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The official home for audio programming from Bless You Boys, SB Nation's community for fans of the Detroit Tigers.

The official home for audio programming from Bless You Boys, SB Nation's community for fans of the Detroit Tigers.


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The official home for audio programming from Bless You Boys, SB Nation's community for fans of the Detroit Tigers.




BYB Podcast 100: When the red pill drops

Thanks for all the good questions yesterday. We appreciate the response, and this may become a more regular feature of the podcast going forward. Managing editor Brandon Day talks about the sudden outrage burning through Detroit media and the Tigers fanbase over the team’s rough start. While putting GM Al Avila on the hot seat is well and good with us considering we’ve already had him there for years, let’s remember what is important, and what isn’t, in regard to the Tigers 2021 season. As...


BYB Podcast 99 : Akil Baddoo mania and the new look Tigers

We're back with a look at a whole lot of fun action, and a few sour notes, from MLB's opening week. We'll start with Tigers talk. Miggy in the snow. The legend of Akil Baddoo. A pretty good first six outings for the rotation. Michael Fulmer as reliever. And then we'll get into the new brand of baseball A.J. Hinch is preaching, and whether he'll stick to his guns, and fold after a few mistakes the way Brad Ausmus and Ron Gardenhire did. Then we'll take the second half to look around the...


BYB Podcast 98: Breaking down the Tigers 2021 roster with Kenon Carter

We're joined by an old friend on this edition of the Bless You Boys podcast. Kenon Carter, who runs the Detroit Tigers Minor League Tracker accounts on social media joins us for an in depth dive into the Tigers spring training roster battles. Most of you will remember Kenon from his work covering the Tigers farm system for Bless You Boys for a few seasons. In this episode we'll unpack the Tigers training camp with under two weeks left to Opening Day. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


BYB Podcast 97: Spring training chat with David Laurila of FanGraphs

With Grapefruit League action underway, and the long awaited return of Dan Dickerson's dulcet tones to the airwaves--many of us are still waiting for MLB to actually permit us to watch our favorite teams--the spring ritual has arrived. In that spirit, we're joined on this episode by David Laurila of Laurila has written for Baseball America and Baseball Prospectus in the past, so his work at FanGraphs completes the baseball writer trifecta. He is a frequent contributor as a...


BYB Podcast 96: Preseason roundup with Cody Stavenhagen of the Athletic Detroit

With spring camp underway and Mr. Stavenhagen, the Tigers reporter for The Athletic Detroit, days away from a flight to lovely Lakeland Florida to cover them, he joins us for a preseason conversation about the 2021 Detroit Tigers. This is a pretty wide-ranging, state-of-the-organization conversation, but we start off discussing some of the interesting small scale additions like Nomar Mazara and Julio Teheran while also lamenting the lack of any major moves this offseason. The 2021 Tigers do...


BYB Podcast 95: Uncle Al's Discount Boutique

Welcome back Tigers fans. We didn't get the big deal we were hoping for this offseason, but as the yearly scramble for odds and ends hits high gear, Al Avila and the Tigers have added some interesting names that will at least be interesting projects for the new coaching staff. We'll talk Jonathan Schoop, Renato Núñez, and Nomar Mazara, and how the roster is shaping up overall. Finally, we'll talk about MLB's attempt to de-juice the baseball, and offer wise alternatives to make the game a...


BYB Podcast 94: The hot stove won't keep you warm like Anya Taylor-Joy will

We are back with another overdue episode of the Bless You Boys podcast. Brandon Day and Ashley MacLennan return with an overview of the quiet offseason to date, and what may lie ahead. First we'll catch up on some of the signings and news from around the league. Then, we'll discuss the new coaching staff, the signings so far, and what the Tigers may do in the month remaining until pitchers and catchers are supposed to report to Lakeland. And, since we're regularly asked to do a segment after...


BYB Podcast 93: Talking Tigers with Jeff Riger of 97.1 The Ticket

There is no more recognizable voice in Detroit Sports media than that of Jeff Riger. As a reporter and broadcaster, he's made a name for himself by his willingness to ask the questions fans want asked, and at time irritate the powerful. Joined by Mark Gorosh from the Don't Call it a Rebuild, it's a Team Build podcast, we had a fun chat about the Tigers past, present, and future, got some good Jim Leyland stories, and talked the state of talk radio in the social media era. The first hour is...


BYB Podcast 92:: Talking A.J. Hinch with Cody Stavenhagen of the Athletic Detroit

What wizardry was this? Certain that the White Sox would hire the former Astros skipper, we didn't really allow ourselves to hope this would happen. Now, as we record on the evening of Thursday, October 29th, A.J. Hinch appears to be a lock to become the 49th manager in Detroit Tigers franchise history. For this episode we're fortunate to be joined the Tigers beat writer for the Athletic Detroit, Cody Stavenhagen. He'll provide his own inside insight into how this decision came to pass....


BYB Podcast 91: Reality bites back at the Tigers playoff hopes

Brandon Day and Ashley MacLennan back to discuss a very interesting two weeks of Tigers baseball. After pushing to the .500 mark, they've slumped to a 3-7 record over their last 10 and now look at a three-game road series in Chicago. At the end of a stretch of 12 games over 10 days, there is no choice but to win. A tired Tigers club has their backs against the wall now, and somehow need to find a way to take the series if their impressively scrappy campaign for a wild card spot is going to...


BYB Podcast 90 - Midseason Tigers checkup after a quiet trade deadine

Monday night after a trade deadline with no real action from the Detroit Tigers, we're back with part two of our midseason review. Mark Gorosh of the Don't Call it a Rebuild, it's a Team Build podcast joins host Brandon Day for another wide ranging conversation. We'll reflect on what was already expected to be a pretty quiet deadline, and was in fact very quiet. That's not necessarily a bad thing either, but whether a team makes real moves or doesn't, they're telling you something about how...


BYB Podcast 89 - Halfway home and the Tigers are hanging tough

Well here we are now, and the Tigers are actually entertaining us. The Motor City Kitties are just a game under .500 and right on the heels of the final Al Wild Card spot. Things couldn't be going too much better. Brandon Day and Mark Gorosh got together Friday night prior to the club's Saturday doubleheader victories over the Twins to take stock of what we've seen from the surprisingly resilient Tigers over the first half. This will be another two part epic, with this episode focused on the...


BYB Podcast 88 - The Kids are Alright but the Team is not

We're back in the wake of an exciting week of call-up, that, unfortunately, did little to curb the Tigers rapid descent to last place. Brandon Day and Ashley MacLennan meet up for an admittedly lengthy podcast (sorry about that) recorded on Thursday night after the Tigers were swept by the Chicago White Sox. We'll talk about the happy stuff first, as the Tigers addition of Casey Mize, Tarik Skubal, and Isaac Paredes is going to make this a fun five weeks of baseball. We'll then discuss the...


BYB Podcast 87 - The Al Avila era of Tigers baseball finally begins

Hi folks, we're back with another podcast summit with the Don't Call it a Rebuild, it's a Team Build podcast. Our special guest is Cody Stavenhagen, Tigers beat writer for The Athletic Detroit. Thanks to Cody for sitting in with us yet again as we recorded Monday night during the Tigers' loss to the Chicago White Sox. With the imminent debuts of three of the Tigers top prospects, there was much to discuss. We'll kick things off discussing Casey Mize, Tarik Skubal, and Isaac Paredes, and get...


BYB Podcast 86: Early returns say the 2020 Detroit Tigers may be pretty fun

After a night of pure dominance from the vaunted Tigers bullpen (just go along with it) the club is out to a solid 3-2 start in this compressed season of madness. The Tigers have a tendency to look their best early in a season before the long fade to the bottom begins, so don't get too excited, but there are at least reasons for optimism and in 2020, optimism is an especially valuable commodity. Hang in there long enough, Tigers, and your front office may reward you with some top prospect...


BYB Podcast 85 - Riley Greene is here to show you a good time

Summer Camp has only been underway for about two weeks, and yet here we are only another week until Opening Day. Co-host Ashley MacLennan is back as we take a look at the early returns. We discuss baseball without fans and how best to present this unusual package via television broadcast. We'll take the temperature of the notables based on their performance so far, and consider the possibilities for the starting rotation and the bullpen. Then it's on to some of the fringe candidates fighting...


BYB Podcast 84: Cody Stavenhagen of the Athletic Detroit reports from Summer Camp-Part Two

Welcome back. Thanks for joining us for round two. As these do, the conversation stretched out into a two-hour marathon last Friday night, and so here is the second half of our chat with Cody Stavenhagen, Detroit Tigers beat writer for The Athletic Detroit. In this half, we'll talk bullpen, you'll hear why Brandon and Mark regard Spencer Turnbull as a bit of a hot potato, and then talk turns to some of the position players hanging onto a spot on the Tigers' roster but in need of a modest...


BYB Podcast 83: Part One-Cody Stavenhagen of the Athletic Detroit reports from Summer Camp

Welcome back folks, and thanks for joining us. This is another combination pod with Brandon Day of the Bless You Boys podcast, and Mark Gorosh of the Don't Call it a Rebuild, it's a Team Build podcast. The Detroit Tigers beat writer for the Athletic Detroit, Cody Stavenhagen, joins us for a lengthy chat after a week of Summer Camp. In part one, we'll talk about some early impressions made, particularly by players on the cut-line and fighting for a roster spot. We'll talk Riley Greene and...


BYB Podcast 82: Ian Casselberry on Bless You Boys history and this season of COVID-19

One of the early managing editors of Bless You Boys, the lovely Ian Casselberry joins host Brandon Day and the host of the Don't Call it a Rebuild, it's a Team Build podcast, Mark Gorosh, for a wide-ranging conversation. You can find Ian these days writer for Awful Announcing, and links to his myriad podcasts can be found at his Twitter handle, @iancass. We'll talk about the early history of the Bless You Boys blog, and the Wild West days of the Tigers' nascent blogosphere in the mid-00's....


BYB Podcast 81: Spencer Torkelson signs and Summer Camp 2020 is nigh

There was quite a bit of news on Tuesday, and blessedly little of the unexpected variety. We'll take it after the past four months. However, it wasn't all good. On the positive side, Spencer Torkelson is now officially a Tiger, and headed to the taxi squad (why isn't Uber in on the branding there?). Unfortunately, MLB also announced as expected that the minor league season would be cancelled. It's hard not to have a split perspective right now. One can't realistically consider any potential...