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A place to talk sports, movies, music, comedy, politics, wrestling, and the world.

A place to talk sports, movies, music, comedy, politics, wrestling, and the world.
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A place to talk sports, movies, music, comedy, politics, wrestling, and the world.




Episode 616 -Â "I Would Just Give Myself a Hug and Say 'I Love You'..."

Comedian and writer Caroline Blair joins the show today to talk about her six-year journey from Kansas to New York City, how she still struggles to call is soda instead of pop, and how becoming sober two years ago changed her life. Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at @DHAPshow, listen to and subscribe on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, PocketCasts and TuneIn Radio (leave a comment and 5 stars!)! You can get your Dennis Has A Podcast t-shirt at Pro Wrestling Tees!


Episode 615 - "What You Learn in That Half An Hour... Is Part of Why You've Gone There..."

Craig Storti is a nationally known name in the world of intercultural communication and joins us on the show today to chat about his new book "Why Travel Matters: A Guide to the Life-Changing Effect of Travel" through Nicholas Brealey Publishing, which you can get on Amazon, amongst other booksellers. Craig chats with us about his journey around, his experiences immersing himself in other cultures and languages, his rules for traveling overseas, and much more! You can get "Why Travel...


Episode 614 - "I Have 7 or 8 Minutes of Jokes Dedicated to Oreos..."

Tony Capobianco joined me in becoming that Spiderman meme when we talk about both writing jokes about Oreos, Tony clues me in on Oreo ice cream cake, the joy of avoiding plans, leaning into jokes that don't land, the challenges of comedy in the summer and more! You can follow Tony on Twitter and Instagram at @TonyTellJoke! Tony will be at the Heavy Leather Dance Party on Wednesday, July 18th in Boston! Check out Tony in Canton, Mass., at Brew Ha Ha at Trillium Brewery on Thursday, July...


Episode 613 - "The Whole Show Became A Therapy Session..."

We're shipping up to Boston for the first of two times this week to talk with the awesome Penny Oswin about the late 90's, the importance of setting up multiple wake-up alarms, staying through a whole comedy show, dating in comedy, meeting Tony Danza, and so much more! You can see Penny for The Sunday Funday Open Mic (every Sunday!), The Human Variety Hour, The Penny Hour, Penny 4 Ya Thoughts (Friday, July 20th), The Human Variety Open Mic (every other Tuesday starting July 17th!) at...


Episode 612 - "...You Know What, You Are the Greatest Entertainer On the Planet..."

Friend of the podcast FTW at USA Today's Ted Berg joins us on the podcast to talk baseball and sports movies, celebrity interactions in New York City, his love of Mike Trout and following the World Cup solely through food offerings in New York City! Read about Ted's World Cup food journey at For The Win as part of USA Today! You can follow Ted on Twitter at @OGTedBerg! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at @DHAPshow, listen to and subscribe on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher,...


Episode 611 - "Failure By Itself Is Terrible."

We talk with our good friend John Saponaro today on the show about the new Mister Rogers' documentary, movies that bring out emotions in us, how urgency can bring out the best in us, and so much more! You can see John at The Comedy Hour at Pino's Palette in Brooklyn on July 14th at 9:30pm! See John at Yonkers Comedy Club on July 21, at 9:30pm! John is hosting a comedy contest at Lucy's Pleasantville on July 27, at 7:30pm! You can see John in the Hamptons on July 28 at The Old Stove...


Episode 610 - "I Called Him Larry At One Point..."

WOR's Pete McCarthy joins me on the podcast today to talk about if he see this season coming from Brandon Nimmo when he interviewed him at the 2018 Queens Baseball Convention in January, the Mets overall woes this season, life as a Mets/Jets/Knicks/Islanders fan and if the Isles have the brightest future of the bunch, how Met crusher Chipper Jones became his best interview, and more! You can listen to Pete on 710 WOR for Sports Zone and Mets On-Deck! You can follow Pete on Twitter at...


Episode 609 - "I Can Bring Two Bags of McRibs to Your Office. Is That Cool?"

I connected with Brian Compton on Twitter over a mutual love of the Mets and wrestling, and was thrilled to have him on the show today to talk about his journey through sports coverage, where the Islanders go from here, interviewing Mike Piazza when Brian was 21-years-old, seeing CM Punk's first UFC fight in Cleveland, why NHL arena music is so great, and so much more! You can listen to Brian's Isle Seat podcast talking about the Islanders at IsleSeat.com and follow them on Twitter at...


Episode 608 - "I Can Get Exposed to Something That I Might Never Otherwise Ever Learn About..."

Jude Treder-Wolff joins the show to talk more about her journey through the world of storytelling, how she has worked with music therapy, bring something to an part of the world they didn't know they needed, and so much more! See Jude as part of the Risk show Thursday, June 28, at 9:30pm! See Jude as part of Storyfest at The People's Improv Theater on Friday, July 13, at 9:30pm! Yu can see Jude in Mash Up - Stories into Song as part of the Speak Up, Rise Up Storytelling Festival on...


Episode 607 - "Why Do We Know the Cast of 'Wings'?! Because That Was A Great Show!"

Our good friend Meghan O'Malley joins us to talk about how becoming a morning person led her to her 365 Days of Spite, why she got rid of Facebook on her phone, why away messages were so important, the ridiculousness of reality TV, Meghan's love of nature, and so much more! You can see Meghan in Barely Making it the first and third Wednesday of the month at 8:00pm at The Creek and Cave in NYC! You can also see Meghan in National Scandal the second Friday at 7:30pm of every month at The...


Episode 606 - "Yo, This Could Have Been Avoided If They Had Cell Phones."

We talk to Zoe Yellen about living in the moment, the difference in Mets vs. Yankee fandom, how every comedy set and podcast is going to be different, downloading Amazon Prime movies to your phone, and so much more! You can see Zoe at QED on Thursday, June 28th at 9pm at QED Astoria for the show Truth Serum, the comedy game show the fourth Thursday of every month! You can also see Zoe in Mad Libs: A Musical Parody, a show that she produces and co-hosts on Friday, July 20th at 7:30pm in...


Episode 605 - "I Didn't Trade in Any of My Chucks for Cowboy Boots... Yet."

Our good friend Adam Lucidi joins me to talk about his move from NYC to Austin, Texas, being in the movie theater with only one other person, his transition into becoming a middle school teacher, the lack of good pizza in Austin, our favorite fast food burgers, Adam's love of Judge Judy and Funko Pops, some of his new trivia questions, and so much more! You can learn more about Adam on Twitter and on Instagram at @AdamLucidi! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at @DHAPshow,...


Episode 604 - "I Wish You Can Put That on a Throw Pillow..."

Our good friend Jessica Kane joins the podcast to talk about receiving an e-mail, indirectly, from a childhood inspiration, how sometimes we don't ever really watch out favorite movie from start to finish, and of course, gives us a pupdate on her 17-month-old puppy who seems to be energetic everywhere but the dog park. You can learn more about Jessica on Twitter at @jesskane31, and learn about her sketch team, What Would Do, at Facebook.com/WhatWouldDoComedy! Follow the Dennis Has A...


Episode 603 - "I Married All Those Things, Dennis, Into One Great Thing That I Love..."

Our good friend Leanne Linsky is offering 48 free coaching sessions over 48 days to celebrate her upcoming birthday and make an impact on people's lives. I share a joy of talking to people and connecting with Leanne, but we go about making those connections in very different ways. You can listen to Leanne's podcast Life Lafter Divorce and learn more about all of her projects over at LifeLafterDivorce.com! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at @DHAPshow, listen to and subscribe on...


Episode 602 - "Just to See This Guy Doing Drunk Push-Ups..."

Hemal Jhaveri does podcasts, video, and talks NHL at For the Win as part of USA Today, and with the Washington Capitals bringing the Stanley Cup back home to the DMV, I had to talk with Hemal about the Caps amazing run and Alex Ovechkin's and the teams amazing week long celebration! You can see more of Hemal's work at For the Win at USA Today! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at @DHAPshow, listen to and subscribe on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, PocketCasts and...


Episode 601 - "You Either Have the Option of Creating Something. Or Not."

My friends Alexis DiGregorio and Kate Coyne combine to form the awesome entity that is Utterly Average! I talk with Kate and Alexis about how they met in an improv class, how Kate tries to change Alexis' hoarding ways, the joys and challenges of collaboration, and so much more! You can see Alexis in The Dreamer Examines His Pillow Sundays at 1pm in June at The PIT Loft, and you can see Kate in Montgomery, Mondays at 9pm at The PIT! You can learn more about Utterly Average at...


Episode 600 - "Ed, First of All, I Have 11 Gold Gloves..."

From the incredible Katch Astoria, Mets legend Ed Kranepool joins Dennis Has A Podcast to talk about the awesome year Jacob deGrom is having and if the Mets should trade him to improve the team, his conversation with Brandon Nimmo about how to prepare to hit when you're not getting at bats, his own experiences breaking into the big leagues, making the All-Star Game at 20-years-old, hitting against the all-time greats, helping Mike Piazza learn first base, and so much more! Thank you to...


Episode 598 - "I Can't Be Teaching It If It's Not True..."

Actress, singer, comedian, whathaveyou!, Julie McNamara can do it all! Julie joins the podcast to talk about her life coming up with musical theater aspirations, how comedy came into her life, the differences in teaching yoga versus taking a class, her upcoming summer at a renaissance fair, and more! You can learn more about Julie at JulieannMcNamara.com and at Facebook.com/JulieMcNamaraActress! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at @DHAPshow, listen to and subscribe on Spotify,...


Episode 597 - "This is a Funny Story! I Know It's a Funny Story!"

David Arroyo is a comedian, storyteller and freelancer writer, who shares his own story about moving to New York City from Puetro Rico, his beginnings as a comic writer and how that lead him into storytelling, how speed dating led him to meet his wife and so much more! You can learn more about David on YouTube and Facebook! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at @DHAPshow, listen to and subscribe on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, PocketCasts and TuneIn Radio (leave a...


Episode 599 - "Write About Who You Are."

Author Ron Hutchinson joins the podcast today to talk about his new book - Clinging to the Iceberg: Writing for a Living on the Stage and in Hollywood! Ron shares how he developed a taste for writing growing up in Ireland, how he traveled to London, then Hollywood, and now Brooklyn, shares stories of his early successes, and advice he'd give to up and coming writers. You can get Ron's new book on Amazon and anywhere you can books! Follow the Dennis Has A Podcast on Twitter at...