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Formerly talkIMPACT radio. We changed our name to just "tIr" to finally shake off the TNA stigma. We're still the same wacky, taco bell loving wrestling podcast you've known for years. We mostly cover WWE, NJPW and the American indies.

Formerly talkIMPACT radio. We changed our name to just "tIr" to finally shake off the TNA stigma. We're still the same wacky, taco bell loving wrestling podcast you've known for years. We mostly cover WWE, NJPW and the American indies.


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Formerly talkIMPACT radio. We changed our name to just "tIr" to finally shake off the TNA stigma. We're still the same wacky, taco bell loving wrestling podcast you've known for years. We mostly cover WWE, NJPW and the American indies.




tirS14E08: Smooch-a-mania

We're all about smooching this week as Skiff gets ready for his 2nd vaccine shot and Swarley swoons over Alex Shelley and Maki Itoh. But if you're still anti-smooching don't worry as we do eventually cover the AEW women's tournament, the signing of Paul Wight, Dynamite, the return of Beyond and NOAH.


tirS14E07: Zelda Rhodes

The late night boys return to talk the AEW women's tournament, Dynamite, various news and for the 2nd week in a row, Swarley hears a WWE PPV card for the first time!


tirS14E06: Back to Budokan

This week the boys get together late at night to talk AEW Dynamite and NOAH's Back to Budokan event. Then we'll play a round of everyone's favorite game "Swarley hears a WWE PPV card for the first time" as SBR informs him there is apparently a NXT show called "Vengeance Day" this weekend.



This week we cover the Royal Rumble and WWE news before diving into AEW and THE FORBIDDEN DOOR. Plus we'll hit skiff's preview corner to hear about upcoming NOAH and indie events.


tirS14E04: Don't Give Up! FIGHT FOREVER!

This week our new stock market correspondent SBR is not here, so it's a Skiff and Swarley special! We'll cover AEW, NOAH and GCW's 24 hour "Fight Forever" marathon. Plus we're talking WWE this week! Well cover the WWE network/Peacock news before previewing the Royal Rumble.


tirS14E03: GCW's Peter Rosenberg

Your favorite weekly AEW and NOAH podcast is back again, to talk yet more AEW and NOAH. We'll cover Dynamite, and Higher Grounds night 2 before previewing GCW's 24 hour marathon.


tirS14E02: PAC-Man

This week THE BIG DOG IS BACK to talk AEW Dynamite, Impact Wrestling Hard To Kill and his all time favorite promotion, NOAH.


tirS14E01: He Should Go To NOAH!

We're back after an extended holiday break to talk all kinds of wrestling! Swarley and Skiff got together to talk the passing of Brodie Lee, AEW Dynamite, NJPW Wrestle Kingdom, TJPW, NOAH and more! PS Sorry my neighbor decided to start mowing his lawn during the recording :(

tirS13E48: The 2020 Talkies!

It's time to talk a look back at the strange and unfortunate year that was 2020. All 3 of us are here to hand out awards for tag team of the year, break out star, show of the year, promotion of the year, female wrestler of the year, male wrestler of the year and match of the year.

tirS13E47: Aerial time bomb & current blast bat x 3 Deathmatch

This week Swarley and Skiff somehow go 2 hours covering the world of wrestling. First we go over AEW getting a great rating for a not so great show. Then we will cover NOAH, including the Big Dave Certified 5 star banger Go Shiozaki vs. Takashi Sugiura. Then skiff will quickly recap GCW before previewing several upcoming shows including Impact Final Resolution and ROH Final Battle.

tirS13E46: Darby's Dad

This week the big dog SBR is back to talk a VERY eventful AEW Dynamite. We''ll recap the show and then go in-depth on the debut of Sting and the new Impact relationship. Then we'll recap NOAH A New Hope and MLW fusion before previewing NXT War Games and GCW.


tirS13E45: They Weren't Even In Game!

SBR was off this week so he could go fight people for savings on Black Friday, so now Swarley and Skiff can talk all the NOAH they want! Well OK we do cover AEW Dynamite and Masked Wrestler first, as well as Thanksgiving and our Black Friday purchases. But after that, its NOAH time.


tirS13E44: CONTRA-19

We're back again for a surprisingly packed episode of the tIr Wrestling Podcast. This week we're covering AEW Dynamite, the return of MLW, The masked wrestler, Swarley's BETRAYAL of NJPW (and his new found Joshi perversion), NOAH's upcoming event and lastly the return of Swarley hear's the WWE PPV card for the first time!


tirS13E43: For U By Others

We're back this week to talk a very newsworthy episode of AEW Dynamite, NOAH, Zelina Vega, The Masked Wrestler and more!


tirS13E42: Full Gear Recap

This week we recorded moments after AEW Full Gear ended to give you our freshest, most sleep deprived opinions of the show! Plus we'll also cover The Nick Gage Invitational and what ever the hell is going on in New Japan.


tirS13E41 Featuring IWTV Star Just Skiff

The boys are back for a (not very) spooky edition of the tIr podcast! This week we cover AEW Dynamite, the masked wrestler, and Skiff's appearance on Independent Wrestling.TV's Camp Leapfrog. Plus we'll preview next weekend which will be jack packed with AEW Full Gear, NJPW Power Struggle and GCW.


tirS13E40: You CAN See Me

This week we're recapping AEW Dynamite, The G1 finals and the Masked Wrestler. After that we take a look at the upcoming Bound For Glory and Hell in a Cell PPV cards.


tirS13E39: Oklahoma Hog

Quick turn around this week as we record just 5 days after our last Mega sized collective show. The big dog was able to join Skiff and Swarley this week to talk positive covid tests, the state of indie wrestling, AEW, the N1 finals and big fat Oklahoma hogs.


tirS13E38: The Colletive 2020 Review Show

This week Swarley and Skiff get together bright and early on a Monday morning to talk (almost) every collective show! We're talking GCW, SUP, BLP and more! We'll let you know what the top matches and shows were, and what you need to go see. Also, the audio is fixed this week!


tirS13E37: Top 5 Babyfaces GO

WARNING: The audio quality on this episode is a little rough! I was having some issues with my recording equipment so i winged it with some back ups and different settings and it uh...didn't turn out great. I've already fixed it for next time we record. With all that said, this week the boys got together to talk AEW Dynamite, the G1 malaise, and weird shows on Fite this weekend.