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Join us 2 times a week while we discuss Professional Wrestling and interview your favorite stars of the past, present, and future

Join us 2 times a week while we discuss Professional Wrestling and interview your favorite stars of the past, present, and future
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Join us 2 times a week while we discuss Professional Wrestling and interview your favorite stars of the past, present, and future








Episode 75: The Most Disturbing News Stories I've Seen In Years

On this episode, Jon and Geoff break down some of the most disgraceful and troubling news stories we have seen in years. Warning: Topics Discuss Behavior That IS NOT the beliefs of anyone associated with this show. All Topics are covered directly from police reports and videos.


Monday Motivation: Feeling Down, Mad, Angry, Hopeless? Here's How You Can Change Those Feelings

Feeling down and out? Life seem tough now or hopeless? Want to learn how to change this and get through these tough times? Check out this short listen on how!!!!


Episode 74: Why CM Punk Will End Up in AEW? Will He Show Up At AEW's big show All Out Or Their TNT Debut?

On this episode, we will discuss in depth the CM Punk to All Elite Wrestling rumors. Some of us believe this is a reality and some think it’s ludicrous. Listen to both arguments on this situation and make your own decision. We also discussed John Cena’s huge movie roles and the likelihood of him ever performing in the WWE again. In addition we also discuss new and upcoming talent all throughout the world that are going to make a huge difference potentially on various wrestling companies and...


Episode 73: The Genius of Chris Jericho & Legends Who Never Won The World Title

On this episode, Christopher Martin joins us to talk about his new show on the Reality Check Podcast Network: Inspired With Christopher. Christopher shares his story, news on his serious health issues, and how we can help him. We talk so much great wrestling on this episode from WrestleMania 10, the most deserving wrestlers never to become world champion, and the evolution and genius of Chris Jericho.


Monday Motivation: We Can Do Better Than This People

On this weeks Monday Motivation, Jon discusses the awful attack on a lesbian couple in London, England recently. This awful hate crime shows how we can do better and make the world a safer, kinder, and more tolerant place, Jon will tell you his opinion on how we can all change and better the world little but little!!!!


Episode 72: Are Jim Cornette's Comments about Sonny Kiss Really That Bad? Is Dustin Rhodes Acting Ungrateful to WWE?

On this episode we break down the "controversial" comments of Jim Cornette about AEW superstar Sonny Kiss. Were these comments really bad or is this a case of people making something out of absolutely nothing. Also, Dustin Rhodes had a scathing interview about the WWE recently and made some very harsh statements. Is Dustin a bit ungrateful to WWE? Listen up for our opinions. Plus, our Superstar Focus of The Week; ROH Star: Bandido


Episode 71: The Top 5 Most Overrated Wrestlers & Mailbag Questions

On this episode, Jon and Hughezy break down their Top 5 Most Overrated Wrestlers. This list is sure to ruffle a few feathers!!!! Also, Jon opens the mailbag up and answers your questions!!!


Monday Motivation: Want To Better Your Life? Here Is How You Start!!!!

How many of you are angry at life? Want a better life? Lonely? Sad? Depressed? Check out this great listen on how to improve your life and making the choices that can make your dreams a reality!!!!


Episode 70: Jon Moxely's Pipebomb, Superstar Focus: "The Smoke Show" Scarlett Bordeaux, & Much More!

This week we are joined by the hosts of F'Ing 4 Real, Blake and Jeff to discuss their trip to Las Vegas for Double Or Nothing. Also, we discuss why Cody Rhodes and AEW shouldn't poke the sleeping giant and we discuss Jon Moxley's Pipebomb on Talk Is Jericho.


Episode 69: AEW Fans vs WWE Fans...Really??? And...A Special Announcement!!!!!

First Things First--I drop some special news for all our great fans. Finally, Is AEW vs WWE going to get ugly soon? It's already gotten ugly with AEW and WWE fans on all social media the last few days. Why can't people be fans of both AEW and WWE? Why this silly and petty behavior


Monday Motivation: Don't Strive To Be Mediocre-Strive To Be The Best

Join Jon on this weeks Monday Motivation where he discusses being the best we can be in all aspects of our lives. How will this mindset change society and the world?


Episode 68: Why AEW Should go Head To Head Against Raw Immediately & What Is Their Long Term Future! In Wrestling!!!

On this episode, we discusses why AEW should go head to head against Raw ASAP!!! We also analyze Ashley Massaro's death more and her affidavit from years ago. Finally, discuss the worst tweets of the week, and so much more!!!


All Elite Wrestling: Double Or Nothing After Show

Is All Elite Wrestling's first show Double or Nothing is in the books. How was the first event? Join Jon as he discusses his thoughts on this card and what he liked and disliked about this event. This was a truly remarkable event but will the be around long term? Listen here and see what we think!!!!


An In Depth Anaysis of Ashley Massaro's Affidavit & Allegations Against The WWE

Last week, former WWE Diva Ashley Massaro tragically passed away at the age of 39 years old by committing suicide. Ashley was a prominent member of the concussion lawsuit against the WWE. After her death, WWE released some controversial statements and Ashley's lawyer released a 15 page affidavit against WWE. There were claims of rape, unsafe working conditions, and a great deal of other items against WWE and their policy/procedures. We look in depth an analyze the affidavit in depth and...


Monday Motivation: Service Before Self & How It Can Make The World A Better Place

Monday is here and so is our Monday Motivation! This week we will chat about Service Before Self and the importance of selflessness. Also, we discuss how you make this world a better place by following this simple lifestyle change! This 15 Minute show will give you some great tools for bettering yourself and all around you.


Game Of Thrones Series Finale Aftershow

The most anticipated series finale of all time is in the books and Game Of Thrones officially has concluded its historic run. On this episode, we breakdown the entire final episode and the amazing series that we will all surely miss!!!!


Episode 67: Breaking Down The AEW TV Deal With TNT, Superstar Focus Of The Week Mandy Leon, & Bray Wyatt's Genius

On this episode of Wrestling With Reality, we break down the AEW TV Deal With TNT in full detail. How good is Bray Wyatt??? We will share with you the genius of Bray Wyatt and why WWE needs to let him do his new gimmick alone!!!!Matthew Majewski discusses our Superstar Focus Of The Week: From ROH Mandy Leon. To close our show we have special guest David Radigan and Christopher Martin join us. David shares what he has been up to on his sabbatical from podcasting and the great stuff happening...


Game Of Thrones: Season 8-Episode 5 After Show and Full Review

Join Jon and Jeff as they discuss episode five of the last season of Game of Thrones in depth and where the finale next week may be headed to. Our apologies for not getting this out sooner but Mother’s Day and family commitments pushed it back a few days. You will really enjoy this aftershow and full analysis of GOT and the brilliance of this episode once again.


Bonus Episode From: The 11:59 Podcast: The Stick Man

Episode 2: The Stickman - The Stickman: he is said to be a tall, slender being that looks like a living moving Stickman. he is often seen at dusk or in the dead of night and is even known to pursue moving automobiles down dark and empty roads. What is this strange being, and what does it want? This will be the theme of our discussion in this episode of 11:59.


Bonus Episode From The 11:59 Podcast: Severe & Abnormal Weather Worldwide

Episode 1: Severe & Abnormal Weather Worldwide - Why does there seem to be so many severe weather occurrences going on across the globe? It seems that every day there is a new weather-related catastrophe somewhere. But why is no one addressing this with any level of concern? This just doesn't seem to be normal. Paul James Caiden contact information: nocturnalmagic@gmail.com