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Join us 2 times a week while we discuss Professional Wrestling and interview your favorite stars of the past, present, and future

Join us 2 times a week while we discuss Professional Wrestling and interview your favorite stars of the past, present, and future
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Join us 2 times a week while we discuss Professional Wrestling and interview your favorite stars of the past, present, and future








Royal Rumble 1993 Match WatchAlong

On this episode, we have lots of fun breaking down the 1993 Royal Rumble match. While this match wil go down as one of the most lackluster and bad Royal Rumble Matches we have a great time with this watch along. Join us for some fun on this episode.


WWR Tackling Reality Playoffs Edition Week 4!

Tackling Reality is back! Yes, Antonio Brown is in the news again and is facing some serious new legal charges. We talk about the recent Aaron Hernandez docudramas that were just released. And is Tom Brady staying in New England? All that and we look at the NFL Playoff Games this past weekend in the Conference Championship Round and preview the upcoming Super Bowl!


Impact Wrestling Review For 1/21/2020

On this episode , Sunny Salem is bring you this weeks Impact Wrestling Review For: 1/21/2020 What was the good and what was the bad? Will Sami Callahan strike his rival and new champion Tessa Blanchard? Lots of great Impact Wrestling talk on this episode brought to you by "The Enigma" Sunny Salem.


Royal Rumble 1998 WatchAlong: The Start Of The Stone Cold Era

Join Jon and Richie as they breakdown the 1998 Royal Rumble match in a fun WatchAlong. This entertaining show will give you some laughs and some fun as we go over the entire Royal Rumble match and the beginning of the Stone Cold Steve Austin era.


Royal Rumble Match 2011 Watch Along

On this episode, we go back and watch the largest Royal Rumble ever: Royal Rumble 2011. This was a 40 man over the top rope extravaganza and had some tremendous surprises throughout the rumble.


WCW Monday Nitro Watch Along 7/29/1996: The NWO Decimates WCW

On this episode of Monday Night Lights, we go back to WCW Nitro from 7/29/1996 and do a full watch along. This episode is lots of fun with some great discussion throughout the entire episode. On this episode, the NWO decimates WCW and creates one of the most talked about Nitro's ever.


Weekly News: AEW's New TV Deal, Konnan Gets Bitch Slapped, Tazz To AEW, & More!!!!

On this episode we look at this weeks highlights and news topics. We will look at AEW's new TV deal with TNT and why this is a huge win for AEW. We also look at the consequences of being a keyboard tough guy like Konnan and why he got bitch slapped by another wrestler. Also, Tazz just signed a multiyear deal with AEW. What will his role be? How will this affect the current commentary team? We look at all this and much more!!!!


WWR Tackling Reality 2019 NFL Playoffs Edition Week 3!

Tackling Reality is back! The Panthers get a surprising retirement from their defensive leader. Antonio Brown is at it again! What in the Hell did he do now? And is OBJ one of the dumbest players in football? All that and we look at the NFL Playoff Games this weekend in the Conference Championship Round!


The Aftermath Of Impact Wrestlings Hard To Kill PPV- Sunny's Weekly Impact Wrestling Review

What aftermath was there from Impact Wrestlings first PPV of 2020: Hard To Kill. Join Sunny Salem as she breaks down the full show from this weeks Impact Wrestling.


Was Tessa Blanchard Winning The Mens World Title A Smart Move? Did Marty Scurll Make The Right Choice By Staying At ROH?

On this episode, we break down Impact Wrestlings decision to put the Mens World Title on Tessa Blanchard. Was this the right choice? Or was it a serious mistake by Impact Wrestling? Also, we take a look at Marty Scurll's decision to bypass AEW and WWE and stay with ROH. Can The Villain save the sinking ship known as ROH? Or was this a poor choice by the highly coveted free agent?


Rad Rumble Announcement For Royal Rumble Week

Check out what is going on during the Royal Rumble week as we celebrate the First Annual Rad Rumble. We got lots of fun stuff in store for all the wrestling fans so check out what will be happening all week long from January 20-January 26th!!!!


Sunny Salem Reviews Impact Wrestlings Hard To Kill PPV

Join Sunny as she reviews Hard To Kill, the first PPV of the year for Impact Wrestling. It featured a highly talked about match between Impact Cahmpion Sami Callahan taking on Tessa Blanchard for his title. Will Tessa make history and beat Sami Callahan? This episode is a great listen and very comprehensive full breakdown from the talented Suuny Salem.


Full Breakdown Of Tessa Blanchard's Bad Day & What It Means For Her Future

If you want to learn how you can go from hero to hated in 1 day just ask Tessa Blanchard. On the eve of her biggest match in her career, Tessa's tweet today was received poorly by many female wrestlers who worked with her in the past. A handful of reputable and known female talents discuss what negative impact Tessa had on them. There are allegations of racism, spitting in someones face, bullying others, trying to blacklist others, and even an audio recording of someone allegedly paying her...


WWR Tackling Reality 2019 Playoffs Edition Week 2!

Tackling Reality is back! Did Tom Brady play his last game as a Patriot? He said he's not donem but will he remain in New England? Or try to win with another team? We cover the new head coach hirings and did the Giants get into trouble for not using the Rooney Rule? And we look at the NFL Playoff Games this weekend in the Divisional Round!


Is War Imminent? Should USA Attack Iran?

Is war imminent for the USA and Iran? Who is at fault in this situation? Was President Trump right to kill General Solomei? Should USA attack Iran after their missle assault on 3 US bases in Iraq? I will offer my opinion and much more on this episode.


The NWO Continues To Raise Hell!!! WCW Monday Nitro: July 22,1996 WatchAlong

On this episode of Monday Night Lights, we watch WCW Monday Nitro which aired on 7/22/1996. The Main Event of this show feautured Sting, Lex Luger,and The Macho Man vs Steve McMichael, Arn Anderson, and Chris Benoit. There was also some great undercard matches of Psychosis vs Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko vs Prince Iaukea. We provide some hilarious commentary to the dreadful match feauturing the man of a million gimmicks: VK Wallstreet vs an overrated Jabroni named Konnan. There is also...


Wrestle Kingdom 14: Okada vs Naito WatchAlong

For the first time on Wrestling With Reality, we check out some NJPW and do a watch along to the Main Event of Wrestle Kingdom 14: Okada vs Naito. The NJPW Intercontinetal and NJPW HeavyWeight Championships are both up for grabs in this match. Did this bout live up to the hype and who took home both belts? What did Jon think of his first NJPW match? Have a listen and join us on another great show.


WWR Tackling Reality 2019 NFL Playoff Edition Week 1!

Tackling Reality is back with our look at the NFL Wild Card Weekend! Is this Tom Brady's last game as a Patriot? A lot of the coaches are in the hot seat or gone. Who fills those spots? We look at the current NFL Playoff Games this weekend and we wrap up the results of the season long Pick Six!


WCW Monday Nitro: JULY 15,1996 WatchAlong--The NWO Reak Havoc & Hogan Speaks

We are back with another great episode of Monday Night Lights. On this episode, we WatchAlong WCW Monday Nitro from 7/15/1996 featuring a main event of Big Bubba Rogers vs Lex Luger in the Main Event, Eddie Guerrero vs Chris Benoit, and Meng vs Arn Anderson. The NWO is also here and plan to create havoc and Hulk Hogan will speak for the first time after his shocking heel turn at WCW Bash At The Beach.


Lars Sullivan: Is He Salvageable Or Is His Career Over?

With the latest news on his past actions, WWE Superstar Lars Sullivan is once again in the news for his past and is getting lots a bad publicity for himself and the WWE. Is Lars Sullivan's career over? Or can his career be revitalized? We will share our thoughts on this topic and how he can recover in the near future.