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Join me as each time I either prep fiber for spinning, or sit at my spinning wheel. There is also music and stories while we spin our fiber into yarn.

Join me as each time I either prep fiber for spinning, or sit at my spinning wheel. There is also music and stories while we spin our fiber into yarn.
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Join me as each time I either prep fiber for spinning, or sit at my spinning wheel. There is also music and stories while we spin our fiber into yarn.




YST Episode 155 Stitches Midwest

Links to vendors mentioned in the podcast: Stitches events in general Atlanta Ga event May 30-June 2 2019 Stitches United is on that page too. Youghiogheny Yarns Keri Fosbrink dyer Fiberlady bamboo fiber Buffalo Wool Co Buffalo wool yarn and fiber Franklin Habit Shirsty Cat Designs Merino silk fiber 2 Guys Yarn Company Soak Flatter spray Lost City knits Denise Bell Applecross Highland shawl Ravelry pattern Knitted Knockers knitbahpurl Stevenbe Vintage Lace book by Gladys...


YST Episode 154

In this discussion of what I did during the 2018 Tour de Fleece, I talk about the wool breed Zwartbles, spinning buffalo fiber on a drop spindle and finally a very rare breed of wool, Dor Galen. The buffalo fiber was included in the Clouds of Luxury from the Etsy store Sericin The Dor Galen fiber was purchased at a fiber festival several years ago from Sandy Ferguson's Dyed in the Wool Dor Galen is no longer available, the horned dorset at the bottom of the above linked page is probably...


YST Episode 153 TdF2018 Part 1

My favorite time of the spinning year, the Tour de Fleece event. As promised, here is the review of what I spun this year. This is part one of the two part podcast. A few links. To see photos of all of the lovely fibers and yarns I talked about, go to my group in Ravelry, yarnspinners spin in and look at the TdF2018 thread in the discussions. You must be signed into Ravelry for the link to work. Links to the fiber artists whose fiber I spun and talked about are: A Star is Shorn the Etsy...


YST Episode 152

When I find that a podcast has no specific topic, but many different stories, I call them a spin-in. I also likened this to writing you a letter, dear listener! But mostly it feels like when we gather together with our spinning wheels and spin and talk. One never really knows what the conversations will be. I catch you up on my recent projects, spinning and otherwise, tell you about a few things I read online, rant a bit about books and bookcases, and end with the promise of lots of...


YST Episode 151

Ahhh, tis the season of freshly shorn fleeces. But what if your cupboard is already full? If you have an answer, come to the Ravelry group and search for Yanrspinnerstales spin in. Join us there for the conversation. A nice solution to at least organizing your fleece project is The Spinners Journal, a daily spinning book I created to sell. Your purchase supports the archiving of my past podcasts. Thank-You!


YST Episode 150 Ravellenics 2018

Ravellenics, for those that haven't heard the term, is an event hosted on Ravelry during the Olympics. There are events you can enter projects, and win digital medals. The rules state you start at the opening ceremony and finish by the closing ceremony. I have done this many years now, every two years. Most years I do a spinning project, but the last two times I have done knitting projects with hand spun yarn. This podcast talks about three of this years projects for Ravellenics, two...


YST Episode 149 Ten Years of Podcasting

It's true, I have been podcasting for 10 years now! In the first part of today's podcast, I review the book The Weaving,Spinning and Dyeing book by Rachel Brown. In the second part I give a little bit of the download statistics for the podcast, some listener's comments about spinning in their lives over the last 10 years, and my favorite and least favorite parts of spinning. I was able to include music with this podcast, thanks for the website Free Music Archive. They have an archive...


YST Episode 148 Lichen Dyeing part 3

This podcast is the third on lichen dyeing and concludes the project for me. I talk about the ammonia extraction method and dyeing wool with the extract. I also tried a contact dyeing method on some silk and talk about that. The fiber is lovely and I am looking forward to spinning with it next year. The photo shows the corriedale roving dyed with the ammonia extraction method. Need a special holiday gift, for a friend or yourself? The Spinners Daily spinning journal found on Lulu is a...


YST Episode 147 Spinzilla 2017 Recap

I had a wonderful week, focused on spinning as much yardage as I could. I talk about all those yards in this podcast, plus a few thoughts on spinning on the electric Roberta and also what to do about fiber with high vegetable matter in it. Looking for a way to keep track of your spinning projects? I have created the Spinners' Journal to help you with that. It was done at Lulu.com, and is a reasonable 12.50 plus shipping. Your purchases help me pay the cost of keeping yarnspinnerstales...


YST Episode 146 Spindle Crane Review

This podcast has a review of my experience using Akerworks drop spindle tool called the Sprindle Crane. They were a prize sponsor in the Tour de Fleece 2017 on Ravelry, and I had the very good fortune to win this prize! Akerworks website for further information. I promised a few links, here's the easiest to find on Youtube. There is a difference between how the spinner in this video uses the spindle crane, and what I experienced. I did not get the twist to go past the plastic threader...


YST Episode 145 Dyeing with Lichens Part 2

This podcast talks about the boiling water method of lichen dyeing. I used the dye pot twice and dye fiber and fabric.


YST Episode 144 Dyeing with Lichens part 1

I have started the fun project of a lichen dye pot and in today's podcast I talk a little about the history of lichen dyeing, and how and where I collected my lichens. There's also a TdF2017 update at the end of the podcast. I had four books in my spinning library to use as references for this information. The main sources were from the same author, Karen Casselman. The books are: Craft of the Dyer Colour from Plants and Lichens and Lichen Dyes The New Source Book both published by...


YST Episode 143 Counting Treadles for Even Plying

Today's podcast talks about how to achieve even, consistent 2 ply yarn by counting your treadle movements. Near the end I do talk about the start of the Tour De Fleece and what I hope to spin during it. If you want to join our discussions and sharing with the YST Team on Ravelry, the best way to find the group is to search under groups for Yarnspinnerstales Spin In. Hope to see you there!


YST Episode 142 Life Changes, Why Worry

Welcome to the newly redesigned web page. If you are looking for previous episodes, look in the upper right hand corner and click on episodes. The quickest way to the most recent and then later, is to click on 'category' and then podcasts. They will load with the new easier to use player. In the podcast,after a sabbatical from spinning, I am glad to be back. I update the spinning and knitting projects from the past few months, and then have a lovely recorded conversation with my daughter,...


YST A Spinning Sabbatical

There is a saying in our family for many years: 'Life is too much with us now'. As it implies, I have to step aside from podcasting for a few months, while I deal with family life. During that time, I am researching dyeing with lichens, and I hope to get some dye baths started. That will be the topic of the podcast, when I return. Thanks for your patience and Happy Spinning!


YST Episode 141 Spinning New Year's Resolutions

Happy 2017! It's a new year and that always makes me think about my spinning goals. Along the way, I discovered some specifics about three ply yarn, and plying in general. I close the podcast with a review of the book, Yarn i tec ture by Jillian Moreno.


YST Episode 140 Spinzilla and Natural Dye Mordants

This podcast closes the 2016 year, with details on my Spinzilla 2016 spinning. Since one of the fibers I spun during that was dyed with natural dyes and the mordants tin and alum, I did a bit of research on those mordants. I end this podcast with that discussion. These are links to some of the things mentioned in the podcast. The original dye day for the columbia roving was Episode 52. The Jacob roving I spun was from the Ross Family Farm in Pa. One good blog post I referenced in the...


YST Episode 139 Ravellenics 2016 and State Fair

In the first part of this podcast I explain just what is this thing called ravellenics. Then I go into the details of what I did for the event. First is spinning, and after that, the next knit with hand spun yarn project, the Oslo Shawl. In the second part of the podcast, I talked about the seven items I took to my state's fair for the spinning category. A few links for sources of the fiber I used to spin the yarns: The Painted Tiger Yarn Hollow fibers Kundart Spindles The spindle...


YST Episode 138 TdF16 podcast 3

Final podcast about what I did during Tour de Fleece this year. I talk about some yarn spun, including two breed studies, Romeldale and Racka. I also dyed two different shetland fleeces, and an unknown breed ewe lamb fleece. The Romeldale fiber was purchased at DyedintheWool, The wash and dye product I used while dyeing is available at woolshampoo. The shop I purchased the drum carder cloth from is no longer in business. However, there are other sources available on Etsy. Just got to that...


YST Episode 137 TdF16 Podcast 2

This is the 2nd TdF16 podcasts, there will be one more. I talk about washing alpaca fiber, dyeing shetland and lamb's wool fiber, and as my challenge day project, spinning banana fiber. All of the links below are information I found on the internet about banana fiber. Home processing (something so unavailable to most of us!) is shown in a youtube video by Rix Jennings. Commercial processing (and very poor audio, sorry) is shown here. A non verbal commercial processing video. It is long,...