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New wrestling podcast by three life-long wrestling fans who don't take themselves too seriously and who love to argue with each other. Each shows features news, fun wrestling-themed segments and games like

New wrestling podcast by three life-long wrestling fans who don't take themselves too seriously and who love to argue with each other. Each shows features news, fun wrestling-themed segments and games like
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New wrestling podcast by three life-long wrestling fans who don't take themselves too seriously and who love to argue with each other. Each shows features news, fun wrestling-themed segments and games like




Best of 2017 - Jannetty wants his daughter, Ultimate Warrior interview, Kamala's secrets to success

In our Best of 2017, you will hear of best clips, discussions and games from 2017-2018 including such highlights as Marty Jannetty wanting to bang his daughter, we explain once and for all why everyone hates Roman, one of our best WWE Price is Right games, our interview with the Ultimate Warrior, why vince loves stereotype, Kamala gives his son secrets to success in WWE and much more.


Double JJ in HOF, BOAT semifinals, Elimination Chamber review and predictions

We begin this week's show with the Jeff Jarrett Hall of Fame induction announcement and many reasons why we hate it. Our Best of all time tournament nears it's completion as we finished the semi finals with Austin v Hogan and HHH v Jericho. A few new categories are added like best feuds, "personability" and selling. Moments of the week include Seth beating both Cena and Roman to start raw and Ciampa attacking Gargano on NXT. In news, Vince Russo explains how much Impact wrestlers are paid,...


Braun upstages Elias, Jannetty tackles race relations, BOAT round 2 ends

The Show starts with another crazy Marty Jannetty rant as he tries to tackle race relations in the world. We reach the end of the second round of the Best of All Time tournament with 2 matchups - Hogan v AJ Styles and Jericho v Flair. For the first time ever in the tourney, a tie breaker was needed and we picked the best one we could think of, who rocked the best mullet. Our moments of the week included Braun upstaging Elias at his own game and a bunch of boring promos on SD. We play Would...


Wrestling Family Feud 2, BOAT tourney round 2, Is Seth still a top guy?

Our very own Wrestling Family Feud game is back now with three rounds. We ask the question, is Seth Rollins still a top superstar in WWE? The BOAT tourney second round starts with Edge v Stone Cold and The Rock v HHH. Elias defeating Cena and Braun tops the best moments of the week while the Smackdown Top 10 list takes the top the worst moment. Listen to find out how the other moments of the week rank. In the news this week, HHH takes over 205 Live, Shelton Benjamin finds a gun in his...


Flip Gordon joins us to talk BC, WWE/NJPW, SuperBowl and our BOAT tourney Round 1 concludes

Ring of Honor's biggest rising star, Flip Gordon, joins us and talks about possibly joining the #BulletClub, if there is any #WWE/#NJPW aspirations, who he's picking in the #Superbowl, he admits to being a huge #JohnCena fan, we learn how to properly eat cereal and much more. In the news, #JeremyBorash is signed to work in #NXT and Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins are dealing with some injuries. We review #Takeover and the #RoyalRumble and see how well we did with our predictions. We finish...


Royal Rumble Jeopardy, XFL Returns, BOAT Tourney featuring HHH v HBK

We review the best and worst moments from #Raw25 and #SDLive. Topping the list is the Texas Rattlesnake stunning #VinceMcMahon one more time and at the very bottom, the misuse / lack of use of all of the other legends who appeared. Randy and Cam go head-to-head in a Royal Rumble Jeopardy style trivia game. The #XFL2020 is back and we talk about why it just might work this time around. Our #BOAT tourney continues with two more tough matchups: #Undertaker v #StoneCold and #HHH v #HBK. Big...


Our Top 25 Raw moments, BOAT tourney continues with Hogan v Macho and Bret v Jericho

Our BOAT tourney continues with Hulk #Hogan and his former friend, #MachoMan, going head-to-head along with the Hitman and the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla. We go over the Raw Top 25 moments list and add a few of our own the somehow got missed. Speaking of moments, we review the best and worst moments of the week including #Braun's rampage, those horrible selfie interviews and the Glorious One winning his first WWE title. Our patented Drink it in Man game is back with a whole new twist. We...


Interview with The Almighty Sheik from PCW Ultra, BOAT Tourney begins

Our Best of All Time (BOAT) Tourney begins with the first two matchups: Orton vs Edge and The Rock vs Cena. We interview The Almighty Sheik from PCW Ultra to talk about his upcoming event, Anniversary 2K18 on January 19th featuring Johnny Ultra and The Great Muta's return to wrestling. We also break down the top moments of the week including awesome ones like the Club beating the Shield and the not-so-awesome Hardy-Bray laugh off. In news, some woman legends join the Rumble, a new champ on...


2018 Predictions, Superstar Mashup Game, Why Cena is better than Jeff Hardy

For the first week of January, we break down the best and worst moments of the week culminating in a surprise WWE championship handicap match and a RAW continues to replay the same tired Brock #Lesnar feud. Predictions made for 2018 including some "bold" predictions like #Jinder will be gone in a year, Hogan in the #RoyalRumble and #Batista returns. Superstar Mashup game - we choose 3 superstars at random and have to pick one of the following from each: move set, look or promo ability. See...


2017 End of the Year Awards, Gargano wins big, NJPW making a video game

This week we dished out our 2017 End of the Year Awards with categories like Cringiest Segment, #WWE Dropping the Ball Award, Promo of the Year and more. Huge news from #NXT as #JohnnyWrestling becomes #1 contender. In the news, New Japan has a video game in the works, #Paige injured at a house show and #RusevDay t-shirts sell out. We also break down the major happenings on #Raw and #SD as Seth and Jordan win the tag titles and #KO beats #AJ.


WWE Secret Santa Gifts, Holiday Live Tour Kids Perspective, Woman's Rumble

WWE Secret Santa Gifts, Holiday Live Tour Kids Perspective, Woman's Rumble by World Wrasslin Podcast


Yep Movement Takes over SD, Tribute to the Troops Live Commentary, Total Divas Craziness

After a few weeks hiatus, we are back people. We go over the craziness that ensued on Total Divas this week with Lana v Natalya. We run down the Top 10 network shows from last week. Ride Along is a huge favorite apparently. We also live commentate the main event of Tribute to the Troops as AJ, Shinsuke and Orton take on Sami, KO and Jinder in a 6-man tag match. The Yep movement takes over SD and Raw in a snoozefest.


Outrage over Ellsworth's release, Survivor Series 2016 Trivia, PPV Predictions

This week, we talked alot about the upcoming PPVs, Survivor Series and #Takeover #WarGames. We run down the cards and give our predictions. To get us pumped for the weekend, we play Survivor Series trivia. This time it's trivia on the last Survivor Series to see how memorable it actually was. In news, Ellsworth was released this week and we are pissed. Rumors of possible Ricochet and Charlie Haas signings and Booker T says no one cares about Jason Jordan.


Austin Aries clears the air, Best of Flair 30 for 30, Kenny Omega makes the list

This week, we review the Flair 30 for 30 #ESPN documentary. Austin Aries clears the air about his WWE departure. Jericho and Omega set to wrestle at WrestleKingdom 12 and is this a WWE plan to get Omega. We also go over the big surprises of the week like AJ getting back his WWE Championship, The Bar getting their Tag championship back and Ellsworth failing to get his manhood back.


Scariest wrestlers ever, Defending Lio Rush, Did Taker try to kidnap a porn star?

A recap of the #ChaoticWrestling show we attended last week. WWE #PriceisRight is back with old Hasbro figures, PPV memorabilia and worn in ring gear of some of your favorite superstars. We pick our 5 Scariest WWE wrestlers of all time. We go over all of the releases from this week including Lio Rush's comment about #Emma. We also discuss a story about Jenna Jameson being scared that the #Undertaker was going to kidnap her when she was 16.


Interview with Hanson from War Machine, Double JJ gets drunk at an Indy Show, TLC Review

This week, we interview one half of the former #IWGP and #ROH Tag Team Championship, #Hanson from #WarMachine. We discuss his early career in Massachusetts, his future plans involving #WWE and he comments on the "Cease and Desist" letter WWE gave the #YoungBucks. A huge discussion about the aimlessness of Smackdown and even the Fashion Files. Our #TLC Prediction review ... oddly no one picked #AJ to win the Demon Finn v. Sister Abigail match. From news and rumors, Double JJ gets drunk at...


Reaction to TLC changes and IWC whining

A quick podcast to give our reacitons to the crazy TLC changes and also address some of the IWC whining about 'wasting' Angle's Return and Aj vs Finn.


Nia wants to pull a Neville, Worst Stable Ever Bracket, Crazy TLC predictions

#Nia also wants to leave too and this is confusing. #Shield takes over Raw but everything non-Shield was terrible. We do a Worst Stables Ever Bracket with stables like Right to Censor, Spirit Squad, Social Outcasts and the Oddities. In news, we talk about #Neville being gone for good and how WWE made sure Kane was mystery appearance. Our TLC preview and crazy predications about surprise appearances and people dressing in drag. We also discuss the major happenings on SD.


Neville Quits? Roman attacks the Bucks and Cornette v Santino at a con

#Carmella gets attacked on twitter for being ugly. We discuss the #Cornette-Santino fight, Roman attacks the Bucks of Youth, the rumor that Neville has quit the company and some other news items. We play our Triple Whos game which means we play old promo and the contestants have to guess who the promo is about. This time, it's a promo from #Austin, #TheRock and #Flair. As always, we give our Hell in the Cell review and prediction recap.


Warrior is horrible role model, Corgan buys NWA, Who destroyed Foley now game

We started the show this week talking about how the Ultimate Warrior is actually a horrible role model for fighting cancer based on some of his tweet history. We pick a sexy diva of the week based on social media. In news, Billy Corgan buys NWA, Flair struts when he wakes from his coma and Shane invests 500,000 is a marijuana money pit. We also recap Raw, SD and preview Hell In a Cell and make our predictions. #HIAC #Warrior #Corgan #Flair