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A place to talk sports, movies, music, comedy, politics, wrestling, and the world.

A place to talk sports, movies, music, comedy, politics, wrestling, and the world.
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A place to talk sports, movies, music, comedy, politics, wrestling, and the world.




Episode 604 - "I Wish You Can Put That on a Throw Pillow..."

Our good friend Jessica Kane joins the podcast to talk about receiving an e-mail, indirectly, from a childhood inspiration, how sometimes we don't ever really watch out favorite movie from start to finish, and of course, gives us a pupdate on her 17-month-old puppy who seems to be energetic everywhere but the dog park. You can learn more about Jessica on Twitter at @jesskane31, and learn about her sketch team, What Would Do, at Facebook.com/WhatWouldDoComedy! Follow the Dennis Has A...


Episode 603 - "I Married All Those Things, Dennis, Into One Great Thing That I Love..."

Our good friend Leanne Linsky is offering 48 free coaching sessions over 48 days to celebrate her upcoming birthday and make an impact on people's lives. I share a joy of talking to people and connecting with Leanne, but we go about making those connections in very different ways. You can listen to Leanne's podcast Life Lafter Divorce and learn more about all of her projects over at LifeLafterDivorce.com! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at @DHAPshow, listen to and subscribe on ...


Episode 602 - "Just to See This Guy Doing Drunk Push-Ups..."

Hemal Jhaveri does podcasts, video, and talks NHL at For the Win as part of USA Today, and with the Washington Capitals bringing the Stanley Cup back home to the DMV, I had to talk with Hemal about the Caps amazing run and Alex Ovechkin's and the teams amazing week long celebration! You can see more of Hemal's work at For the Win at USA Today! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at @DHAPshow, listen to and subscribe on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, PocketCasts and TuneIn...


Episode 601 - "You Either Have the Option of Creating Something. Or Not."

My friends Alexis DiGregorio and Kate Coyne combine to form the awesome entity that is Utterly Average! I talk with Kate and Alexis about how they met in an improv class, how Kate tries to change Alexis' hoarding ways, the joys and challenges of collaboration, and so much more! You can see Alexis in The Dreamer Examines His Pillow Sundays at 1pm in June at The PIT Loft, and you can see Kate in Montgomery, Mondays at 9pm at The PIT! You can learn more about Utterly Average at...


Episode 600 - "Ed, First of All, I Have 11 Gold Gloves..."

From the incredible Katch Astoria, Mets legend Ed Kranepool joins Dennis Has A Podcast to talk about the awesome year Jacob deGrom is having and if the Mets should trade him to improve the team, his conversation with Brandon Nimmo about how to prepare to hit when you're not getting at bats, his own experiences breaking into the big leagues, making the All-Star Game at 20-years-old, hitting against the all-time greats, helping Mike Piazza learn first base, and so much more! Thank you to...


Episode 598 - "I Can't Be Teaching It If It's Not True..."

Actress, singer, comedian, whathaveyou!, Julie McNamara can do it all! Julie joins the podcast to talk about her life coming up with musical theater aspirations, how comedy came into her life, the differences in teaching yoga versus taking a class, her upcoming summer at a renaissance fair, and more! You can learn more about Julie at JulieannMcNamara.com and at Facebook.com/JulieMcNamaraActress! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at @DHAPshow, listen to and subscribe on Spotify,...


Episode 597 - "This is a Funny Story! I Know It's a Funny Story!"

David Arroyo is a comedian, storyteller and freelancer writer, who shares his own story about moving to New York City from Puetro Rico, his beginnings as a comic writer and how that lead him into storytelling, how speed dating led him to meet his wife and so much more! You can learn more about David on YouTube and Facebook! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at @DHAPshow, listen to and subscribe on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, PocketCasts and TuneIn Radio (leave a...


Episode 599 - "Write About Who You Are."

Author Ron Hutchinson joins the podcast today to talk about his new book - Clinging to the Iceberg: Writing for a Living on the Stage and in Hollywood! Ron shares how he developed a taste for writing growing up in Ireland, how he traveled to London, then Hollywood, and now Brooklyn, shares stories of his early successes, and advice he'd give to up and coming writers. You can get Ron's new book on Amazon and anywhere you can books! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at...


Episode 596 - "What Am I Going to Do if I Don't Do This?"

The wonderful Bethany Kay joins us on the podcast to day to talk about her incredible appearance on the new show Dietland that you can see Mondays at 9pm on AMC, which is also currently streaming for free on their website. We chat with Bethany about her life as an actor, her auditioning experience for the show Dietland, how to play and experience a character who steals their scene and so much more. You can also see Bethany this summer in Blithe Spirit as part of the Shakespeare Theater...


Episode 595 - "He Was Safe!"

A little more than two years ago, Kris Rosario gathered a band of merry Softballers (now Minkmen) to join our little adult baseball league in Queens. While Kris plays MLB: The Show in the background, I talk to him about his love of baseball, his life growing up in Queens, and how he and his fellas joined our league. If you want to play some baseball in New York City, check us out at FanBaseballNYC.com! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at @DHAPshow, listen to and subscribe on ...


Episode 594 - "It's A New Year. I'm Going to Do Things That Scare Me and Challenge Me..."

Fresh off her debut at Dangerfield's, Kisha Peart shares with us her hot start in stand-up, the 'wonderful' world of dating in NYC, how her background as a marching band trombone player led her to becoming an actor, how she's been finding her stand-up voice on stage, and more! You can see Kisha at QED Astoria on May 27th at 7pm, and in the upcoming horror film "Love Bites." You can learn more about Kisha at KishaPeart.com, and on Twitter and Instagram at @KishaPeart! Follow the Dennis...


Episode 593 - "I Kind Of Invented It Back in College..."

John Sucich is a writer, comedian, and lifelong Mets fan, who connected with me on Twitter, and we discuss his early career in television news and how everyone has their local TV favorites, the plights of the super-on-time people, the year he tried a new thing every day for a year, how being a parent influences his comedy, and what it's like being a Mets fan in Massachusetts. You can see John as he hosts the Framingham Comedy Weekend on July 26, 27 and 28th in Framingham,...


Episode 592 - "My Favorite Part of Bull Durham is Any Movie Robert Wuhl is in..."

Our good friend Marc Adam Smith is back on the podcast and we're talking the delightful Keith Hernandez Twitter account, him running into Paul Giamatti in a bodega, the fun of collecting sports cards in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, some of the best movies that came out 30 years ago in 1988, and more! You can follow Marc on Twitter at @moosemas45! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at @DHAPshow, listen to and subscribe on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, PocketCasts and TuneIn...


Episode 591 - "I'm Really Into Organized Crime, too. Not, like, Personally."

Amamah Sardar shares her story about how she started pursuing comedy and teaching up in Providence, Rhode Island, after leaving New York. Amamah shares what she was passionate about as a teacher, and why she left the profession, we talk about what her family knows about her comedy career, what it's like to have friends see bad set, the awesomeness/awfulness of random 90's teen romance comedies and more. You can see Amamah at The Rochard on 97th & Lexington in Manhattan on Monday, May 14,...


Episode 590 - "I'd Rather Laugh with the Sinners than Cry With the Saints..."

Juliet Simms joins me on the podcast today to talk about her new single, "Take Me", which you can currently get on Spotify and iTunes! We talk with Juliet about the origins of her new single, how challenging it can be to write when you know exactly what you want to say, our shared Billy Joel connection, her origins as a musician, sneaking on to Warped Tour, her experience on The Voice and with the music industry, and the importance of finding yourself on and off stage, and so much...


Episode 589 - "Word of Mouth from Kids is Not as Strong as (from) the Parents..."

Our good friend Peter Michael Marino joins us to talk about his new show "Show Up, Kids!" and to talk about the process of transforming a show for adults into a show for kids, the importance of creating a show that caters to both audiences, while also discussing festivals, the performing community and talk shows, promoting the tar out of yourself and more! You can see an All-Star reading of Peter's Desperately Seeking the Exit on Saturday, May 18th at Ryan's Daughter on E 85th Street in...


Episode 588 - "You Can't Really Replicate the Feeling..."

Ethan Feldman didn't start stand-up comedy until his early-30's, and we talk with Ethan about what him make the leap into comedy, being a lifelong New Yorker navigating the subways, how sometimes we take better care of our cats and pets than ourselves, and more! You can see Ethan at Greenwich Village Comedy Club on Tuesday, May 8th, and at Broadway Comedy Club on Wednesday, May 9th! You can follow him in Twitter and Instagram at @emaxsaun! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at...


Episode 587 - "Let's Get the Gory Truth Out..."

Francis Levy is a thoughtful and funny author, whose most recent novel Tombstone: Not a Western, follows a couple as they prepare for the great beyond. I chat with Francis about his reasons for writing the book, his previous experiences writing about death, how to find humor in a not-always-funny subject, what we owe to those before we travel to the great beyond, and so much more. Released April 19, you can buy Tombstone: Not a Western at Amazon.com or wherever you get your novels! Big...


Episode 586 - "I Had Life Changing Conversations Playing That Game..."

David Lawson is performing his one-man show "No Oddjob" at Fringe Seacoast in Dover, New Hampshire, July 18-22, and I was all too excited to talk about our middle school and college experiences playing games like Smash Bros., Tecmo Super Bowl, Mario Kart, and of course, GoldenEye. I talk with David about growing up playing games in person with groups to the evolving trending of playing with people online, his evolution as an actor to performing one-man shows, and his monthly storytelling...


Episode 585 - "And I Don't Actually Know Where I'm Moving Yet..."

Matt Vita is super passionate about music, comedy, surfing and snowboarding, and doesn't know where in New York City he will be moving to tomorrow. Matt talks about being a surf guy moving to New York City, giving up his dream of moving to Costa Rica to pursue a life he wasn't expecting, the joys of unexpected human interactions in the world, and so much more! You can see Matt's YouTube video "The Excel Rap" by putting that into the search bar and follow his channel, you can follow him on...