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Miko is a retired hooper with a podcast dedicated to sports. She loves tackling topics most reporters lie about/shy away from. Did i mention she's married to Brent Grimes? No1 has the access & info she has! Grab ur popcorn! Every episode is entertaining!

Miko is a retired hooper with a podcast dedicated to sports. She loves tackling topics most reporters lie about/shy away from. Did i mention she's married to Brent Grimes? No1 has the access & info she has! Grab ur popcorn! Every episode is entertaining!


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Miko is a retired hooper with a podcast dedicated to sports. She loves tackling topics most reporters lie about/shy away from. Did i mention she's married to Brent Grimes? No1 has the access & info she has! Grab ur popcorn! Every episode is entertaining!





In Episode #126 of the #IHeartMikoPodcast, Miko and Brent come to u live from LA for the last time together this summer to discuss the weekly shenanigans in sports. Listen as they argue about him being a vessel to other NFL corners, whether or not Danica Patrick will be a good ESPYs host, and how Shady's ex did the "Homer Simpson Meme" into the bushes the other day. Enjoy!!! Topics: Drew League Gala 2018, ESPYs 2018, World Cup 2018, Racism In Sports, Elite NFL CBs Link Up, WNBA and Money,...


125: ITS NOT ENOUGH YET feat. Brent Grimes and AJ Francis

In Episode #125 of the #iHeartMikoPodcast, the three amigos (Miko, Brent and AJ Francis) link up in LA to discuss Lebron to the Lakers, Shiggy and Lil Duval's flourish, HELLA NBA talk (this gets crazy), year 6 and year 13 in the NFL (this gets crazier) and of course a World Cup 2018 quarter finals discussion that ends up being a heated debate over who's better... Ronaldo or Messi. ENJOY!!! Topics: Current Music Reviews, #TheShiggyChallenge, Flat Earthers, Lebron to the Lakers, NBA Talk,...


124: TODAY WAS A GOOD DAY feat Brent Grimes

In Episode #124 of the #IHeartMikoPodcast, Miko and her hubby Brent Grimes continue their summer run of entertaining you thru this slow sports news time of the year. Unfortunately, there was an audio issue and the segment discussing King James signing with the Lakers had to be removed. Lucky for you, Miko, Brent and a couple of guests are going to re-record the segment and air it 2moro. But until then, enjoy this 1hr episode as u celebrate #ameriKKKa and its Independence Day! Songs: Today...



In Episode #123 of the #IHeartMikoPodcast, Miko and Brent get you thru this slow sporting news week with good laughs about the NBA draft, Jessie Williams paying out the ass, and Frank Nitty still has his foot on the gas! Enjoy! Topics: Miko's Born Day, Juneteenth, Shitty Catholic Priests, Billionaires, The cheetoh in office, NBA draft, Jessie Williams, Transgenders in sports, BET Awards, World Cup 2018 and Frank Nitty! Songs: Vibe With by Eli Sostre, Red Light by Jacquees feat. Dej Loaf,...



In Episode #122 of the #IHeartMikoPodcast, Miko's baby daddy joins her for some Father's Day shenanigans. They talk summer plans in LA, Brent give a World Cup 2018 update along with a pitch to any #DrewLeague teams that are interested in a beige back up point guard until training camp starts. Later Miko talks to a few #DrewLeague top performers (Glen "Big Baby" Davis, Frank Nitty, Isaac Hamilton) as well as the current commissioner, Dino Smiley. And last... Beloved is out of the box FINALLY...


121: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST feat. Omar Kelly and RJ

In Episode #121 of the #IHeartMikoPodcast, Miko had podcast local @OmarKelly and LA local trash talker RJ on to talk NFL shenanigans and the NBA Finals. ENJOY!!! Topics: NFL mini-camp, Ryan Tannehill, Julio Jones, Hov and Bey, The Cavs Sweep, Trick Handles, Tricky Greats. Songs: Do Not Disturb by Drake, Yes Indeed by Lil Baby feat. Drake


120: Butt Play on National Cheese Day feat. Mal

In Episode #120 of the #IHeartMikoPodcast, Miko asks Mal from the Joe Budden Podcast to come thru and give his opinions on the Pusha-T and Drake beef, the NBA Playoffs, and his opinion on heterosexual butt play. Enjoy! Topics: National Cheese Day, #MeToo, NFL Cheerleaders, Rap Beef, Jordan vs Lebron, 90s NBA vs Today, ForHims.com, and more! Songs: Numbers by Ty Dolla Sign, Exodus 23:1 by Pusha-T


119: SHOTS LANDED feat. Hustle #IHeartMikoPodcast

In Episode #119 of the #IHeartMikoPodcast, Miko realizes she doesn't understand hip-hop beef but because her listeners want her opinion of Pusha-T's latest diss at Drake titled The Story Of Adidon, she gives her not so conventional opinion of the song and hip-hop itself. Before giving a preview of game 1 of the NBA Championship between the Cavs and Warriors (who are meeting for the fourth time in a row), the two of them keep u laughing with all the shots fired, missed, and landed inside and...


118: Hella 8's feat. CuffsTheLegend

In Episode #118 of the #iHeartMikoPodcast Miko is coming to u LIVE from her villa in the Dominican Republic while vacationing with her girlfriends for Memorial Weekend. Had the Cavs lost game 7 of the ECF, this EP wouldnt have happened today, but since they did, she felt like talking her shit! The only person she could think of to assist the shit talking is CuffsTheLegend! Enjoy! Topics: Memorial Day history lesson, Morgan Freeman, NFL kneeling ban update, Hip-Hop, CBD hate, NBA Playoffs,...



In episode #117, Miko and Brent Grimes share a bottle of champagne as they celebrate their 8 year anniversary with discussions about booty hole cuts, the shitty NFL, NBA playoffs and more. When the discussion takes bad turns, Miko lights up to get thru the convo.🤑 Enjoy! Topics: Shady Doctor Jorge Zamora-Quezada, Tammy Lawrence (fuck how u spell her name), R Kelly, Sterling Brown, Brett Favre, Brandi Chastain, The NFL, NBA Playoffs Songs: Anniversary by the Tony's, Love, Need and Want You...


116: Still Being Great After Eight feat. Omar Kelly, Sarah Frasier & AJ Francis (audio issues)

Episode #116 sounds TERRIBLE!!!😩But im putting it out because it has great content. So please turn you volume DOWN because Omar Kelly decided to be SCREAMING A SMITH for some reason, thru out the entire episode.😂 Also joining me is Sarah Frasier (38min mark) from the #HeyFrase Podcast, and New York Giant AJ Francis (1:10min mark). Again… my apologies about the audio but enjoy the shenanigans!🤣 Omar Kelly and AJ Francis Topics: Malcolm X, Sports Betting, Carolina Panthers, JJ Watt, T.O.,...


115: CHEERS TO TWO YEARS! 🍾🥂 feat. Hustle

In episode 115, a drunk and heavily kushed Miko Grimes hops on the mic to celebrate the two year anniversary of the #IHeartMikoPodcast. Hear her candid, brutally honest take on trending topics in the NBA, the playoffs, and whatever else she felt a way about this week. Hustle, a podcast regular, joined the fuckery! Enjoy! Topics: NBA playoffs, Dwane Casey, Rodney Hood, Tristan Thompson, Kobe Bryant, Childish Gambino, Spotify, Songs: Both by Gucci Mane feat. Drake, This Is America by Childish...


114: Drinko De Mayo in WEHO feat. Kelly Williams and CuffsTheLegend

In episode 114, Miko had Los Angeles local Kelly Williams on to talk NBA playoffs basketball. When the discussion gets hot, CuffsTheLegend is tagged in to handle the discussion of who's the real GOAT! Enjoy! Kelly Williams Topics: Washington Cheerleaders, DJ Khaled, GOAT discussion, NBA Playoffs, 90s basketball. CuffsTheLegend Topics: GOAT discussions, NBA Playoffs, 90's basketball. Songs: For Thou Art Me by The Whispers, Birthday Bitch by Trap Beckham


113: Take Out The Trash feat. Brent Grimes, Taxstone and Omar Kelly

In episode 113, Miko gives in to what the fans want and asked Omar Kelly and her baby daddy to join her for some NFL draft talk. Then, fan favorite Taxstone surprises Miko with a phone call from jail. Hear his input on some of the trending topics in hip-hop. Lastly, Miko and Brent discuss a few pop culture trending topics, the second round of the NBA playoffs, and the potential of the teams that have "Gon' Fishin" Enjoy! Omar Kelly Topics: Brandon Marshall release, NFLPA failures, 2018 NFL...


112: Robbin Season Feat. Hustle and Clarence Hill Jr.

In Episode #112 Miko and Hustle dive deep into their heavy opinions on how the NBA playoffs will go, but not before catching up on the latest trending topics in the urban culture. Then Clarence Hill Jr., who covers the Dallas Cowboys, gives insider info on the Dez Bryant release and other football related topics. Enjoy! Hustle's Topics: Starbucks Fuckery, Tristan Cheated, Nicki Minaj Interview, ROY, MVP, Westbrook Triple Doubles, Most Compelling Series, Possible Series Sweeps. Clarence Hill...


111: Invasion Of Privacy

In episode #111 Miko welcomes #Taxstone back to the podcast for his opinion on the trending topics in the hip-hop community. As the red-headed step sister of Staples circles the drain, Clipper Darrell joins Miko to discuss what the real problems are in LA. Then Master Tesfatsion pops in to talk football shenanigans. Enjoy!!! Taxstone Topics: CardiB, Fabolous, Russell Simmons, Safari. Clipper Darrell Topics: Clippers, How he became Clipper Darrell, West Coast Playoffs, Jordan vs Lebron,...


110: Welcome Byke! feat. Omar Kelly and Black Tray

Miko Grimes returns to her #IHeartMikoPodcast after taking a 60 day break. She returns with a familiar face, @omarkelly, and a fairly new face but already a fan favorite, @blk_tray. Two months have passed and although nothing has changed about how real and raw Miko presents the sporting news, what has changed is the addition of video to this podcast. Stay tuned for the upload of this podcast in video at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJNMdRt3xbD1ByEejfzTNVw Omar Kelly Topics: Dolphins,...


109: The Juice! Episode Five

In episode 5 of #TheJuicePodcast, #Taxstone makes his debut plus the ladies discuss the shenanigans of the previous week, including Miko being sick and Stacey coming back to Stonebrook soon. Later, they dive DEEP into the reality show content but there's SO MUCH that happens it can't be described.👀You have to listen for yourself! All im gonna say! BONUS: Miko gets questioned about her "Meeks Madness Sex Bracket" selections by her male group chat friends. HILARIOUS!!!! 🤣 #TheJuice...


108: The Juice! Episode Four

On today's episode, the ladies recap EP 3 with listener feedback, plus a quick bday shout out (and twerk session) for Stacey who just celebrated her 36th on Tuesday. Miko then introduces Stacey to a version of March Madness designed for all the ladies that don't watch hoops. The "Meeks Madness" bracket can be filled out and submitted to Miko or Stacey's IG dm's by TODAY, 10pm EST! There will be a $1,000 TOTAL CASH PRIZE to the bracket winner(S) and some honorable mention prizes as well. How...


107: The Juice! Episode Three

After taking a week off, #TheJuice Podcast is back and the ladies are turnt for some reason!🤷🏽‍♀️😂They finally discussed Safaree’s hammer, answered some DM questions, asked for a poll on a disagreement from their first road trip to Orlando, talked about Stacey’s up and coming relocation, and of course... #LHHMiami #LHHNY #RHOA and #MarriedToMedicine! Give us your feedback in the comments!!! Enjoy!!! #LinkInMyBio #InternationalWomensDay2018 #TheJuicePodcast #ForTheCulture #Laugh #HaveFun...