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Join us 2 times a week while we discuss Professional Wrestling and interview your favorite stars of the past, present, and future

Join us 2 times a week while we discuss Professional Wrestling and interview your favorite stars of the past, present, and future
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Join us 2 times a week while we discuss Professional Wrestling and interview your favorite stars of the past, present, and future








Episode 85: Is Eric Bischoff The Right Choice To Fix Smackdown?

On this episode, we discuss the career and background of Eric Bischoff. We look at his career from the days working for the AWA to his last run in Impact Wrestling in 2014. Can lightning strike twice for Eric Bischoff? Can he fix Smackdown's poor ratings and weak content? Listen up and find out if Eric can be successful again.


Monday Motivation: Put Yourself In Others Shoes

On this episode we discuss the importance of putting yourself in other peoples show and why it's so important to do this. Also, we discuss how we are a society divided and how this impacts us all negatively listen. This is a great listen not to miss!


Episode 84: AEW Fight For The Fallen Aftershow

The third installment of All Elite Wrestling is in the books as Fight For The Fallen is in the books. On this episode Jon breaks down the good and bad of AEW Fight For The Fallen and some of the new stars being made by AEW each show.


Episode 83: AEW Fight For The Fallen Predictions & Is Paul Heyman The Man To Fix Monday Night Raw?

All Elite Wrestling is doing it's 3rd card this weekend. I will break down all the matches and offer my preidtions. Also, Is Paul Heyman the man to fix Monday Night Raw? Ill tell you my thoughts with some great facts to back up my opinion.


Monday Motivation: How You Can Overcome Adversity

Monday is here....Lets start the week off right with your Monday Motivation. We all face adversity in life and I'm going to offer some helpful suggestions on how I manage and face tough times and adversity. This is an excellent listen I hope guides you anytime you are facing tough times.


Episode 82: Will The XFL Potentially Destroy WWE & Help AEW

THIS IS AN EPISODE NOT TO MISS FOLKS! On this episode, we discuss AEW vs WWE and the things they need to do to beat one another. We look at the good,bad, and ugly from both promotions. Also, will the XFL be the kiss of death for the WWE and help AEW? And we end things off with some very interesting and heated discussions that will open your eyes up to the individual we discuss.


Episode 81: A Friendly Message To Vince Russo

On today's episode Jon has a friendly and polite response to Vince Russo and Jeff Lane and important message to share with not only them but their listeners as well. We also talk some wrestling and answer a few impromptu twitch questions to close the show.


Monday Motivation: Better The World And Show Compassion And Empathy For Others

Life is tough and hard enough. Instead of beating others down...lift them up. Empathy and Compassion is lacking a lot these days within society. Why is it important to be empathetic and compassionate....Listen and find out!!!!


Episode 80: Was Signing Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman a Smart Move or Desperation From The WWE?

On this episode, Matthew is back and talking AEW Talent Sadie Gibbs and what she can bring to AEW's womens division. Dean and Jon are joined by Chris Karam and we sing some hilarious wrestling songs and look at the Seth Rollins and Wil Ospreay Twitter battle. To close todays show, we discuss the controversial signings of Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman to head WWE Raw and Smackdown as Executives in WWE. Is this a smart move by WWE or a sign of desperation?


All Elite Wrestling Fyter Fest Aftershow

On this episode, we are joined by Jeff Miller and Christopher Martin to break down All Elite Wrestling's Fyter Fest. This show delivered once again and was a fun show from start to finish. Check our thought on the whole show and the direction AEW is heading. AEW is a real threat to WWE and are making some big waves in wrestling and once again they brought the heat during this fantastic show headlined by a 6 Man Match with The Young Bucks ands Kenny Omega vs The Lucha Bros and Laredo Kid,...


Bonus Episode: Life And Death On The Rio Grande

Bonus Show from the Just Thinking With Stan Wanglund Podcast on the Rio Grande new story and pictures on the internet. This show will touch your heart and hopefully change some peoples outlook on life. Take a listen to this important show on the tragic drowning death of a father and his infant daughter in the Rio grande . For decency sake, take a listen please.


Episode 77: An In Depth Look At The Chris Benoit Murder Mystery: Part 1

On this episode, we start our in depth look at the Chris Benoit murder mystery. In Part 1, we look at the full career of Chris Benoit from start to finish. We share some of our favorite Chris Benoit memories before the awful ending to Chris Benoit's life. Next week on Part 2, we will break down the full double murder and suicide and lots more next week.


Monday Motivation: Why Being Grateful Is So Crucial In Our Journey Through Life

On this episode, Jon discusses gratefulness. Are you grateful for your family, friends, job, finances, possessions? Is being ungrateful at times a normal thing? This episode will give you a "Rea;ity Check" on how to live your life as a grateful person.


Episode 76: How Can AEW Shock The World? Hint---It's Not CM Punk!!!

On this episode, Unfiltered and Totally Uncut is how we are doing things. AEW can shock the wrestling world by signing this man...news flash it's not CM Punk. Also, why did Impact let Scarlett Bordeaux go??? Where will the Smoke Show end up...we have our theories. Finally, we have a special guest that has some choice words for us. No punches are pulled with this Totally Deranged guest.


Episode 75: The Most Disturbing News Stories I've Seen In Years

On this episode, Jon and Geoff break down some of the most disgraceful and troubling news stories we have seen in years. Warning: Topics Discuss Behavior That IS NOT the beliefs of anyone associated with this show. All Topics are covered directly from police reports and videos.


Monday Motivation: Feeling Down, Mad, Angry, Hopeless? Here's How You Can Change Those Feelings

Feeling down and out? Life seem tough now or hopeless? Want to learn how to change this and get through these tough times? Check out this short listen on how!!!!


Episode 74: Why CM Punk Will End Up in AEW? Will He Show Up At AEW's big show All Out Or Their TNT Debut?

On this episode, we will discuss in depth the CM Punk to All Elite Wrestling rumors. Some of us believe this is a reality and some think it’s ludicrous. Listen to both arguments on this situation and make your own decision. We also discussed John Cena’s huge movie roles and the likelihood of him ever performing in the WWE again. In addition we also discuss new and upcoming talent all throughout the world that are going to make a huge difference potentially on various wrestling companies and...


Episode 73: The Genius of Chris Jericho & Legends Who Never Won The World Title

On this episode, Christopher Martin joins us to talk about his new show on the Reality Check Podcast Network: Inspired With Christopher. Christopher shares his story, news on his serious health issues, and how we can help him. We talk so much great wrestling on this episode from WrestleMania 10, the most deserving wrestlers never to become world champion, and the evolution and genius of Chris Jericho.


Monday Motivation: We Can Do Better Than This People

On this weeks Monday Motivation, Jon discusses the awful attack on a lesbian couple in London, England recently. This awful hate crime shows how we can do better and make the world a safer, kinder, and more tolerant place, Jon will tell you his opinion on how we can all change and better the world little but little!!!!


Episode 72: Are Jim Cornette's Comments about Sonny Kiss Really That Bad? Is Dustin Rhodes Acting Ungrateful to WWE?

On this episode we break down the "controversial" comments of Jim Cornette about AEW superstar Sonny Kiss. Were these comments really bad or is this a case of people making something out of absolutely nothing. Also, Dustin Rhodes had a scathing interview about the WWE recently and made some very harsh statements. Is Dustin a bit ungrateful to WWE? Listen up for our opinions. Plus, our Superstar Focus of The Week; ROH Star: Bandido