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Wharton Moneyball: MLB Playoffs, CBA, Pro Football Focus & NBA Talk

Show from 10/16/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball our hosts talk with the President of the NFL Players Association, Eric Winston. Today they discuss the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement. Moreover, who do you have winning the World Series? Next our hosts talk with the Pro Football Focus’s Lead NFL Analyst and Director of Consumer Operations, Sam Monson. They discuss the impact Artificial Intelligence may have Pro Football Focus. Guests: Eric Winston is the President of the NFL...


Wharton Moneyball: MLB Playoffs, NFL Analytics, NFL Sports Science, NBA Talk

Show from 10/09/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball our hosts talk with ESPN NFL Insider and co-host of ESPN’s daily Fantasy Focus podcast, Field Yates. Are you wondering what mind blowing changes that may occur in fantasy football? Next our hosts talk with the senior data scientist for Pro Football Focus, Eric Eager. They discuss the correlation between time management and win probability. Guests: Field Yates is an ESPN NFL Insider and co-host of ESPN’s daily Fantasy Focus podcast. He...


Wharton Moneyball: MLB Headlines, Skill Versus Luck, MLB Analytics & Statistical Models

Show from 10/02/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball our hosts talk with the New York Times best-selling author, journalist, and professional poker player for PokerStars Team Pro, Maria Konnikova. Have you ever thought about what makes a successful poker player? Next our hosts talk with the Director of Research and Development at Baseball Prospectus, Harry Pavlidis. They discuss the longterm impact of analytics in MLB Baseball. Guests: Maria Konnikova is a New York Times best-selling...


Wharton Moneyball: NFL Storylines, Sports Science Data, Pro Football Focus & MLB Baseball

Show from 9/25/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball our hosts talk with the Director of Data Science at Sports Media Technology Corp, Andrew Thomas. Have you ever wondered when is the right time for a team in hockey to pull their goalie? Next our hosts talk with the Senior Analyst for Pro Football Focus, Steve Palazzolo. They discuss how to properly grade and analyze college football. Guests: Andrew Thomas is the former Lead Hockey Researcher at the Minnesota Wild. He currently is the...


Wharton Moneyball: NFL Forecast, Sports Nutrition, Football Analytics, & College Football Matchups

Show from 9/18/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball our hosts talk with the Director of Sports Performance and Nutrition at the Dallas Cowboys, Scott Sehrert. Have you ever wondered how nutrition plays a role into your favorites athletes performance? Next our hosts talk with Senior Analytics Specialist and writer at ESPN, Brian Burke. They discuss how ESPN uses analytics and the of analytics in football. Have you ever wanted to view sports in an analytical perspective? Guests: Scott...


Wharton Moneyball: NFL Philosophies, NBA Analytics, & MLB Storylines

Show from 9/11/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball our hosts talk with the former Director of Basketball Research for the Milwaukee Bucks Seth Partnow. Who now covers NBA and Basketball analytics for The Athletic.They discuss with Seth on what production looks like from an analyst's view and will NBA teams defend the three point line closer. Next our hosts talk with former NFL 20 year NFL Executive, Joe Banner.on where the New England Patriots competitive edge comes from. Also have you...


Wharton Moneyball: NFL Rankings, Josh Hermsmeyer, Aaron Schatz

Summary Show from 9/04/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball our hosts talk with the writer at FiveThirtyEight and the Founder of AirYards.com, Josh Hermsmeyer. They discuss the Colts starting quarterback Jacoby Brissettt and the data involved in broken tackles. Have you ever wonder where does the data on broken tackles come from? Next, ESPN writer, editor-in-chief and head statistician for FootballOutsiders.Com, Aaron Schatz talks with us about the one NFL team that he feels is under...


Wharton Moneyball: College Football Preview,

Show from 8/28/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball our hosts talk with the National College Football Insider for The Athletic, Bruce Feldman. They discuss their first week expectations of NCAA season. Also is there any credibility in the recruiting system for college football? Guests: Bruce Feldman is the National College Football Insider for The Athletic. One of the sport’s leading voices, he also works on FOX Sports’ college football coverage on the sidelines and in studio for FOX...


Wharton Moneyball: Coach Relationships & Trusted Football Analysis

Show from 8/21/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball our hosts talk with tennis coach Paul Annacone on his player and coach relationship with tennis greats Pete Sampras, Tim Henman, Rodger Federer and Sloane Stevens. Next, the senior producer of NFL Films and Executive Producer and Analyst for ESPN’s NFL Matchup Greg Cosell discusses with us on how he uses data to analyze NFL players. Guests: Paul Annacone is a tennis coached who has worked with champions like Pete Sampras, Tim Henman,...


Wharton Moneyball: MLB Predictions, NFL Storylines, & Hudl Analytics

Show from 8/14/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball our hosts talk with the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of Hudl on how data and analytics has changed the way players are recruited across the country as well as how the company is using its technology to help coaches during games. Have you ever wondered what company is in the forefront of tracking analytics from sports athletes all over the country? Next hosts Cade Massey and Adi Wyner talk with Cornell professor Steven Strogatz...


Wharton Moneyball: College Football Favorites, Human Endurance, & Soccer Analytics

Show from 8/7/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball host Cade Massey flies solo. He kicks off the show talking about his favorite college football teams and his projections for the upcoming season. Next he brings on an expert in the limits of human endurance. How do you measure high intensity events and what is your endurance ceiling? Plus find out how we can grow soccer in the US and what analytics they're using to enhance in game experience. Guests: Herman Pontzer is an Associate...


Wharton Moneyball: Wearable Tech, NFL Play Analytics, & Athlete Training

Show from 7/31/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball, as the baseball season gets down to the wire hosts Eric Bradlow and Adi Wyner discuss what teams they think will make it to the 2019 World Series. Then, how can you measure an athletes recovery rate and what external factors impact performance? Our hosts talk to the CEO of WHOOP about their next generation wearable technology. Plus an in depth look at NFL play analytics. You'll find out how to measure the opposing teams offensive...


Wharton Moneyball: Changes to the Atlantic League & Predictive Analytics

Show from 7/24/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball, as the Major League Baseball Trade Deadline approaches teams will begin to become buyers or sellers. Tune in to hear what the data says about the worth of a few months of a rental player vs a handful of lesser known prospects. Then Hosts Cade Massey, Eric Bradlow, Adi Wyner and Shane Jensen dive into this weekend’s British Open and discuss what you should be watching as NFL training camps open. Plus find out what rule changes the...


Wharton Moneyball: The World Series of Poker, MLB's 60 Home Run Season, & the PGA Tour

Show from 7/17/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball, our hosts take an analytical look at what was one of the best tennis matches ever played in the men’s singles championship between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer. Then hosts Eric Bradlow, Shane Jensen and Adi Wyner preview 2019’s last golf Major in this weekend’s British Open. Tune in for all that as well as a look how your favorite MLB team stacks up as baseball’s second half is now in full swing and what data driven stories you...


Wharton Moneyball: MLB, Changes to the Baseball & Football Scouting

Show from 7/10/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball the hosts kick off the show discussing the US Women's World Cup victory against the Netherlands! Then the Clippers, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George shifted the balance of power in the NBA, tune in to hear what the data and analytics tell us about who will succeed and who will falter in the new look league. After that our hosts take a look at how the baseball has changed over time and the effects these changes have on pitchers. Plus the...


Wharton Moneyball: Soccer Analytics, the Women's World Cup & Cirque Du Soleil

Show from 7/3/19 In this episode of Wharton Moneyball, Cirque du Soleil has been lauded for its sports science program for the incredible athletes in the organization. Tune in to hear from the man behind that program as hosts Cade Massey and Eric Bradlow dive into the importance of training and developing talent within your franchise. With NBA free agency now open hear the latest developments and how they will impact the upcoming season. Plus a look at the world of Major League Baseball...