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158: WWF Royal Rumble 1992

With apologies to Saudi Arabia, the Greatest Royal Rumble may have been back in 1992. The world title was vacant and the winner of this event would be crowned the new champ. It was an event loaded with superstars such as Jake The Snake Roberts, Macho Man Randy Savage, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Sid Justice, the Road Warriors, Owen Hart, Jim The Anvil Neidhart, the Bushwackers and many, many more. Overall business may have been down, but it was a great time to be a WWF fan...


157: WCW Souled Out 2000

You've heard the guys describe WCW as being a "coffin on rollerskates." Well, nothing more exemplified that statement than the WCW event Souled Out from 2000. Many guys were out the door after this one as WCW was caught up in who was in/who was out/and who would be booking next. Not many good matches to choose from, but there was Chris Benoit winning the WCW title and Diamond Dallas Page and Buff Bagwell battling for the love of a woman. It was an event beset by change after change after...


156: WCW Guilty as Charged

ECW invaded the Boutwell Auditorium in January of 2000 for a high impact Pay Per View event featuring Mike Awesome kicking Spike Dudley all over the ring and through a few tables as well Also, New Jack met Angel and you can be sure there was a jump off the balcony. But what would a ECW event be without RVD? As he and Sabu hooked it up for the TV Title. Birmingham, Alabama was on fire for ECW including Conrad Thompson in the front row (buzz cut and all). Join Conrad and Tony as they do one of...


155: WWF Raw 01-04-99

Well, here it is. The show that made Mick Foley a champ and put Tony Schiavone in the toilet. The famous show that turned the tide in the Monday Night Wars of the 90's and helped hasten the downfall of WCW. It is Tony's first look at the show and the moment, and we think you will agree, the appearance by Stone Cold during the finish of the match was one of the biggest "pops" ever in pro wrestling. The "Greatest Night in the History of our Great Sport?" Certainly for Mick Foley it was; and...


154: ECW Massacre on 34th Street-2000

Well, nothing says Merry Christmas like a good ole ECW Pay Per View. The beloved promotions was not too far away from closing its doors, but that did not stop the action. Even though there was no RVD or Taz or Sandman (until the very end), there was plenty of action. Highlighted by a three way match for the ECW title between Steve Corino, Jerry Lynn and Justin Credible. Conrad and Tony take you back on another nostalgia-fueled trip 19 years ago. No, it wasn't a "Miracle" on 34th Street is...


153: WHW Episode 153: WCW Monday Nitro 12-20-1999

As WCW continued to spiral downward, here is a prime example of how it all went wrong. Too much talk, not enough action. It was a show centered on Roddy Piper, and it featured plenty of big stars: Piper, Brett Hart, Kevin Nash, Goldberg, Scott Hall, Curt Hennig, Harlem Heat, Jeff Jarrett and more. But for all the big names and production efforts, it was a show that fell flat. And even the formation of a brand new NWO could not help it out.


152: Starrcade 89 "Future Shock"

Get ready for three hours of wrestling action featuring only four teams and four singles competitors. We are not so sure what "Future Shock" stood for in 1989, but 30 years later it stands for ill-conceived wrestling event. Ric Flair, Sting, Lex Luger, the Great Muta, the Steiners, the Road Warriors, the New Wild Samoans and Doom all got together for a December event at the Omni that everyone in the WCW office thought (we guess) thought would be great. Nope.


151: Clash of the Champions IV: Seasons Beatings 12/07/88

WHW takes you back to December 7, 1988. Live from Chattanooga, the fourth TBS Clash of the Champions and during the final year of Jim Crockett Promotions. TBS had already acquired JCP and because of a over-the-top angle that aired on TBS, Dusty Rhodes was out as booker. But he was still in the ring battling Road Warrior Animal for control of the World Six-Man Tag team title belt, which is now lost somewhere in Tony Schiavone's attic...but that's another story. Here we have what should have...


150: Starrcade '84 The Million Dollar Challenge

We take you back on a journey. A journey 35 years (can you believe it?) in the past. When things were much simpler. No pay per views, just closed circuit TV. The match: Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes. The prize: the NWA World title and $1,000,000. The referee: Smokin' Joe Frazier. Ah, but there is more: Wahoo McDaniel vs Superstar Billy Graham, a tuxedo match between Paul Jones and Jimmy Valiant, Ricky Steamboat against Tully Blanchard and many. many other legendary wrestlers. Conard does not...


149: Clash of the Champions XIII: 11/20/1990

Once again into the "Clash" wayback machine, we take you all the way back to THANKSGIVING THUNDER in 1990! Fully entrenched in to the Jim Herd era and basically the end of the run of Ole Anderson as booker, complete with another great chapter in the Sting/Black Scorpion saga. All of this with a few magic acts and some terrible wrestling. Happy Holidays and enjoy from Conrad and Tony and the crew of idiots at the WHW offices. Support us on Patreon, get this show early and ad free, plus TONS...


148: Clash of the Champions XXV: 11/10/1993

Another one of those, WCW/NWA/TBS ventures that was full of talent but slim on great action. What can we say? Any show that has The Shockmaster against The Equalizer cannot be all that great. But it did have Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes, Dustin Rhodes, Steve Austin, Sting, Rick Rude, Road Warrior Hawk, Vander, Steve Regal, Bill Dundee, Johnny B. Badd, Brian Pillman, the Nasty Boys (WITH MISSY HYATT) and Davey Boy Smith. Whew! That's the extent of it. Oh, and some confusion about the condition of...


147: ECE November to Remember '99

As with every ECW event of the '90, this one was a feast for the eyeballs (in more ways than just wrestling action)! It featured RVD, Taz, Sabu, Chris Candido, Raven, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman, Lance Storm, Justin Credible and an ass-kicking match between Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka. Plus, let's not forget Tammy Lynn Sytch, Dawn Marie and Francine. The action was, as always, at a breakneck speed and the duo of Conrad and Tony with a few special guests, did their best to keep up! See Tony,...


146: Halloween Havoc 1996

On the heels of the Hulk Hogan turn, WCW was red hot, and this event, Halloween Havoc would become what Eric Bischoff would describe as his crowning achievement in Pay Per View shows. Featuring a great match between Dean Malenko and Rey Mysterio, a newcomer by the name of Chris Jericho, Hogan vs Savage, Eddie Guerrero against DDP, the Outsiders, a beat-down of Chris Benoit and Arn Anderson's final match. So, enjoy a look back at Halloween Havoc via What Happened When. See Tony, JR and Conrad...


145: Halloween Havoc 1994

What could be better than Hogan vs Flair in a cage with careers on the line? A big crowd--including Muhammad Ali--was on hand at the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit on October 23, 1994 to witness two of the sports biggest star go at it. As usual there were plenty of hits (Hogan vs Flair; Arn vs Dustin Rhodes) and plenty of misses (Kevin Sullivan vs Dave Sullivan), but overall it was a solid show leading up to the arrival of the Dungeon of Doom (ugh!) and a year later, the arrival of the NWO. It's...


144: Ask Tony Anything

Slapdicks! We love 'em. They can come up with some of the greatest questions! So, on the third installment of "Ask Tony Anything" on WHW we picked out some of the best from Twitter as well as some of the most silly. Remember, as the old cliche goes: "anything is fair game, " as Tony tries to honestly answer all that your inquiring (and many times sick) mind want to know. Support us on Patreon, get this show early and ad free, plus TONS of BONUScontent: http://patreon.com/WHWMonday Like us on...


143: Tony Returns to TNT

It was quite a gap between March 26, 2001 and October 2, 2019, but here he is again. The head of all Slapdicks, Tony Schiavone has made his return to TNT. How did it go for him backstage, what was the reception like? We will hear from Tony and a few surprise guests along the way about the debut of AEW Dynamite and the return of pro wrestling to TNT. Support us on Patreon, get this show early and ad free, plus TONS of BONUScontent: http://patreon.com/WHWMonday Like us on Facebook:...


142: Clash of the Champions XII-Mountain Madness

Want to see a great professional wrestling show? Sorry, this ain't it. However, it did have Ric Flair, Lex Luger, Sting, the Steiners, Stan Hansen, the Z-Man, the Black Scorpion (at least one of them), Tommy Rich, the Freebirds in (gulp!) Confederate Flag face paint and a very handsome, coiffed Tony Schiavone. Coming to you live from the very sparse Asheville, North Carolina, Civic Center where many fans came dressed as steel chairs, it's Clash of the Champions XII, Mountain Madness! Support...


141: WWE In Your House-Mind Games

The WWF (WWE) may have been losing in the ratings war in September 1996, but the 10th In Your House hit a home run with the main event featuring Mankind against Shawn Michaels. Mick Foley turned in one of the best performances of his career against one of the greatest workers of all time. Additional, the Undertaker met Goldust, the team of Owen Hart and the British Bulldog took on the Smoking Gunns; plus Jim Cornette, Mark Henry, Jerry "The King" Lawler and a lot more. It's a freak show...


140: WCW Fall Brawl 1993

By the results of the Wrestling Observer Readers' Poll, this was the one of the worst WCW Pay Per Views of all time. It began with Ricky Steamboat against Lord Steven Regal, and with the exception of Ric Flair against Rick Rude and a Cactus Jack against Yoshi Kwan match, it had such duds as Ice Train, Charlie Norris, the Equalizer, Big Sky and a War Games highlighted by the Shockmaster and Road Warrior Animal not getting in the ring. Sheesh!! Maybe a few "Tony Reads Rap" interludes will help...


139: WCW Clash of the Champions VIII-Fall Brawl '89

Well, let's just put a bag over someone's head and murder them! And that's what WCW tried to do with the Terry Funk and Ric Flair feud. Regardless, this was a good show, even though the public outcry about the final angle had WCW staffers scrambling to find the right answer. But, anytime you have Sting, Flair, the Great Muta, the Steiners, the Road Warriors and the SST in an event, you're bound to have some good wrestling. So, enjoy as the guys sit back and watch Fall Brawl '89! Plastic bag...