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New wrestling podcast by three life-long wrestling fans who don't take themselves too seriously and who love to argue with each other. Each shows features news, fun wrestling-themed segments and games like

New wrestling podcast by three life-long wrestling fans who don't take themselves too seriously and who love to argue with each other. Each shows features news, fun wrestling-themed segments and games like
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New wrestling podcast by three life-long wrestling fans who don't take themselves too seriously and who love to argue with each other. Each shows features news, fun wrestling-themed segments and games like




Smackdown is sold, what happened to the tag division and is DB's comeback ruined?

This week, we finally cover the Smackdown sale to FOX and what it means for Smackdown and the WWE going forward. Then in our new WWE WTF segment, we discuss the seemingly ignored tag division, where they are going wrong and how we'd fix it. Lastly, did WWE already ruin Daniel Bryan's return with his endless Big Cass feud and his recent losses to Rusev and Samoe Joe? Cam explains why he feels it was.


Should All In scare WWE, Is Cena-Nikki a work, What it means to be 'buried'

We have some great topics this the week. First, along a guest Cena-Nikki superfan, we discuss whether the Cena-Nikki story is all a work to help promote Total Bellas. Then on the indy scene, Cody's All In event sells out in just an hour. The panel answers whether or not this should scare WWE. Lastly, we do our part to end the confusion around what it means for a wrestler to be "buried" and try to clear up who is really buried in the WWE. As always, let us know how you liked the episode on FB...


Time to breakup the New Day? When will Roman's reign end? Tag Team BOAT finals

To open the show this week, we ask what is going on with Roman Reigns. Reports suggest that Vince has given up on him while at the same time other reports say they are trying to get him over by having him fight the establishment as if that hasn't already been tried to death. Is all hope lost for him or can he be saved? We finally reach the end of our Best Tag Team of All Time tournament putting two Attitude Era teams head-to-head once again. Using 7 categories we choose whether the Hardy...


All Women's PPV? Higher Ceiling: McIntrye or Cass? Tag Team BOAT Semis

The idea of having an all women's PPV has been talked about much in the IWC this week so we discuss if we think the talent and fan interest is there to make it successful. Since Drew McIntrye and Big Cass have been killing it with their promos lately and since Cam has an irrational hate for Cass, we discuss who we think will have the better WWE career... in a completely impartial way as always. Lastly, we decided the finals of the Tag Team Best of All Time tourney with Road Warriors vs....


Greatest Royal Rumble controversy, Gargano-Ciampa: who will have the better WWE career?

On the pod this week, we discuss the controversy around the Greatest Royal Rumble. Is the show itself is even worth the controversy? After, we pose the question who will have the better WWE career, Johnny Wrestling or Tommaso Ciampa? Will there size affect their career in WWE? Lastly, the Tag Team BOAT tourney continues moving along with the final matchups of Round 2 with Roadwarrriors/LOD vs. New Age Outlaws and Edge and Christian vs. the Hart Foundation. We round up the show with some...


Superstar Shakeup repercussions, Cena-Nikki split, WTH is happening with Rusev Day

This week we start the show discussing the Cena and Nikki split. We ask the question, is Cena a robot? We talk about the legal document he made Nikki sign saying she'd leave the premises if they ever broke-up. We talk about the winner, loser, most anticipated feud coming from the Superstar Shakeup this week. Our Best Tag Team of All Time tourney continues with round 2 having the Dudleys up against the Outsiders and the Usos verses the Hardys. Lastly, we ask what the hell is going on with...


Wrestlemania/Takeover matchups breakdown and predictions, Top 10 WM Endings, Undertaker game

It's time for Wrestlemania people! We rundown the builds of each match on the card and give our predictions for each match, We also give our top 10 Wrestlemania endings of all time. We play another one of our original games, "Who's Undertaker burying now". You must guess who Undertaker is "burying" based on a clip of the match call from JR, Vince, Cole etc... Since we are huge NXT fans, we also breakdown the builds and make our predictions for Takeover along with of call up predictions for...


Hall of Lame 2018, weak Wrestlemania builds, End of Tag team BOAT R1

We discuss the lack of build up to most of the Wrestlemania matches. Best Tag Team of All Time tourney first found finishes with Hart Foundation v Steiner Brothers and Hardy Boyz v the Natural Disasters. We induct the Hall of Lame class of 2018. An IWC rant about people thinking Orton is more legendary than Hulk Hogan and we play "Drink it in Man" our 10,000 pyramid style wrestling game.


Daniel Bryan cleared, Best Tag Team of All Time, Who to fire after Wrestlemania

Daniel Bryan is cleared (Yes! Yes! Yes!) so we discuss what WWE should do with him post-Wrestlemania. Our best tag team of all time tourney continues matching up the New Day v Edge & Christian and the Usos v the Brainbusters. We discuss the biggest moments of the week including the Ultimate Deletion and Brock v Roman. Along with DB, many other superstars are returning to WWE, so we run through the WWE roster and give our ideas on who to fire after Wrestlemania


The Terrible Moolah, Tag Team BOAT Tourney, Meltzer gives all awards to NJPW

The Fabulous Moolah was a horrible person and we go over her most dastardly deeds to help fill you in on why the name of the Women's battle royal needed to be changed. We review Fastlane and see how our predictions fared. Round 1 of The Best Tag Team of All Time Tourney continues with NewAge Outlaws v Harlem Heat and the Dudleys v the World's Greatest Tag Team. Our top moments of the week include the Sami-KO beatdown on Shane, Roman thinks someone else is Vince's boy and Cena just wants to...


Best Tag Team of All Time Tourney, WWE introduces new titles, Fastlane review

WWE is adding more more titles for NXT and the cruiserweights. The Mizzies was our best moment of the week and the Angle-Steph-HHH-Rousey segment comes in as the worst moment. We kick off our Best Tag Team of All Time tourney with LOD v Brothers of Destruction and the Outsiders v APA. We review the Fastlane card and give our predictions. In rumors, Del Rio could be making a comeback to the WWE for some reason.


Best of 2017 - Jannetty wants his daughter, Ultimate Warrior interview, Kamala's secrets to success

In our Best of 2017, you will hear of best clips, discussions and games from 2017-2018 including such highlights as Marty Jannetty wanting to bang his daughter, we explain once and for all why everyone hates Roman, one of our best WWE Price is Right games, our interview with the Ultimate Warrior, why vince loves stereotype, Kamala gives his son secrets to success in WWE and much more.


Double JJ in HOF, BOAT semifinals, Elimination Chamber review and predictions

We begin this week's show with the Jeff Jarrett Hall of Fame induction announcement and many reasons why we hate it. Our Best of all time tournament nears it's completion as we finished the semi finals with Austin v Hogan and HHH v Jericho. A few new categories are added like best feuds, "personability" and selling. Moments of the week include Seth beating both Cena and Roman to start raw and Ciampa attacking Gargano on NXT. In news, Vince Russo explains how much Impact wrestlers are paid,...


Braun upstages Elias, Jannetty tackles race relations, BOAT round 2 ends

The Show starts with another crazy Marty Jannetty rant as he tries to tackle race relations in the world. We reach the end of the second round of the Best of All Time tournament with 2 matchups - Hogan v AJ Styles and Jericho v Flair. For the first time ever in the tourney, a tie breaker was needed and we picked the best one we could think of, who rocked the best mullet. Our moments of the week included Braun upstaging Elias at his own game and a bunch of boring promos on SD. We play Would...


Wrestling Family Feud 2, BOAT tourney round 2, Is Seth still a top guy?

Our very own Wrestling Family Feud game is back now with three rounds. We ask the question, is Seth Rollins still a top superstar in WWE? The BOAT tourney second round starts with Edge v Stone Cold and The Rock v HHH. Elias defeating Cena and Braun tops the best moments of the week while the Smackdown Top 10 list takes the top the worst moment. Listen to find out how the other moments of the week rank. In the news this week, HHH takes over 205 Live, Shelton Benjamin finds a gun in his...


Flip Gordon joins us to talk BC, WWE/NJPW, SuperBowl and our BOAT tourney Round 1 concludes

Ring of Honor's biggest rising star, Flip Gordon, joins us and talks about possibly joining the #BulletClub, if there is any #WWE/#NJPW aspirations, who he's picking in the #Superbowl, he admits to being a huge #JohnCena fan, we learn how to properly eat cereal and much more. In the news, #JeremyBorash is signed to work in #NXT and Jason Jordan and Seth Rollins are dealing with some injuries. We review #Takeover and the #RoyalRumble and see how well we did with our predictions. We finish...


Royal Rumble Jeopardy, XFL Returns, BOAT Tourney featuring HHH v HBK

We review the best and worst moments from #Raw25 and #SDLive. Topping the list is the Texas Rattlesnake stunning #VinceMcMahon one more time and at the very bottom, the misuse / lack of use of all of the other legends who appeared. Randy and Cam go head-to-head in a Royal Rumble Jeopardy style trivia game. The #XFL2020 is back and we talk about why it just might work this time around. Our #BOAT tourney continues with two more tough matchups: #Undertaker v #StoneCold and #HHH v #HBK. Big...


Our Top 25 Raw moments, BOAT tourney continues with Hogan v Macho and Bret v Jericho

Our BOAT tourney continues with Hulk #Hogan and his former friend, #MachoMan, going head-to-head along with the Hitman and the Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla. We go over the Raw Top 25 moments list and add a few of our own the somehow got missed. Speaking of moments, we review the best and worst moments of the week including #Braun's rampage, those horrible selfie interviews and the Glorious One winning his first WWE title. Our patented Drink it in Man game is back with a whole new twist. We...


Interview with The Almighty Sheik from PCW Ultra, BOAT Tourney begins

Our Best of All Time (BOAT) Tourney begins with the first two matchups: Orton vs Edge and The Rock vs Cena. We interview The Almighty Sheik from PCW Ultra to talk about his upcoming event, Anniversary 2K18 on January 19th featuring Johnny Ultra and The Great Muta's return to wrestling. We also break down the top moments of the week including awesome ones like the Club beating the Shield and the not-so-awesome Hardy-Bray laugh off. In news, some woman legends join the Rumble, a new champ on...


2018 Predictions, Superstar Mashup Game, Why Cena is better than Jeff Hardy

For the first week of January, we break down the best and worst moments of the week culminating in a surprise WWE championship handicap match and a RAW continues to replay the same tired Brock #Lesnar feud. Predictions made for 2018 including some "bold" predictions like #Jinder will be gone in a year, Hogan in the #RoyalRumble and #Batista returns. Superstar Mashup game - we choose 3 superstars at random and have to pick one of the following from each: move set, look or promo ability. See...