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Norris Baseball Brothers Kale & Bryce Fountain - Big Decisions With Big Possibilities

Life flies by; as you grow up, many choices and decisions can make or break your future. We welcome the Fountain Brothers Kale and Bryce from Firth, Nebraska, who will be playing for the Norris Titans this upcoming year. But when they were 8th graders, they each made a life decision that many waited till the Junior or Senior year of their high school career as to where they were going to commit to a college. These baseball players decided at a young age to take their talents to two separate...


Athletes Unlimited Softball Taylor Edwards & Gwen Svekis - From College, Team USA to Professional

As you grow up and play sports, you have dreams, goals, and ambitions to one day play the sport, possibly at the next level in college and then maybe one day as a Pro Athlete, but Women's options have been near and far between. Thanks to many supporters and sponsors, Athletes Unlimited is bringing the title Pro to many sports. We welcome two Athletes Unlimited Softball Players, Nebraska Cornhusker Alumni, and Former Team USA Softball Player Taylor Edwards and Oregon Ducks Alumni Current Team...


OMAHA Mavs Softball Player Lexi Burkhardt - Learning From Many To Give Back To The Game

From youth level to college level, Nebraska Softball is making noise across the social media world, and the stories of some of the athletes can maybe help you or your daughter. We go in-depth with OMAHA Mavs Lexi Burkhardt as she shares how the past 8 years between High School and College experiences, learning lessons, and what dedication it takes to play at a very high level. As a parent, there are some things we don't think of until it's too late to help our children when it comes, which...


High School Broadcasting Champions Anthony Rubek & Jackson Vetter - Going Beyond The Sport

It's one thing to be a state champion in any given sport, but being a multi-year state champion takes lots of time, dedication, and love for the activity outside of sports. We bring in Papillion-La Vista Monarchs Broadcasting PSA State Champions Anthony Rubek, who has won it four years in a row, and his counterpart for the past three years, Jackson Vetter. They tell what school activities beyond sports have helped shape their future in the media world and how to play a sport and report and...


Major League Rugby Player Hayden Hill - Betting On Myself Is The Only Way

Growing up in the world of Football, Basketball, and Baseball and getting so much recognition to take a leap of faith with a high goal of one day not only playing the sport you grew to love but playing for the international team isn't as far fetched as one may think. We take a moment to bring in Major League Rugby Player Hayden Hill, who was just like all the other kids playing multi-sports but came to find, love, and succeed at the game of Rugby. Rugby isn't a sport for the timid or scared...


Elite Softball Player Ruby Meylan - Accepting the Hard Conversations to Become Elite

Could you ever think of a moment where everyone considers you an elite athlete of your sport, but your still sitting behind the #1 player in the country at your favorite position? This exact scenario arose as she went into your 18U season of Nebraska Gold behind now Oklahoma Sooners standout Jordyn Bahl. What did she do, and how does this affect someone who is a perfectionist and one of the most complicated people on themselves? She not only took the challenge but acted above many others at...


Coach Hep & Coach Moe - Beyond The Game Investments Into Young Men and Women

When coaches can be open, direct, and share their expectations, not all players, parents, and other coaches want to take it as a learning opportunity to get the best out of their money. There are multiple coaching styles, and not all types are compatible with your young athlete. We get into how Coach Greg "Hep" Hepburn and Coach "Moe" Williams connect, develop, teach, train, and build relationships with different ages, backgrounds, and upbringing. Being advocates for a sport you love can...


Former NBA & Husker Player Erick Strickland - Future Thinking Longevity Beyond The Game

Imagine being a three-sport athlete and knowing the sport you are best at isn't the one that will turn into a future because your thinking beyond the game at a young age. Husker Alumni, Former Minor League Baseball, and NBA Player Erick Strickland will take you beyond the game on decision-making that might blow you away. Never be afraid of alone time, as some of those moments will define the young man or woman you become in the future. Greatly appreciate Former Creighton Basketball player...


Union Omaha & Storm Chasers President Martie Cordaro - From Sales Rep To President Shares It All

Life is all about the choices which can lead to opportunities and never forgetting where you started as you might have to use those early career lessons to lead to a bigger future. We talk to Union Omaha, and Omaha Storm Chasers President Martie Cordaro shares how location and venue have created opportunities to host events beyond the games and what the past 3 years have changed the future for other events to come back to the Omaha area. After talking with Martie, Brian Southworth and I...


Huskers Alumni JoJo Domann - Unleash Let It Go and Let It Rip Playing With Back Against The Wall

There are times in our life we have opportunities that are created and earned, so what are you going to do with them? As we talk with Huskers Alumni and 2022 NFL Draft Prospect Jo Jo Domann, he explains you can stay complacent with them or continue to challenge yourself to be better. You might not call them the same name. Still, Jo Jo Pit Crew is the most important in making sure he was and is ready for the most demanding game on Earth. We got his Physical Training Coach Brian Inselman from...


Girls Wrestling Champion Regan Rosseter - Making History On The Mat While Inspiring Others To Follow

Would you give up your time and energy? All it takes is one chance, one opportunity, and you can make history for the first time in your entire state. Omaha Westside Warriors 2022 Girls State Wrestling Champion at 126lbs Regan Rosseter is here to tell how she has an opportunity of a lifetime to wrestle in France in May 2022. Along with Bob Mulligan talking about how he became Westside Warriors Girls Wrestling Head Coach winning Coach of the Year and is helping grow the sport. Talk about the...


Champion Powerlifter KeKe Hadley - What A Sport Like Powerlifting Can Do For You Beyond the Rack

Have you ever imagined taking the stage at a weight rack in a room with 300 plus and all eyes are on you? We have Omaha Central Eagles' own 2022 198+lbs Girls Powerlifting State Champion KeKe Hadley to tell her story of what powerlifting has done in her life. Along with Midland University Assistant Powerlifting Coach Bryan Bustee, add a little bit of the history and the culture of the sport. Learn how doing a sport like this right can also change you physically and mentally, and emotionally.


MLB Darin Ruf - Learning The Ups and Downs to Be a Pro Baseball Player

We are getting to know Omaha Native and Major League Baseball player Darin Ruf allowing him to give you insight into his career both on and off the field with some of the how's! Following the interview, we talk about approaching some situations with your athlete from a parent and coach's point of view. Remember, sports is more than a game; it is an experience that can change your life in many ways.


MLB Cade Povich - The Journey From JUCO Route to MLB Draftee

Learn the story of former Omaha Tiger, Bellevue West T-Bird, South Mountain CC Cougars, Nebraska Cornhusker, The Savannah Bananas all in one to 3rd Round MLB Draft Pick to the Minnesota Twins Cade Povich. Learn what it takes to get to the next level, as the story might surprise you or your child. We give you an idea of what it takes to reach your highest potential to make an MLB Roster.


March 27th - Seg 8 - A Moment with Chance

March 27th - Seg 8 - A moment of Chance


March 27th - Seg 7 - "Husker Recruiting" with Bryan Munson of HuskerOnline!

"Husker Recruiting" with Bryan Munson of HuskerOnline!


March 27th - Seg 6 - Cntd "Top 5" (Wrestling Finishing Moves)

Cntd "Top 5" (Wrestling Finishing Moves)


March 27th - Seg 5 - Sinnott's Sand Bar "Top 5" (Wrestling Finishing Moves)

Sinnott's Sand Bar "Top 5" (Wrestling Finishing Moves)


March 27th - Seg 4 - This Day In Sports History or Just Straight Bull....

This Day In Sports History or Just Straight Bull....


March 27th - Seg 3 - Creighton Bluejays vs Gonzaga Bulldogs Preview

Creighton Bluejays vs Gonzaga Bulldogs Preview