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Pursuing Passion All the Way to the Bank, with Elton Anderson

Today’s guest is Elton Anderson, successful photographer and well-recognized brand. Elton is also the founder of Creators of Colors, a platform that focuses on people of color within the creative industry. Today Elton will share with us more about how he went from being “successful” in the eyes of the world in his twenties with a good paying job, owning his own house, and plenty of assets to being broke at thirty. This is when he decided to restart and really pursue his passions which has...


From the NFL to Shark Tank - Football, Finances, and Entrepreneurship, with Justin Forsett

Today’s guest is Justin Forsett, former NFL running back and business owner. Justin played 9 seasons in the NFL for 7 different teams. The constant changing of teams helped him always keep his eye on what his next move would be when his NFL career was over. He used his NFL retirement announcement to help launch a business he started with a few of his former college teammates —Shower Pill. Today Justin will share with us more about what it was like to bounce from one team to the next and the...



Today’s guest is Kelly Jennings, former NFL player turned Financial Planner. Kelly spent six years with the NFL before leaving the league to pursue his passion for people. He has combined his passion together with his financial and counseling degrees to work as a financial planner. Today Kelly will share with us more about football, finances, family and faith and the role each has played in his life. In This Episode We Discuss:


Hurdling the Obstacles Towards Financial Success, with Bershawn Jackson

Professional track athlete, Bershawn Jackson has succeeded on the track at all levels from high school to the Olympics. After years of careless spending, Bershawn is on the right track and shares the importance of financial planning and why athletes need to think about life after sports. Today Bershawn will share with us more about the financial lessons he has learned throughout his years in the sports. In This Episode We Discuss:


Playing, Networking, and Planning for Financial Success After Sports, with Ruth Riley

Today’s guest is Ruth Riley. Ruth has a long list of accomplishments including NCAA and WNBA Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, former General Manager of San Antonio Stars, and is currently working as the NBA Academy Global Technical Director for Women’s Programs. Today Ruth will share with us more about her journey from playing college basketball to reaching the WNBA. She talks about how the pay and culture of the WNBA differ from the NBA and the impact that it has on the players. She also...


Using Mindset to Earn Your Way to wealth, with Brian Street

Today’s guest is Brian Street. He is an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and currently pursuing his Ph.D. in social services. Brian is passionate about the importance of pursuing what you love instead of chasing a dollar. Today Brian will share with us more about how he overcame his financial struggles and discovered his true passion. In This Episode We Discuss:


Entrepreneurship and Financial empowerment at 17, with Miracle Olatunji

Today’s guest is high school student and entrepreneur Miracle Olatunji. Miracle is currently an ambassador for The Diamond Challenge, founder of two companies, and well on her way to a future of financial freedom and success. In her money memoir, she shares her passion for finances, which started at the age of 7 years old. Today Miracle shares with us how participation in the Diamond Challenge has impacted her life and what it’s like to balance school and business at such a young age. She...


Pursuing Your Passion and Having the Budget to Live the Life You Want, with Rocky Garza

Today’s guest is Rocky Garza. Rocky is an entrepreneur, speaker, challenger, and people expert. He also has a service called Personal Identity Mapping that helps people discover how and why they do the things they do. Today Rocky is coming on the show to give us a little insight into how and why he does the things he does. We discuss the things that Rocky’s grandparents did to help him reach the point that he is at right now. How he transitioned to being a homeowner at the age of 24 and...


A Frugal Athlete, with Amobi Okugo

Like many people, Amobi Okugo wanted to be a professional soccer player from a young age. In high school, he realized that his dream might become reality. He was the 6th draft pick in the MLS after his freshmen year in college. He has had a successful athletic career while obtaining his college degree and is getting ready to enter his 9th season. Today he shares with us how he handled the influx of money when we became a professional athlete and why it’s so important for team members and...


Swim, Bike or Run Toward Your Financial Goals, with Haley Chura

Haley Chura attended the University of Georgia as a swimmer before transitioning to the life of an accountant at a successful firm. After taking a break from sports she received a challenge from her boss that set her on the path that led to becoming a professional triathlete. It’s a step that she might not have taken if she hadn’t been preparing financially for years. Today we discuss Haley’s journey to become the Ironman Champion last year, after one of the roughest times in her life....


The Marines, costly mistakes, and real estate investing, with Jason Miller

Jason Miller dreamt of becoming a professional football player when in school. His college athletic dreams were put on hold due to injury and financial difficulties. Instead of allowing this to hold him back in life he has continued to adapt his plan to find success. While a career in the NFL wasn’t in the plans, Jason is now a former Marine and entrepreneur that has discovered how to put his money to work for him and enjoys mentoring the high school athletes on the football team that he...


Effectively managing a fluctuating income while playing professional basketball, with Marcus Ginyard

Marcus Ginyard played college basketball at UNC Chapel Hill before being selected to travel the world playing Euroleague basketball. Marcus shares with us the lesson learned when his emergency fund was spent on something other than an emergency. Finally we talk about managing your income when it is fluctuating and the importance of having money discussions. Other things You’ll Learn in This Episode: For more money memoirs like this, visit http://www.worth-winning.com/win/podcast


Rock Climbing to Financial Independence with Sasha Digiulian

Professional rock climber, Sasha DiGiulian, has been competing since she was 12 years old. Sasha turned professional before she even entered college! Today Sasha will share with us more about her life as a professional rock climber and how she balanced doing both throughout college. She will also share how she managed her own contracts on her own from a young age and what she learned about building the right team of professionals around her, like a financial advisor and manager. In...


From hoop dreams to making dreams come true, with Brandon Okpalobi

Brandon Okpalobi is Founder and CEO of DIBIA Athletic Development and DIBIA Dream, Inc, Today we discuss how Brandon made $2 allowance in high school, then how he walked on the basketball at a Division 1 college school and earned a scholarship. Finally we talk about how you don’t have to be playing sports to be involved in sports. Brandon is still involved with basketball by running both a non profit organization and a for profit business.


Working at ESPN while pursuing Olympic Rowing, with Meghan O’Leary

2016 Olympian Meghan O’leary played all sort of sports growing up and even played volleyball and softball in college. Yet, she didn’t find rowing until after college. Yes, she started rowing AFTER college, became an Olympian and recently made history by earning silver medalist in the 2017 world championships. Today we discuss her parent’s impact on her money habits, and being intentional about beefing up your resume so you can go after your dream job. We also discuss how money works in...


Pro players beware Ballin’ is expensive, with Clinton Portis

We kick the show off with one of the best NFL running backs to ever play the game, Clinton Portis. You have probably heard his name in the news frequently for being great football player or for fun personalities that kept the sport fans entertained while playing for the Washington Redskins. More recently the news has been surrounding the trouble he has had with money. Reporters tell the story from their point of view but I believe no one is more qualified to tell your story than than you....


Welcome to the Worth Listening Podcast

Welcome to the Worth Listening Podcast. I started my company, Worth Winning, because young professionals and athletes need something different from what the financial industry has offered in the past. We want to make good money decisions we just need someone we can relate to who knows finances. I want to fill that gap. We are in the middle of making huge life decisions: pursuing advanced degrees, buying homes, getting married, having kids, and switching jobs. This is when we need...


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