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A podcast for tabletop RPG dungeon masters and players.

A podcast for tabletop RPG dungeon masters and players.
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A podcast for tabletop RPG dungeon masters and players.








Ep8: Before You Build Your Own

Whether it's the stories they tell or the worlds that their players exist in, many DMs often decide it's time to build their own adventure. But the question is, where do you start? In this episode of becomingDM we will talk about the things to do before you get started building your own campaign. John and Felicia discuss what the scope of your planning should be and a little bit about how to avoid overbuilding. Additionally, we talk about session 0 and how leveraging input from your players...


Ep7: The Holiday Gift Guide

Do you have someone that plays role playing games and you don't know what gift will really hit the mark? Have you been through year after year of buying crappy gifts that end up in the trash and just don't know what to do? Never fear, dear listener, becomingDM is here to help you roll a nat 20 on gift buying for your RPG playing friends this year. This week on becomingDM we talk about the trinkets, gadgets, and super gifts that are available for any budget. So whether you're buying for a...


Ep6: Creating Compelling NPCs

Whether it's someone that you had planned for your party to interact with or someone that they randomly chose out of the crowd, creating NPCs that help give your story extra depth is important for any role playing game. But sometimes it can seem daunting to tackle the different personalities, backgrounds and motivations that come with every NPC that gets introduced. So what's a DM to do? In this episode of becomingDM, John and Felicia discuss how to create compelling NPCs that will add to...


Ep5: Do We Really Need Alignment?

When players create new characters the fill out stats, they add points to skills, they choose weapons and all of these things have specific times where they are called upon again through the course of game play. But with alignment, you fill it out and there isn't typically a specific check for it. With this in mind, do we really need alignment in modern role playing games? This week John and Felicia talk about the pros and cons of alignment and what some potential alternatives to the current...


Ep4: Incorporating Monsters and Treasures Into Your Campaign

Are you having trouble deciding what monsters to put your players up against? Do you struggle with trying to figure out whether or not you'll decimate your players with the monsters you've chosen? Or maybe you're concerned that you're giving out too much treasure when your players succeed. Making the right choices around monsters and treasure can be difficult if you want to make it challenging and rewarding to your players without a guaranteed total party kill. This week,John and Felicia...


Ep3: Tools to Amp Up Your RPG Experience

We've all been there, sometimes you want to bring something new to your role playing game experience to give it that extra bit of special. Whether it's improving your miniatures game, giving your players tools to make their game more enjoyable, or technology and organizational tools we've got something for you. Join us this week as John and Felicia talk about gadgets and tools that you might not know about that will help make your tabletop RPG even more excellent than it already is! Did we...


Ep2: When Players Break Your Story

Your players just killed the NPC that you spent hours creating and now your story's been ripped off track? This week, we'll discuss those times when players go astray with the story line and how to get them back on track, and if that's even the right course! Is your story broken on purpose because of boredom, or distractions at the table? Has the campaign been overtaken by murder hobos? Or maybe going astray was a complete accident when your players missed or misinterpreted clues. Whatever...


Ep1: They Asked You to Be Dungeon Master, Now What?

You just got invited to a new tabletop role playing session, and guess what? You're the dungeon master! This week we're going to discuss what do do when it's your first time dungeon mastering a game, whether it's your first time with role playing games, the first time dungeon mastering a system you've played before, or you've run a game before but in a different system, there's information here for you! It's our first full episode and we're going to cover the required gear that you'll need...


Ep0: Welcome to becomingDM!

Thank you for considering listening to becomingDM, a podcast devoted to tabletop role-playing games and helping dungeon masters and players to have a better experience. In this episode, we introduce the show as well as the qualifications of our two hosts, John Welsh and Felicia Martinez. We hope you stick around for our every-other-week show. Check out for more info on the show! Stay nerdy, friends!