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Two wrestling fans take on the wrestling world...through a haze.

Two wrestling fans take on the wrestling world...through a haze.
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Two wrestling fans take on the wrestling world...through a haze.






Haze-35. They say Kayfabe is dead, but nobodys seen the body.

Recap of Trips to Beyond Wrestling Abbondanza and I Want It All and Blitzkrieg Pro We Gotta Stay Positive. Is Orange Cassidy the Big Dawg of Beyond? Are the Beaver Boys the meanest team Janelope has faced yet? Is Flip Gordon working a shoot into a work with this flatearther shit? Is Josh Briggs beard capable of busting someone's forehead wide open? Can anyone bring Janelope their first defeat? What does Alex Reynolds look like? Can Jon Silver buy a win? Does watching Impractical Jokers rot...


Volume-34. A Luchador drummer, a pizza guy, and a black cat walk into a bar.

Recap of trips to WHAT!? and Live Pro(v) and previews of Blitzkrieg Gotta Stay Positive and Beyond Wrestling Abbondanza and I Want It All. What went down at WHAT! wrestling? How cool is it when the Impact Players unite? What will Rich Bass do without his Briggs at Live Pro(v) Did Ernie Boch Jr. have a good time on his vacation? How will things shake out when Live Pro(v) and Beyond Wrestling run the same day in rhode island on March 18th? Is Delmi Exo just one of the boys, or just another...


Volume-33. A House of Marks Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand!

Volume-33. A House of Marks Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand! Recap of trips to WHAT?! and XWA Xtreme Rumble and a Preview of Beyond Wrestling Spirit of 76 and WWR What went on at WHAT!? Wrestling? How did Tripleicious squash Sully? Will the Ace Romero/AR Fox feud ever be settled? Did Buff Dad really bang Rich Bass' Mom? What type of a person dislikes Joey Janela? Why cant all us marks just get along? Why is Beyond Wrestling the best promotion anywhere? Was the Xtreme Rumble the best...



Beyond Wrestling Heavy Lies The Crown New Years Eve Recap Show. Is Wheeler Yuta tomorrow or today? Has Steven Dumeng been formally reprimanded by Kevin Quinn for his shoddy refereeing? Is Jon Silver too much of a dick to wear such a cool denim vest? Have we seen the last of Ace Romero in a Beyond Wrestling ring? Can anyone take Jonathan Gresham's Powerbomb.tv Independent Wrestling Championship away from him? How many referees have to die before someone does something about trigger happy...



Recap of trips to Beyond Wrestling Cold Brew and Evolve 97. Is GCW vs CZW a work or a shoot? Does anyone care? Why are those ropes so loose? Is Walter a pretty big guy? Will AR Fox's Skulk Crew ever find out Whose Mans is this? Is Darby Allin's pinning combination impossible to kick out of? Can Darby Allin get his gypsy queen back? Is Matt Riddle right, are No Rope Break matches the future of the sport? Will David Starr ever defeat Walter? Are Brian Milonas and Mikey Webb on a collision...


Wrestling Haze-Volume 15

Is Larry Legend ok? Have we ever seen a bad Joey Janela match? Does Lio Rush bleed black and yellow? What's Joe Gacy's problem? Whats Shlak's deal? ONITA!? What if CZW had a tv deal? How many barbed wire bats exploded? Did Ace Romero hit a canadian destroyer on Jimmy Lloyd? Is pandita a better masseuse than Massage NV? How good are CZW promo packages? Will South Pacific Power Trip fight Eyfbo? Will Mustache Mountain fight Tekno Team 2000? Is Gentlemanly Jack Gallagher coming to Somerville?...


Volume 14-Beyond Wrestling Americanrana 17 Reaction Show

Trent? A true heavyweight? Are there tip calculators for Lucha Bros matches? Is Kevin Quinn the baddest ref on the planet? What is next for new ace Joey Janela? Are Techno Team 2000 the next opponents for EYFBO? Has Chuck Taylor become king of the WeeLC? Is Worcester Beyond Wrestling's new stomping ground? Suck me? Where in the world is Wheeler Yuta? How great of a venue is the White Eagle? When does Donavan Dijak say bye bye to Beyond? A large portion of these questions answered and many...


Volume Twelve

Will Rey Fenix make it to Americanrana? Where is Buff Dad's title shot? What happens if you turn your back on the wolf pack? Will Tekmo Team 2000 be the first to challenge new tag champs Take Me Home Tonight? Does Rey Mysterio still got it? Is Boone the Bounty Hunter a 5 star film? Is Paul London's entrance over yet? Most of these questions answered, and a handful more. Plus what we want out of wrestling this week on Volume Twelve of Wrestling Haze...



Preview of ROH Best In The World, Beyond Wrestlings Go With the Flow, and Evolve 86 We go through all three of the shows we will be attending this weekend. Plus complaints about floslam and more! Does the Hit Squad like massages? Is Wheeler Yuta the fastest growing of the #NewCrop? Flo or Flow? Buff Dad Vs Big Daddy Cool at Wrestlution? Is Pentagon coming to Raw Dawg Jon Silver's yard? Is Shayna Baszler wrestling Penelope Ford? Tekno Team 2000 to face the winners of Young Bucks Vs War...



We're on a highway to hell running down events this summer in the Northeast. Which do we have to see? Is Live Pro(v) Wrestling the most fun thing anywhere? Exactly how buff is Buff Dad? Can Jimmy Havoc survive Joey Janela? Who was the first annual Gansett Cup Tournament Champion? Exactly how many beers did Xavier Bell drink during the Gansett Cup? Tekno Team 2000 debut coming soon? Will this be the summer of women's wrestling?


Wrestling Haze-Volume Five

Our hosts talk about their trip to Womens Wrestling Revolution's Brickhouse and Beyond Wrestling's Death Knell at Arts at the Armory in Somerville, MA. Does Laurel Van Ness' wedding dress stink? Does Faye Jackson's milkshake bring all the boys to the yard? Team Sea Stars defend the USA and WWR? Can anyone stop Jordynne Grace? Did Chuck Oniel fight the invisible man? When did AR Fox become such a jerk? David Starr wrestles a mystery partner? Did Tabarnak De Team go through any walls? Are...



A preview of Beyond Wrestling's "Please Don't Die" and Womens Wrestling Revolution "Brickhouse". Review of ROH War of the Worlds and WWE Backlash predictions.Will Jordynne Grace defeat both Tessa Blanchard and Jonathan Gresham? Will Raw Dog Jon SIlver show Sami Callihan the Beyond Wrestling ring is his yard? Who will Wheeler Yuta fight and will it be awesome(definitely will be)? Is steam punk owl Marty Scurll the right fit for Bullet Club? CZW Onita Vs Tremont Once in a Lifetime tickets?...


Wrestling Haze-The Pilot Episode

A preview of Beyond Wrestling Feeling Minnesota and Looking California