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Ep. 023 - Star Wars: Return of the Rodgers

WE are BACK! Chris and Eric of Ze Gentlemen are back to discuss Week 15 of the playoffs, the important semifinals of Fantasy Playoffs! We walk through a couple of teams that have some key players returning or recently returned, as well as give our Starts of the Week for each of the major positions from QB through TE! There may even be some Faith or No Faith going on. Finally, we wrap up with our predictions for our Winner’s Semifinals and Shit Bowl Semifinals for our league of record....


Ep. 022 - An Episode Has No Name

Mark, John, and Eric are back after a break for Thanksgiving. We hope everyone enjoyed the holiday weekend including the great (not) football that the NFL treated us to on turkey day. As usual, the episode features a brief reap of injuries, news & notes, and each game’s action from Week 12. We’ll be back later in the week to look ahead to Week 13 action as many teams try and lock up a playoff spot (Mark not included). Good luck!


Ep. 021 - Doug McDermott is Dumb

WE ARE BACK! Chris, Eric, John, and Mark are BACK together once again in a full capacity recapping some Week 11 action in the NFL! As always, Mark runs through some notable news and injuries from Week 11 and then Ze Gentlemen jump into the games: surprises, duds, and overall impressions of the slate of games. Then, Ze Gentlemen give their picks for the Turkey Games on Thanksgiving (MIN vs. DET, LAC vs DAL, and NYG vs WAS) and give thoughts on guys that you should take a look at on the...


Ep. 020 - Viva El Juego de Football

In this podcast, it’s the Milk Man (Chris) and Big Sexy (Eric) holding down the fort while Mark is at another concert and John decided to pre-record some sleeping material for us to put into the podcast. We talk about TNF between the Steelers and the Titans and we look ahead and talk about starts and sits for the rest of week 11. We cover some news and some injuries and even near the end give some great advice on FF and we also recap some predictions we made at the beginning of ther season...


Ep. 019 - Brett Hundley is the Frank Gore of QBs

A subset of Ze Gentlemen (Eric and Mark) are back to recap Week 10 action and injury fallout, including what that means for your fantasy team as we enter the playoff push. A few waiver claim suggestions are provided to help carry you to the playoffs. Ze Gentlemen also provide a quick preview of TNF between Tennessee and Pittsburgh before signing off. There may or may not also be some shade thrown at a team with a losing streak.


Ep. 017 - Screw You, Ya Damn Bastard

Screw you, Paul Richardson and your super goodness in Week 8. Screw you. Anyway, Ze Gentlemen are back (sans Mark) to discuss some Week 8 action and give some updates on what turned out to be a crazy NFL Trade Deadline. Ajayi to the Eagles, Jimmy G to the 49ers, plus news on the Zeke suspension - it’s all covered! After recapping the Week 8 games and talking about the standouts and the guys who crapped the bed with their performance, Ze Gentlemen give a quick preview on the TNF game...


Ep. 015 - Blake Bortles is a Middle School QB

Ze Gentlemen are switching it up this week as John is in Las Vegas celebrating his upcoming birthday and Mark is MIA! We think he died. No, seriously. Therefore, Eric and Chris recap some of the major injuries and noteworthy news from around the league from Marshawn’s actions and suspension to Keenan Allen’s injury! Plus, they discuss what ended up being a wild and fun TNF game between the KC Chiefs and the victorious Oakland Raiders. Amari Cooper is back! Then, Ze Gentlemen run through...


Ep. 013 - Tyrell Williams, Still Dead to Me

After some solid Week 5 action in the NFL, Ze Gentlemen are back to recap the games and discuss any players that stood out and those that disappointed. After discussing whether or not their picks for Start/Sit actually worked out, Ze Gentlemen talk about some guys that they are targeting on the waiver wire for this upcoming week. Then, the boys discuss the upcoming TNF game this week between two of the NFC’s best: the Philadelphia Ealges visit the Carolina Panthers. Plus, there’s a little...


Ep. 012 - Have You Guys Ever Played in a Chess Tournament?

Ze Gentlemen are BACK, well most of them are anyway as Mark was out for this episode. This episode covers all of the major injuries news as it pertains to Week 5 of the NFL season and Ze Gentlemen recap what ended up being a snooze fest of a game between the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccanneers on Thursday Night Football. Then, they get you ready with their weekly game previews and Start/Sits for each matchup in Week 5; along with some other tidbits here and there! And...


Ep. 011 - Patriots Suck (at) D

Ze Gentlemen return to discuss Week 4 action including injury fallout from some major players including Derek Carr, Dalvin Cook, Chris Carson, and Julio Jones. Ze Gentlemen also recap each game from Week 4 and discuss what happened and fantasy implications including interesting statistics or notes and how to value players moving forward. With bye weeks looming starting in Week 5, Ze Gentlemen offer some waiver wire advice for both this week and stashes. Finally, Ze Gentlemen preview a TNF...


Ep. 010 - I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

Mixing it up this week as Chris and Mark takes the reigns on the podcast this week as Eric and John both spend their time willingly watching Illini football. Like every episode, Mark starts right off by covering the major injuries and news from around the league to see how that may affect your fantasy lineup for Week 4 of the NFL season. Then Ze Gentlemen move into each of the matchups from Week 4 and give their predictions as to each game and which players they have selected for Start and...


Ep. 009 - Tyrell Williams is Dead to Me

Ze Gentlemen are back again to discus the usual! News and injuries are covered by the resident “expert” Mark and Ze Gentlemen dive right into Week 3 action, probably the best week of football in the 2017 season! Then Ze Gentlemen play a new game called Over/Under where they discuss some stats and where or not they feel that those will continue throughout the season or wither away. Then a short preview and picks for the Thursday football game between the Chicago Bears and the Green Bay...


Ep. 008 - Black Voodoo JuJu

In this episode, Ze Gentlemen (Eric, Chris, John, and Mark) dive right into news and major injuries that need attention from around the National Football League and how those might affect players’ and teams’ fantasy values. Ze Gentlemen then give their takes on an absolutely thrilling Thursday Night Football game between the Los Angeles Rams and the San Francisco 49ers, which ended up being a gladiator battle between opposing running backs: Todd Gurley and Carlos Hyde. Then it’s time for...


Ep. 007 - Fantasy Football Sucks

Ze Gentlemen are back for another of Ze Gentlemen! Fantasy Football podcast in which they take a look at the games that happened in Week 2 of the NFL season. The guys give a rundown of everything that occurred in Week 2 and talk about some of the major injuries, major news, and things you should be on the look out for as the season progresses. Ze Gentlemen also look back at their Start and Sit selections from the previous week to see how they fared and if you should listen to them anymore....


Ep. 006 - Jets = Bad, Raiders = Good

Ze Gentlmen are back with another episode of their Fantasy Football podcast and this week the Eric, Chris, and John provide a quick recap of news and injuries from around the NFL. Chris and John discuss the TNF game between the Houston Texans and the Cincinnati Bengals and what turned out to be a game that lived up to expectations - unfortunately, it was a game that started off with incredibly low expectations. The gentlemen always discuss which players should be in your starting lineups...


Ep. 005 - Waiver? I Hardly Know Her

Ze Gentlemen (Eric, Chris, Mark, and John) return after an interesting Week 1 of NFL action to discuss what happened around the league (both the National Football Leauge and the Legion of Dibbs League), including some players and teams who shined and some who disappointed. John and Chris discuss their 1-0 starts, while Eric and Mark remain hopeful for a bounceback in Week 2. Ze Gentlemen provide advice on who you might want to be looking for on your waiver wire throughout the week, and...


Ep. 004 - Start Him! No, Sit Him!

This episode Ze Gentlemen do a little bit of a piecemeal episode as many are traveling, but needed to get their picks out before Week 1 gets underway! This episode gives a news update on things going around the league, provides a recap on the crazy TNF game between the Chiefs and the Pats, Mark gives some of his picks for Start ‘Em Sit ‘Em players, and then the Gentlemen discuss their predictions for the upcoming fantasy season! Stay tuned for more!