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Craig interviews movement enthusiasts to find out what they do, why they do it, and how their perspective is unique.

Craig interviews movement enthusiasts to find out what they do, why they do it, and how their perspective is unique.
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Craig interviews movement enthusiasts to find out what they do, why they do it, and how their perspective is unique.




035. Nancy Lorentz: Cancer, PK Move, and parkour spirit

Nancy Lorentz opens up about her experience fighting cancer, and the role that parkour played in her recovery. She unpacks how her recovery inspired the idea of PK Move, and shares her ‘parkour origin story.’ Nancy discusses her thoughts on parkour’s growth and spirit, PK Move’s current goals, and finishes with her insights on how to attract older individuals to parkour. Sponsorship: Want to learn more about PK Move? For podcast sponsorship information email...


034. PK Move: Community partnership, programs, and seniors

PK Move founders Nancy Lorentz, Jean Lam, and Rosy Noguchi sit down to discuss everything PK Move; how they started, the challenges they face as a non-profit, and the unique relationship they have with their community. The team explains PK Move’s mission, the specific groups they serve, and the programs they run, including their PK Silver seniors program. They unpack the details of the recent study conducted on the PK Silver program before delving into the pop-up playground program, and...


033. Roberto Regueiro Santiago: Rowing, mastery, and games

Roberto Regueiro Santiago discusses his years rowing crew, both as an athlete and a coach, and his thoughts on the competitive nature of the sport. Roberto shares how an injury changed his perspective and opened up his possibilities, leading him to Fighting Monkey and parkour. He explains his ideas of mastery, as well as his approach to games and training. Sponsorships: Movers Mindset has a free, public newsletter! Signup at For podcast sponsorship...


032. Blake Evitt: Travel, community and personal growth

Blake Evitt discusses the importance of partnering with your community, creating multigenerational spaces for training, as well as how he does that in his hometown of Boston. He unpacks the influence that traveling had on his training, coaching, and business, as well as his own personal growth. Blake shares his thoughts on a number of subjects, including becoming vegetarian, the ADAPT coaching qualifications, and the United States Parkour Association. Sponsorships:


031. Cordelia Storm: Flips, competition, and representation

In this episode Cordelia Storm unpacks her thoughts about accessibility, the effects of a gym on a community, and her motivation for learning flips. She delves into her personal journey, as well as her relationship with competition. Cordelia mentions her documentary project, and finishes by tackling the concepts of gender, age, and representation in the parkour space. Sponsorships: -- Need help with that project? -- UmbrellaCAST, producers of the Movers Mindset...


030. Mark Toorock: Commercialization, representation, and play

Mark Toorock shares his thoughts on the commercialization of parkour, FIG and competitions, as well as the direction parkour is headed. He also opens up about his personal goals for parkour, raising the socially acceptable age of play, and how he sees himself within the community. Mark wraps up by discussing the power of parkour to benefit all people. Sponsorship: -- Need help with that project? -- UmbrellaCAST, producers of the Movers Mindset podcast, provide...


029. Emily Tung: Breaking, puppetry, and unsolicited advice

Emily Tung shares her journey and goals in both breaking and parkour, as well as the differences between those two practices and communities. She also discusses her diverse movement practices, from stunt work, contortion, to pole dancing, as well as her lesser known skills in puppetry. Emily finishes by unpacking her thoughts on coaching, unsolicited advice, and speaking up for yourself. Sponsorships: -- Need help with that project? -- UmbrellaCAST, producers of...


028. Chris Moran: Movement, permaculture, and pain theory

Chris Moran discusses his unique path from personal trainer to farmer, and the relationship between movement and farming. He shares his insights on chronic pain and pain theory, as well as how his training and coaching has become deeply rooted in permaculture. Chris ends by describing his continuing passion for film making and creative projects. Movers Mindset has a free, public newsletter! Signup at Sponsorships: For podcast sponsorship information email...


027. Mandy Lam: Community, travel, and self reflection

Mandy Lam dives right into discussion about her travels, the characters she's met and communities she has visited. She and Craig discuss the ethos and spirit of Évry Move, where they sat down to talk, as well as their experiences with the Yamakasi. Mandy also shares her thoughts on what makes a good community, the importance of solo training and self reflection, and finally gets around to discussing her major concussion. Sponsorships: -- Parkour Ways / Art du...


026. Marcello Palozzo: Strength and conditioning, teaching, and learning

Marcello Palozzo discusses his studies in the area of strength and conditioning, his relationship with Ido Portal, and how to capture information to optimize your learning. He shares his insights on teaching and learning, discussing the responsibilities of a teacher. Marcello explains how he found his current path, as well as his goals and plans for the future. Sponsorships: For podcast sponsorship information email For more information on this episode, go to...


025. Craig Constantine: Podcast origin, Movers Mindset past, present, and future

In a reversal of roles, this episode features Craig as the guest, interviewed by Movers Mindset's production manager, Kristen. They discuss all things related to the podcast, from its origin, how we got to where we are, and the unseen difficulty involved in "just making a podcast." Craig opens up about why he chose to make a podcast, what it means to him, and where he hopes to take it. Sponsorships: For podcast sponsorship information email For more information on...


024. Martin Kallesøe: Coaching, coffee, and Street Movement

Craig talks with Martin Kallesøe of Street Movement. They discuss Martin’s unique introduction to parkour, his thoughts on coaching, and Danish Parkour’s coffee culture. He also touches on his first experiences with the Yamakasi, as well as the history and culture of Street Movement and the International Gathering at Gerlev. For more information on this episode, go to For ways to support this podcast visit,


023. Stany Boulifard Mallet: Art du Déplacement, the Yamakasi, and motivation

Stany Boulifard Mallet sits down with Craig to discuss his Art du Déplacement (ADD) journey, his practice, and his relationship with the founders. He shares how he met the Yamakasi, and the impact that they have had on his training over the years. Stany also unpacks his thoughts on the motivation behind ADD and his own reasons for training. For more information on this episode, go to For ways to support this podcast visit,


022. John Hedge Hall: Scottish viewpoint, cultures, and society

Craig travels to Edinburgh, Scotland to interview John "Hedge" Hall about the culture of parkour, his ideas on how Scotland views parkour, and his own personal movement journey. Hedge unpacks how different cultures and societies adapt parkour to fit them and the impact of cultural norms on their practice. Touching a bit on coaching, Hedge discusses the impact of educational environments on his students. For the episode show notes and more visit For ways to...


021. Ville Leppanen: Life-long learning, coaching, and intervals

Craig sits down to interview Ville Leppanen, a lifelong learner and member of the Finnish Parkour community. Ville discusses how he uses different tools in his coaching, how to work smarter instead of harder, and how he uses interval training to help him in parkour. Finally, Ville touches on how his coaching has evolved over the years and how his teaching has helped him learn things about himself. For more about this episode, visit: For ways to support this...


MM Insiders 1 – Interview with Mandy Lam

This episode is part of our Insiders Only Content: episodes released only to the members of the Insiders community. The following are some excerpts from a conversation I recently had with Mandy Lam. To hear the rest of the episode, head over to Mandy and I recorded this conversation at the 3rd Évry Move event which is held by the Yamakasi in the towns of Évry and Lisse in France. Mandy is originally from Toronto, began Parkour in 2007 and had been traveling for a...


020. Sebastien Foucan (Part 3 of 3): Movement journey, path to truth, and coaching styles

In the final part of our 3-part interview with Sebastien Foucan, Craig and Seb continue to discuss his movement journey. Sebastien brings to light what he sees as his “Path To Truth.” They discuss his relationship with learning, different coaching styles, and wrap up with Sebastien’s three words. For more information on this episode, go to For ways to support this podcast visit,


019. Sandro Widmer: ParkourONE, studying coaches, and open minds

Sandro Widmer discusses ParkourONE's TRUST concept, his current research and movement journey. Along the way he describes his time in America, and the struggles of studying parkour coaches. Sandro also reminds us to walk through this world with an open mind, as we can never fully understand each other's experiences. For more information on this episode, go to For ways to support this podcast visit,


018. Sebastien Foucan (Part 2 of 3): Training, coaching, and preparation

Sebastien Foucan and Craig continue their conversation in the second part of Sebastien's three part interview. In this episode, Sebastien discusses how he trains, how he coaches, and how he prepares for his roles in various movies and films. Craig and Sebastien also discuss the influence genetics and natural skill has on the success of a person in their sport. For more information on this episode, go to For ways to support this podcast visit,...


017. Travis Tetting: Building things, faith, and family

Travis Tetting joins Craig for a heartfelt discussion of his coaching journey, community, and building things from the ground up. Along the way he describes his love for his community and the rewards of coaching. Travis explains how his bond to his family and Christian faith have given him the strength to get to where he is today. For more information on this episode, go to For ways to support this podcast visit,