne of Zone Coverage

On this episode, the guys talk about why CT has to protect his family jewels. In baseball news, will Bryce Harper be dealt before August 31 in order to qualify for postseason play? Also, after the Red Sox are swept for the first time in a calendar year, are the Yankees serious contenders for the AL East? Then, Brandon Warne of The Athletic Minnesota and Zone Coverage joins us to talk Twins baseball and more! Want to participate in the next episode? Call (856)336-8755. We will air your...


“The Red Sox Are a Good Notch Above the Yankees”

Goose Gossage rips the MLB… again. We react to Gossage’s latest comments. Then, we go toe to toe talking Yankees and Red Sox. Are the Yankees over performing? Are the Red Sox really this good? Listen in to hear our take. Also, the winner of the WHO WOULD YOU TAKE Steroid ERA GOAT Bracket is announced. You might be surprised. Want to participate in the next episode? Call (856)336-8755. We will air your voicemail and react to it! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Also...


“I Feel like I'm Taking Crazy Pills”

Manny recaps his experience at Baseball Prospectus’ Ball Park Event in Citizens Bank Park, including getting to ask Gabe Kapler a question. Then, is Chris Sale’s latest DL stint a blessing in disguise? We also react to a couple of listeners - including Mike Francesas - take on Jacob deGrom and #killthewin. On the next episode, Brandon Warne of The Athletic Minnesota and Zone Coverage joins us to talk Twins baseball and more! Want to participate in the next episode? Call (856)336-8755. We...


“Stat Sheet Stuffer” | Matt Snyder of CBS Sports

J.D. Martinez is on a another planet this season. Could he be the reason the Red Sox lineup is performing at a historic level this season? Also, Manny explains why he thinks the Yankees should concede the AL East and focus on home field advantage in the Wild Card game. Then, Jacob deGrom is proving why the win stat is bunk. Will CT jump on the #KilltheWin train? Then, BBWAA memeber and baseball writer for CBS Sports, Matt Snyder joins the show! We talk why crusty old fans annoy us, Cubs...


Yankees Talk with Joez McFly

This episode is 100% Yankees talk with special guest Joez McFly. You may know him from his fan reaction videos all across social media, especially THIS ONE. In this episode we talk about our expectations for the Yankees this season, how we feel about their moves prior to the trade deadline, and of course we talk about the aftermath of Joez's video going viral, making him an internet sensation overnight. We also play a Yankees edition of "Test Your Fandom." See who won and what price the...


BONUS EPISODE: Trade Deadline Winners, Losers, and Surprises

The trade deadline came and went yesterday at 4pm. In this episode, Manny recaps the day's winners, losers, and surprise moves. New episodes are available every Monday and Thursday. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Want to participate, call our voicemail line at (856)336-8755. Thanks for listening!


Will the Yankees Land a Star? | What Grinds Our Gears

The trade deadline is tomorrow! Moves are being made, but the Yankees lack a star pitcher. Will they find him before tomorrow? Then, Manny and CT take turns ranting about something in the game that grinds their gears. Finally, Albert Pujols and Alex Rodriguez face off in the finals of the Steroid ERA GOAT Bracket. Who will be crowned the KING of the steroid era? Want to participate in the next episode? Call (856)336-8755 and tell us who you think should be the King of the Steroid ERA:...


Fan Reaction: Does Gary Sanchez Lack Hustle? + Joe Posnanski

On this episode listeners react to Gary Sanchez's lack of hustle on Monday, July 23rd against the Tampa Bay Rays. Also, executive columnist for MLB.COM, national columnist for The Athletic, author of several books including NYT #1 Best Seller “Paterno,” co-host of the PosCast with Michael Schur, and host of the Passions in America podcast, Joe Posnanski joins us! Want to participate in the next episode? Call the voicemail line at (856)336-8755 and leave your topic. We will react to it....


Are the Yankees Hoarding Prospects? | Bryce > Machado? | Albert Pujols vs. Ken Griffey Jr.

As the trade deadline approaches, CT wonders if the Yankees will make any moves to improve their team. What are they doing with all of these MLB ready prospects? Then, Manny and CT try to decide how teams determine a players value: is it based on the amount of eyes he attracts to the team or is it his performance on the field? Finally, Albert Pujols and Ken Griffey Jr. face off in the semi-finals. The winner will face off against Alex Rodriguez in the final round of the Steroid ERA GOAT...


Katie Sharp + Manny’s HR Derby Experience | Haderade | Machado to the Dodgers

Katie Sharp of River Ave Blues and The Athletic joins the show to give us her take on the Yankees so far and moving forward. Yankees fans wont want to miss this one! Also, Manny gives us some fan reaction LIVE from the Home Run Derby in Nationals Park. Then, the guys break down the Josh Hader controversy. Finally, Manny Machado trade rumors continue to swirl as of the time of this recording. It has since been confirmed that Manny Machado was indeed traded to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Want to...


Ruth, Aaron, Bonds, Pujols? | Hall of Famer Chase Utley? | Arod vs. Manny Ramirez

David Ortiz claims that the shift robbed him of at least 500 hits. True or False? Also, CT makes a bold prediction about Albert Pujols and the 700 HR club. Then, the guys break down whether Zack Greinke and Chase Utley are Hall of Fame worthy. Finally, Arod takes on Manny Ramirez for a sport in the finals in our Steroid ERA G.O.A.T Bracket challenge. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter to vote! Thanks for listening!