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Episode 5: Top 14 Picks? Why 14?

Nate and Ahop breakdown each lottery pick of the 2018 NBA draft. But first the fellas bring you some offseason drama with teammates, free agency, and shoes. Then the guys are in complete shock at the number one pick (still in shock, wow). Ahop breaks down an old school song with "Shooting Hoops." This week the unpopular opinions are geared towards the Kawhi Leonard drama. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe, review, and rate the podcast! #FBWK Twitter Handles: @nathanallison34 @a_hop21


Episode 4: What is Life Without Ball?

Nate and Ahop discuss what happened in Game 4 and the newly crowned champs. The guys talk about life after the finals and what it's like to not have any games on. However, there are some off court happenings that the fellas discuss. Nate brings up some more NCAA talent that will be fun to watch in the upcoming college season. Ahop breaks down a Kanye classic with "Big Brother." This week the unpopular opinions are made up from "legendary" moments from one of the best to do it. Enjoy and...


Episode 3: can CLE get in gear with some work under the HOOD?

Nate and Ahop recap the third game of the NBA Finals. They then begin to talk about the Cavs effort. Nate brings up how FBWK saw that Rodney Hood would be an important piece for the Cavs. The off-season is coming and the fellas are very excited and begin talking about potential signings. Ahop takes us through some lines of J Cole's "Dead Presidents II.” Nate's unpopular opinion, For Ball He Knows, is a little outlandish. The longest podcast yet, sorry we are trying to not go over an hour....


Episode 2: The Game Was Tied?

Nate and Ahop discuss the first game of the NBA Finals. Nate brings you some up and coming stars at the collegiate level. Ahop takes us through some lines of Logics "44 More." This week unpopular opinions made the cut! Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe, review, and rate the podcast! #FBWK Twitter Handles: @nathanallison34 @a_hop21


Episode 1: The Conference Finals are Competitive?

The first episode of the For Ball We Know podcast! Nate and Ahop recap game 5 of the eastern conference finals and game 4 of the western conference finals. They also give their predications for how the both series will end and a preview to the NBA finals. Later, free agency and off court social media drama will be discussed. Lastly, Ahop will introduce his segment called "Hip-Hoop with Ahop" where he will be bringing you a great line from Drake about basketball and breaking down what it...


Coming Soon: For Ball We Know - NBA Podcast

For Ball We Know: two homies who love hoop. Tune in for commentary on all things NBA-- game recaps, free agent moves, interviews, off-court antics, debating who's the GOAT, and even a segment on hoop in hip-hop. Join us once a week for some hot hoop takes!