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The Best Internet Radio. The Future of Talk Radio. It's Web Talk Radio.




Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Innovation Strikes Again, Shot Show 2013

New guns, clothes, knives, crossbows, outdoor-related services and some fun are presented from the 2013 Shot Show held at the Sands Convention Center in Las Vegas. More than 20 vendors are interviewed, 10 associated YouTube videos were shot and the show was described on both my Backyard Deer Hunting and Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures Radio Show blogs. What was new and … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Blunderbuss Swan Hunt

Blunderbuss Swan Hunt Blunderbusses are strange guns and the people who enjoy shooting them are perhaps even stranger, including me. When I first saw one advertised in Sportsman’s Guide I knew that I would need to get it and wring it out. The .54 caliber gun was shot at outdoor writers’ conferences in Mississippi and Tennessee, hunted small game and … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – The Year’s Adventures, 2012

The Year’s Adventures, 2012 2012’s adventures started with a bang with swan hunts on the year’s first two shows and ending with a reading of my original play “A Visit from Auntie Thresa Claus” on the Annual Christmas show. Twenty-three original shows were produced with two 1 1/2-hour shows and one 2-hour show. Events covered included the Shot Show, Atlanta … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Hunts on Georgia’s Ossabaw and Cumberland Islands

Deer and hogs were hunted with blunderbuss and pistols in November and December on Georgia’s Ossabaw and Cumberland Islands. These regular management hunts are held by the State Dept. of Fish and Game and The National Park Service to help control these species and protect sea turtle eggs from being consumed by feral hogs. By making advance application to the … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Christmas Show

This special edition features a reading of Hovey’s original Christmas play, “A Visit from Auntie Thresa Claus,” a cold Christmas at Copper Center, Alaska, making Southern cornbread dressing, recent activities and a sign-off from the Christmas Chipmunk. The uninterrupted reading of the play is sponsored by Velcro Wall, the leader in child suspension systems, who introduces the “Rent a Dungeon” … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Georgia Clay and Hunting Stories

Washington County’s annual Kaolin Festival provides the venue for Hovey to explain the origin of the universe and of the state’s kaolin clay deposits in 7 minutes, tell a new story about Watermelon Smith, the first black steamboat master in the pre-Civil War South; and present some of his hunting adventures with his often “strange” muzzleloading guns. The hunting stories … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – All About Crossbows

Hunting experiences with ten crossbows from seven different makers are reviewed in an overview of modern crossbow used in Alaska, Eastern Canada, Idaho and Georgia where deer, black bear, hogs, gators and wild turkeys are taken. During the process of writing Crossbow Hunting and following the publication of the book, crossbows made by Barnett, Horton, TenPoint, Fred Bear, Parker, Stryker … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Hunting Tennessee Elephants and Rhinos

Hunting Tennessee Elephants and Rhinos In the hunting world the unexpected sometimes happens, as when I visited Johnson City, Tennessee, and found a museum at the Gray Fossil Site where shovel-tusked elephants, saber toothed tigers, rhinos and tapirs are being excavated from the remains of a sink hole pond. Blaine W. Schubert, PhD., graduate students from Eastern Tennessee State University, … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Hunt Destination Dawson, Georgia

Wild hog hunting with Jager Pro using thermal imaging scopes and Colt AR rifles was the reason for visiting Terrell County, but hearty welcomes from the City Manager, Chamber of Commerce and others might convince some people to migrate to this quiet rural location. Terrell County is located in Southwest Georgia on higher ground drained by the Flint and Chattahoochee … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Hunt Destination Ashland City, Tennessee

An audio exploration of Ashland City, Tennessee, reveals a city of 4,000 located only 20-miles from Nashville with abundant public hunting and fishing opportunities, industrial access by rail and the Cumberland River, interesting people, local hospitals, three sets of convenient public schools and inexpensive land prices. Interviews began with a lively discussion with sisters Rose Tidwell and Jenny McKnight over … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Larry Weishuhn Hunts Africa and Asia

While most of us are just getting ready for deer season or perhaps doing some archery hunting, Larry Weishuhn has already made trips to Africa and Central Asia. On these hunts Weishuhn took eland, kudu, zebra, blue wildebeest, warthog and other animals in Namibia; but was not successful in Kyrgyzstan where he hunted ibex and Siberian roe deer near the … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – “Nashville Deer Song”

Nashville, Music City USA, sings with the sounds of deer as the Quality Deer Management Association held its 12 Annual National Convention complete with seminars of deer management, an associated Bass Pro Land and Wildlife Expo., banquets, after-event fun and gun and hunt auctions. Featured on this special 90-minute broadcast are the association’s Founder, Joe Hamilton, its Board Chairman, Mark … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – The Writer’s Life

The Writer’s Life Many who think that outdoor writing is a potentially appealing profession or see themselves as stars in their own outdoor films, often fail to recognize the amount of work that goes into producing outdoor materials that are worth reading, hearing or viewing. Not only must there be a strong enough desire to carry through years of classroom … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Hacking Through Life

Adverse events hit us all, and it seems like hot weather brings more than the usual number. Most recently this was illustrated by an episode of 70 mph. winds which brought down a 100-year-old pecan tree in my yard, a need to stand for a national professional examination in Geology and a lack of money caused by the dismal economy. … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Poverty Radio Presents Bill Booth on Handgun Hunting, July 16-Aug

Bill Booth has been associated with handguns nearly all of his life. He was exposed as a kid, then as a police officer and handgun instructor and most recently as a marketing agent for Smith & Wesson. For the past decade he was hunted with S&W handguns all over the world, including some of the African hunts discussed on this … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Poverty Radio’s Atlanta Blade Show 2012

Interviews with attendees, knife makers and vendors from the 31st Annual International Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia, dominate this show which also introduces a pay-as-I-go funding concept for Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures. Those interviewed included a couple who like and use knives, collectors, knife makers from those just starting out to professionals, a display case maker, a provider of survival foods … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – The Beginnings of Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures

Everything must start sometimes, somewhere, as so it was with the first episode of Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures which is being re-broadcast. After 18 months, starting with a weekly radio show and then reduced to two shows a month and a Kickstarter project that only reached 18 percent of its goal, it is time for me to decide where to go … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Feel the Power of Electrons and Hunting Handguns

Electron Marketing Motivation opens the show which focuses on two new powerful muzzleloading pistols, the Traditions’ Vortek and CVA’s Optima, which were test fired by the author, and a Kickstarter Project that will enable the show to continue. Also featured are the nitride finishing of Cabela’s Buffalo muzzleloading revolver to give it a durable matt-black finish compared to the mirror-finish … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – Hunt Destination Helen, Nacoochee Village, Georgia

Although turkey hunting and a state outdoor writers’ convention were the initial reasons for visiting Unicoi State Park, unexpected events caused an expansion of interests to include trout raising, birding, local wines and a hike through gold-mining country. North Georgia and nearby areas of the Carolinas were the site of North America’s first gold rush. The Spanish explorer, DeSoto, … Read more about this episode...


Hovey’s Outdoor Adventures – NRA Show Vendors, Lincoln Derringer vs. Zombie Pizza

Derringer pistols figure prominently in this conclusion of the National Rifle Association’s 141st Annual Convention in St. Louis. Not only was Heizer’s new Double Tap .45 ACP-9mm double-barrel Derringer introduced, but a D. Pedersoli near-replica of the 1860s Lincoln Derringer is test fired. Highlighted exhibitors from the show include Olympic Arms with their reintroduced Whitney pistol, E. Author Brown’s new … Read more about this episode...