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Seattle sports talk with Brock Huard and Mike Salk weekdays 7am to 10am on 710 ESPN Seattle.

Seattle sports talk with Brock Huard and Mike Salk weekdays 7am to 10am on 710 ESPN Seattle.


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Seattle sports talk with Brock Huard and Mike Salk weekdays 7am to 10am on 710 ESPN Seattle.




The Seahawks are NOT DONE Making Moves Before the Draft; Brock's Trip to "The Masters"

Brock was feeling it after a week off--he's got some insight into what he believes the Seahawks are working on leading up to the draft, a confident prediction about draft day trades, and a contract extension that would make a major difference for the Seahawks' championship run. Howdy is once again out in left field with some Mariners thoughts, while Brock sees some serious reasons for excitement around the M's rebuild. Brock actually attended The Masters over the weekend and provides 30...


The Mariners Next Championship Run Hinges on Jarred Kelenic

It's Opening Day week for the 2021 Mariners, and Brock & Salk are celebrating with a good ol' fashioned argument over the decision to start the season with Jarred Kelenic in the Minor Leagues. Just how vital is Kelenic to the M's hopes of building an eventual World Series caliber team? PLUS--the Seahawks have been active in free agency, but has all of their work made their defense any better than it was last year? The 49ers massive trade to acquire the #3 pick in the draft shines a spotlight...


From Hero to Villain: Comparisons for Russell Wilson IF he forces a trade

The leaders of the "House of Wilsonism" enter into uncomfortable waters with Russell Wilson's legacy in Seattle. How will Russell Wilson be received by fans as he's introduced in the 2021 opener after this offseason drama? And if Wilson forces a trade from the Seahawks, how will he compare to other Seattle sports icons who have done the same? 710 Mariners insider Shannon Drayer gives her firsthand impression of the Mariners live from Spring Training--will the M's break camp with a top...


6 Reasons Why the '21 Mariners Season Will be Crucial

Top prospects, expiring contracts, fired team president...there are plenty developments to follow heading into the 2021 season. Which ones will determine the success of the rebuild, and what has to go right in order for the M's to sneak up on teams in the AL West? Brock & Salk break down the impacts of Dak Prescott's new deal with the Cowboys on the Seahawks and Russell Wilson. Plus--a long-awaited version of "Answer the Question, Jerk!" that gives you more of what you're looking for--vital...


How Seriously Should you Take Russell Wilson Trade Rumors?

NFL reporter Albert Breer of MMQB joins Brock & Salk to share what he's hearing from the rest of the League about rumored unrest between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. How seriously are the other teams in the league taking this situation, and does anyone believe Russell Wilson could actually be made available via trade this offseason? Brock answers why he believes JJ Watt decided to join the Arizona Cardinals over many other playoff hopefuls. Now that Mariners Spring Training has...


Mariners CEO Kevin Mather out -- How can the M's win back Seattle?

The Mariners have fired president and CEO Kevin Mather after his insensitive comments. How can they regain the trust of fans? Brock & Salk break down the offensive comments and their impact on the players, prospects and fans before laying out the specific strategy that would rebuild the bridges Mather may have burned. *Spoiler alert: it doesn't have to do with making the M's more profitable.... Russell Wilson and his camp has had a lot to say this offseason, but why has the team been silent?...


Q&A Day - what's next for Russell Wilson and the Seahawks

It's Q&A Day for Brock & Salk, tackling the five most pressing questions between Russell Wilson and the Seahawks. How serious is the rift between the two sides? How (un)likely is a trade? and how do Pete and Russ come together? James Paxton is back in the fold for the M's which has Brock & Salk excited, but nervous for one very unexpected reason. See for privacy information.


Russell Wilson has Crossed the Line

Brock and Salk have long defended Russell Wilson, but the comments he and people in his "camp" have made in the past days are too much for them to stand behind. And yet...does he have a point? Brock & Salk get to the bottom of whether the Seahawks do need to change how they approach building their offensive line. Mike Salk has a hot take about the Legion of Boom that Brock isn't buying. Brock gives his #1 Seahawks free agent re-signing target in Blue 88. See for...


EXCLUSIVE Inside Access Interview with a Former Colleague of New Hawks OC Shane Waldron

With Shane Waldron hired to be the new Seahawks offensive coordinator, what kind of offense will the Hawks truly be getting? This episode is almost ENTIRELY devoted to discovering the answer to that very question! Jake Heaps joins the podcast to share his reactions and how he believes Waldron and Russell Wilson will mesh. Brock gives his perspective of how Waldron's past coaching stops might inform the offense he'll create in Seattle. And finally, Mike Salk brings on a former teammate of his...


Why haven't the Seahawks hired an Offensive Coordinator?

It's been two weeks since the Seahawks started their search for a new Offensive Coordinator and Salk lays out why the lack of news should be cause for concern. With the Bucs heading to the Super Bowl to take on the Chiefs, is it time to give Bruce Arians some credit? Blue 88 - John Schneider doesn't have a 1st or 3rd round pick in the 2021 draft, Brock has a blockbuster trade scenario that could change that. See for privacy information.


Why Offensive Coordinator ISN'T the Biggest Question for the Hawks this Offseason

The Seahawks still don't have an offensive coordinator, but are we all looking in the wrong place for the answers to the Hawks' return to playoff dominance? Brock & Salk sift through some of the major questions facing the Seahawks recent and upcoming decisions, Brock & Salk dive into the vault for a podcast edition of "Good News, Bad News, No News". Salk declares why the Mariners having 2 prospects in the top 5 of baseball signals a new stage in development unseen since the '90s, while Brock...


Hawks OUT of the Playoffs; New OC MUST HAVE'S; Re-Signing Schneider is a Big Deal

One of the members of the Brock & Salk Podcast called for a sloppy playoff game against the Rams. They got their wish... and the Hawks lost. But was that the reason why they lost? The Hawks made 2 major moves, re-signing GM John Schneider and firing offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. Hear why Brock & Salk are more interested in the decision to retain Schneider than move on from Schottenheimer. Brock reviews his ideal candidates for the next Hawks' OC...Boy Howdy loses his mind at...


The Seahawks Prove They Are READY for the Playoffs

Heading into a 3rd matchup against the Rams on Saturday for the Wildcard round of the playoffs, the Seahawks are playing in a way that is making a lot of fans nervous. Brock & Salk, on the other hand, see it COMPLETELY differently--but why? Brock breaks down how the Hawks should handle the running game against the Rams in Blue 88, while Brock & Salk rank the 6 open head coaching jobs in the NFL...and come to an interesting conclusion about whether Seahawks GM John Schneider will leave the...


The NFC West Champion Seattle Seahawks are Playing Their BEST Football since...?

Fresh off of a division-clinching win over the Rams, Brock & Salk go against the grain and declare that the Seattle Seahawks are playing their best football of the year. In fact, they're playin their best ball in years...but how? Brock & Salk identify the 3 main people responsible for the Seahawks' turnaround. Mike is increasingly confident in the Seahawks' ability to turn on the offense if it needs to--is there still a reason to doubt this team? Blake Snell is moved to the Padres; hear why...


How Russell Wilson's Greatest Strength is JUST NOW Showing Up

The Hawks have clinched a playoff berth and a chance to take the division title against the Rams, but many fans are upset at how the Hawks have come about their 10-4 record. While his passing stats are down, Brock & Salk believe Russell Wilson is actually just now getting to the point of playing in a fashion that best suits a Seahawks Super Bowl run. Have the Hawks finally found "balance" in their offensive attack? Tiger Woods shows how to be a role model sports dad, Brock's behind the...


Who Deserves the Credit for the Hawks' Defensive Improvement?

The Seahawks blew out the Jets, but it's the trend line for the Hawks that has Brock & Salk wondering who deserves credit for the turnaround? Is it right to be critical of Jamal Adams despite him setting records for sacks in a season? Will Rashaad Penny overtake Carlos Hyde as the number 2 back as soon as he returns? Why do NFL teams huddle 3 yards from the line of scrimmage when there are no fans in stadiums right now? Wow, there's a lot of questions to answer! Wonder who thinks they'll...


Seahawks in Full IDENTITY CRISIS!

After an embarrassing loss to the Giants and the Seahawks offense struggling to put up points at home, Brock & Salk diagnose what happened to untrack this team from their hot start. Brock's baseball analogy gets into the mindset of why Russell Wilson looks lost in the offense, while Salk takes umbrage with "Let Russ Cook" and it's effect on Wilson. Blue 88 explores what the New York Giants did to Russell Wilson that will be replicated by every one of their future opponents. "Answer the...


Russell Wilson + DK Metcalf + Chris Carson = Seahawks Winning Formula

Fresh off a win over the Eagles on Monday Night Football, Brock & Salk try to sift through what they "know" about the 2020 Seahawks and what they "think". Hear how Brock believes Chris Carson has separated himself from most every other running back in the NFL and what it means for the Hawks' Super Bowl chances. Salk is ready to declare that D.K. Metcalf has officially "arrived" in the NFL, while Brock dives deeper into how Russell Wilson's recent mentality shift has the Hawks in the driver's...


Pete Carroll Revives "Seahawk Football"; Why the Mariners Aren't Ready to Trade Prospects for Stars Yet

Now tied atop the NFC West, Brock & Salk see a light at the end of the tunnel for the Seahawks if they maintain the "typical" brand of Seahawks football they saw in the Hawks win over the Cardinals. Did Pete Carroll have to put his foot down and end the Russell Wilson MVP train in order to get back to winning football? Brock has his eyes on 1 game on the Hawks' remaining schedule that he believes will determine whether the Hawks have a bye in the playoffs or not. Rumors circulating that the...


5 Reasons for Russell Wilson's Newfound Turnover Problem

Brock and Salk use the "F" word to describe the Seahawks' identity this season. Is it possible to become a physical team again without being a balanced, Pete Carroll offense? Mike Salk runs his list of 5 possible reasons for Russell Wilson's turnover problem by Brock Huard...and the "Let Russ Cook" crew may not like the conclusion. If 2020 doesn't end with a deep playoff run, what will the Hawks due with impending free agents Chris Carson, Jamal Adams and Shaquill Griffin? Can the Seahawks...