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Formerly talkIMPACT radio. We changed our name to just "tIr" to finally shake off the TNA stigma. We're still the same wacky, taco bell loving wrestling podcast you've known for years. We mostly cover WWE, NJPW and the American indies.

Formerly talkIMPACT radio. We changed our name to just "tIr" to finally shake off the TNA stigma. We're still the same wacky, taco bell loving wrestling podcast you've known for years. We mostly cover WWE, NJPW and the American indies.


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Formerly talkIMPACT radio. We changed our name to just "tIr" to finally shake off the TNA stigma. We're still the same wacky, taco bell loving wrestling podcast you've known for years. We mostly cover WWE, NJPW and the American indies.




tirS13E13: You're a Wizard, Matt!

This week on the podcast social distancing and stay at home orders have allowed us to all record together again! Unfortunately, we don't have a TON of stuff to talk about. We'll talk about how COVID-19 continues to change the world of wrestling, AEW's most recent (last?) dynamite and the IWA-MS TPI from 2003.


tirS13E12: Stay Inside

We somehow survived another week and are here to cover what's left of the world of wrestling. This week we cover the new cancellations, WWE's Wrestlemania plans, AEW Dynamite and GCW Acid Cup.


tirS13E11: Can't Cancel This Podcast

Wrestling, Basketball, Hockey and more have all been cancelled due to the Corona Virus Outbreak. But lucky for you, we record this podcast remotely from 3 very separate locations, so nothing can slow us down! We get together to talk about our brave new COVID-19 world, including what we think will happen mania weekend. Then we get it together to talk AEW, GCW, Elimination Chamber and Prime Time Wrestling.


tirS13E10: Skiff's Arch Nemesis on Dynamite!

This week we got all hosts together to talk AEW (featuring the debut of skiff's nemesis), ROH Bound by Honor and the upcoming WWE Elimination Chamber.


tirS13E09: Revolution Recap!

SBR and Swarley start things off discussing, of all things, why they don't really understand the Bray Wyatt/Goldberg outrage. After that they will jump into AEW, including Dynamite and Revolution. After that Skiff joins the show to talk BLP's Quantum Leap and all things indie!


tirS13E08: Bloody Buttocks

The big sleepy dog is away again this week, so we get an AEW recap from Swarley, and then heavy US indies talk, mostly about GCW's recent "Run Rickey Run" show from Skiff.


tirS13E07: Big D is a Big D

This week the whole crew is here to discuss a wide range of topic! We're covering AEW, NJPW New Beginning in Osaka, NJPW running MSG (and why SBR can't go), the 5 shows from indie wrestling tv last weekend, the death of Philly wrestling and THE XFL!


tirS13E06: The Belt Bet

This week we open the show with Skiff and Swarley to talk GCW in Japan, New Beginning in Sapporo and WWE news. Then sleepy boy SBR wakes up and joins us for AEW.


tirS13E05: Chris Dickinson Should Be The Fiend

I think it's a little late to say "new year, new us" but we are covering a bunch of topics that we shied away from in 2019. Starting with WWE! Yes, we are covering the Royal Rumble and WWE's corporate shake up. Plus we cover NOAH's own corporate shake up, and their most recent show. We also cover AEW Dynamite which...isn't unusual, at all! Plus BUFFALO CHICKEN FRIES BURRITOS and more!


tirS13E04: Who Was in the Black SUV?

The 3 of us got together this week to talk the disappointing double stack tacos, AEW Dynamite, NJPW in Tampa, BLP, Beyond and more!


tirS13E03: You're the Spookiest, Babe

This week on the pod THE BEEF IS BACK, but it's not between SBR and Skiff as they're both here. The beef was on twitter this week, and it was between everyone! It's a news heavy show this week as we cover David Starr AKA MAX BARSKY vs. Gabe Sapolsky, Tessa Blanchard vs. Everyone and AEW's new TV deal. Plus we'll review Dynamite and Dragon Gate's most recent Korakuen Hall show plus preview BLP'S "Nobody puts BLP in a corner"


tirS13E02: Quiet Storm and Nacho Fries Are Coming Back!

It's another split recording this week, as the beef between Skiff and SBR just continues to get meatier and meatier. SBR joins the podcast first to try and talk Swarley down off his AEW ledge. Then we also discuss the upcoming New Beginning shows. Then Skiff joins for a MYSTERY REVIEW! Swarley volunteered to review a show of Skiff's choice and Skiff's choice...probably won't surprise you!


tirS13E01: Wrestle Kingdom Review!

It's 2020 and we're kicking off the year with a massive sized episode! Skiff and Swarley will start things off by covering NJPW's 2 massive Tokyo Dome cards, Beyond's "Heavy Lies the Crown" New Year's eve show and ICW's "No Holds Barred" event. Then SBR joins the podcast to talk AEW and why we stan Kesha.


tirS12E53: Last Show of 2019!

It's the last show of the year, the perfect time to sit back and reflect on the year that was 2019. Of course, we did that 2 weeks ago, so instead we close out the year by reviewing Beyond and Flying V. Plus we preview the upcoming NJPW Wrestle Kingdom shows.


tirS12E52: Candy and Nuts

This week all the boys are here to cover a...not great week in wrestling. We talk about the worst AEW yet, Warrior Wrestling 7, Uncharted Territory and even a little bit of WWE TLC.


tirS12E51: The 2019 Talky Awards!

Swarley, Skiff and SBR get together to talk the best of 2019! All 3 of them will be giving their top 5 (and honorable mentions) for break out star, promotion of the year, show of the year, female wrestler of the year, male wrestler of the year and match of the year.


tirS12E50: Check Your Beef

It's another split episode this week, as SBR and Skiff just can't get on the same recording schedule. SBR joins Swarley first to talk AEW, ratings, Taco Bell recalls and MLW. Then Skiff join's the show to call the recall fake news and cover Uncharted Territory.


tirS12E49: Black Friday Special!

This week Swarley and SBR are skippinng out on the deals just for you! They're staying in to cover AEW, Corey/Mauro, Beyond, MLW and more!


tirS12E48: Ankle Deep in Sewage

This week Swarley and Skiff open up the show talking news, including ROH firing Kelly Klein, ACH's release and Jim Cornette's racist comment. Then SBR joins us, fresh from blowing up a toilet, to talk AEW Dynamite and the upcoming Takeover and Survivor Series shows. We finish off the episode covering Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory and BLP's Slamilton.


tirS12E47: I Already Forgot CM Punk Came Back

This week the whole crew is here, and thank God they are otherwise Swarley would have forgot to talk about CM Punk coming back to WWE TV. We'll also cover the most recent ACH news and Teddy Hart's most recent cancellation before diving into AEW and Beyond.