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Bowls talk covering a variety of topics either locally, national or worldwide.Guest Interviews, competitions and updates


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Bowls talk covering a variety of topics either locally, national or worldwide.Guest Interviews, competitions and updates




It's Good To Talk

Welcome to our 52nd podcast “It’s Good To Talk” We are joined by our little mate Jason Parkinson for a chat about something close to the lad’s heart and a bit of a taboo subject within the male population. There is our usual chit chat (and that’s not rhyming slang before you ask)and we give a review of the excellent WBT West Lothian Scottish International Open......... oh and one of us goes off on a one and it ain’t the big fella. We would like to thank our competition sponsor Top Rink Bowls and Lean2Succeed for their support. You can access the podcast via multiple platforms a couple of which are via our website www.wrongbias.com or the following link https://www.buzzsprout.com/692521 You can also ask Alexa to "play podcast wrongbias" We hope you enjoy the show and as always any comments both positive and negative are welcome. If you want to pop on and put the world to rights just drop us a line, as always many thanks for your support and remember it is good to talk.


Single Cream

Well here is our 51st podcast “Single Cream” We are joined by both Bowls England four bowl singles champions Kent’s Lewis King and Somerset’s Stef Branfield to discuss their success at Leamington. It’s the season to be surveyed so Richie is let loose on one and we touch on the recent action down under. We would like to welcome Top Rink Bowls as our new competition sponsor but it would be very remiss of us not to pass on our many many thanks to Peter Grantham & XX:20 for their support over the last two years. As always thanks to Lean2Succeed for their support.


The Real Mckie

Well here it is our 50th podcast “The Real Mckie.” Bolty kept things under wraps and had a surprise mystery guest which was even a mystery to the mystery guest…… the clue is in the title. We preview the World Outdoor Championships down under and put Bolty in the hot seat in a quiz. As its our 50th we also take a fond look back at some of the previous podcasts. As always thanks to the good folk at XX20 for their kind sponsorship of the competition and to Lean2Succeed for their support. We hope you enjoy the show and as always any comments both positive and negative are welcome. If you want to pop on and put the world to rights just drop us a line, thanks as always for your support.


Lean Mean Machine

On our 49th podcast we are joined by one of the podcasts biggest supporters Lean2Succeed's Jacqueline Henderson. We discuss how she got into the sport and why she decided to support the sport. The lads have a catch up on the latest PBA news and some World Bowls chat. As a bonus Bolty gives his pointers and advice to any new starters on the choice of bowls.


It's A Hard Knock Life

On show 48 “It’s A Hard Knock Life” we are joined by Annie (hence the title... Bolty gets paid pennies for coming up with these titles) Dunham as we look by at her experience in the recent women’s Home International series at Abbeyview. Bolty gets down to the nitty gritty on his England return and we hammer our final nail in an outdoor format. As always thanks to the good folk at XX20. We hope you enjoy and any comments both positive and negative are welcome.


Walker Banks The World's

On our 47th podcast “Walker Banks The World’s” we are joined by the new World Indoor Champion Jamie Walker to discuss his win at Potters. We are also joined by our old mate Paul Hartley as we find out how he found his first playing experience on the infamous portable rink. Plus we take a little bit of a look back at our time at Potters. Thanks as always to XX:20 for their sponsorship of the podcast competition.


When Harry Met Bolty

Part 2 of our Boxing Show will become show 46 “When Harry Met Bolty” We catch up again with England’s latest indoor Under 25 World Champion Harry Goodwin, we talk about his Australia ambitions and discuss the current under 25 scene. There is another brief encounter with Les Gillett and Jason Parkinson plus we relive a couple of our highlights from 2022. We hope you enjoy joy and thanks as always to our sponsors Lean2Succeed, Bowl is Bowls and XX:20 Bowls.


The Best A Man Can Get

On our 2022 Boxing Day show we are joined by two current world champions. After his recent IIBC Under 25 title win in Ireland we chat with Harry Goodwin (and there is more in part 2) With the World Indoor event at Potters coming up we are joined by the current champion Les Gillett and WBT Director and PBA secretary our good friend Jason Parkinson.


Short And Sweet

Our 44th podcast “Short And Sweet” is now live and it is literally short and sweet, you can decide who is short and who is sweet. As a lead up to Christmas we give the recent Scottish International Open the once over, there is a catch up on our final live streaming road trip of the year and we doff our caps to the “dashing” Sam Tolchard on his recent World Champion of Champions success, plus a little bit more chat. As it will be our last podcast before Christmas on behalf of both of us “Merry Christmas” and as always thanks for your support with the podcast and the live streaming...... it has been a blast. Our thanks go to our sponsors XX:20, Bowls Is Bowls and Lean2succeed for their continued support of the podcast.



In show 43 "#sufferingbuffering" the lads go hands-free for the first of a new indoor season. As one season closes another starts, in the show the lads review the Bowls England championships highlighting the good and the need for improvement. They discuss some recent Channel Four exposure for the sport. The PBA qualifiers feature heavily as the lads have been out in the rickshaw doing a bit streaming. Plus they ask are the outdoor greens killing the games enjoyment for more and more players. As always thanks for your support


It's A Brum Life

Our 42nd Show titled “It’s A Brum Life” is now live. During the show Stadler & Waldoff look back at the recent Commonwealth Games held at Birmingham, we also give our verdict on the much talked about BBC TV coverage of the sport. We also discuss a Commonwealth Games demo “sport” that is ESPORTS. An alternate Games event gets a deserved mention plus there is a around up of the PBA Qualifiers. Finally one of us is crocked ..... guess who. As always our thanks go to our @XX:20, Bowls Is Bowls and Lean2succeed for their continued support of the podcast. We hope you enjoy the podcast, any comments feel free good or bad ….. we have broad shoulders in these 4XL shirts…. well Bolty might be a 3XL at the minute


Ladies Night

On show 41 “Ladies Night” we are joined by three ladies from around the country. Amy Williams (Wales), Rachel Cartwright (Northumberland) and Gillian Hinsley (Lancashire) join Stadler and Waldoff in discussing the women’s game and expand on their experiences that they have had since playing this sport of ours. There is a revisit to a law of the game that we thought was put to bed and there are a couple of bloopers from the podcast. As always our thanks go to our XX:20, Bowls Is Bowls and Lean2succeed for their continued support of the podcast.


Dawes Opens UK Future

On Show 40 we look back at the recent UK Open with the winner Mark Dawes. We tackle two subjects currently doing the rounds in the sport - the home international series and pay to view streaming. There is also a little bit on commonwealth games chats. Thanks again to our sponsors XX:20, Lean2Succeed and Bowls Is Bowls Thanks for all your support, hope you enjoy.


UK Open Preview Show

As a "Brucie Bonus" and with less than a week to go to the start of the re-invented UK Open event at Stanley we caught up with the PBA's Martin Gale & Jason Parkinson to get the low down on the six day bowls bonanza.


Bolt Out Of The Blue

On show 39 “Bolt Out Of The Blue” we have gone big and stretched our budget to the max, it cost a 10 pack of wagon wheels and a curly wurly to get our mystery guest, during our chat we get an insight into the Potters experience on and off the green. On the back of the Bowls England Commonwealth Games squad announcement we give our thoughts on the squad plus a bit of games funding chat. We also give the recent indoor championships at Potters the once over plus a bit more. There is our usual competition which is kindly sponsored by XX:20 plus thanks to Bowls Is Bowls and Lean2succeed for the continued support of the podcast. Remember if you have a smart speaker just give Alexa or equivalent a shout of "play podcast Wrong Bias". Alternatively you can access it via wrong.bias.com or on the direct link https://www.buzzsprout.com/692521 We hope you enjoy the podcast, any comments feel free.


Roasting Our Nuts

On our 2021 Boxing Day special "Roasting Our Nuts" we had a couple of regulars namely Alex Marshall MBE and Jason Parkinson, they give us their lowdown of the upcoming World Indoor Championships, a chinwag about 2021 and hopes for 2022. We also have our annual bloopers from throughout the year, a podcast review and an old friend is dragged out kicking and screaming from the archives......what could go wrong. We hope you enjoy the podcast and would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone around the world a prosperous and happy 2022


Bowls or Balls 2020

In our show 17 "Kuhl For Kats" we had the pleasure of chatting to a couple of the women's games top players - Lorraine Kuhler and Katherine Rednall. During the show Bolty use to do a Bowls or Balls quiz and he posed 5 questions to the two stars with the answer either bowls or balls.... now what could go wrong, well here goes. (aired on June 12 2020)


A Few Bloopers from Boxing Day Show in 2020

Remember to tune into our final show of 2021 on Boxing Day, with all the co-vid concerns here is something to bring a smile to your faces


Let It DBE

Our 37th podcast “Let It DBE” (bit of a Beatles pun) features a cracking chat with two of Disability Bowls England members Antony Page and Khalila Hussain. During the chat we find out a little bit about them both and from a disabled player some of their experiences within the sport. Also on the show Waldorf and Statler (aka the two hosts) kick the can down the street on topics ranging from the new Bowls England awards evening and the plans to change the international series format. There is also a small Richies round up with some more classic background music. Thanks again go to XX:20 for their sponsorship of our competition, thanks also to Bowls Is Bowls and Lean2Succeed for their support of the podcast.


Arthur's Story

On our 37th podcast "Arthur's Story" we have something slightly different for your ears with a discussion about the Arthur Wharton Foundation. North East based Darlington South Park bowls club recently held a fundraising event for the foundation and invited Bolty and Alex Marshall MBE to see the great work that has been spearheaded by our guest Shaun Campbell. If you love your history and love your sport this is a great listen, if like the lads you have no idea who Arthur Wharton is you certainly will now. You will also see a very large statue at the heart of St George's Park (FA Headquarters) in honour of the man. We also have our usual bowls chat and our regular competition sponsored by XX:20