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Episode 21: The Best Time to Fire is One Week Prior?

Nate and Ahop once again start the podcast off with some more NBA news. A bright young star goes down that the guys were really looking forward to watching. Next, a franchise made a very interesting move this week before the season starts. After that, we bring hip hoop in with Kurtis Blow and his song "Basketball". Don't forget to stick around after hip-hoop for the FBWK 2018-19 NBA season predictions. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe, review, and rate the podcast! (help us get a few more...


Episode 20: Curry: Top 3 Hooper or Delicious Indian Dish?

Nate and Ahop take a back seat to NBA news (for the most part) to talk about more in depth stories. The episode starts with a look at the beginning of the preseason and who impressed. Next, the guys look into the GM survey that comes out every year, they highlight the most important parts of the survey as well. After that, NBA and social media are looked at with a very captivating B/R article. NCAA focuses on the big college basketball scandal this week, with some new details. To finish the...


Episode 19: Cavs 2019 Eastern Conference Champs?

Nate and Ahop have a long and informational episode this week. The episode starts with more news out of Minnesota, good and bad. Next, the guys bring up Melo and his starting spot, or bench role? Later, the NBA changed some rules and FBWK has the breakdown. Hip-Hoop this weeks brings out a somewhat controversial rapper in Russ and his song "Kill Them All." To finish, the For Ball We Know segment includes Melo and how the guys think he will fare this season. Enjoy and don't forget to...


Episode 18: Why the T-Wolves "Wiggin" Out?

Nate and Ahop are back with a very crazy and petty episode 18! Space Jam is coming back and the guys discuss what it might be like. Next, a petty segment took place on the Twitter-sphere. Damian Lillard is back in the news and it is amazing. NCAA this week oddly enough features none other than Stephon Marbury. To finish, the For Ball We Know (unpopular opinion) segment loops back around to the beginning of the show in a interesting, but maybe correct, take. Enjoy and don't forget to...


Episode 17: Being Rich and Famous is Hard?

Nate and Ahop are back with episode 17! The NBA season is getting closer and closer, but the NBA news never ends. The guys talk about the past and why we are feeling nostalgic with the current Timberwolves team. A deep dive into the GOAT's by position will be discussed next. Lastly, the Hip-Hoop with Ahop segment is sure to leave some laughs and cringing smiles as we listen to "It Ain't Easy" by KD and Lebron. To finish, the For Ball We Know (unpopular opinion) segment involves the hall of...


I.T. Wants to Know: Are You a Joke?

Nate and Ahop are amped for the season so we can get some more content. The guys did have some good news about a potential finesse involving the Lakers. Next, like the title says, I.T. calling out people as "jokes." Later, the hall of fame is brought up along with some pettiness that surrounds it. It's another NCAA week and Nate will be giving an update on the NCAA's biggest scandal to date. To finish, the For Ball We Know (unpopular opinion) segment involves the hall of fame and how it...


Episode 15: NBA Saving the Sole?

Nate and Ahop continue the grind of limited offseason news. The fellas start by saying farewell to a future Hall of Famer. The guys then bring us some big NBA shoe news for the league. Later, talks of a WNBA vs. NBA player resurface from 2016. Hip Hoop coming in hot with a new song from this week "Album of the Year " by J. Cole. To finish, the For Ball We Know (unpopular opinion) segment brings us back to shoes as we question the NBA on their retention of the new rule. Enjoy and don't forget...


Episode 14: NBA or NASCAR?

Nate and Ahop are back with another offseason episode and this one was full of stories. The guys begin with the NBA rookie survey and compare it to older surveys. Next, on the more serious side of things we dive into mental health in the NBA. Later, some older NBA and Ex-NBA players are brought into the mix. It's a NCAA week and Nate will be taking you through which pure shooters to watch this year. To finish, the For Ball We Know (unpopular opinion) segment is not so one sided as it...


Episode 13: LAbron or LAvar?

Nate and Ahop begin this episode by jumping right into the NBA offseason drama. Some outlandish comments came to surface from a specific NBA players father. Next, the guys talk about some lady named Jennifer who poked her head into the spotlight. The FBWK team has noticed some business moves that are being made all over the NBA, wait until you hear what happened this week. It's a Hip-Hoop week with Ahop and he is bringing you some Childish Gambino with his awesome song titled "Hero." Lastly,...


Episode 12: What About Me? What About Kobe!?

Nate and Ahop begin this episode with some unfortunate politics that must be discussed, but this is not a politics pod remember that. Next up we hit some free agency news with some players that can have big seasons if they put in the work. Houston has a smell wave coming through but when is it coming is the question. We're getting closer to teh season and the guys go over the newly released scheduled games. NCAA with Nate is back this week and it has a different spin on it than usual. During...


Episode 11: Dray-Mama Drama?

****It's your favorite day of the week! For Ball We Know FRIDAY!**** Nate and Ahop begin with some normal offseason NBA news that is a little less exciting than usual. Lebron James then shows us why he is for sure the GOAT off the court. After that, the show heats up a little bit with some Dray-Mama Drama. Nate gets excited about some news that will most likely lose him some money in the future. This week Hip-Hoop is straight from the NBA 2k16 soundtrack as Ahop takes us through the famous...


Episode 10: Why is Everyone So Sensitive?

Nate and Ahop begin this episode with discussions of newly extended and signed players. After that, talks about summer Melo begin to stir up, but we are not falling for it this time. Instead of the lakers, we have an instagram portion of the show dedicated to Demar and some others. This week we have NCAA with Nate and are trying something new with Hip-Hoop. During the For Ball We Know (unpopular opinion) segment we discuss an aging players chance of going to play in China. Enjoy and don't...


Episode 9: Will the Kawhining Ever End?

Nate and Ahop start off by ranting about the horrible timing of Isaiah Thomas. After the rant, the guys will be catching up on recent NBA happenings around the league. The lakers, once again, steal a portion of the news. Later, the fellas talk about why the Kawhining is so absurd. Ahop introduces us to one of his favorite artists at the moment "YBN Cordae" with his song "Fighting Temptations." This weeks unpopular opinion is about the man of the day, Kawhi and what his future might hold....


Episode 8: A Hard KNOX Life for the Knicks?

Nate and Ahop return with some more summer league play from the young players out in Vegas and Orlando. The guys talk about some early disappointments and also surprises in these games. Later, the free agency is brought up with some questions on what restricted free agent deals are for. To continue, the dudes catch up on this past weeks deals that were signed. This is a NCAA week and Nate brings a player him and Ahop are very high on and another one that can go either way. Ahop keeps us...


Episode 7: Real Life Monstars?

Nate and Ahop start off the pod with a brief summer league update on a few of this years top picks. Getting into some drama, the guys will be talking about the big signings this week and how fair they are. The Lakers steal a big part of the show, because of course they do. Ahop brings us a song from the Lebron "decision" days by Big Sean and Chiddy Bang titled "Too fake." This week the unpopular opinion will make you think about the future of the league and how playoffs work. Enjoy and don't...


Episode 6: Are the NBA Awards a Lottery too?

Nate and Ahop discuss how NBA twitter works and how deep it goes. Next, the fellas will be talking about recent signings and releases that are happening around the league. The NBA awards show is quickly ran through and we give our thoughts on each award winner. Nate and NCAA are back this week, talking about a PG who is looking to make his way up draft leaderboards and a SG who is already at the top of them. Ahop takes us deep inside some Kendrick Lamar lyrics, with possible shade at Drake,...


Episode 5: Top 14 Picks? Why 14?

Nate and Ahop breakdown each lottery pick of the 2018 NBA draft. But first the fellas bring you some offseason drama with teammates, free agency, and shoes. Then the guys are in complete shock at the number one pick (still in shock, wow). Ahop breaks down an old school song with "Shooting Hoops." This week the unpopular opinions are geared towards the Kawhi Leonard drama. Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe, review, and rate the podcast! #FBWK Twitter Handles: @nathanallison34 @a_hop21


Episode 4: What is Life Without Ball?

Nate and Ahop discuss what happened in Game 4 and the newly crowned champs. The guys talk about life after the finals and what it's like to not have any games on. However, there are some off court happenings that the fellas discuss. Nate brings up some more NCAA talent that will be fun to watch in the upcoming college season. Ahop breaks down a Kanye classic with "Big Brother." This week the unpopular opinions are made up from "legendary" moments from one of the best to do it. Enjoy and...


Episode 3: can CLE get in gear with some work under the HOOD?

Nate and Ahop recap the third game of the NBA Finals. They then begin to talk about the Cavs effort. Nate brings up how FBWK saw that Rodney Hood would be an important piece for the Cavs. The off-season is coming and the fellas are very excited and begin talking about potential signings. Ahop takes us through some lines of J Cole's "Dead Presidents II.” Nate's unpopular opinion, For Ball He Knows, is a little outlandish. The longest podcast yet, sorry we are trying to not go over an hour....


Episode 2: The Game Was Tied?

Nate and Ahop discuss the first game of the NBA Finals. Nate brings you some up and coming stars at the collegiate level. Ahop takes us through some lines of Logics "44 More." This week unpopular opinions made the cut! Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe, review, and rate the podcast! #FBWK Twitter Handles: @nathanallison34 @a_hop21