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Moving Past Financial Failures

In this episode of the Worth Listening podcast host Lauryn Williams continues sharing her own personal money memoir and she’s diving into a topic that most people like to avoid—financial failures. You may think that as a Certified Financial Planner her financial history is full of one success after another, but financial planners are real people too, that have real financial pasts. Before her career working with money, she was a professional track athlete which came with plenty of financial...


Dream Lavishly, Give Generously, Spend Wisely, with Sheria Smith

Today’s guest is Sheria Smith, Civil Rights Attorney for the U.S. Board of Education. Sheria excelled at academics from a young age and used that gift to work her way up and out of Gary, Indiana. At the age of 14, she attended a boarding school on the east coast to increase her chance of making it to an Ivy League school. It was this experience that showed her how money looks and spends. Sheria didn’t let her advancement stop there. She graduated from Harvard with a degree in Government...


Live the Life You Want, with Lauryn Williams

On this episode of Worth Listening, Lauryn continues sharing more of her money memories and the role it plays on her financial life right now. She has always had the mindset of an entrepreneur and as a teenager loved being able to make her own money so no one could tell her what to do with it. Just wait until you hear some of the ways that she made money as a child! Now, as an adult, Lauryn isn’t motivated as much by wanting to have money that has full control over, but by the contribution...


Overcoming Failure, With Matt LeBris

Today’s guest is an entrepreneur, speaker, and branding expert, Matt LeBris. Matt started his journey as an entrepreneur at the ripe old age of 12 when he and a neighbor kid started selling their parents’ groceries off the front porch. While the business only lasted a week, Matt caught the entrepreneurial bug. When he was 17 and a freshman in college he started his first real business which he had major success with. Over the years Matt has experienced plenty of ups and downs in his...


Deciphering Your Money Messages

Back in the final episode of 2018, podcast host, Lauryn Williams, gave us a heads up that we would get to find out more about her in the 2019 episodes and that time has come! Have you been wondering who the woman is behind Worth Winning? Or, wondering what made a four-time Olympian decide to turn her attention over to financial planning? Well, you’ll get your answers throughout Lauryn’s personal money memoir series. In this first episode of her series, Lauryn reminisces about her childhood...


Adopting a Mindset of Financial Abundance, With Adele Jackson Gibson

Today’s guest is Adele Jackson Gibson. Adele is s a sports journalist, fitness coach, fitness model, and an athlete. She is an athlete that tells other athletes’ stories, but today she is sharing her own money memoir with us. Adele came from a family that was financially solid. She didn’t grow up having to worry about finances and was even blessed to graduate from college with no student loans. However, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t been financial hiccups and mistakes made as she...


Looking Forward to 2019 with Lauryn Williams

What a year it has been! This was my first year podcasting and we've gotten great feedback on the episodes, so a HUGE thank you to all the Worth Listening listeners and guests! My original goal was to have a new podcast every other week, but it turned into a weekly podcast. I interviewed millennials with amazing financial stories and learned a lot from each one of them. These podcasts helped me to discover some great ideas on how to best serve my clients in 2019. There's nothing more...


Sometimes You Have to Dig in, to Dig Out, With Claudia Steer

Today’s guest is Claudia Steer. Claudia immigrated to the United States from London when she was just a teenager. Coming from what would be similar to the projects over in London, Claudia grew up with a scarcity mindset that impacted her life for many years. She took the long road to the corporate world but eventually landed a job where she earned 10 years of experience developing creative strategies for some of the largest brands in the world, including McDonald’s, Coke Zero, Burger King...


Trade Your 9 to 5 with Tela Holcolm

Today’s guest is Tela Holcomb. Let’s cut right to the chase, Tela retired at the age of 29! It didn’t happen because she was born into money, won the lotto, or took any other shortcut. She reached that point through educating herself on the stock market and trading. Tela is an Air Force Veteran that joined the military because she wanted to force herself to commit to something that she would not be able to quit. She grew up in a small town and she wanted to give herself a chance to be gone...


Malcolm Lemmons Explains Money Misconceptions and the Importance of a Plan B

Today’s guest is Malcolm Lemmons. Malcolm was a professional basketball player that played overseas before transitioning to life as an entrepreneur. The time he spent overseas showed him the importance of athletes having a plan to transition to life after sports because there are very few athletes that aren’t going to need to find a way to earn an income once their athletic career is over. Malcolm is the author of Lessons from the Game, a motivational speaker and the founder of Players...


The Happy Investor Method creator Angela E. Matthews Discusses Investing, Financial Aid and not taking NO for an answer

Today’s guest is Angela E. Matthews. She calls herself a serial entrepreneur because she loves the entrepreneurship lifestyle and has built several businesses over the years. Currently, she’s the woman behind the Happy Investor Method. Angela learned how to use investments to her advantage and is passionate about teaching others how to do the same. Angela wasn’t taught how to handle money as a child. Her parents moved to the US from Guyana in the late ’70s and in their culture you had what...


Danny Harvey says "Money is a Tool, Learn How to Use It"

Today’s guest is Danny Harvey. Danny is the Director of Financial Planning & Finance Faculty at Prairie View A&M University. He is also a professional speaker and financial advisor. He came from humble beginnings where he didn’t go without, but he also didn’t realize how little they actually had. He was raised by a single-mother that taught him the principles of hard work and saving money. He became great at saving money even though he didn’t really know what he was saving it for. While...


Rana Campbell Puts Her Money Dreams in Drive

Today’s guest is Rana Campbell. Rana recently transitioned from her 9 to 5 job to become an entrepreneur. She is the woman behind the Dreams in Drive podcast and website where you can find the encouragement, motivation, and steps you need to start living your dream life. Rana’s story is a bit different than many that we have had on the podcast in the past. She hasn’t been a professional athlete and she hasn’t had to dig herself out of a huge hole of debt. And, she wasn’t raised in a home...


Kwame Christian and the Importance of Negotiating in Your Finances

Today’s guest is Kwame Christian. Kwame is a business lawyer that has transitioned to his work as Director of the American Negotiation Institute. He provides training through workshops that teach people how to make difficult conversations easier. His podcast, Negotiate Anything, has been downloaded more than 350,000 times by listeners in more than 180 countries. Today Kwame will share with us more about what made him transition from his career as a lawyer to working as an entrepreneur...


Amara Leggett Reflects on Being a Business Owner and High School and College Graduate at 16

Today’s guest is Amara Legget. Amara is a motivational speaker who travels the country to share her message on how to make the impossible possible in your life. She is running her business while working towards a bachelor’s degree. But, what really makes her stand out is that she is 17 years old. She earned her high school diploma and an associate's degree at the age of 16. Today Amara will share with us more about the path that she used to accomplish this use feat and how she is growing...


Dave Claffey Went From Paycheck to Paycheck to Debt Free

Today’s guest is Dave Claffey, Head of Communications at the startup Earnin. Dave served in the National Guard before attending college. It took him a little time to find his path, but once he did he has worked hard at every job to reach the top and then move on to the next opportunity. He has his numbers set towards financial independence and early retirement and is well on his way. Today Dave will share with us the ups and downs of his financial journey. He very recently paid off his last...


Kyle Miller Hustles in Creative Entrepreneurship and Investing in Yourself

Today’s guest is Kyle Miller. He is a UX Designer that has worked with brands such as Under Armour and Capital One. He also has several side hustles going including the development of the app Goodfynd which helps you locate food trucks near you in the DC area. However, while he has been an entrepreneur since childhood he went to college for property management. He has an interesting story on how he wound up as a UX Designer. Today Kyle will share with us more about the creative ways he...


Terrie Chantel Covers Credit Repair, Tax Preparation, and the Racial Wealth Divide

Terrie Chantel climbed the corporate ladder in the IT field for over a decade before turning her focus over to the side hustle she had been building along preparing tax returns and doing credit repair. She has now launched The Greenhouse Academy, which is full of how-to trainings on everything from personal and business finance to credit repair. Today Terrie will share with us more about her personal credit story and how she learned about credit repair firsthand when discovering she had...


Finding the Right Advice For Planning a Budget and Managing Your Finances, Plus a Recent Episode Retrospective

Host Lauryn Williams records a solo episode with a retrospective of past episodes, so if you've missed any, this is a good look at episodes worth going back and listening to. She also shares advice for planning a budget and managing your finances. Those you think may be good advisors may be selling a product, like insurance, instead of a service, like helping you set a budget and stick to it. Get ready for a soapbox moment, as well as some trusted...


Chef Latoya Rush Feeds Herself Before Feeding Others

Today’s guest is Professor, Chef, and Navy Veteran, Latoya Rush. She works as a Professor teaching Surgical Technology by day and is a chef/caterer/food blogger by night. Her goal is to eventually transition to her catering business full time. Today Latoya will share with us more about her rough transition to civilian life that resulted in her losing everything and how she turned it all around. She will also share the important lessons she learned along the way and what she is teaching her...