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Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole flip the world of sports upside down in their FOX Sports podcast.

Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole flip the world of sports upside down in their FOX Sports podcast.
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Jay Onrait and Dan O'Toole flip the world of sports upside down in their FOX Sports podcast.






Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 30 - "for the week of April 9th, 2018”

Jay and Dan start off the pod by paying respect to the victims of the tragic Humboldt bus crash that shook the nation. The boys then shift to discussing Dan’s co-hosting appearance on The Social, having caesar’s for breakfast, and the idea of playoff hockey airing the Golf Channel. Plus; Ben Teller is back with an update on his love life…both good and bad…but mainly bad.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 29 - "for The week of April 2nd, 2018”

Jay and Dan are joined by the legendary Chief Anchor of CTV National News Lisa LaFlamme, who discusses what it was like to cover the biggest stories of her career. This is a must listen for the ‘Newsies’ as Dan would say… that’s when he’s not crushing subs and buying flowers. “He drinks at lunch time!”…but does he tell his doctor? Jay sure doesn’t!


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 28 - "for The week of March 26th, 2018"

Jay suggests several solutions to Dan’s cat and Asian beetle problems…but he can’t get over the fact that Dan shops for his underwear at Winners. We catch up with Engineer Jim and comedian Sean Cullen joins the guys prior to going on stage for his set.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 27 - "for The week of March 19th, 2018"

Dan is back at the local library while Jay recaps his week in California with a little help from his friends. To be more specific friends of the podcast; Jim Pearl, Bernie Kim and Dan’s personal favourite Ben Teller. Fun with friends and a new bathroom question!


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Ep 26 - “for The Week of March 12th, 2018"

Dan’s got it going on…trips to the local library, courtside at the Raptors game, and cats! MEOW! Jay, who barely survives his drive in, prepares for his trip trip to rainy California. Player Agent Allan Walsh joined the boys to discuss the NHL’s approach to concussions, Olympic involvement and the goaltender interference fiasco.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 25 - “the Week of March 5th, 2018”

Jay and Dan discuss ‘crappy’ music, dissect lyrics for their literal meaning and come up with Toilet Jingles. Then the boys catch up with everyone's favourite rockstar Robyn, and Ben Teller checks in to update us on the latest chapter of his love life.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 24 - “for the week of February 26th, 2018"

Jay and Dan are back on Canadian soil…and recording the podcast in between TradeCentre appearances! The boys recap South Korea (from an unusually warm studio), Dan thinks about moving there, and Jay reminisces about his heated toilet seat.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 23 - “for the week of February 19th, 2018"

The guys kick off the pod with ways improve the Olympics, discuss what they learned about Korean customs, and find out that in South Korea Dan is attractive. Director of Photography Dean Willers drops by and Jay and Dan's driver Mickey really loosens up.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 22 - "for The week of February 12th, 2018"

The Jay and Dan Podcast is at the Olympics The dynamic duo recaps their journey through South Korea thus far and introduce us to their driver Mickey. Olympic snowboarder Mark McMorris joins the boys fresh off his Bronze medal performance in the Men’s Slopestyle!


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 21 - “for The Week of February 5th, 2018”

The guys preview South Korea and look back at Sochi as they prepare to depart for the Winter Olympics…although Dan may need a new jacket. NFL.com’s Dave Dameshek joins the boys to talk about the Eagles historic win and to touch on air travel etiquette. Plus, we catch up with our bahd Jeremy Taggart!


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 20 - “for The week of January 29th, 2018”

Dan talks about his trip to Nashville, comedian Steve Patterson drops by and Jay has a stream (no typo). PLUS; Is there a spin off podcast in the making? Was there a baby in the studio last week? What team plays at the O’Toole Centre? Answers to these questions and more on Episode 20…


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 19 - “for The Week of January 22nd, 2018"

Dan throws a birthday bash for his daughter, the boys catch up on The Being Frank Show and we learn all about Tetris Love. Plus; Toronto Star Washington correspondent Daniel Dale joins the podcast to discuss what its like covering Trump for a living. Dan calls up his friend, Craig, who gives the guys some much needed pointers for their upcoming trip to South Korea.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 18 - “for The Week of January 15th, 2018"

The pod begins simply as “and Dan” with Jay is stuck on the 401 in a blizzard…A real $%^& Blizzard! ...Jay eventually arrives and the guys are joined by rapper Cadence Weapon. Cadence talks about his upcoming album, the current state of the Toronto Raptors and discusses his favourite places in Canada. PLUS; Find out the latest news in Dan’s town of Orno…the Mayor has work to do!


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 17 - "The Week Of January 8th"

Dan fears he may get fired, Jay ponders what his exit plan should be…then the boys chat Olympics, Netflix and discuss Dan’s bat wall. PLUS; The long awaited and highly anticipated interview is here as Chris Phillips calls in to share tales from his 17 year NHL career.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 16 - "Happy New Year!"

Happy New Year! Better late than never! The boys recap their holidays, ponder how Toolsey got his black eye, discuss a potential spider birth and Dan shares DNA results that are not conclusive enough for Jay. Ben Teller also drops by (slightly ahead of Dan's schedule) to share his romantic endeavors over the holidays.


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 15 - "The Christmas Special"

It’s the Jay and Dan Christmas Special! Dan attempts to settle the 'Is Die Hard a Christmas Movie?’ debate after taking some heat online; while Jay channels his inner Mickey Mouse to explain the changes at Fox. Plus; We take a call from “Ray”, get a New Years Date update from Ben Teller and check in with Engineer Jim. Happy Holidays!! See You in 2018!!


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 14

Jay’s distracted driving lands him in the middle of the TFC parade, while Dan is doing his part to bring Christmas Carolling back. Ben Teller returns for more love advice from Dan; and our rockstar friend Robin shares a cautionary tale of what having too many Caribou Malts at the park can lead to. Oh and there was a snow storm, a real $%^ Blizzard!


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 13 - "The Week of December 4th"

Dan does a little bit of TSN Housekeeping, addressing both bathroom and parking space etiquette. Jay tells his own parking lot tale. Engineer Jim drops by for Six Degrees and Jim Pearl takes us on a "trip". A sneak peak at up coming shows “Third Stringer” and “The Numbers”. Plus; A Major Jay and Dan Announcement!


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 12

The boys recap the Grey Cup, give an update on Jay’s car, and Dan reads a lengthy Yelp review for a gentlemen’s establishment. Plus; Is there really a Gretzky biopic starring Justin Bieber? Can Dan and Ben Teller co-exist on one podcast? Was Mr. Dressup Casey’s father? Answers to these questions and more in Episode 12 of the Jay and Dan Podcast!


Jay and Dan 3.0 - Episode 11

Jay recounts his mishap at the parking garage, Dan tells tales of the tenants from hell and there’s a bus in the way! Note; This episode may or may not contain a mystery call in guest.


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