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Petrone has spent 28 years training elite athletes and some of the most successful entrepreneurs and executives in the United States. This podcast, recorded in his renowned Woodgym, offers a peek into the lives and perspectives of the exceptionally driven individuals that train with Petrone.


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Petrone has spent 28 years training elite athletes and some of the most successful entrepreneurs and executives in the United States. This podcast, recorded in his renowned Woodgym, offers a peek into the lives and perspectives of the exceptionally driven individuals that train with Petrone.




Change, Or Don't

Charlie addresses us listeners directly with a 'State of the Woodgym' address and a lesson from the heart. Quit waiting on someone else to change or meet their full potential.


Chris Fautz

Charlie finally sits down with his childhood pal from Jersey, and they totally pick up where they left off. Rare opportunity to hear from a friend that pre-dates the training and the Woodgym!They get entrepreneurial -- Fautz walks us through his remarkable winding career and leaving a law practice to flourish in real estate. Spoiler: they talk training too. If you love the show, consider leaving us a 5 star review wherever you're listening (otherwise Charlie will be mad at you)


Andres Miyares

One of the latest live-in Woodgym-ers joins Charlie all the way from Miami, FL. Listen along as Andres shares his story of finding Charlie and entrusting the Woodgym with his off-season development. Finally, Charlie unpacks some light ailurophobia (fear of cats) for us all.


Jacob Saylors

Jacob sits down and reflects on a grueling pro-day transformation and fine-tuning preparations with Charles and Griff. Find out what brought the ETSU RB from Jasper, TN out to the Woodgym. With over 1300 yds and 15 touchdowns last season, Jacob is a proven asset on offense, and showed up hungry to train and earn a chance to play on Sundays.


Aaron Dykes

Long-time Woodgym-er, footballer, and Richmond Spider Aaron comes on the show to recap his intense pro day prep with Charlie.


Body Composition and the Role of Nutrition

Our favorite professor is back and answering all of our nutrition questions! Lee Murphy returns to the pod for a focused talk on how athletes of all ages (or even geeks like our producer, Ben) can fuel up properly for training and performance.


Theo Benedet: The Canadian NFL Pipeline in 2023

Sasha returns down south with yet another exciting football player from the frigid lands of Canada. The gang catches up, hears about Theo's perspective of the pandemic as an opportunity, and discusses why they believe in their system with Charlie as a way to put their best foot forward as they strive for pro-level performance.


Diet or Destiny? Talking Nutrition with Lee Murphy

Do you know how to read a food label? Charles sits down with nutrition expert Lee Murphy, a University of Tennessee Distinguished Lecturer specializing in nutrition and public health. They chat about all things dietary and metabolic in an effort to understand the factors that influence body composition, and things we can do to achieve our goals for our bodies! Sneak peek: a lot of y'all need fiber...


The New Normal for Young Athletes with Rory Gibbs

Charlie brings in yet another og Woodgym-er in Rory Gibbs to talk 7 on 7, the Transfer Portal, and how the accelerated transformation of high school and college sports is affecting the youth who comprose these leagues.


Brinley Murphy: Athletic Wunderkind

Charles laid down the gauntlet with the conclusion episode of the Woodgym's Mental Toughness series, calling out our youngest athletes and claiming that it's "easier than ever before to be great." Well, folks, in perhaps the quickest and most fortuitous instance of pod feedback to date, it only took a couple days for someone to retort, and this young woman even lives in his neighborhood! What?! Brinley Murphy is Bearden's star competitor. Whether she's on the court or the field, she has the makings of a champion, and the accolades to back it up. She's joined on the pod by her mom, a distinguished lecturer teaching nutrition at the University of Tennessee. Having led both her basketball and soccer teams to serious championship wins, she is now focusing fully on soccer and has her sights set on continuing her domination at the University of South Carolina. Get listening and get on Brinley's level!


Daniel Bituli: Revolutionizing Mental Training

Beloved VFL and cerebral pro LB Daniel Bituli returns to the Woodgym office for his debut podcast! Listen along with Chaz and the crew for an expedition into the mind of an elite athlete. Daniel plans to launch a digital training platform that transmits honed expert knowledge of sports and situational awareness to young athletes -- augmenting and supplementing what they learn from their coaches and physical trainers. Daniel saw a need for availability and immersion that went beyond what he could accomplish in traditional private lessons with his students, and we look forward to his work on his new online training implementation.


Mental Toughness: Conclusion

What did the Woodgym learn from our series of deep dives into mental fortitude? Dr. James Choo and Charlie sit down once more at the round table to try and put a final pin in it!


Nick Evennou

Summer break comes to an end with the Woodgym finally at a cool 86 degrees, so we had to return to podcasting. Couldn’t have asked for a more special guest than an OG Woodgym-er from back in the Homberg days: Nick Evennou. Nick is a born racer and athlete who started training with Charlie at the age of 14. He’s raced motorcycles and bikes all around the world, and shares some stories and insights. This one will need a part 2 . . .


Mental Toughness: Martial Arts Legend Draculino

Vinicious "Draculino" Magalhães graces the Woodgym with an extensive collection of insights gleaned throughout an unbelievable career in martial arts. Learn how dispirate communities of Brazilian surfers and martial artists coalesced in a pivotal moment and changed Jiu Jitsu's evolution. Finally, hear a definition of mental toughness from a modest but implacable athlete and competitor who has seen success both on the mat and as a trainer and mentor.


Mental Toughness: Pro Cyclist Kaysee Armstrong

Chaz, Choo, and the crew continue to explore the topic with Knoxville's resident biking bad*** Kaysee Armstrong. Kaysee's story is awesome and left us all astounded and inspired. We explore the roles of heredity and childhood in mental toughness, and hear how she transformed adversity and trauma into fuel for her outdoor adventures and stellar performances on the trails. Listen up and get learned!


Mental Toughness: Jiu Jitsu World Champion Samuel Braga

Charles and James get to chat once again with ten time World Champion Jiu Jitsu master Sam about mental toughness, whether it's something that can be developed. Finally, they talk about what it's like to train others across a spectrum of disciplines.


Mental Toughness: The Marines

Charles and Dr. Choo get to work grilling two combat veterans about what led them to pursue military careers. Were they mentally tough when they enlisted? Did their time at Parris Island augment their temperament? Finally, what's it like experiencing combat and dealing with the memory when they're expected to plunge back into civilian life? We get Zach and Derek to take a break from their jiu jitsu training and answer these questions and more in this special Mental Toughness episode.


Mental Toughness: Alex Fourie, Pro Golfer

Charles and James are joined by golf pro Alex Fourie, a guest who literally traversed the world and overcame some of the bleakest conditions imaginable to end up in the US competing in a sport he loves.


Mental Toughness: Jim Haslam

James and Charles blast into the second half of the series with an incomparable guest appearance by James Arthur Haslam II, the founder of Pilot Corporation and much more.


Mental Toughness: Halftime Review

Charles and Dr. James Choo pause three episodes in to reflect on what we've learned about the mind, perseverance, and success. Is the Woodgym any closer to defining what mental toughness is?