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Spotlight 108 Declan Wilson

In this episode we connect with Q radio host, world renowned musician, and all around good guy Declan Wilson. We discuss how to break into the touring Feis musician scene, how to get really good timing, why a musician shouldn't be blamed for poor dancer scores, and so much more. Make sure to find Declan's music on Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Music, and via his Facebook page.


FeisLyfe Spotlight 107 Bridget Oei

We talk with Ms. Connecticut 2018, Ms. America (runner up)2018, and recent UCONN grad about her life in Irish dancing and how that compares to a beauty pageant. Bridget gives some great tips on how to set both short and long term goals to help you reach your dreams. How to handle some serious nerves and still be ready to compete. As well as how STEM has molded her and how she plans to help girls through her love of STEM. She also explains how she overcame racial bias within the Irish dancing...


FeisLyfe Spotlight 106 Michael Dillon

Learn how adjudicators judge competitions, a sure fire way to move out of the grade levels, the correct way to tie ghillies (and why Michael will never do it again). Also learn why Michael's mom became his hero and saved the day for some Irish dancers by driving a bus. Michael also gives tips on using a dancing notebook, watching competitions and playing judge yourself to learn what wins, and much much more.


FeisLyfe Spotlight # 102 Saoirse DeBoy

On this edition of FeisLyfe spotlight we caught up with world Champion and Professional Irish Dancer Saoirse Deboy. Here, we’ll discuss everything from Keeping a solo dress fresh to how to break into the professional dancing world, and overcoming injury obstacles. We had to squeeze our interview in during a tech rehearsal for a show that Saoirse was dancing in for Irish Dance Theatre co-directed by Martin Percival and Ciara Sexton. They were mid-rehearsal so the audio isn’t great but I’m...


FeisLyfe Spotlight #103 Maggie Darlington

On this edition of FeisLyfe spotlight we sit down with Riverdance and Irish Dance Theatre professional dancer Maggie Darlington. We discuss how to battle through adversity in dance, how yoga and strength work might be the key to Maggie’s 25 year long dance career, and how what you do in the studio is a representation for your life. There is a lot of great stuff in this one. You won’t be disappointed. Salt Mines (Original Mix) by Meizong https://soundcloud.com/dj-meizong Creative Commons —...


Feislyfe Spotlight #101 Jodie Quinn

On this edition of FeisLyfe Spotlight we talk with 7 time all Ireland Champion, North American Champion, and 3 time World Champion CRN Irish Dancer. Find out what it takes to be a Champion, why Jodie closes her eyes on stage before she dances, who her favorite musicians are, and much more!


FeisLyfe's Irish Dancing Podcast with Joe Duffey

Riverdance professional dancer Joe Duffey. Founder of Celticore Pilates. 1 thing all dancers should do. What mistake champion dancers make. Boys in Irish dancing. How to deal with a bully. Why Prizewinner to Prelim transition is so difficult.