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Wrestling Omakase #67: JOSHI-MANIA! Ice Ribbon 10/8 & SEAdLINNNG 10/3 w/ Alexandra

It's JOSHI-MANIA this week on Wrestling Omakase, as we cover two recent Korakuen Hall events from two undercovered joshi promotions, plus give an overview of the current joshi scene as a whole! First we cover women's wrestling in Japan in general, mainly focusing around the TV/streaming landscape and where you can watch various promotions, as well as some of what's been going on lately. Then we get into two specific show reviews: first Ice Ribbon's 10/8 show headlined by a tag team title...


Wrestling Omakase #66: NJPW King of Pro Wrestling w/ Kevin Brown

This week on Wrestling Omakase John is joined by returning guest Kevin Brown (@darukinoi) to give a full review of New Japan's latest Ryogoku show, King of Pro Wrestling. Hear their thoughts on this very up and down but newsworthy show match-by-match, including why some stuff may just not be for them right now in New Japan. There's a lot of macro thoughts about NJPW's place in the wrestling world and what both want to see out of it vs. what they're actually getting at the moment. Other big...


Wrestling Omakase #65: Fantasy Draft 2018 Final (Worldwide Champions Edition)

It's the final draft episode of 2018 this week on Wrestling Omakase! All the winners from past episodes compete: Winner of Vol. 1 (WWE Men/NJPW) Alex (@AlexWendland), winner of Vol. 2 (WWE Women/Joshi) & Vol. 3 (Indie Puro) John, winner of Vol. 4 (US/UK Indies) Jake (@Oatgan), and winner of Vol. 5 (Lucha) Mike Spears (@fujiiheya). This time around our draft board is EVERYONE IN THE WORLD, of any gender! WWE, NJPW, lucha, indies in America and Japan and around the entire world, joshi, no...


Wrestling Omakase #64: DDT's Big News Week, Road to Ryogoku & BJW Death Vegas w/ Jesse

It was a massive week of news for the Dramatic Dream Team and we've got you covered this week on Wrestling Omakase! John is joined by returning guest Jesse (@K0jiii) to break it all down, starting with the major news that DDT is running their first ever show in the US next year during Wrestlemania weekend! We do some major speculation on how that might all work out, speculate even more about Mania weekend in general (also talking the rest of WWN, wXw, Wrestlecon, GCW and more), and discuss...


Wrestling Omakase #63: Fantasy Draft Vol. 5 (Lucha)

This week on Wrestling Omakase we finally return to our Fantasy Draft series, with the penultimate draft of the year! We've covered WWE/NJPW, the Japanese indies, and the US/UK indies, so this week we turn our attention to lucha! John is joined by four participants this week, all returning guests: JR Goldberg (@wrestlingbubble), Skylar (@Twwitterdotcom), Mike Spears (@fujiiheya) and Andy (@trillyrobinson). All four will be selecting 25 picks each, with the requirement that the wrestlers must...


Wrestling Omakase #62: Rating Every WWF(E) Year From 1996 to 2006!

This week on Wrestling Omakase we jump right into an ambitious discussion: rating every year of the WWF/E from 1996 through 2006, on a scale of 1 to 5! Joining me to tackle this interesting project are returning guests and VOW writers Alex Wendland (@AlexWendland) and Lawson Leong (@LawsonComedy89), as we break down each and every year. Which years did we love and which did we absolutely hate? Some of the answers may surprise you. Plus for each year we pick a Best & Worst PPV, Best Match of...


Wrestling Omakase #61: Live from All In w/ Taylor & Quinlan

This week on Wrestling Omakase we come to you with a relatively quick (less than one hour, a new record for this show!) show breaking down the All In event, live from a nearby hotel room in Chicago! John is joined by returning guests Taylor (@tamaimbo) & Quinlan (@IM_NOT_QUINLAN) as the three of them give their thoughts just hours after attending the landmark event. Hear us break down each match as well as just the general feel and experience of being in the building, plus as a bonus the...


Wrestling Omakase #60: King of DDT, TJPW 8/25 Review & All In/NJPW Destruction Preview w/ Taylor

It's a packed episode of Wrestling Omakase! John is joined by returning guest Taylor (@tamaimbo) as they start by discussing three big Korakuen Hall shows from this past weekend. First it's the King of DDT 3rd Round show from 8/25, as they talk a stellar top four matches featuring the quarterfinals of DDT's big single elimination tournament. Then it's Tokyo Joshi Pro's 8/25 Korakuen featuring a huge Yamashita-Yuu title match main event, guest stars, superhero wasabi tricks, BETTER CALLBACKS...


Wrestling Omakase #59: WWE SummerSlam w/ Kevin Brown

This week on Wrestling Omakase it's our much anticipated review of WWE SummerSlam 2018! John is joined by returning guest Kevin Brown (@darukinoi) as the two talk maybe the first halfway decent WWE PPV since the Royal Rumble (or Mania, I guess, depending on how you felt about that one). They break down all the main card matches in some detail, including: two boring openers, the first of many squashes, the latest in the modern WWE specialty of "100% justified heel turns", the amazing Samoan...


Wrestling Omakase #57: NJPW G1 Climax (Nights 12-15) w/ Hannah & Skylar

It's more G1 Climax coverage this week on Wrestling Omakase! John is joined by returning guest Skylar (@Twwitterdotcom) and first time guest Hannah (@HannahYoleau) to break down four more G1 shows, nights 12 through 15\. Hear our discussion on 20 more G1 matches, with the main highlight being a major show on August 4th in Osaka! What match did our hosts prefer between the highly hyped Omega-Ishii & Naito-Ibushi clashes? Plus we talk our ten favorite and least favorite matches of the entire...


Wrestling Omakase #56: G1 Climax & AJPW 7/29 Osaka w/ Joey Bay

This week on Wrestling Omakase we talk both of Japan's two longest running wrestling promotions! John is joined by first time guest Joey Bay (@joey_bay), as they begin the episode reminiscing over their first trip to Japan together in 2016 and then talk traveling to Japan more generally, as both have been on multiple trips (Joey leaves for his next one in just a few days!). Once that's out of the way they discuss the All Japan 7/29 show from Osaka, a big show that featured three title...


Wrestling Omakase #55: G1 Climax & DDT 7/22 Korakuen w/ Taylor

This week on Wrestling Omakase we're once again talking New Japan and DDT! John is joined by five-time returning guest Taylor Maimbourg (@tamaimbo) to break down some big shows from both promotions. First we've got a solid hour of Dramatic Dream Team talk, as we discuss their 7/22 DDT Korakuen (Summer Vacation 2018). Here us break down a bit of a disappointing show including the ongoing trials and tribulations of the Irie-gun unit, new tag team champions, the downfall of BIG LOVE and more....


Wrestling Omakase #54: G1 Climax, Extreme Rules & Attack on Titan w/ Kevin & Jack

This week on Wrestling Omakase our primary topic is the first 3 nights of the G1 Climax. John is joined by returning guest Kevin Brown (@darukinoi) and first time guest Jack Beckmann (@packerman120) as they discuss all 15 G1 Climax tournament matches so far, including some wildly diverging opinions on some of the biggest matchups (mainly centering around the 'ol knife pervert himself, Jay White). Plus there's some brief discussion of the truly hideous Extreme Rules PPV, which John caught a...


Wrestling Omakase #53: G1 Special in San Francisco & More w/ Jesse

This week on Wrestling Omakase we bring you yet another G1 Special in San Francisco review, albeit with the unique perspective of a lapsed ex-New Japan fan! Frequent returning guest Jesse (@K0jiii) promised to review a big New Japan show if her beloved Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup, and so here we are. Before we get to the show though there's a discussion of the Caps and hockey in general, this weekend's upcoming World Cup final, and the breaking news just before we recorded of the...


Wrestling Omakase #52: Mid Year Awards w/ 4 Guests!

This week on Wrestling Omakase we present our first ever Mid Year Awards! I'm joined by a panel of guests as we take this moment, exactly halfway through 2018, to pick our award winners and contenders across a variety of the traditional Observer-style Year End Awards categories. Plus, we discuss who we think might rise or fall in the rest of the year as well! My guests include two first timers as well as two returning guests: returning are Jeff Hawkins (@Crapgame13) from Shake Them Ropes and...


Wrestling Omakase #51: DDT 6/24 Review & NJPW G1 Climax Preview w/ Arrum

This week on Wrestling Omakase we talk the two biggest promotions in Tokyo, NJPW and DDT! John is joined by first time guest Arrum (@AHROOMEE) all the way from Indonesia, as she brings her passionate fandom of both promotions to the podcast. First they discuss the DDT 6/24 Korakuen show (WHAT ARE YOU DOING 2018!!!) as they break down all six matches on the card and discuss where things are going in the Dramatic Dream Team from here. Hear their thoughts on Shigehiro Irie's controversial title...


Wrestling Omakase #50: Fantasy Draft Vol. 4 (US/UK Indies)

The Fantasy Draft series of Wrestling Omakase rolls on this week, as we turn our attention to the US & UK indies! John is joined by four great guests: the returning Sean Sedor (@SASedor2994), Andrew Rich (@AndrewTRich), and Jake (@oatgan), and new guest Nate (@epitasis), as they compete to draft the best possible rosters from a gigantic pool of the US & UK indies. Wrestlers from ROH, Impact, LU, PROGRESS, RevPro, and many other promotions are available. Who selected the best roster and put...


Wrestling Omakase #49: NJPW Dominion w/ Gran Akuma

NJPW Dominion is the subject of this week's Wrestling Omakase, as John is joined by first time guest and retired indie wrestling star Gran Akuma (__AKUMA) to break down NJPW's 2nd biggest standalone show of the year! The two of them talk every match from start to finish, including obviously the huge Okada-Omega 2/3 falls main event, the wild Jericho-Naito brawl, the latest battle for the junior title, and much more! We then jump into a full mailbag, touching on both New Japan and non-NJPW...


Wrestling Omakase #48: NJPW Best of the Super Juniors w/ Joe Gagne

It's time to wrap up the Best of the Super Juniors for 2018, and to do so John is joined this week by returning guest Joe Gagne (@joegagne) of the 5 Star Match Game and many other places and projects. John and Joe first discuss the last two nights of the tournament in detail, including all 8 matches from 6/3 and the outstanding final from 6/4\. Once that's out of their way they go competitor-by-competitor for each wrestler in the tournament, reading off their results and giving them a letter...


Wrestling Omakase #47: Fantasy Draft Vol. 3 (Indie Puro- AJPW/BJW/DDT/NOAH/more!)

It's back to our Fantasy Draft series this week on Wrestling Omakase! John is joined by returning guests and Burning Spirits co-hosts Brennan Patrick (@bren_patrick) and Kevin Hare (@stan__hansen), as well as first time guest Tanner (@Tanner1495) from the All You Can Hear podcast, as the four of them compete to draft from indie puroresu! Since so many wrestlers are eligible this time around we expand to doing 25 picks each, as we are able to draft anyone from All Japan, the entire DDT...