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Episode 17 - Texans On The Rise

On episode 17, ESG & Rockett are joined by Houston R&B artist Jack Freeman to break down the latest in Sports & Entertainment. The guys hit on Kareem Hunt being released by the Chiefs (2:34), The Packers firing head coach Mike McCarthy (20:37), the Texans 9th straight win with a win over the Browns (26:56), Saints lose to the Cowboys + NFL MVP race (33:42), Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury reaction (41:11), Markelle Fultz shoulder injury diagnosis (58:17) and Greg Popovich's comments on the...


Episode 16 - Thanksgiving Return

On episode 16, ESG & Rockett break down their Thanksgiving weekends and dive right into some NFL topics: The Houston Texans 8 straight game winning streak – what is their ceiling? Are the New Orleans Saints Super Bowl bound? Will Figgy’s Cleveland Browns beat the Texans? What has happened to the Green Bay Packers? The guys also get into recent NBA topics: What is going on with Markelle Fultz? Why are the Houston Rockets struggling so badly? ESG also breaks down 6ix9ine’s recent incarceration...


Episode 15 - Featuring Lil' Flip

On episode 15, ESG & Rockett are joined by Houston hip hop legend Lil’ Flip. The guys get into the latest NBA & NFL headlines: Carmelo Anthony parting way with the Rockets, Kevin Durant vs. Draymond Green, Le’Veon Bell missing the entire NFL season, & Dez Bryant tearing his Achilles. Flip & ESG also give some unique perspectives on Floyd Mayweather’s possible fight in Japan, 6ix9ne and showing respect to cities when you visit, Waka Flocka’s transition & potential retirement from the rap game...


Episode 14 - ESG Goes Primetime in Dallas

On episode 14, ESG speaks on meeting up with Deion Sanders in Dallas and Rockett gives him a hard time for wearing Dallas Cowboys gear. The guys also breakdown Dez Bryant to New Orleans, Le’Veon Bell’s potential return to Pittsburgh, Are the Houston Rockets improving? Will LeBron James in LA work out this season? the rumored Travis Scott “Astro World” lineup, Does ESG forgive Kanye West? and what’s going on with Cavs rookie Collin Sexton?


Episode 13 - NFL Trade Deadline, Early NBA Takes & The Latest Rap Beefs

On episode 13, ESG & Rockett are joined by Rob: The guys breakdown the NFL Trade Deadline, Hue Jackson’s firing in Cleveland, What is wrong with Jameis Winston? Which Houston team will win a championship next? Recent NBA Topics including: Lakers, Rockets, Ty Lue. Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B round 36353, Why were the World Series ratings down? 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule again, Megyn Kelly getting fired for controversial comments regarding blackface, Tyler Perry killing the Madea character & Diddy/Cassie...


Episode 12 - ESG Day in Houston

On episode 12, ESG & Rockett speak on new breaking news of ESG getting an official day from the city of Houston (October 6th now known as ESG Day). The guys breakdown Week 5 of the NFL: Texans vs. Cowboys, the Cleveland Browns come up, Drew Brees & Eli Manning vs. Odell Beckham. The Houston Astros sweeping the Cleveland Indians. Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov mayhem at UFC 229 and Derrick Lewis making UFC history. E also makes light of Bill Cosby's prison sentence. In addition, ESG...


Episode 11 - NBA Preview & NFL Developments

On this episode ESG & Rockett give you an NBA preview including discussion on the Rockets, Lakers, Spurs & Raptors. The guys also breakdown all recent NFL developments and also give their perspective on the stigma that “Black Quarterbacks” face after recent racist comments towards Deshaun Watson. The guys also discuss the passing of Mac Miller, Cardi B vs. Nicki Minaj, Drake’s “In My Feelings” being about Kim Kardashian, Shaq vs. Dwight Howard, Katt Williams vs. Kevin Hart. Hilariously...


Episode 10 - Featuring Tobe Nwigwe

ESG & Rockett are joined by Houston rapper Tobe Nwigwe. The guys speak on WNBA's marketing problem, Nicki Minaj vs. Cardi B, The story of how ESG got into Stand Up Comedy & more


Episode 9 - Featuring Willie D

ESG & Rockett are joined by Geto Boys legend Willie D. The guys talk about Willie D's boycott of the NFL over Colin Kaepernick, the Houston Rockets off-season and Carmelo Anthony, Who Won in Machine Gun Kelly vs. Eminem. ESG & Willie D also get into the timeless debate of who was a better lyricist between 2Pac & Biggie.


Episode 8 - Featuring Dat Boi T

ESG & Rockett are joined by fellow Houston rapper Dat Boi T, also know as the "Screwed Up Essay". The guys talk about the Houston Rockets, Houston Texans, South Side Still Holding Remix, If Floyd Mayweather will ever fight again & more


Episode 7 - Featuring Puntanious

We double down with 2 releases. ESG & Rockett are joined by Bryan/College Station rapper Puntanious. The guys hit on a wide range of topics including their impressions of Madden 19, Baker Mayfield, Houston Texans, Nicki Minaj, Tiger Woods, & more!


Episode 6 - Featuring Slim Thug

ESG & Rockets are joined for the full hour with fellow Houston rap legend Slim Thug. The guys talk about Travis Scott's new album, share stories from the Houston rap scene, Carmelo Anthony's signing with the Houston Rockets, The guys also explore both sides of the argument on Colin Kaepernick & Slim Thug's recent Instagram controversy.


Episode 5 - ESG's Return Featuring Lil' O

ESG & Rockett return after a short hiatus of ESG touring, Screwfest and the release of ESG's new video "Southside Still Holding Remix". ESG & Rockett are also joined by fellow Screwed Up Click member Lil' O at around the 1 hour mark to talk the history of the S.U.C., Houston Texans football, JJ Watt's future, the future of the Houston Rockets, The History of Recent Publishing Deals, Lil O's new projects & more. In the first hour, the guys break down recent top NFL & NBA stories including...


Episode 4 - Featuring Doughbeezy & 39 Cents

ESG & Rockett are joined by Houston rapper Doughbeezy, Comedian 39 Cents and Comedian Jeff Shelley for Episode 4. The guys break down: Where will LeBron James go this off-season? J-Prince stopping the Drake vs. Pusha T beef, Terrell Owens' decision to skip the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductions, Dennis Rodman's CNN interview, Tiger Woods' comeback, Lil' Wayne getting out of his Cash Money contract, Lonzo Ball's diss track to Kyle Kuzma, XXL's Freshman List and more!


Episode 3 - Featuring Texas A&M great Reggie McNeal

ESG & Rockett are joined by Texas A&M great Reggie McNeal for the entire episode. The guys hit on a slew of hot topics: ESG performing for Rockets fans with Slim Thug, Lil Flip & Paul Wall, A breakdown of the entire Houston Rockets vs Golden State Warriors series, LeBron James making the Finals again, the rap beef everyone is talking about: Pusha T vs. Drake, Kim Kardashian vs. Rhymefest, the guys also even get serious on the NFL's new National Anthem policy, Colin Kaepernick vs. the NFL and...


Episode 2 - Podcast Party

ESG & Rockett break down the latest in sports and entertainment over the past week and change. Topics include the Houston Rockets vs. Golden State Warriors, R. Kelly vs. Spotify, Raptors firing Dwane Casey, Cole Beasley's new album, Spike Lee's new movie & lots more. E is also joined by guests Richelle Gemini (Poet/Singer), Dr. Jay (Chiropractor) and Rob 210 (San Antonio rapper)


Episode 1 - Fanatics View Debut & A Wild Week of Headlines

ESG gives a hilarious and interesting perspective on recent entertainment headlines including Kanye West, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj & Bill Cosby. The guys also break down the NBA Playoffs, the Houston Rockets, Houston Texans, Houston Astros and give an NFL Draft outlook.