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Join us 2 times a week while we discuss Professional Wrestling and interview your favorite stars of the past, present, and future

Join us 2 times a week while we discuss Professional Wrestling and interview your favorite stars of the past, present, and future


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Join us 2 times a week while we discuss Professional Wrestling and interview your favorite stars of the past, present, and future








The Self Destruction Of The WWE

On this episode, we look into the downward spiral of the WWE. We break down the proposed changes to the WWE Network, PPV prices, ESPN streaminbg agreement, and what this will do to the WWE business model. We also look at who may be the "Exalted One" in AEW, The Rock's daughter training at the WWE PC, and much more.


Impact Wrestling Review: The Final Stop Before Sacrifice

Join Sunny Salem on her Impact Review for the week as she highlights this weeks Impact Wrestling Review and the final stop before Impact Wrestlings next PPV: Sacrifice. Pleasew check out this weeks sponsor: Acre Gold Here is the link to a great deal at Acre Gold: getacregold.com/reality


Nyla Rose & Cody Rhodes vs Val Venis : Who Is The Real Bully?

On this episode, we discuss the ongoing situation between Nyla Rose & Cody Rhodes vs Val Venis, Was Val Venis wrong in this situation? Were Nyla Rose and Cody Rhodes valid in their response to Val Venis and his opinions on Transgender champion Nyla Rose? Was Val Venis unfairly criticized and a victim of bullying by Cody Rhodes and Nylas Rose? We will discuss all of this and much more on this episode of Wrestling With Reality. Check Out our sponsor for this episode Acre...


NXT TakeOver Portland 2020 Post Game Wrap Up Show!

This is our RTW/WWR NXT TakeOver Portland 2020 Post Game Wrap Up Show! Rad Rob and Jonny Podcasting break down the entire card! Please support our sponsors for this show: Podcorn: www.podcorn.com/podcasters Acre Gold: Please visit https://getacregold.com/reality Check out our new website! www.rcpodnetwork.com Check out our Pro Wrestling Tees Store! www.prowrestlingtees.com/radturtleswrestling Send your questions for our mailbag to: RadTurtlesWrestling@gmail.com Follow Rob on...


WrestleMania 18: "HollyWood" Hogan vs The Rock WatchAlong

On this episode we go back to WrestleMania 18 and watch the epic match between "Hollywood" Hulk Hogan vs Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. This epic match has some of the most electrfying wrestling moments ever and this is a watchalong you don't want to miss. Check out our sponsor: Podcorn www.podcorn.com/podcasters


Are The Bella Twins Worthy Of Induction Into The WWE Hall Of Fame?

Rumor has it Nikki and Brie Bella will be inducted into this years WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2020. This has sparked lots of debate if they are worthy or not of Hall Of Fame induction. We will break down their careers and give you our opinion if they are Hall Of Fame worthy or not. Check out our sponsor: Podcorn www.podcorn.com/podcasters


Sunny Salem's Impact Wrestling Weekly Review : Air Date 2/11/2020

On this episode, Sunny and a special guest review this weeks Impact Wrestlingshow from 2/11/2020. What worked? What didn't work? Sunny shares her tjhoughts on all this and much more on this episode.


Will Goldberg Defeat The Fiend? The Latest on Sting vs Undertaker at WrestleMania 36, & Much More!

Will Goldberg Defeat The Fiend? Is Sting vs Undertaker at WrestleMania 36 finally happening?We also break down all the latest rumors from across the professional wrestling world, and much more!!! Check Out Our Great Sponsor of this episode: www.podcorn.com/podcasters


The Shady Side Of Pro Wrestling: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

There is an old saying that no good deed goes unpunished. On this episode, we discuss the shady side of the ring and some professional wrestlers. There is absoltely no holding back this time as the lies and shadiness of some people need to be addressed in full/.


WWR Tacking Reality 2019-2020 Season Wrap Up Show!

Tackling Reality is back and we are wrapping up the 2019-2020 season! Before we go, we cover Tom Brady one more time, this time regarding his Super Bowl commercial and rumors that he may go to San Francisco? Antonio Brown is up to no good again! A heartwarming story from two classy Super Bowl Running Backs! All that and we break down Super Bowl 54 and we preview the newest football league, the XFL which starts this weekend!


WCW Monday Nitro WatchAlong 8/5/1996: Will WCW Finally Get The NWO?

On this episode, we take a look back and watch WCW Nitro from 8/5/1996. It's the go home edition to WCW Hog Wild 1996. Will WCW strike back after the vicious beat down by the NWO last week? Will we learn who the 4th member of the NWO is? Find out all the answers to this and much more on this fun episode.


WCW Monday Nitro Watch Along 8/5/1996: Will WCW Strike Back Finally Against The NWO?

On this episode, we are on the go home edition of WCW Monday Nitro before WCW Hog WILD 1996. Will the NWO finally unveil their 4th member? Will WCW strike back after last weeks brutal assault by the NWO? Check out this weeks show to find out all the answers and much more!


Impact Wrestling Weekly Review

On this episode, Sunny breaks down this weeks Impact Wrestling show and news around the company. Did they improve on last weeks episode? Sunny will give you a great look into what Impact is doing each week and a great look at Impact Wrestling.


WWR Tackling Reality Super Bowl 54 Preview!

Tackling Reality is back! Tom Brady to the Tennessee Titans? What? What will happen with the 3 Saints QB's? Who will stay? Who will go? The Panthers lose yet another player. And the NFL is trying to push a 17 game season in 2021. All that and we preview this Sunday's Super Bowl 54 from Miami!


Royal Rumble 1993 Match WatchAlong

On this episode, we have lots of fun breaking down the 1993 Royal Rumble match. While this match wil go down as one of the most lackluster and bad Royal Rumble Matches we have a great time with this watch along. Join us for some fun on this episode.


WWR Tackling Reality Playoffs Edition Week 4!

Tackling Reality is back! Yes, Antonio Brown is in the news again and is facing some serious new legal charges. We talk about the recent Aaron Hernandez docudramas that were just released. And is Tom Brady staying in New England? All that and we look at the NFL Playoff Games this past weekend in the Conference Championship Round and preview the upcoming Super Bowl!


Impact Wrestling Review For 1/21/2020

On this episode , Sunny Salem is bring you this weeks Impact Wrestling Review For: 1/21/2020 What was the good and what was the bad? Will Sami Callahan strike his rival and new champion Tessa Blanchard? Lots of great Impact Wrestling talk on this episode brought to you by "The Enigma" Sunny Salem.


Royal Rumble 1998 WatchAlong: The Start Of The Stone Cold Era

Join Jon and Richie as they breakdown the 1998 Royal Rumble match in a fun WatchAlong. This entertaining show will give you some laughs and some fun as we go over the entire Royal Rumble match and the beginning of the Stone Cold Steve Austin era.


Royal Rumble Match 2011 Watch Along

On this episode, we go back and watch the largest Royal Rumble ever: Royal Rumble 2011. This was a 40 man over the top rope extravaganza and had some tremendous surprises throughout the rumble.


WCW Monday Nitro Watch Along 7/29/1996: The NWO Decimates WCW

On this episode of Monday Night Lights, we go back to WCW Nitro from 7/29/1996 and do a full watch along. This episode is lots of fun with some great discussion throughout the entire episode. On this episode, the NWO decimates WCW and creates one of the most talked about Nitro's ever.