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Kyle Miller Hustles in Creative Entrepreneurship and Investing in Yourself

Today’s guest is Kyle Miller. He is a UX Designer that has worked with brands such as Under Armour and Capital One. He also has several side hustles going including the development of the app Goodfynd which helps you locate food trucks near you in the DC area. However, while he has been an entrepreneur since childhood he went to college for property management. He has an interesting story on how he wound up as a UX Designer. Today Kyle will share with us more about the creative ways he...


Terrie Chantel Covers Credit Repair, Tax Preparation, and the Racial Wealth Divide

Terrie Chantel climbed the corporate ladder in the IT field for over a decade before turning her focus over to the side hustle she had been building along preparing tax returns and doing credit repair. She has now launched The Greenhouse Academy, which is full of how-to trainings on everything from personal and business finance to credit repair. Today Terrie will share with us more about her personal credit story and how she learned about credit repair firsthand when discovering she had...


Finding the Right Advice For Planning a Budget and Managing Your Finances, Plus a Recent Episode Retrospective

Host Lauryn Williams records a solo episode with a retrospective of past episodes, so if you've missed any, this is a good look at episodes worth going back and listening to. She also shares advice for planning a budget and managing your finances. Those you think may be good advisors may be selling a product, like insurance, instead of a service, like helping you set a budget and stick to it. Get ready for a soapbox moment, as well as some trusted...


Chef Latoya Rush Feeds Herself Before Feeding Others

Today’s guest is Professor, Chef, and Navy Veteran, Latoya Rush. She works as a Professor teaching Surgical Technology by day and is a chef/caterer/food blogger by night. Her goal is to eventually transition to her catering business full time. Today Latoya will share with us more about her rough transition to civilian life that resulted in her losing everything and how she turned it all around. She will also share the important lessons she learned along the way and what she is teaching her...


Blayne Bristol Uses Investment Principles for Debt Solutions

Today’s guest is Blayne Bristol. She is a former opera singer-turned-entrepreneur. Blayne is the founder and CEO of Beyond Bridges Social. Her company is a one-stop shop for digital marketing with a focus geared towards Commercial Real Estate. Blayne completely opens up with us as she shares both the highs and lows of her money memoirs. She shares with us how she used to have a selfish mindset without even realizing it, how pushing herself to the limit took a huge toll on her health and the...


Jamila Souffrant's Journey to Launch to Financial Independence

Today’s guest is Jamila Souffrant. Jamila is the founder of the Journey to Launch blog and podcast where she shares what she is doing to work towards financial independence. She is still working in corporate America right now but is well on her way to making that leap. Today Jamila will share with us more about how she was able to purchase her first property right out of college and how she and her husband have managed to save around $85k a year for the past couple years. In This Episode...


Jonathan Weislow Hits a Home Run by Working Hard and Saving Even Harder

Today’s guest is Jonathan Weislow. Jonathan is a former University of Miami baseball player, Director of Operations at Amicon Management, and made the ‘30 Under 30’ list from the University of Miami Alumni Association this year. Today Jonathan will share with us more about his financial experience through college and the long road he took to the career he has today. He also shares with us his savings strategy (which includes saving 60% of his income). In This Episode We Discuss: Amicon...


Rebekah Aladdin Overcomes Generational Poverty and Strives for More

Today’s guest is Rebekah Aladdin, celebrity makeup artist. Rebekah overcame generation poverty, attended college, and saved her way to being able to go after her dream. Her work as a makeup artist has been featured in 11 magazines this year. Her celebrity clientele includes Lena Waithe, Aisha Hinds, Justine Skye, Winnie Harlow, Cassie, Mary Mary, and Normani Kordei to name a few. Today Rebekah will share with us more about her upbringing and how it impacted her ability to attend college....


Alechia Reese Empowers Herself and Others By Building Relationships and Creating Success

Today’s guest is Alechia Reese. She is a single mother, founder of 360 Gateway Brands, award-winning author of Eating Elephants, certified professional international speaker, and co-founder of a nonprofit that works to bring the STEM experience to inner-city youth. Her resume is impressive including doing work for companies like Progressive, UPS, BET, the Miami Marlins, Grey Goose, Vogue Italia, and Verizon. She is all about empowerment and equipping people to succeed. Today Alechia will...


Jeneba Tarmoh Sprints Toward Planning Her Finances in Retirement

Today’s guest is Jeneba Tarmoh. She is a track and field sprinter that has found success in college as an All-American and professionally including a gold medal in the 2012 Olympics. But, more importantly to Jeneba, is her great personality, her love for God and love for her family. Today Jeneba will share with us more about her experience as a professional athlete including her road to get there. She shares with us what she’s doing to prepare for the end of her sports career even though it...


Tashari Berry Shares Her Experiences with Reverse Retirement and Planning for Long-Term Financial Success

Today’s guest is financial advisor Tashari Berry. She was the Founder and CEO of Tashari Financial Group before recently joining Wealthcare Financial Group, Inc.as the VP and Director of the Sports and Entertainment Division. This means she will be working with the finances of entrepreneurs, entertainers, and professional athletes. Tashari calls herself a teacher first and financial advisor second because she educates her clients throughout the process. Today Tashari will share with us more...


Travis Hornsby Tackles Student Loan Debt and Helps Professionals Take Control of Their Financial Situation

Today’s guest is Travis Hornsby. He is a former bonds trader that transitioned to being an entrepreneur and founder of studentloanplanner.com. He works with professionals with student loan debt to help them take control of their financial situation and make the best decisions when it comes to their debt repayment. Today Travis will share with us his personal story of his own finances. Not many people graduate college with no debt and $40,000 in savings and investments, but he did. He shares...


Jeron Mastrud Dodges Costly Mistakes by Asking Important Questions About Finances

Today’s guest is Jeron Mastrud. He is a former NFL player but prefers now to be known as a recently engaged, soon-to-be loving husband, son of two teachers, brother, author of a best-selling book, and CEO of a health and wellness company based in Portland, Oregon. Today Jeron shares with us about the conservative upbringing that he had with finances and how that helped him throughout his career on and off the field. In This Episode We Discuss: Jeron on Instagram Jeron on Facebook Jeron...


Samantha Arsenault Livingstone Swims Toward Recovering from Financial Perfectionism

Today’s guest is Samantha Arsenault Livingstone. She has won an Olympic Gold Medal and National Championship in swimming and is now a transformational speaker, high-performance coach, and recovering perfectionist. Today Samantha will share with us more about the impact that her early athletic success had on her, along with the lack of transparency around finances that she experienced along the way. She shares with us the events that changed everything for her and put her on the path to...


Jasmine Henderson Scores Her Goals of Self-Empowerment and Shifting Her Money Mindset

Today’s guest is Jasmine Henderson. She is a current two-time world record holder, former professional soccer player, author, empowerment speaker and mom. She has been a speaker on the TEDx stage, and has been interviewed live on Sports Center. When she unexpectedly became a single mom at 25, her focus changed. Her life experiences are what drive her to support people in living beyond limits and beyond labels. An advocate for women empowerment and equality, Jasmine coaches young soccer...


Kayla McDowell Hustles in Professional Banking, Budgeting, and Business

Today’s guest is Kayla McDowell. She is a professional banker by day and the co-founder of a production company that specializes in podcasts and YouTube channels by night. Well, not necessarily by night, but it is the side hustle she’s growing along with starting her own podcast. But, don’t let that fool you, she’s all about climbing the corporate ladder as well. Today Kayla will share with us more about her experience working her way through college for two degrees and why she may be...


DJ Moultrie Invests in Himself and Shifts His Mindset to Launch a Private Equity Firm

Today’s guest is DJ Moultrie. While in college he found an area to specialize in that has helped him successfully launch a private equity firm. He has worked with investors to secure over 11 digital companies and managed over $1 million in capital for real estate buyers. He is currently raising capital for independent feature films. Today DJ will share with us more about the major shift that he had in his mindset that helped him decide that he will never go back to working for someone else....


Rianka Dorsainvil Plans for Financial Success and Helps Young Entreprprenuers

Today’s guest is Rianka, Certified Financial Planner and the Founder and President of Your Greatest Contribution, a financial planning firm that is dedicated to serving young entrepreneurs. She has earned many different recognitions for her work in the financial industry. Today Rianka will share with us her humble upbringing and how she always felt like there was something greater for her. She talks about how she became passionate about financial planning and how it helped her personally...


Marques Ogden Makes a Comeback from Bankruptcy and Discusses Business Success and Failures

This week we sit down with former-NFL player Marques Ogden. After his career in professional sports, Marques experienced fast success and failure within the construction industry. After working his way up out of an unexpected bankruptcy, he now shares his story with others, holds leadership academies, and is in the process of expanding his personal brand to a larger platform. He has the ultimate comeback story. In this episode, we walk through Marques early days what it was like being the...


Georgia Rappleye Overcomes Financial Setbacks to See Her Dreams Come True

Today’s guest is Georgia Rappleye. She is an entrepreneur and owner of Munsun Retreats in New York City. Previously she worked as an award-winning advertising executive before leaving the job to pursue her passion. She is risking it all to see her dreams come true. Today Georgia will share with us more about the environment she lived in as a child and the impact that has made on how she handles her finances as an adult. In This Episode We Discuss: Instagram: @munsunretreats Website:...