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Live From Crate and Barrel, Sean P. Darr, Ben Oleshansky, and Doug Sharf provide fantasy information for 14-16 team leagues, as well as comedy regarding deep matters in their personal lives.

Live From Crate and Barrel, Sean P. Darr, Ben Oleshansky, and Doug Sharf provide fantasy information for 14-16 team leagues, as well as comedy regarding deep matters in their personal lives.
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Live From Crate and Barrel, Sean P. Darr, Ben Oleshansky, and Doug Sharf provide fantasy information for 14-16 team leagues, as well as comedy regarding deep matters in their personal lives.




7. "Music and Hitler w/ Continental Breakfast"

Sean (@seanpdarr) ditches his normal co-hosts and instead has the band Continental Breakfast on to discuss how many bands they're in (3:30), How to pick a singer and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (9:00), Why the music industry is so weird and making pop music (14:00), Killing Baby Hitler (26:00), how they came together as a band (40:00), and play a rousing game of WOULD YOU RATHER (56:00). Music From: Continental Breakfast, Girlyboi, Pure Bathing Culture, and Strand of Oaks.


6. "Drake, Jeff Bezos and Benji's getting Married"

Sean, Dylan, and Ben discuss Ben's Engagement (2:00), Sean talks about being apprehensive sharing his work (14:00), Delivering Alcohol to College kids (20:00), Dogs are depressing (22:00), Is there racist sign language (25:00), Favorite comedies growing up (27:00), The latest headlines (35:00), and Sneaking into museums and Soho house (50:00).


5. "We don't miss Kevin Spacey, but we do miss SUPER DAVE"

Sean (@seanpdarr) Dylan (@delyciousfisher) discuss Dylan not texting back (1:00), Sean spraining his ankle on Christmas (4:00) weird tinder experiences (6:30), The Trans Woman at Gamestop that went Viral (11:30) Louie CK’s leaked set and Kevin Spacey (15:00), and make fun of the latest headlines (28:30). They then Honor the great SUPER DAVE BOB EINSTEIN (37:00), and Sean whines more about being Single (40:00).


4. "Cars, Kevin Hart, and Baby it's Cold Outside"

Sean welcomes on Dylan Fisher to talk about family and books they’ve read (00:40), Sean fixed his car himself (10:00), Sean’s roommate putting toilet paper down on the toilet seat at home (20:00), Kevin Hart and The Oscars (27:00), A High School Coach that exposed himself to students (35:00), A man in New Orleans arrested for a bomb threat (37:00), Sean hates independent coffee shops (40:00) Baby it’s cold outside (42:00), and Sean’s phone call with his ex (45:00). Follow @seanpdarr and...


3. "London, Peta, SJWs, and Running into your Ex"

Sean (@seanpdarr) welcomes his co-host Ben Oleshansky on to discuss Sean’s trip to London (00:40), Sean’s altercation with a SJW (07:20), Peta’s weird tweet about language (14:00), Arguing with his Gym (18:00), getting back into the dating world (19:30) and does the latest news about Kareem Hunt and More (26:00). Sean then talks about seeing his ex at a red light, and how he dealt with it. (33:00). Musical guests: The 1975, Pale Waves, Wild Rivers, Sam Valdez, and Twin Shadow.


2. "L.A. Driving, Colin Jost, and More Heartache"

Sean (@seanpdarr) does a mini episode to discuss a recent road rage incident he was in (1:00), Conservative Comedy and Colin Jost's Amazon Bit (7:50), Trump Joke Fatigue (10:30), and losing your identity in a relationship and a sweet email from a girl (13:30).


1. "Breakups, Banksy, and Bombing"

Sean (@seanpdarr) and his co-hosts discuss going to House Parties as adults (4:30), and go over headlines such as Banks's Self Destructing Painting (9:00), a man in Scotland who proposed with a cow (14:30), Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's Micro Pig (17:00), Men crying is ok (19:00), and Sean discusses his breakup with comedian Dylan Fisher (25:00). Dylan and Sean then exchange their worst stories about doing stand up comedy (42:00), and play a game of WOULD YOU RATHER...


94. "If You Know the Way Broadly, You Will See It In Everything" - THE FINAL GOING DEEP

Sean P. Darr is joined by co-hosts Ben Oleshansky and Jacob Bandoni on what is a 99% chance the LAST EPISODE, of Going Deep. The boys discuss their New Podcast (3:00), Read letters from Mrs. Libby's first Grade class (9:00) The bad things going down in Hollywood with Harvey Weinstein, Johnny Depp and More (23:00). Take a dip in the Love Sauna (46:00) Sean leaves the listeners with an inspirational quote (1:13:00). Music From: Beck, Led Zeppelin, Panama Wedding, and Phoenix.


93. "Sean's Divorce?, NFL Protests, and "Hot or Fit?" with Ariana Basseri

Sean welcomes both his co hosts Ben Oleshansky and Jacob Bandoni to discuss Sean returning to school (4:20), Sean’s new dating life (12:40), and Sean’s maybe sort of divorce? (19:00), Sean then welcomes on Guest Ariana Basseri to play a game of “Hot or Just Fit?” (23:00), and discuss comedy, porn, and losing boners (31:00). Sean and his co-hosts then give their thoughts on the NFL protest. (49:30).


92. "Dylan Fisher on Day Drinking, Making TV Shows, and Leaving Religion"

Sean is joined by his Co-Host Ben Oleshansky and SPECIAL GUEST Dylan Fisher (00:39), Sean talks about getting too drunk and throwing up on a wine tour in Napa (03:30), Going to a concert in the Old West and getting pulled over (14:30), Dylan's Facebook Live Show "The Late Live Show at Night" (23:00), Dylan's former life as a Youth Minister (31:30), and Bartending (55:00). Sean and Ben then discuss the Patriots Loss (1:00:00) and Micheal Bennett and Police Brutality (1:06:00).


91. "Kaepernick VS Cutler, Google Memo, & Plastic Surgery"

Sean is joined by his best friends Jacob Bandoni and Mason fox to discuss their trip to Miami and Jacob spending 300 dollars at a strip club. (2:30) A Miami Pool Party (9:45) Jay Cutler Vs. Colin Kaepernick (11:45), The Leaked Google Memo (29:15) Play a Game of "WOULD YOU RATHER" (49:00), DARR YOU KIDDING ME (1:06:30), NFL Headlines and Alpha Of The Week (1:13:15), The Dangers of Plastic Surgery and Trans Suicide (1:22:35) Music From Lykke Li, Pond, Calvin Harris, FM-84, and...


90. "Thee Phantom on Love, Life, and Music + OJ and Headlines with Ross Gallo"

Sean is Joined by Jacob Bandoni with Special Guest Thee Phantom (@theephantom5000) to discuss getting into music and making beats (2:00), When hip hop saved his life (11:00), do a lightning round of questions (13:20), the Bill Maher incident and using that word in music (23:00) Colin Kapernick and The Eagles (34:00) and Modern Dating (43:00) Ross Gallo then stops by to attempt to go deep (53:20), discuss Get Shorty and Rotten Tomatoes (56:30), Lightning Round questions (59:30), DARR YOU...


89. "Star Trek & the future of Tech, Science, and Religion with John Champion"

Sean welcomes on John Champion, one of the hosts of Mission Log: A Roddenberry Star Trek Podcast (www.missionlogpodcast.com They discuss Borat VS. Bruno (2:30), Growing Up As Star Trek Fans (7:00), Play a game of WOULD YOU RATHER? (22:00), The Beatles (28:00) and then discuss The Benefits of our "Addiction" to Technology (37:00), Modern Dating (50:00), Religion (58:00), and raising kids in a mixed religion household (1:06:00).


88. "DARR YOU KIDDING ME!? Coconut Oil Is Healthy!"

Welcome to the no cuck zone. Sean is joined by Jacob Bandoni and Mason fox to discuss Super Hero Movies (0:35), Sean trying to make celebrities he meets laugh like Mr. Wonderful from Shark tank and Bill Simmons (7:30), Alpha Moment Of The Week (26:00), Do a special DARR YOU KIDDING ME of day to day mild annoyances (29:30), and discuss the recent fake news about Coconut Oil being unhealthy (1:02:00)


87. "Pokemon, Wonder Woman, NBA Finals + Ben Almost Went To Jail"

Sean is joined by ben Oleshansky and julio Conde (0:35), Sean discusses people in LA being more sensitive than in NYC (3:15), Sean being at war with his co workers (7:15), Ben discusses bringing weed to jury duty (16:35), Sean sexting his romantic interest (24:00), Darr's dinner dates (25:15), Sean wonders what his life would be like without comedy(38:00), Julio interview (42:20), They Play a game Pokémon or slang for vagina (52:30), Pokémon cards and vintage video game glitches (59:00),...


86. "Tampa Super Bowl 2021 + Sean Almost Went To Jail"

Sean and Jacob discuss Sean's run in with the police 6:30, Jacob talks about finding some savings bonds (17:30), Mini love Sauna dip (21:10), They discuss where they will be in 2021 for the Tampa super bowl (23:45), Alpha moment of the week (33:20), If swallowing semen can be vegan (37:00), Play a game of which number is bigger regarding topics in the news (41:00)


85. "13 Reasons Why Sucks + NFL Draft"

Sean is joined by Jacob Bandoni and Twitter Slave Russ Fisher (0:35) they discuss the NFL draft, interview Russ (5:10), do a DARR YOU KIDDING ME about 13 Reasons Why (18:15) and United Airlines/Social Media (22:30), and discuss the fantasy impact about the NFL draft (33:00)


84. "Tony Romo, Kendrick Lamar, and Charlie Murphy" Sponsored By Wendy's

Sean is joined by Ben Oleshansky to discuss selling Sean's brother pot (1:38), Sean reads an ad from Wendy's (4:10), discusses meeting Von Miller (7:45), and then Jacob joins to take a dip in the love sauna (11:30), talk Tony Romo's retirement (14:00), Marshawn Lynch's Return (21:00) and the ALPHA MOMENT OF THE WEEK (26:55) Reggie Ekokobe of (FKB ONLINE) joins to discuss Charlie Murphy, Dave Chappelle (30:00), Chance The rapper and Kendrick Lamar (51:20). Then he plays a game of "Do Black...


83. "Austin TX Recap, Dave Chappelle, and Jacob's Tax Return"

Sean is joined by not one, not two, but THREE co-hosts, Jacob Bandoni, Ben Oleshansky, and Mason Fox to discuss their trip to Austin, TX (0:35), Take a dip in the Texas love sauna (20:15), Jerking off into condoms (30:00), The 1-10 scale of attractiveness (43:45), Someone Farts (50:52), Alpha Male of the week (57:40), Martellus Bennett's rap album (1:00:00), Play a game of Would You Rather? (1:03:00), Discuss Jacob's Tax Return (1:14:00), Sean's life epiphany (1:15:00), DAVE CHAPPELLE's New...


82. "NFL Free Agency + Sean Quit's Drinking and Jacob Fights a Wolf"

Sean is joined by Ben Oleshansky and Jacob Bandoni (0:35) to discuss Sean's newfound sobriety... again. They also take a dip in the love sauna (0:00) , have a DARR YOU KIDDING ME!? about people who are loyal republicans or democrats (0:00), then they discuss NFL Free agency, (0:00), Jameis Winston and other funny NFL headlines. (0:00)