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The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast! Banter and interviews with some of the biggest stars in the wrestling world like Bray Wyatt, Stephanie McMahon, The New Day, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, with your hosts Jonny Loquasto, Dale Rutledge, Scott Narver, and Carrlyn Bathe. Follow us on Twitter: @FOXCompadres @CurtainJerks @JQuasto @TheWalkingDale @CarrlynBathe

The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast! Banter and interviews with some of the biggest stars in the wrestling world like Bray Wyatt, Stephanie McMahon, The New Day, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, with your hosts Jonny Loquasto, Dale Rutledge, Scott Narver, and Carrlyn Bathe. Follow us on Twitter: @FOXCompadres @CurtainJerks @JQuasto @TheWalkingDale @CarrlynBathe
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The Wrestling Compadres Slamcast! Banter and interviews with some of the biggest stars in the wrestling world like Bray Wyatt, Stephanie McMahon, The New Day, Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, with your hosts Jonny Loquasto, Dale Rutledge, Scott Narver, and Carrlyn Bathe. Follow us on Twitter: @FOXCompadres @CurtainJerks @JQuasto @TheWalkingDale @CarrlynBathe






WWE SSD, Bound for Glory Preview, plus Austin Aries talks offensive tweets!

Jonny, Scott, Jay & Jake are all in studio for an XL episode following this past weekends WWE International Event the Super Show-Down! They talk all about the best of the historic event, as well as discuss what Jonny thinks is the best Raw he can remember, the return of the conquistador, the future NWA women's title match, Fred Durst's faith paying off, Smackdown 1000 predictions, the new matches & Tournament announced for WWE Crown Jewel, and also preview this upcoming weekends Bound for...


Super Show-Down Preview, plus UWN Television Champion, Royce Isaacs!

Jonny, Jay & Jake are in studio with Dale on the horn, and it barely takes 5 minutes for this one to fall off the rails! After Jay tries to hijack Jonny's hosting duties and skip Dale & Jake's respective introductions, they eventually find themselves chatting about everything going on in the wrestling world including Pac's (aka Neville's) Return to Dragon Gate & Evolution's appearance at Smackdown 1000, Dale's experience at Progress Wrestling in Wembley, they answer a couple calls from the...


'The Kick', R-Truth, NXT Match of the Year, plus Toni Storm from MYC!

Jonny, Jay and Jake are in studio covering everything that happened this week in the world of wrestling including the unfortunate accident involving Brie Bella and Liv Morgan and the backlash Brie has received as well as the workers who have defended her. They also talk about the brilliance of R-Truth (no really!), what happened in Milwaukee, whether Dean Ambrose is bound for a heel turn, Pete Dunne and Ricochet's Match of the Year candidate on NXT and more! PLUS Dale sits down with Toni...


Hell In a Cell Fallout, Triplemania, Plus Lacey Lane interview!

Jonny and Jake are joined in studio by returning guest Evan T. Mack and are covering all the wrestling news of the week including new matches added to WWE International Network specials as well as NEW WWE International Network Specials! They also dive into this past weekend's divisive Hell In A Cell event, cover the highs and lows and talk about what they expect and hope for in the fallout. They also take some calls from the COMPADRES HOTLINE, talk about Philly Cheesesteaks, watching...


Hell in a Cell Predictions plus Mae Young Classic's Kacy Catanzaro

Jonny ran late and there was a full on JAKEOVER as an unhinged Jake, Scott, and Jay covered all the happenings in the wrestling world this week including the "business" from ALL IN, Daniel Bryan's new contract, Renee Young's new role in the WWE, and Rick Flair's 90th marriage! Eventually Jonny does show up and the quartet take some calls from the COMPADRES HOTLINE, chats Mae Young Classic 2 and Impact as well as discuss this weekends HELL IN A CELL PPV and predict some winners as well as...


ALL IN, Mae Young Classic 2, plus WWE's Kaitlyn

Jonny and Scott are joined by Sarah "The Rebel" Wolfe in studio with Dale on the line to talk all about this past weekends historic ALL IN event in Chicago. From it's highs and lows to surprises and memorable moments! They also discuss WWE's 2nd Mae Young Classic tournament which Dale and Sarah attended live last month. All that plus Dale sits down with MYC competitor and former WWE Diva's Champion, Kaitlyn! Shop Compadres merch at www.DragonWagonShop.com Wrestling Compadres is part...


Raw/SD, ALL IN, Blackcraft Wrestling plus The Savage Gentleman & Lady Frost and Chris Dickinson!

Scott, Jay & Jonny are in studio this week discussing the excitement surrounding ALL IN this weekend in Chicago, along with everything happening in the WWE and Impact Wrestling. And if that wasn't enough, we have not one, not two, but THREE special guests following the Blackcraft Wrestling PPV "Burning Bridges"! Chris Dickinson, The Savage Gentleman, and Lady Frost all sat down with Jonny following the incredible event in Pittsburgh. Wrestling Compadres is part of the Dragon Wagon Radio...


SummerSlam Fallout, Hotline Q's, plus Chavo Guerrero Jr. from SDCC

Scott, Jay & Jake are in studio joined by Dale via Skype - and they're talking about all the WWE SummerSlam weekend fallout including NXT Takeover and the SummerSlam event itself. Dale gives a first hand account from attending the weekend festivities and the gang rants about what they love and what they didn't from the biggest party of the summer. They also take some of your Compadres HOTLINE questions as well as chat with Lucha Underground's Chavo Guerrero Jr. at San Diego...


SummerSlam Preview plus Taya Valkerie interview from SDCC!

Jonny, Scott & Jay are in studio just days before the biggest party of the summer! No, not your Uncle Jerry's fourth of July BBQ... we're talking about SUMMERSLAM. The compadres are covering all the angles leading into WWE's second biggest PPV of the year including every title being defended, what matches they're most looking forward to, what they expect and what they expect to be surprised by! They also discuss the return to Brooklyn for NXT TAKEOVER, take a couple Hotline calls, and...


Raw Vs Smackdown, Your Hotline Qs, plus PJ BLACK interview from SDCC!

Scott, Jay & Jake are in studio and we'd say this one is off the rails but the rails are NOWHERE IN SIGHT! The trio chats about the 50 hours of classic Colosseum Home Video that's been added to the WWE Network and Kane's new mayoral-ship before diving into this week in WWE programming including a chat about which is a better show, Raw or SD and if so, why? Plus Jake rambles on about NXT while Jay curses out Val Venis on Facebook and Scott brags about all the hours he spent calling the old...


Summerslam Shapes Up, Twitter PC Policing, and Marty the Moth interview!

Jonny, Jay, (and sometimes Jake) are joined by Evan Mack and discussing all thats happening in this week in wrestling including the PC policing of years old twitter feeds, the upcoming Mae Young Classic, Brock Lesnar's reading material preference as well his "turn" on Paul Heyman, the Smackdown Women's championship picture and Mella's Money Promo, the new NXT Champion, and Impact's impact! All that plus a MUST HEAR interview with the one and only Marty the Moth AKA Magnificent Martin AKA...


Slammiversary XVI, WWE Evolution, plus Becky Lynch live from SDCC!

Jonny and Dale sat down with WWE Smackdown Live Superstar Becky Lynch for an exclusive interview live at San Diego Comic-con and you get to hear it on this weeks episode! If that's not enough (stop being so greedy), SCOTT NARVER IS BACK IN STUDIO joining Jonny and Jay and getting updated on everything he's missed out on (which was a lot). All that plus WWE announces their 1st ever all women event Evolution, Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar again at SummerSlam, would Sasha Banks or Bayley make...


Hogan Reinstated, Extreme Rules Fallout, & Colt Cabana!

Jonny, Jay and Dale are in studio covering the reinstatement of Hulk Hogan BACK into the WWE halof fame after a 3 year "suspension," the fallout of this past weekend's Extreme Rules PPV and what may be in the store for Summerslam, the 'high-jacking' of PPV main events and what the true cause is, as well as covering this week in Raw, Smackdown Live, Impact Wrestling, NXT and more! All that plus an unearthed interview of the one and only Colt Cabana! Wrestling Compadres is part of the...


Extreme Rules Preview, NJPW G1 Fallout, Brock in UFC, plus RJ City!

Jonny, Jay, and Jake are in studio talking all about Brock Lesnar's UFC appearance, tag teams being plagued by injury and the future of the name "Wrestlemania" before diving into the fallout of New Japan Pro Wrestling's G1 special that found a Bullet Club divided, divided again, than.... slightly reunited? They also preview WWE's Extreme Rules PPV this Sunday and Jake and Jonny get into it over what they respectively see when watching this weeks Impact Wrestling. All of that PLUS RJ City...


Marty Elias talks Lucha Underground/GLOW, Extreme Rules Shapes up!

Jonny and Jay are joined by former WWE Referee and current Lucha Underground head referee MARTY ELIAS! Marty shares thoughts on the current state of some WWE stories and talent including Braun vs. KO, the Ziggler/Rollins Iron Man match scheduled for Extreme Rules, some "new" talent including the signing of Lucha Underground's Io Shirai. All that plus everything happening in Lucha, Ring of Honor, Impact as well as Marty shares his experience working with Chavo Guerrero on the hit Netflix...


WWE UK Tournament/NXT plus ROH's Flip Gordon

Jonny and Jake are in-studio with Dale Rutledge on the line sharing his first hand experience at the 2018 WWE UK Tournament and the announcement of the NXT UK Brand! With a whole new NXT there's room for a roster full of new stars and the three discuss the highlights of the tournament as well as the future of NXT UK. They also talk about the best of the week on Raw and Smackdown including the suprise return of KANE and the reformation of Team HELL NO! All that plus Impact Wrestling and Lucha...


Money in the Bank Fallout plus Big Cass Released

Jonny, Jay and Jake are in studio and are diving into the WHIRLWIND of WWE programming that happened over the past 5 days! From NXT Takeover Chicago's BRUTAL street fight to Money in the Bank's highs and lows leading to surprises on both Raw and Smackdown, the compadres have a LOT to discuss. Not to mention the passing of the undoubtedly hall of fame bound Big Van Vader as well as the release of Jay's favorite wrestler Big Cass! All that plus Lucha Underground returns, the X ATTACKER is...


Money in the Bank Predictions plus Melissa Santos!

We have a PACKED HOUSE with Jonny, Scott, Jay and even the elusive DALE RUTLEDGE in studio! We're talking all about CM Punks 2nd MMA fight and whether or not there will be a third or if he's ALL IN, New Japan's DOMINION 6.9 event and Chris Jericho doing great work, this weekends NXT TAKEOVER Chicago and the matches that might tear the house down all before diving into our WWE Money in the Bank predictions! Who will go home Mr. and Ms. Money in the Bank? Or will it be a Mr. and MRS?! Than...


Best & Worst of the Week, Hotline Q's plus Peter Avalon and Ray Rosas!

Scott and Jake are in studio joined by Dale via Skype and they're covering the best and worst of the week! Jeff Jarrett is winning championships in Mexico, CM Punk and Colt Cabana's lawsuit has a verdict, The B-Team and Baron Corbin win our hearts on Raw (who ever thought that would be a sentence typed?), the women of Smackdown live bring it, Ricochet is an actual comic book superhero on NXT and Austin Aries and Pentagon Jr wrestle 3 title matches on Impact Wrestling. All that plus YOUR...


MITB Shapes Up, Chavo Guerrero Jr in studio!

Scott, Jay and Jake are in studio and talking about Cena calling out NXT stars, FITE TV working with Global Force Entertainment, Alberto "Del Patron" becoming a US citizen and more all before diving into this week on Raw, Smackdown, NXT, and Impact! With MITB shaping up there's plenty of speculation, desires and New Day Debate! Then Chavo Guerrero JR joins us in Studio for a super in depth interview all about his work on the Netflix hit show GLOW as well as all things Lucha Underground! See...