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One of the premier sports blogs on the internet now has its own podcast. Some of the biggest names and newsmakers in the sports media will join us regularly on the AA Podcast.

One of the premier sports blogs on the internet now has its own podcast. Some of the biggest names and newsmakers in the sports media will join us regularly on the AA Podcast.
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One of the premier sports blogs on the internet now has its own podcast. Some of the biggest names and newsmakers in the sports media will join us regularly on the AA Podcast.




Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 43 - Matthew Berry

4:48 - The challenges and exciting things that come with putting out a 28 hour fantasy football marathon 5:33 - Keeping content fresh vs allowing newcomers to get the core information they need 7:53 - How he's done all 28 hours the last three years 9:30 - What does he remember about the first fantasy team/league he was in? 12:20 - When did his first break come when he was working in show business in LA? 17:42 - The fleeting nature of the TV/movie industry - How unhappy he was late in his...


Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 42 - Mina Kimes

4:20 - Is her next opportunity to be a Head Coach in the NFL now that she's working with Sean McVay 5:35 - How the idea of being a booth analyst didn't really occur to her and how that changed 6:50 - Who were/are NFL analysts & color commentators she's enjoyed viewing/listening to 8:30 - The best way to incorporate more and new information into broadcasts 10:34 - When she knew she first wanted to become a writer 11:15 - Was the transition from the business world of journalism into sports...


AA Podcast Episode 41 - Mike Florio

2:53 - How he became a Vikings fan growing up in Steelers country 6:40 - Growing up in Wheeling, West Virginia and the impact WTBS had on him as a sports fan 8:50 - When did he take to the NFL away from baseball? 10:11 - How he "stumbled" into his first NFL writing job 13:16 - Did he have ownership stake in the first NFL company he worked for? And how did that lead to a quick stop at ESPN? 14:35 - How his legal degree and career in law has been essential in his work 17:10 - What he...


AA Podcast Episode 40 - Jay Bilas

4:42 - His basketball camp wrapping up and if they've had to change their approach with how basketball has changed 7:40 - When did he first start to play and then grow to love basketball? 9:55 - Did basketball ever come easy to him? 11:20 - Life as a Duke player vs life as a Duke Coach (both under Coach K) 14:00 - What was Jay Bilas outside of basketball like? 16:45 - Did he think he'd be a full-time coach and pursue it as a career once he started in 1990? 18:42 - Was there any anxiety in...


Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 39 - Sarah Spain

4:34 - Her co-host Jason Fitz's inability to pay up on bets 5:40 - The origin of how she became "The Commish" 9:10 - Has there been a scenario where she hasn't been able to solve someone's dilemma? 11:20 - Her time growing with the Le Batard Show 14:03 - What kind of kid was Sarah Spain? 15:56 - Learning to balance so many things all in one day and how it translates to her current career 18:05 - Was being a star HS/College athlete a part of her career path / what her ultimate goal ended up...


Awful Announcing Podcast Episode #38 - Kristen Ledlow

RUNDOWN: - 3:43: The insanity of Tuesday night (Magic stepping down, Dirk & D-Wade's last home game) - 4:30 - Her interactions with Wade & Dirk over the last several years - 6:48: Her first interests in playing basketball and playing it competitively for many years - 8:20: Did she anticipate trying to play sports professionally? Or was broadcasting always something she was interested in? - 10:39: Early influences growing up in an era where there were more female sportscasting role models -...


Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 36 - Hank Azaria

5:00 - Does he have any optimism for this upcoming Mets season? 8:50 - Was Brockmire created as an homage to the older, more personality driven baseball broadcaster? 10:50 - On his show connecting with younger audiences and millennials despite baseball's issues relating to younger fans 12:10 - On Jim Brockmire starting off Season 3 sober 13:50 - On adding Bob Costas, JK Simmons, Tawny Newsome, Richard Kind amongst others to the mix 14:30 - On Costas and Joe Buck and Brent Musburger really...


Awful Announcing Podcast Episode 35 - Clark Kellogg

4:45 - Why the NCAA Tournament is universal for all sports fans, both casual and hardcore 5:42 - His 25-year run at CBS and what's make it work and last 7:07 - His love of the game and if there was ever a moment that basketball wasn't the route for him 8:35 - His insane high school championship game performance and what it's liked to be locked in on a basketball court 10:28 - His time playing at Ohio State and how he's watched the game evolve working in basketball over the last 35-40 years...


AA Podcast Episode 34 - ESPN's Sports Betting Analyst Doug Kezirian (presented by BetDSI)

4:20 - On getting the show together and the rehearsals taking place this week 5:50 - On the show feeling natural for everyone because sports betting is a passion of theirs 7:50 - When he sensed sports betting was starting to become less taboo 10:20 - Do they discuss how they'll try to market the show to all types and generations of sports fans 14:00 - His time working in Vegas and how it helped shape his worldview of sports wagering 15:20 - Why he feels baseball sets up best for the...


AA Podcast Episode 33 - FOX Sports' Shannon Spake

4:05 - Her love for the Howard Stern show 7:40 - Was being on the Stern "Wrap Up" show her most exciting moment as an interviewee 8:45 - Growing up with scoliosis and back surgery to now training for Iron Mans and running marathons 13:20 - Connecting with athletes due to their shared experiences 14:45 - When she went "all in" in broadcasting 18:50 - On sacrificing time with family for the job, and her kids being super excited about her role in Cars 3 20:00 - What was the first NASCAR event...


AA Podcast Episode 32 - Super Bowl Coverage Roundtable

3:38: Ratings aside, should CBS feel good about what was in control of their broadcast? 7:11: On the wild live TV moment of the postgame scrum with Tracy Wolfson & Tom Brady 9:50: Has Jim Nantz changed for the better as a result of working alongside Tony Romo? 11:38 - How CBS should feel about the ratings, both on the TV side and on the digital side 14:22 - Should the digital numbers matter more to networks? Would the discussion be different if it were simply a good game? 16:10 - Did it...


ESPN Broadcaster Bob Wischusen

3:05 - Life on the road 6:30 - Why calling College Football trains you to be ready for any sportscasting opportunity 10:07 - What he considers the most difficult sport to do play-by-play for, and why you might be surprised by his answer 16:20 - Feeling comfortable as a broadcaster and early influences 21:00 - How he seeks out feedback on his broadcasts 24:25 - Going to Boston College, calling games and doing shows with Joe Tessatore and Boog Sciambi/Wanting to compete against them because...


AA episode 30- Jeff Passan

3:40 - Has he gotten settled at ESPN yet 4:22 - Biggest change from Yahoo to ESPN 6:40 - Is there added pressure in trying to be the Schefter/Woj of MLB 9:20 - His football analogy to what the switch has been like 10:40 - Who his early media/journalism influences were 14:50 - Does he feel like writers need to become specialized? Or can they cover and break news across all sports? 19:40 - Transformation from feature writing to breaking news 21:40 - His appreciation and admiration for Ken...


AA Podcast: Episode 29 - Tony Reali

4:00 - His connection to Statin Island and his connection to the Impractical Jokers 6:00 - His move to New York several years ago, working at the new ESPN Seaport studios and the family connection it has for him 10:10 - Is it surreal since he joined ESPN 18+ years ago 14:40 - Early role models in the industry and trying to remain himself as a personality 19:45 - Does he feel like he gets enough feedback from his peers/bosses 22:50 - What does he remember about his first episode of hosting...


AA Podcast Episode 28: Bleacher Report's Adam Lefkoe

4:01 - The star panel he'll be a part of for "The Match" Tiger vs Phil 5:58 - Embracing the unknown and throwing out the rundown/staying in the moment 7:28 - Starting in local news and changing how content gets delivered over the last 10 years 10:13 - On making mistakes early and whether "going viral" is possible anymore 12:55 - How Awful Announcing played a role in his rise in the industry / the Seinfeldcast & Rapcast 19:00 - The feeling of watching his sportscasts go viral 20:50 - Any...


AA Podcast episode 27 Allie LaForce

3:30 - How she plans to get Astros updates while working Thursday's game (her husband pitches for Houston) 5:10 - What led her to pursue basketball, both playing it in D1 and covering it professionally? 7:50 - Her family ties to modeling, competition and sports and the role they played in her life 9:30 - How being named Miss Teen Ohio made her grow up really quickly as a kid 11:33 - Who was the first interview that made her geek out/get nervous 13:40 - Her first broadcasting moment getting...


AA Podcast episode 26- Andrea Kramer

3:20 - Did she have a vision for what she wanted to do when she started at NFL Films in 1984 7:20 - What she remembers about her first job at a newspaper and how drastically it's changed now 10:40 - On going into the Pro Football Hall of Fame and doing it as a mother 17:00 - When she found her voice and confidence as a broadcaster and journalist 19:30 - How she views the conversation of more diversity and more women earning opportunities to call games 23:40 - How she and Hannah Storm were...


AA Podcast episode 24- Pablo Torre

INTRO: 2:40 - Did they know how they wanted High Noon to sound from the very beginning/not explaining the joke 5:00 - How he and Bomani first became friends 7:05 - Pitching the show to themselves 9:20 - Bomani and Le Batard as wedding guests 12:00 - Learning how to do TV without compromising integrity 15:20 - The power of transparency and being interesting without being "hot takey" 18:05 - What he remembers from their first show 18:50 - The backlash from the music playing the whole time...


AA Podcast episode 24- Maria Taylor

On her new deal/going from volleyball & women's basketball to everything she's doing in just four years (2:17) How she'd love to do something the NBA as part of all the work she's doing (3:44) How she once considered a career in medicine (5:33) Her first ever broadcast (6:30) The Taylor Rowe'd Trip with Holly Rowe (9:48) The best way to describe SEC Football & SEC Football Culture (12:06) The study that 45% of CFB fans are female (roughly 74 million fans) (15:43) What could college football...