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Episode Eighteen

Mike & Uncle Matt's nephew Zac joins them this week, fresh off the boat from 2 years in Japan along with their good friend Kedrin. They discuss the differences in culture and some other extracurriculars. Real Talk or Not starts the debates. Then Curious Questions gets weird with the Crew


Episode Seventeen

Drew's friend Dave stops by from NY, Uncle Matt & Drew talk about their travels, Drew can't remember shit when he's in Dallas, the crew gets into the NFL & Mike's hatred for the University of Oklahoma (supposedly.) And the Show finishes off with your 2 favorite segments; Real Talk or Not & Curious Questions.


Episode Sixteen

Catch up the the Guys this week! Uncle Matt takes the week off while Drew, Mike & Matty discuss high times in Denver, Ballparks extending the safety netting and get a little worked up over Fantasy Football. We finish the episode with the always great Curious Questions with Mike


Episode Fifteen.1

The guys are back from a short summer hiatus. NFL is upon us and the guys can't be happier! Along with that comes the Hall of Fame inductions, and even college football (BIG 12) gets a small piece of the episode. Drew tries to get the crew more involved with the NHL. #MooseDown. They discuss which teams have the coolest names. Then the show goes into debate/funny mode with back to back segments of Curious Questions with Mike & Real Talk or Not. Don't miss out on this fully packed episode!


Episode Fourteen - BeanBoozled

Just before recording we found out Russel Westbrook has been traded, so we give our first impressions and thoughts, WTW Challenge returns with Jelly Belly Beanboozled. Who gets the worst of it? Dog food. Would you prefer dry or wet? I dump a new segment on Mike for being a smartass "Curious Questions" Why do grape flavored foods, not taste like grapes? Real Talk or Not. The short man that hates bagels and online dating and finally we get in a heated debate over whether or not MLB has juiced...


Episode Thirteen

The boys are back before the 4th to talk about the USWNT in the World Cup, Bloody Mary’s, Shish Kebob Thingy’s, Mike’s hate for Steph Curry, What will Kawhi do?, Should Jersey Numbers be retired?, SPIDER!, Fun Facts of the 4th & our favorite 4th of July memories.

Episode Twelve

Can Russell Westbrook swim? Mike thinks he can take Ronda Rousey in an MMA match, even though he’s never trained, DNA Testing, Potential NBA Free Agency Moves, Best pick in the NBA Draft, Should the MLB adopt or abolish the DH league wide, and Real Talk or Not

Episode Eleven

We’re back with another great episode! The guys run the gamut with no run down this week. They go golfing, talk NCAA mens baseball, Uniform Aesthetics, how weather affected where we grew up in different parts of the country, our favorite franchise food outside of OKC, The Dirt bio movie on Netflix & Real Talk … Continue reading Episode Eleven →

Episode X

We are back! In this 10th episode we have our NBA Finals preview / Where we believe the top 7 free agents will go / Try to remember who were the “Fab 5” / Real Talk or Not / and lastly we pick out Netflix movie or special of the week. Find us on Facebook … Continue reading Episode X →

Episode Nine

We unpack a ton here in Episode Nine! Does Tiger bear responsibility for a bartenders death, flicking the bean in Chicago and the NBA Lotto & Finals predictions. Mike & Uncle Matt try to quote “Cool Runnings,” the Unwritten Rules of Baseball. Mike attempts baseball math, Uncle Matt wants to 1UP Uncle Rico in a … Continue reading Episode Nine →

Episode Eight

This episode we have our good friend Tony swing by, recap the death nut challenge, talk NBA playoffs & get lost in REAL TALK or NOT. We also give Tony a surprise at the end of the show.

Episode Seven – Death Nut Challenge

This episode we cover the 2019 NFL Draft, introduce our newest segment “Real Talk or Not” & stupidly take on the Death Nut Challenge. Don’t forget to check out Ovtlier, our new show opening music. Thank you to the Ovtlier Band & my man Joey Arena

Episode Six

This episode we cover Tigers historic 5th win at The Masters, touch on Drew’s trip to Denver & some of our weird eccentricities along with our usual side tangents.

Episode Five

This episode we touch on kids, work, listen to Mike hit his vape throughout the show. #TakeAdvantageOfItIsts LeBron’s other jobs, AAF crumbles, we reminisce about our dope Starter Jackets growing up, Mike & Uncle Matt can’t seem to keep enough ice in the damn house, OKC Thunder playoff chances, Eddie Sutton snubbed by the HOF … Continue reading Episode Five →

Episode Four

Child Fight Club, Uncle Matt’s time in the military and much more

Episode Three

This episode we dive into NFL free agency and much more

Episode Two

Drew’s brother Ian stops by while in town to screw up the first 30 minutes of the podcast, but gets us back on track. We cover music, NFL prospects & more in this podcast

Episode One – Welcome to the Werd

Bare with us as we learn this new to us world of podcasting! I know it isnt the best audio, but we got all the kinks worked out after this one.