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The Zbooks successful authors' podcast is where Bestselling Author Eric Z talks about Independent Publishing, book marketing, and whatever we feel like, with the BEST Authors in the WORLD!

The Zbooks successful authors' podcast is where Bestselling Author Eric Z talks about Independent Publishing, book marketing, and whatever we feel like, with the BEST Authors in the WORLD!
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The Zbooks successful authors' podcast is where Bestselling Author Eric Z talks about Independent Publishing, book marketing, and whatever we feel like, with the BEST Authors in the WORLD!




I Met the Muhammad Ali of Ebooks and survived! Most AWE-SUM interview with Steve Scott!

This is The Way of the Successful Author Series: Interview with Steve Scott the Undisputed Champion of Independent Publishing! In this interview you will learn about: The #1 tip for beginning authors The #1 tip for intermediate and advanced authors How to sustain sales How to validate your book idea Amazon Ads - "Sponsored Ads" Accountability Partners vs Mentors Foreign rights and translating your book Steve Scott has over 50+ books on Amazon. He has published 10 books per year and made a...


The Influential Author with Gregory Diehl and Eric Z

How do you become an Influential Author? Gregory Diehl has traveled more countries than Tim Ferriss AND has been dominating the Business Categories of Amazon.com for over 1 year. Listen in as Eric Z gets the full report from our Traveling Influential Author!


Zbooks Amazing Insights: Interview with Dr.Bernie Siegel

Dr.Bernie Siegel's resume and life experience is longer than Sigmund Freud's and Carl Jung's combined! It was an honor to interview him and ask him ANY questions I wanted. MIND BLOWING INSIGHTS! One of my favorite, just as an example: At the hospital radiology department, UNBEKNOWNST to the radiologist, the machine was not working. The radio-active element was NOT installed. The radiologist however treated people for ONE MONTH with the "empty" machine. They all improved as if they had been...


The Best Way to Get Reviews Zbooks Podcast w/Voracious Readers Only

Since Amazon has "kicked" the 3rd parties from their API, and made it impossible to contact reviewers, the "easy" way to get reviews is GONE. GREAT! The mother of invention comes on cue and a new service fills the void! VORACIOUS READERS ONLY .com Listen in as @ErocZ of Zbooks.co takes a deep dive with Larry Froncek of VoraciousReadersOnly.com on: --Getting reviews --Entreprenuers --Facebook Ads --Building a Business --Book Promotions7 --Validating a product/sercies --Email lists and list...


Zbooks + Simon Whistler - The #ZEN Master of Audio Books!

This is the first Zbooks podcast and I was lucky enough to get Simon Whistler for the interview! In case you don't know Simon Whistler, he is the Zen Master of Audio books, those are my own words of course. Listen to the interview for HIS own words! In his Rocking Self Publishing podcasts he has interviewed over 100 successful authors, so if you are interested in super interesting interviews and LEARNING from the most successful authors in the world, I highly recommend you go to his...


How to do FACEBOOK ADS right: With Mike Shreeve and Eric Z

This is the best advice I have heard for ALL authors in a long time. In this podcast you will hear some of the best most down to earth advice, and you will notice that Mike really cares about you struggling authors out there. My favorite part is not the absolutely GOLD advice about Facebook ads, but how Mike DEMYSTIFIES everything. Highlites: The Isaac Asimov Business Model for publishing books Kindle Unlimited and Kindle Select vs "Going wide" Facebook Ads Done Right! Who the "F" needs a...


Indomitable Spirit, Motivational Books, and Charity: Interview with David Bird!

This is a Human Story of Courage David was born with a disfigurement, (I'll leave the details out: listen to the interview!), and had to OVERCOME many challenges in his life. Listen in as we talk about handicaps, charity, overcoming challenges, dealing with bullies, and publishing books too! Check out his book and this episode on Zbooks: http://www.zbooks.co/2018/06/indomitable-spirit-motivational-books.html


Another #1 Thanks to KdpRocket : Exactly How I Did It! [VIDEO]

This started out as a book cover A-B-C test and quickly wound up a #1 thanks to KdpRocket! STEPS: Step 1.) Publish Your Book on KDP Step 2.) Search for categories for your book with KDPROCKET Step 3.) Choose the BEST 10 categories for your book Step 4.) Start a help ticket with Amazon/KDP and ask them to add your book to those 10 categories... Step 5.) BOOM! Better rankings guaranteed ;-) *You would be supporting me if you used my affiliate link to BUY KDPROCKET:* You can see the books...


How to do Amazon Ads Right - With Brian Meeks and Eric Z

*WHOOA! I got severely #REDPILLED in this interview---AWE-SUM!* Listen in as an *Intermediate* author (myself) gets some hardcore words of wisdom and #REALITY CHECKS from a real pro - BRIAN MEEKS who is the definitive MASTER of #AmazonAds ! Brian really knows his stuff AND has the DATA to back it up -- That -IS- the difference my friends. Remember to get his book FIRST - http://geni.us/meeks --and then join his Facebook group - GOLD! Any QUESTIONS? Post them in the comments here or on my...


Meet Anita Rodgers - Crime and Mystery Author from California!

Go on a deep dive with Zbooks and Anita Rodgers! Successful Crime Series Author - NOT an easy thing to do - listen in as she gives her insider tips and techniques. Goodness Guaranteed!


The James Bond of Independent Publishing! Tyler Wagner on the Zbooks Successful Authors Podcast!

Tyler Wagner has 10x ed his Business! It is really fun watching Tyler Scale his business since the last time I interviewed him. FUN AND INSPIRING! Listen in as Tyler reveals his techniques and words of wisdom - enjoy! Remember to get more at http://www.zbooks.co/ and contact Tyler at: authorsunite.com