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Wrestling Omakase #43: Fantasy Draft Vol. 1 (WWE/NJPW)

A new series begins on this week's edition of Wrestling Omakase! Imagine, if you will, a fantasy world where some gigantic corporation has purchased both World Wrestling Entertainment and New Japan Pro Wrestling, the two largest wrestling companies in the world. John and their three guests have been named the General Managers of four new brands, and this draft is being held to create their initial rosters. We choose twenty picks each (singles wrestlers and teams) and then at the end of the...


Wrestling Omakase #42: AJPW Champion Carnival w/ Jahmale (RealHero)

This week on Wrestling Omakase John is joined by first time guest Jahmale (@RealHero12089) to discuss the AJPW Champion Carnival so far! They break down each and every match that's taken place in All Japan's answer to the G1 up through now, from the 4/7 kick off show through 4/18\. Hear their thoughts on Yuji Hino's reign of FUCKING BOMB terror, Naomichi Marufuji coming back to where he started, Yoshitatsu hating the BULLET CLUB until the day he dies, Kento Miyahara doing typical Kento...


Wrestling Omakase #24: Joshi Year in Review w/ Alexandra

The Year in Review series heads into the realm of joshi (women's) puroresu this week on Wrestling Omakase, as John is joined by returning guest Alexandra (@NOAHs_Savior) of Squared Circle Sirens to help them break down a number of promotions' respective 2017s! We discuss Sendai Girls, Oz Academy, SEAdLINNNG, STARDOM, Ice Ribbon, and more, as we break down each promotion's various strengths and weaknesses over the past year. Alex then gives her picks for her joshi wrestler of the year, most...


Wrestling Omakase #22: PWG w/ Eric Ex & Brian

We take a break from our Year in Review series this week on Omakase to take another look at another American independent wrestling mainstay: California's Pro Wrestling Guerrilla! John is joined by two fans who have been attending PWG for years: Eric (@superjew1) who has been attending since 2013, and Brian (@BrianDaBrain) who has been attending since 2006. Brian also started the PWG trading card project, which he gives us some details on during the episode. But the main topics include: how...


Wrestling Omakase #21: WWE Year in Review w/ Kelly Harrass & August Baker

Our 2017 Year in Review series continues this week with everyone's favorite promotion, World Wrestling Entertainment! John is joined by the only two members of the VOW family who can be reliably counted on for WWE PPV roundtables, Kelly Harrass (@comicgeekelly) & August Baker (@augustbaker12), as we break down WWE's 2017! We discuss what the top WWE and NXT contenders might be for various year end awards (MVP, Most Outstanding, Show of the Year, and more), whether the return of split brand...


Wrestling Omakase #20: AJPW Year in Review w/ Eyean

This week on Wrestling Omakase we begin our Year in Review Series! Each episode will recap a specific promotion's 2017 with passionate fans/viewers of the company, giving you match recommendations, picks for various awards (MVP/Most Outstanding/Show/Tag Team/etc.), and an overview of what the past year has looked like. It's a great way to wind down 2017, and it starts this week with All Japan! Our guest is Eyean (@skrongstyle), a very devoted AJPW fan, and together he and John break down...


Wrestling Omakase #19: CZW w/ Jake & Kevin Brown

C! Z! W! On this week's episode of Wrestling Omakase, John is joined by Jake (@Oatgan) & Kevin Brown (@darukinoi) to discuss the longtime northeast independent promotion. If you've ever wondered just what the hell the deal is when people start talking about CZW, hear it straight from two fans. Everything is touched upon including the differences in the Zandig/Hyde/Callihan eras, the "big three" yearly events of CZW over the years (Cage of Death, Tournament of Death, and Best of the Best),...


Wrestling Omakase #18: DDT/BJW/Wrestle-1 w/ Jesse

This week on Wrestling Omakase John is joined by return guest Jesse (@K0jiii) to discuss three different Japanese indie promotions: DDT, Big Japan, and Wrestle-1! Talk begins with BJW: their recent tag league, their upcoming Korakuen, and the launch of their new BJW Core streaming service. After a brief stopover in New Japan we switch to Wrestle-1, talking all about the woefully undercovered young boy promotion with reviews of their September & October Korakuens, preview of November, and...


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