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independent artist with eighties influenced alt-pop stylings and a background in post-rock. debut EP coming early 2020.

independent artist with eighties influenced alt-pop stylings and a background in post-rock. debut EP coming early 2020.


United Kingdom


independent artist with eighties influenced alt-pop stylings and a background in post-rock. debut EP coming early 2020.








Dallas Cowboys Deepdive w/ Jeff Cavanaugh & Dan Turner - Episode 18

In episode 18 we discuss the Dallas Cowboys with Jeff Cavanaugh @JC1053 of Trust the Tape & the Athletic and Dan Turner @DTSTurner of Covering the Cowboys' structure & culture, the future of Jason Garrett and who may be the odd man out for contract extensions. Not just for Cowboys fans, get to know who the Cowboys really are with some fantastic insight! @WhoDeyWhoDat will be back with a fantasy focused episode next week! Kisses from @NickLangdon89 & @NFLaXthePond


NFL Draft Recap w/ Thor Nystrom - Episode 17

In episode 17 Dan & Nick discuss the NFL Draft with Thor Nystrom Lead Draft and College football analyst at Rotoworld. Discussing Thor's draft class grading system and where he's a little different on some team's drafts than others. Hit us up with the hashtag #WDWD @WhoDeyWhoDat @NFLaXthePond & @NickLangdon89 will catch you next week with the first of the team deep dives! #Cowboys


NFL Draft Recap - Episode 16

In episode 16 Dan & Nick recap the NFL Draft discussing which they liked and which they didn't but more importantly why. Some key roster strategy tells from teams and why Nick is super high on the Joe Flacco Broncos! Hit us up with the hashtag #WDWD @WhoDeyWhoDat @NFLaXthePond & @NickLangdon89 will catch you soon with the great Thor Nystrom!


Episode 15 - Zach Jacobsen Packers NFL Draft scenarios & strategy + Mock Draft

In episode 15 we preview the NFL Draft for the Packers with @ZachAJacobsen of Cheesehead TV and "The Leap" podcast. We discuss; - Team needs and future transitions on the roster - Trade options - Prospect opinions - Positions with draft depth, and - Round out with a 3 round mock applying the above! Check out the Leap podcast with Zach and hit us up with the hashtag #WDWD @WhoDeyWhoDat @NFLaXthePond & @NickLangdon89 will catch you soon!


Episode 14 - Jordan Reid NFL Draft Preview

In episode 14 we preview the NFL Draft with draft scout Jordan Reid @JReidNFL discussing; - Where certain prospects can excel in the league, - Which players fit the new positional trends in the league, - Jordan's pet cats, and - Which mid round guys can instantly contribute. Hit Jordan and Who Dey Who Dat up with the hashtag #WDWD @WhoDeyWhoDat will catch you soon! Kisses from @NickLangdon89 & @NFLaXthePond


Episode 13 Mock Draft Picks 11 - 32

In episode 13 Dan and Simon conclude the first #WDWD mock draft. Picks 11 -32 follow on from episode 12. Let us know how you think we did in the comments or tweet at us using #WDWD. Next episode is up later this week for your bank holiday weekend, we'll have Jordan Reid (@JReidNFL)back on the show to discuss prospects and answer listener questions. As always hit us up @WhoDeyWhoDat @NFLaXthePond @NickLangdon89 & @NFLDUK


Episode 12 - Neil Dutton and Top 10 of the Mock Draft

Episode 12 - We kick off with Neil Dutton. Discussing how the game has changed in the UK over the years, as well as Waxing Lyrical, some key internal matters for the Eagles and how the NFL changed throughout the 2018 season. As always Neil highlights some great resources to check out. To round out we start off our first mock draft of the year with Simon Carroll aka covering the first 10 picks. Couple of draft experts coming on the show soon so send us your questions to #WDWD...


Episode 11 - O-Line and the Jets w/ Brandon Thorn & Randy Lange

We're back! In episode 11 we discuss: W/@BrandonThornNFL of the Trench Warfare podcast ~ 1-46 mins - Elements of offensive line play, what matters at each position. - How NFL training dynamics influence O-line development. - Why Jonah Williams is one of the surest bets in the draft. - The talents of Cody Ford and a sleeper pick at center. W/@RLangeJets Senior Consultant at ~46 to end. - A busy free agency acquiring; Lev Bell, CJ Mosley and Kelechi Osemele. - How the team will...


Episode 10 - NFL Free Agent Auction - Guest Bonanza

In episode 10 we preview free agency by auctioning some top free agents across the league! Fun roundtable featuring; @JackDuffin - AFC North @BenRolfe - AFC South @TomDegenerate - AFC West @ZackMooreNFL - AFC East @Mainzey7 - NFC East @NickLangdon89 - NFC West @NFLaXthePond - NFC North In absentia - @5YardRush - NFC South Followed up by a recap and look ahead to the legal tampering period. We'll catch you next week to look back on the actual FA deals and compare with our auction bids! See...


Episode 9 - Scouting Tips with Mark Jarvis What's on Draft NFL

In episode 9 we discuss scouting concepts and how to start scouting with Mark Jarvis of @whatsondraftnfl Before Dan Dan the Rumour Man and Nick break down the merits of a potential blockbuster move in Cleveland. Hit Mark and us up with your scouting questions for future shows with the hashtag #WDWD @WhoDeyWhoDat will catch you soon! Kisses from @NickLangdon89 & @NFLaXthePond


Episode 8 - Jordan Reid - Edge Rushers

In episode 8 we discuss the 2019 draft class of edge rushers and what makes them individually so special w/@JReidNFL Dan makes sense of the Kyler Murray to Cardinals rumours and offers some updates coming out of the combine. We are @WhoDeyWhoDat send us your feedback and questions wherever you get your pods and via the hashtag #WDWD. Follow Dan and Nick at @NFLaXthePond & @NickLangdon89 Catch you soon!


Episode 7 - Inside the NFL with Phoebe Schecter of the Buffalo Bills

In episode 7 we discuss w/@PhoebeS_PT ; what it's like to coach in the NFL, the Bills' season, the development of Josh Allen, organisational culture and some details of how the franchise operates. Huge thanks to Phoebe for everything she does in growing the game. Make sure you check out the GB Women's Team in Leeds this August! @NickLangdon89 and Dan @NFLaXthePond then dampen the mood by discussing why the Browns rushed to sign Kareem Hunt. We are @WhoDeyWhoDat hit us up at #WDWD and we'll...


Episode 6 - Zack Moore From Over The Cap

In Episode 6 Dan enjoys an in depth chat w/@ZackMooreNFL writer for and writer of the book 'Caponomics: Building Super Bowl Champions'. Then to finish, Nick and Dan delve into the Broncos big trade for Joe Flacco! Check us out @WhoDeyWhoDat @NFLaXthePond and @NickLangdon89 Tweet us your questions with #WDWD - see you later this week!


Episode 5 - Super Bowl Week Part 3 - Rams Preview with Bear Mader

In Episode 5 Nick discusses the Rams roster, what their strengths and weaknesses are going into the Super Bowl and also briefly look forwards to how the Rams might approach the 2019 Draft w/@LA_RAMblingBear of @LockedOnRams Then to finish, Nick and Dan give their final predictions ahead of the big game! Check us out @WhoDeyWhoDat @NFLaXthePond and @NickLangdon89 Tweet us your questions with #WDWD - see you later this week!


Episode 4 - Super Bowl week Part 2: Mark Schofield - Patriots - Life is All About Transitions

Patriots : Life is All About Transitions - Super Bowl week Part 2 In Episode 4 we deep dive into the Patriots dynasty & what has made them so consistent w/@MarkSchofield We talk; QB evaluations, what has made Tom Brady so great and the 2019 Senior Bowl QB prospects. We of course also delve into the keys to the game on Sunday. Check us out @WhoDeyWhoDat @NFLaXthePond and @NickLangdon89 Tweet us your questions with #WDWD - see you later this week!


Building for Success - Dan Hatman - Super Bowl Week Part 1 - Episode 3

In Episode 3 we cover; - the #NFLUK games 2019 announcement - A roundtable looking into the future for the 4 Conference Championship teams w/ Simon Caroll of @PocketCrumble - Discussion w/ Dan Hatman @Dan_Hatman Director of the @TheScoutAcademy on the operational constraints NFL teams work within. ~35minutes in. Check us out @WhoDeyWhoDat @NFLaXthePond and @NickLangdon89 Tweet us your questions with #WDWD - see you later this week!


"Together We're Dan Marino" - Joe Marino - Episode 2

Episode 2 - We kick off draft season ahead of the Shrine Game and Senior Bowl with The Joe Marino and learn how will enable great off-season conversation long after the draft. 2.10 Interview w/ @TheJoeMarino on draft season & his Bills Mafia connections. 38.45 Panel chat w/ Jack Duffin's Browns Boys. Check us out @WhoDeyWhoDat @NFLaXthePond and @NickLangdon89 Tweet us your questions with #WDWD - see you next week! #NFL #NFLInternational #WDWD #NFLUK #BillsMafia


Head Coaching Vacancies - Craig Ellenport - Episode 1

Seize January and make it your #resolution to learn more about the #NFL. First up we tackle the Head coach and how franchises can plan around them. 2.38 Dan chats with Craig @Ellenport of (@HCRfootball) on grading and the specific value they bring to the field. 28.05 Panel Discussion w/ @TomLikeNFL of @TheInsideZone ; who makes sense where, a Dolphins deep dive and Tom tries to get Adam Gase paid! 59.45 Dan & Nick wrap up discussing the, then, not yet LaFleured Packers...


Episode 42 - World Cup Special!

Episode 42 of The Going For Two Podcast with Ross Wight and Nicholas Langdon. We’re back for a very special episode as we preview the 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia. We break down all the groups and even tell you who will win the World Cup!


Episode 41 - The Going for Two 2018 NFL Mock Draft!

Episode 41 of The Going For Two Podcast with Ross Wight, Nicholas Langdon and ‘draft expert’ Daniel Harris-Gorelov. We are back! And yes we’re as shocked as you are! So for our first show back we thought we’d make a splash with a LIVE, 3-way mock draft covering the first round of the upcoming NFL Draft!