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Hi, I'm Alex Garrett. I podcast on Spreaker regularly, voicing my own thoughts on the world around us! Follow me at @AlexGInNYC. E-Mail Me @

Hi, I'm Alex Garrett. I podcast on Spreaker regularly, voicing my own thoughts on the world around us! Follow me at @AlexGInNYC. E-Mail Me @


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Hi, I'm Alex Garrett. I podcast on Spreaker regularly, voicing my own thoughts on the world around us! Follow me at @AlexGInNYC. E-Mail Me @






Fanatics Friday With Alex at the NBA Draft 2022

Fanatics Friday on Alex Garrett Podcasting! Learn more about Therapy N' Sports HERE: Fanatics Friday item of the week? Beanbags in honor of Aaron Judge to meet your cornhole needs this summer! :


Alex's Five Minute Fix - Whiplash in Washington

From the overturning of Roe V. Wade to gun violence legislation there is a TON of Whiplash in Washington right now, it's honestly hard to keep up. My mental health check-in is talking on Alex Garrett Podcasting, what is your mental health check-in?


Talkng Watergate50 with Randal Wallace, Host of the 'Bridging the Political Gap' Podcast

Check out Randal Wallace's podcast and entire site: We talked about Watergate at 50 and the character of Richard Nixon on Alex Garrett Podcasting


A Discussion With Teamsters 237 President Greg Floyd About Adapting NYCHA in 2022

Thanks to Greg Floyd , Teamsters 237 President for joining Alex Garrett to discuss Gov. Kathy Hochul, Mayor Eric Adams, and the City Council finally working to adapt NYCHA for the unionized workers of the New York City Housing Authority. Teamsters:


Alex's Five Minute Fix 6-22-22 - Attorney General James Tackles Canceled Weddings For New Yorkers

Until September 17th, if you deposited money to the Falkirk Estate and Country Club in NYS between June 2020 and May 2021, you are qualified for a refund of your wedding deposit, just in time for wedding season 2022! All thanks to New York State Attorney General Letitia James! Info here:


A Report on Believing God The Father on Father's Day 2022

Citing the latest Gallup Poll, I find encouragement that the majority of Americans still believe in God! I come up with the 'approachable preacher' idea to bring people back to the Church on Alex Garrett Podcasting! Poll link:


Five Minute Fix - Father's Day Wishes and Analysis of Most Beloved NBA MVP, Where Does Steph Rank?

On today's fix, my thoughts on President Biden's recent fall, as gas prices keep rising. Happy Father's Day to all out there AND my thoughts about 'Betway Insider's most beloved NBA MVP survey as Steph Curry and the Warriors win 4th title in 8 years:


Fanatics Friday Ft. Famble Media 6-17-22

Fanatics Friday sponsored by Fanatics, Inc.! The newest item catching my eye is a golden interlocking NY Yankees shirzy honroing Derek Jeter: This Friday, sports content enthusiast Adrian Melville discussed his new platform, Famble Media, where fans, yes regular fans, can post sports content in partnership with Famble Media and monetize their content! He talked about the ultimate goals for Famble Media with me on Alex Garrett Podcasting! Link in bio to...


Adapting With Alex Garrett- Supply Chain Crisis Should Not Short Change Our Healthcare Needs

I want to direct you to two reputable healthcare companies: LoCost Medical Supplies ( and ConvaTec ( are reliable in getting medical devices to you amidst the supply chain crisis . On Alex Garrett Podcasting, I advocate for the humbling of Big-Pharma as well during this period of inflation and moving forward out of this pandemic! People should not fearful they can’t get their health needs met to the point of short-changing...


Alex's Five Minute Fix on If America Can Achieve Americana Again

Today's fix is dedicated to my Medium article on Americana: I also put finishing touches on the first book of David Alan Arnold's 'Help From Above' and how God's hands prevent his death shooting 'Deadliest Catch' over the Bering Sea. A shout-out to the late Eddie Brown of NYRA, who made Belmont Stakes a special day for my family and I in the horse racing world


Fanatics Friday With Queens College Baseball Coach Chris Reardon 6-10-22

Thanks to QC Knights baseball coach Chris Reardon for joining to talk Queens baseball’s magical run in May! Join QC alumni at Citifield Thursday August 4th as Mets take on the Braves: Right now, site-wide on my sponsor Fanatics is a 65% discount using promo code HULU! The item I’d love you to buy right now is LA Rams ‘ own Cooper...


AG Five Minute Fix: What Should Ultimately Come About From Jan 6 Hearings 060922

Link to story on arrest of Jan 6 rioter in MI: Petition to demand recall of Bragg:


Episode 131 - Alex’s Five Minute Fix- NYers Should Demand a Recall of Manhattan DA Bragg

Good news, New Yorkers can petition for a recall of DA Bragg! The inspiration should come from San Francisco recalling their DA, Boudin! On Alex Garrett Podcasting I talk about this Change petition (


Episode 130 - Alex’s Five Minute Fix- McConaughey’s Plea At the White House; NYers Scared Of Rising Crime

I cover two very big moments of today on Alex Garrett Podcasting. Actor Matthew McConaughey advocates on behalf of responsible gun owners at the White House . He passionately reads out his op-Ed, a reaction to the tragedy in hometown Uvalde: Also take a look at the latest poll in NYC as crime continues in the Big Apple:...


WashTimes White House Correspondent Jeff Mordock Talks Durham Probe , Sussman and Observations on Biden

Why did Clinton attorney Michael Sussman walk free? Jeff Mordock of the Washington Times joined me to discuss the trial. He also recaps the Durham Probe which he broke news on for the WashTimes dating back to 3 years ago. I also ask Jeff his latest observations of Biden in these times of crises. Thanks to Jeff Mordock for joining Alex Garrett Podcasting! Links to Jeff's work:


Celebrating Greek Independence on the Radio with John Catsimatidis

The evolution of my journey definitely involves Mr. John Catsimatidis, owner of WABC Radio and Gristedes! While he has come on this platform, I've honored he spent a few minutes with him on WABC Radio during the broadcast of the Greek Indepedence Day Parade! Listen to the exchange on Alex Garrett Podcasting! Full broadcast on vime of Greek Independence Day (


Episode 108 - Adapting With Alex Garrett- Michael J. Fox Adapts To Parkinson’s

I played an excerpt from the Mike Birbiglia Podcast in which Mike interviewed Michael J. Fox ( about how progressed the ‘Back to the Future’ star’s Parkinsons has increased. It’s an intense listen to Fox’s own words, which I replay for you on Alex Garrett Podcasting.


Adapting With Momma Pat Jordan and David Maxwell from the 2022 Nassau County Games For the Physically Challenged

Thanks to Pat Jordan and David Maxwell for a day one chat from the Games for the Physically Challenged!


Albany’s Clean Slate Act is Not A Clean Slate

I rip on this pending bill in New York that believes sealing convictions is a clean slate. I argue on Alex Garrett Podcasting that a clean slate involves forgiving someone’s past, not hiding it! More on the Clean Slate NY campaign:


Episode 95 - The Sports Hour With Alex Garrett ! - Memorial Day Benchmark Part 2