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Episode 66: Spring Stampede 1994

The most brutal match in WCW history, a four star Bunkhouse Buck match, Rude’s last major WCW match, and Flair-Steamboat IV, all in front of a record-setting Chicago crowd! Follow the show on Twitter: @WHWMonday Buy a shirt and Tony will call you (eventually!) at LoisRules.com Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://tinyurl.com/WHWMonday Save thousands at SaveCade.com Follow Tony on Twitter: @tonyschiavone24 Follow Conrad on Twitter: @HeyHeyItsConrad See Conrad as a “Nasty Boy” in...


Episode 65: ECW Barely Legal

E-C-W! E-C-W! E-C-W! Tony has NEVER seen Extreme Championship Wrestling until now! Conrad doesn't tell him who anyone is and Tony just freestyles who everyone is and why they're here. You don't want to miss this off-the-rails silliness that includes a "run-in" from Bruce Prichard, a very special "WrestleMania" guest, a custom "extreme" theme song, more on Tony's tattoo, a hilarious Terry Funk line, Tony's favorite Japanese wrestler, you won't believe who Saturn's partner is, Tony loses his...


Episode 64: Spring Stampede 1997

Spring Stampede 1997 was the night Randy Savage "made" Diamond Dallas Page and the night that Booker T gave what is perhaps the most infamous interview in WCW history! Plus a four way match that's really just a tag match, Scott Hall is nowhere to be found, the tag titles are on the line in a singles match, Tony has no idea who "he" is, several WCW wrestlers were in a serious car wreck, Benoit and Malenko squared off, Mysterio and Ultimo had their rubber match, Flair cuts a promo, and of...


Episode 63: Clash of the Champions VI: Ragin' Cajun (89)

Tony's not leaving! But we are covering an NWA show from when Tony DID leave, it's Part II of the Flair-Steamboat Trilogy from 1989! This was the Clash of the Champions from the Superdome in New Orleans that went head-to-head from WrestleMania V! The main event is the rematch from Chi-Town Rumble in Chicago two months prior. This time Ricky Steamboat is the champion and he's defending against the "Nature Boy" Ric Flair in a 2-Out-Of-3 Falls Match that goes nearly an hour. Tony and Conrad...


Episode 62: The Schiavone Wedding (The Finale?!)

Well, this is it! The big day for the Schiavone Family is finally here, Tony's only daughter is getting married! But does this mean the end of WHAT HAPPENED WHEN? Join Conrad as he makes the trek from Huntsville to Marietta in attempt to get Tony to change his mind and keep the podcast going! Today's episode includes Tony Schiavone's speech from the wedding reception plus special appearances from the bride Laurie, Matt, Chris, Jon Michael, Tim, and of course the true star of WHW: LOIS f'n...


Episode 61: Uncensored 96, The Alliance to End Hulkamania

As our beloved show comes to it's supposed eventual end, Conrad and Tony are in rare form again as they cover Uncensored 96; featuring the The Alliance to end Hulkamania vs. Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, the former MegaPowers in a triple cage of doom or some such nonsense. Widely panned as one of the worst PPV's of all time, let us not forget the importance of the Main Event, which pitted the aforementioned Mega Powers vs. Ric Flair, Double A, Brian Pillman (kinda), Kevin Sullivan, The...


Episode 60: Spring Break Nitro 1997

Conrad and Tony are back with one of their most outrageous watch alongs yet, as the countdown continues toward the end of our beloved institution. It's 1997 in WCW so things are coming to a peak in the most exciting way, and yet, terrible things are happening everywhere. Watch with the guys as they wax poetic on Prince Iaukea, High Voltage, Jim Powers, Mike jones, a drug dealing empire, a potential phony's bachelor party, and Hard Body Harrison. There are laughs galore, and we will enjoy...


Episode 59: Uncensored 1997

Because of the upcoming wedding, there are only a few shows left, and in this one, Tony and Conrad talk about Uncensored 1997 in one of our most hilarious shows yet. Mortal Kombat talk (and singing), american males talk (and singing), and much more outrageousness highlight what is yet another water mark as one of the best shows in podcasting history reaches it's conclusion. Then there the event: Prince Iakaua, Glacier, and of course the triangle match between the NWO, team Piper (the...


Episode 58: WrestleWar 1991

A company that held a Pay Per View with several of wrestling's future stars, a deep talent roster and a five star match... Is this a rib? No, it is the bipolar early 90's WCW, as Tony and Conrad cover WrestleWar 1991 featuring what many consider the best Wargames of all time, as well as many peculiar matches involving some of the greatest of all time. Is it Brian Pillman's coming party, or Scott Steiner's? How did Tony know before almost anyone else that Dusty was coming back? Why did...


Episode57: Superbrawl 1998

Coming off of their biggest Pay Per View ever, WCW begins the process of unravelling. But first, an interest worthy PPV in early 1998. Lots going on here including the Scott Steiner turn, dissension in the NWO, Booker T's coming out party makes this a fun watch and an even more fun watch along when you have the man who was there Tony Schiavone along with his cohort in crime, Conrad Thompson. The biggest wrestling star in the world a month previous, Bret Hart, sits home for this one, but...


Episode 56: Superbrawl III

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times in WCW. Some of the greatest wrestlers, silliest gimmicks, and Wrestlecrap worthy promotional films. Join Tony as he revisits an interesting time in WCW history on another fun watch along with Conrad. "We want Flair", Cactus vs. Orndorff in a falls count anywhere, Muta, Wyndham, and of course let us not forget the infamous White Castle of Fear match featuring Sting and Vader while both were arguably at the top of their game. It's...


Episode 55: Clash of Champions X

"You're out! You're no longer a horseman!" were the words spoken on the outset of this show in a perfectly executed angle that could only be ruined by a cataclysmic injury happening on the same show 2 hours later....and it did. Clash of Champions had it all, from Mick Foley's least favorite match against Mil Mascaras, to a young Undertaker as Mark Callous running the ropes like a thoroughbred and showing flashes of what was to become the Phenom. In addition the "mystery" of Doom may...


Episode 54: The 1988 Bunkhouse Stampede

Crockett era fans (and even those later WCW fans who want to learn more of their wrestling history) can rejoice as Tony and Conrad dive into one of the most crucial events in wrestling history, the 1988 Bunkhouse Stampede. You have Flair vs. Hawk, Eaton vs. Koloff, and the finals of the main event: A come as you are battle royal-esque cage match where anything goes. But the real story was behind the scenes as Crockett and WWF were maneuvering and strategizing against each other, and this...


Episode 53: Tony Answers YOUR Questions!

Back by popular demand is Tony Schiavone answering YOUR questions! Conrad has a record of picking legendary questions that will give us some unforgettable answers as Tony fields questions like: What match does he wish he called, what current wrestlers would compose a Schiavone designed 4 horsemen, and of course he finally settles the bet on who would win in a shoot fight, Bob Caudle or Gordon Solie? Nothing is off limits, a Tony rant or two is to be had, and the "I don't know's" have...


Episode 52: Souled out 1998

Souled out 1998 may be one of the best shows in the post Starrcade 97 era of WCW, and there is a lot to like about this show, so it's no wonder why. Flair vs. Hart, Giant vs. Nash Debacle, 8 man luchadore extravaganza, Rey vs. Jericho, and so much more. But this is What Happened when Mondays with Tony and Conrad so there might be a Lois run in, there could be a GOAT call in, and there definitely is unrelated rant or two relating to what is now a "collector's Edition" of a former WHW...


Episode 51: WCW Thunder

Join Tony and Conrad as they reveal never before heard behind the scenes stories about the creation of and life and death of wrestling's most maligned show of all time WCW THUNDER! Not only that, but be entertained as Tony and Conrad put this abysmal and catastrophic experiment through their hilarious judgement machine with the benefit of hindsight and hilarity! Definitly an episode not to be missed....this week on What Happened When Mondays with Tony Schiavone!


Episode 50: The History of What Happened When with Tony Schiavone

Tony Schiavone was out of wrestling. Conrad Thompson had an idea for a podcast. This unique podcast documentary on WHW with Tony Schiavone takes you through the twists, turns, success, and evolution of one of the most unique podcasts in the world. From the beginning contact to the final result of the funniest most entertaining listens you can have, enjoy the backstory of the highlights of the show from Goldberg to Halloween Havoc 95 and all points in between. The show's most memorable...


Episode 49: Starrcade 1997

Join Tony Schiavone as he re-visits the 20 Year Anniversary of the biggest show in the history of our great sport, Starrcade 1997! After a 17 month build, the nWo storyline had all built to this. It would be biggest financial success in WCW history but did it deliver creatively? The entire event would be shrouded in controversy: WCW had to go to great lengths to get Malenko in the ring, Raven was advertised but not ready, Flair was out with an injury for his rubber match with Hennig,...


Episode 48: Nitro 12/22/97 - Starrcade 97 Go Home Show!

The "go home show" for Starrcade 97, This Nitro features the final build up for the long awaited Sting vs. Hogan and Bischoff vs. Zbysko matches the following Sunday, and also features the much talked about "NWO Nitro" segments which was universally hated and may have been a turning point in the Monday Night Wars. This is WHW Monday though, so in addition we have a Lois run in, Tony getting signed up for a new Job, a motorcycle mishap, and a non stop stream of laughs that can only be...


Episode 47: Starrcade 1999

Tony and Conrad return for another of their hilarious watch alongs, and this time they are watching Starrcade 1999! All of you Monday night war era fans are going to love this one, and Tony and Conrad really cut loose and have a good time, and you will too! Whether you watch along or just listen, you will laugh and be entertained by the craziness on the screen combined with an unhinged Tony and Conrad. On a serious note, while taping of this show occurred before the announcement of former...


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