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Your pals from 1p-4p ET talking about the teams, sports and players you care about. Like good friends, expect some good natured ribbing along the way.

Your pals from 1p-4p ET talking about the teams, sports and players you care about. Like good friends, expect some good natured ribbing along the way.
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Your pals from 1p-4p ET talking about the teams, sports and players you care about. Like good friends, expect some good natured ribbing along the way.




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Aug. 17: Josh Donaldson could accept a qualifying offer after all

Ben and JD speak to Shi Davidi, Writer, Sportsnet, on how the Jays are treating Vladdy Jr and whether or not he'll play for the team next season(12:34); Geoff Schwartz, Host on SiriuxXM & ESPN Radio, former NFL player, breaks down the injuries so far in the preseason (47:23); Will Leitch, National Correspondent for MLB, Contributing Editor for NY Magazine, Host of SI's The Will Leitch Show, talks Colin Kaepernick & Kawhi Leonard (91:06); Justin Bourne, Good Show Leafs Analyst, ruminates on...


Aug. 16: Urena will pay for beaming Acuna

Ben Ennis is back in the saddle after his disc golf injury (0:37); Cliff Floyd of Sportsnet and MLB Network weighs in on Jose Urena hitting Ronald Acuna last night, the Blue Jays options with Josh Donaldson going forward (14:50); The Buffalo Bills acquisition of Cleveland's Corey Coleman last week seemed like a great move at the time, but the TV show Hard Knocks threw some cold water on it (34:15); Bleacher Report's lead NFL writer Mike Tanier thinks the Pittsburgh Steelers are in the last...


Aug. 15: Ben broke his ankle in Hall of Shame fashion

Adam Wylde is filling in for Ben Ennis today, who injured himself on the Disc Golf course yesterday. JD tells the long, winding, hilarious, sad story of how it happened (0:33); Sportsnet's Ben Nicholson-Smith has the latest on Blue Jays young guns Ryan Borucki and Danny Jansen, and says Russell Martin is the Blue Jays best defensive 3rd baseman right now (23:46); WWE Superstar Triple H talks about the rush of being in front of a wild crowd and how nothing compares to it, what it's like to...


Aug. 14: Danny Jansen on his MLB debut

Ben is still struggling after biting his tongue, but he still explains why he was tough on Sean Reid-Foley's debut last night (0:28); Sportsnet's Joe Siddall breaks down Reid-Foley's debut, what he needs to work on (13:41); Ben is about to make his disc golf debut with JD after work, and the guys try to figure out whether he'll be any good or not (33:12); Donnovan Bennett is back in-studio to talk fashion before breaking down if it means anything for Toronto media that Clippers analyst Bruce...


Aug. 13: Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods, Tiger Woods

Two huge golf stories from the weekend: Tiger Woods nearly won a Major, and JD improved his disc golf scores in half (0:44); Jay Coffin of weighs in on what Tiger means to the golf community, whether anybody cares that Brooks Koepka won again (they do) (14:12); Ben has the worst analogy if all-time (33:17); Johnny Manziel played for the Alouettes again last week and played better than in his first game, but still didn't play well (1:44); Arden Zwelling sets up tonight's MLB...


Aug. 10: Week 1 of the NFL's preseason brings highs and lows

Ben Ennis and JD Bunkis speak to Sportsnet 590 The FAN's own Mike Wilner on the Blue Jays and when a good time to bring up Vladimir Guerrero Jr. will be (13:03); Sportsnet's Donnovan Bennett joins the guys in-studio for the full hour to discuss everything from Instagram DMs to Jerry Jones to the interest in TFC beginning to wane (46:19); Yahoo Sports' Terez Paylor breaks down the performances and injuries (such as to Redskins rookie RB Derrius Guice) in Week 1 of the NFL preseason (1:32:55).


Aug. 9: Teoscar, Oscar, and Tiger

Sportsnet MLB Analyst Cliff Floyd weighs in on Marcus Stroman's struggles and his ceiling, why Teoscar Hernandez struggles with fielding (16:32); Kawhi Leonard has finally released a statement to San Antonio Spurs fans, and it's a little underwhelming (38:38); The Oscars are making some big changes to the awards, and Will Leitch of, NY Magazine, and Sports Illustrated's The Will Leitch Show gets very heated explaining how it could be a slippery slope for movies (46:40); Craig...


Aug. 8: Checking out the Sportsnet Grill

Sportsnet MLB columnist Shi Davidi on Sean Reid-Foley's timeline with the Blue Jays, Brandon Drury's injury, John Gibbons' future (13:38); The Athletic's Eno Sarris on the Mariners falling out of a playoff spot (1:13:48); Sports Illustrated's Andrew Sharp on Raptors not getting any showcase dates in the just released NBA schedule (1:32:06);'s Dan Hanzus on expectations for the Browns (2:01:46).


Aug. 7: Final seconds ticking for John Gibbons' time with Blue Jays?

Sportsnet's Ben Nicholson-Smith joins the guys to weigh in on whether fans in Seattle are going to keep turning up for Blue Jays games, whether John Gibbons is on the outs with the Blue Jays and who might be in line to replace him, why he brings a very specific kind of culture with him, and what his future might hold (17:58); Conor McGregor is back in the UFC and JD couldn't be more excited about it (39:51); Greg Monroe is now a Toronto Raptor - does he add anything of value to the team?...


Aug. 3: There's no tanking in baseball

Sportsnet MLB columnist Shi Davidi on the support the Blue Jays still get from the west coast, Mike Hauschild's great debut as a Blue Jay, tanking in baseball (10:23); Free Association's Donnovan Bennett on the poor judgement made by athletes when it comes to social media, Johnny Manziel making his regular season debut (45:46); Sportsnet 650's Andrew Walker on the Blue Jays' visiting Seattle (1:16:36); The host of The Steve Dangle Podcast on the Sabres acquiring Jeff Skinner from the...


Aug. 2: Ryane Clowe leading the Leafs in Newfoundland

Adam Wylde is filling in for JD again, and Sportsnet's Arden Zwelling joins he and Ben in-studio for a full hour to talk Vlad. Jr's AAA promotion, near-death experiences on the field, and how the Blue Jays can try and rebuild Ken Giles' value before jumping into the complicated Josh Donaldson situation, who you might see on the pitching staff from here on out, and the surprising producers of Toronto's lineup (0:44); GolfChannel's Tim Rosaforte weighs in on Tiger Woods comeback, the...


August 1: Assessing the newest Blue Jays prospects

Adam Wylde is filling for a vacationing JD today and discusses how his "retirement" has been going to so far before geting into Vladimir Guerrero Jr's first game in AAA (0:27); Dan Shulman on the Blue Jays trades, whether further moves could be coming, why the team hasn't called up any of their highly-touted prospects, Teoscar Hernandez and Lourdes Gurriel's futures (12:19); Sportsnet's Luke Fox gives the latest update on the Maple Leafs contract situations, says he'd be shocked if Timothy...


July 31: Enes Kanter on DeMar, Kawhi, super teams and much, much more

CBS Sports/Sportsnet's Jonah Keri on Blue Jays trading Roberto Osuna to the Astros (12:06); Sports Illustrated's Will Leitch on Osuna, how MLB can better market their top players (47:13); Predators defenceman PK Subban on DeMar DeRozan's reaction to being traded, NHLers aversion to voicing their thoughts, John Tavares becoming a Maple Leaf (1:27:49); Knicks centre Enes Kanter on DeRozan, Kawhi Leonard, super teams, Turkey's political situation (1:40:43); The Houston Chronicle's David...


July 30: Ryan Borucki big on Blue Jays' talent in Buffalo

Blue Jays starting pitcher Ryan Borucki joins the guys to talk about his successful first game in his hometown of Chicago yesterday (1:06); Sportsnet's Stephen Brunt discusses Borucki, the MLB trade deadline, the Blue Jays future, and his latest article on Vladimir Guerro Jr and his Hall of Fame father (17:12); Raptors head coach Nick Nurse says that he had a very promising first meeting with Kawhi Leonard - how far do we think this new Raptors team can go this season, and what's Plan B if...


July 27: The Andrew Walker Show/Mad Dog Radio

Former host of this time slot Andrew Walker is in town and joins Ben & JD in-studio to talk ties, moving to Vancouver, and wedding gifts before jumping into how well the Blue Jays did in the J.A. Happ trade, and what it's like to win a 50/50 draw (3:25);'s Anthony Castrovince says that the Blue Jays didn't do badly in the Happ deal (47:05); Will Leitch of MLB, NY Mag, and SI's The Will Leitch Show joins to discuss whether Tiger Woods can actually be a winner again, why fans can't...


July 26: Happ becomes a Yankee while Clyde Drexler drops by

MLB Insider Jon Morosi on the return that the Blue Jays got for Seunghwan Oh, why the market for Josh Donaldson is shrinking quickly, if Russell Martin could be on the move (11:31); Blue Jays prospect, and current Buffalo Bisons pitcher, Sean Reid-Foley discusses just being named the IL pitcher of the week, what it's like for him around the trade deadline (48:54); J.A. Happ has been traded to new York! (1:07:09); Tyler Kepner of the New York Times has some thoughts on what the Yankees gave...


July 25: Mike Weir vs. Phil Mickelson 1-on-1? Never say never

Ben gives an update on his kids growing up and the guys reminisce about home movies before talking about last night's DeMar DeRozan sit-down with ESPN ; Dallas Braden, former MLB pitcher and host of the Starting 9 Podcast, talks about MLB playoff races, why players love Oakland so much, the Yankees adding Zach Britton to their loaded bullpen, why the trade market might dry up for J.A. Happ and the Blue Jays, how the Boston Red Sox could be having their best season ever, and Marcus...


July 24: Raptors fans, take it easy on Shea Serrano

At The Letters' Ben Nicholson-Smith on yesterday's dismal Blue Jays game and the state of the team heading into next week's trade deadlined (0:33); Justin Termine of SiriusXM NBA Radio joins the guys to discuss the latest on Kawhi Leonard, what Kevin Love's contract extension means to Cleveland (48:49); Ben & JD debate who can eat more before Ian Tulloch of The Athletic joins to figure out what the Leafs D will end up looking like next season, whether Toronto could run with the idea of...


July 23: Tiger almost cost JD a lot of coin

Vacation's over! Ben & JD are back and ready to get back into things: Will Gray of on The Open, whether people were scared of Tiger Wood's charge, how exciting Sunday's round was, and what a victory means for Francesco Molinari (18:00); Prime Time Sports' Stephen Brunt joins live from Newfoundland to break down the Johnny Manziel-to-Montreal trade, the standing ovation reaction to Josh Hader and whether the same may happen when Roberto Osuna returns (45:56); Former Raptor...


July 20: One long flight for Masai Ujiri

Ashley Docking & Sheri Forde hosting: Unpacking the just-finished Masai Ujiri press conference about the Kawhi Leonard-DeMar DeRozan trade (0:44); Raptors radio broadcaster Paul Jones unpacks Masai Ujiri's media conference regarding the Leonard-DeRozen deal (13:52); Blue Jays broadcaster Chris Leroux on Marcus Stroman's attitude with the media, the near future for the Jays (47:09); Hockey Hall of Fame member Jayna Hefford on taking the reins of the CWHL as interim commissioner (1:13:10);...