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LA's #1 Sports Show is Mason and Ireland. React to LA's top sports stories with the guys afternoons from 3pm-630pm PT on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.

LA's #1 Sports Show is Mason and Ireland. React to LA's top sports stories with the guys afternoons from 3pm-630pm PT on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.


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LA's #1 Sports Show is Mason and Ireland. React to LA's top sports stories with the guys afternoons from 3pm-630pm PT on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.






HR 3: NLCS Bound

We take more of your calls as we celebrate last night's Dodgers Win and we have some old school listeners that remember the name of other Mason and Ireland shows. Also, Mason goes through all kinds of stuff volcanic water, the Knack, etc. Plus, a lucky caller gets the chance to win a Mason and Ireland T-Shirt if they guess Mason's LIE OF THE DAY! and another Edition of GAME OF GAMES!


HR 2: It's a Celebration Friday!

It's a Celebration Friday! the Dodgers advance to the NLCS after defeating the Giants in an EPIC game last night. Are you surprised that Mark Davis has not said anything about Jon Gruden? Also, who has the Best Batman voice? Mason says his is the best we listen to Christian Bale, Michael Keaton and Robert Patterson. Plus we continue to react to the Dodgers win last night over the Giants. And Producer Greg has his topics ready for JUMPBALL!


HR 1: Check Swing

EPIC game last night in San Francisco as the Dodgers beat the Giants 2-1 and advanced to the NLCS! Should the MLB have reviewed the check swing? Also, we take your calls do you thinks the game should have ended on the check swing? Plus, WHEEL OF QUESTIONS if a time traveler from 2031 allows you to ask him a yes or no question about yourself, what do you ask him? And we continue to take your calls and we talk to someone who was at the Game last night!


HR 3: Game 5 - Win or Go Home

NOT STEPDAD LEO calls in to talk to the guys about his beloved Giants. He is confident they win tonight! Also, Should the Dodgers shorten up their swings and play a little more small ball? Plus, Steve Fezzik "The Fezz" calls in to help you with your bets for week 6 in the NFL! And a lucky caller gets the chance to win Lakers Opening Night Suite tickets vs the Warriors if they can guess John's LIE OF THE DAY! and another Edition of GAME OF GAMES!


HR 2: All on the Line

More on the Dodgers starter Pitcher move not Urias tonight but Knebel will start Game 5 of the NLDS in San Francisco. Is it a good move for the Dodgers? Also, Matthew Berry the Incredible Mr. Roto, calls in to help you with your Fantasy Football Picks for week 6 of the NFL. Plus, We take more of you calls about the Dodgers vs. Giants tonight! and Producer Greg has his topics ready for JUMP BALL!


HR 1: Different Starter??

The Dodgers announced that Corey Knebel will start Game 5 in San Francisco not Julio Urias! Despite Julio Urias 20 wins this season! Are you surprised about the move? Bill Plunkett from the Southern California News Group calls in to talk about the Dodgers pitching move? we take some of your calls. Plus the Dodgers Line up is out. Do you agree with it? And Carmelo Anthony says that it's a process and that it will take time for the team to come together. Do you agree? or will people panic if...


HR 3: EPIC Game 5

Here is a Sassy Stat! The team that has scored first in every Giants/Dodgers game in the playoffs has won. We are in for an EPIC game 5 from San Francisco tomorrow night! as Julio Urias and Logan Webb take the mound. Also, more discussion about Jon Gruden and how the email came to light and Jeff Fisher’s response to the Michael Sam drafting. Plus, We take your calls to see if you can guess Mason's Lie of the Day. And another edition of GAME OF GAMES!


HR 2: Next Door

We revisit the Audio of Mason and Momo ruining the Sean McVay joke about Chunky Soup at the beginning of their interview in the 1st hour and Sedano has entered the chat with the McVay Chunky Soup bit! Are you familiar with the Next door app? Mason talks about a weird message he found on the Next Door App Plus, Momo gets into the Jon Gruden nonsense. she's glad she’s gone. And Producer Greg has his topics ready for JUMP BALL !


HR 1: The Mason Curse does NOT exist!

So what do you think of Travis’ Fu Man Chu look? Momo is kind of against it. But how about last night’s big Game 4 win over the Giants. Mase was there so there is no such thing as a Mason Curse. Plus what is on the WHEEL OF QUESTIONS. How many times do you look at yourself in the mirror? And SEAN MCVAY – RAMS HEAD COACH calls in and dropped a joke on Mason and Momo and they didn't catch it. Mason is a stalker and saw people leaving early and he's disappointed and LeBron doesn’t worry at all...


HR 3: Cancelled

More on Jon Gruden as he resigned as the Raiders Head Coach, he also has lost all of his endorsements and has been taken out of the Bucs Ring of Honor. Also, Mase will be at Game 4 tonight at Dodger Stadium, he believes there is no Mason Curse. Plus, working with Mason and Ireland has produced a lot of people working in sports today. And another edition of GAME OF GAMES


HR 2: Is this the end?

Can this be the end for Seager, Kershaw, Jansen and Scherzer as Dodgers? Also, is Houston still cheating? Ryan Tepera of the White Sox thinks so, as he noticed the Astros got more hits in their at bats inside Minute Maid Park. Plus, Kyrie Irving will NOT play for the Nets until he gets the vaccine. And MYCHAL THOMPSON jumps in to tell us his thought on Kyrie adn we start a discussion about Peanut Butter and Jelly and what the right ratio is? do you use grape jelly or strawberry jelly? and...


HR 1: Is The Mason Curse BACK

Is The Mason Curse BACK? after the Dodgers lost game 3 of the NLDS to the Giants. What went wrong in Game 3 – they didn’t score but the Brandon Crawford play in the 7th inning of a Mookie Betts hit may be the play of the game and the series. Also, Jon Gruden has made himself into Donald Sterling, there is no way to give him a second chance. Plus, we take your calls about the Dodger game last night, And the Lakers signed Sekou Dembouya to a 2 way contract and Ireland is really excited about...


HR 3: Scherzer vs. Wood

Kim Kardashian was on SNL and Ireland loved it and of course Mason hated it! Also, Max Scherzer and Alex Wood on the mound tonight. Does Alex Wood have an advantage since he is a former Dodger? Plus, Dan Campbell cried at the end of his press conference but why? before the season he was talking and chirping. More on the Jon Gruden and his racist remarks about DeMaurice Smith from 2011. And a lucky caller will be able to win an incredible Prize Packet we have for our MILLION DOLLAR MONDAY...


HR 2: "What's with the life preserver..."

Can the Rams and Chargers theoretically play in the conference championship at home? Also, do you feel better with Kenley Jansen on the mound now that he has changed his mechanics and it’s making a big difference in his delivery? Plus, Kaplan made fun of mason on Instagram and Mason is upset about his appearance, the group thinks he looks bad in the Jumbo Screen photo at Staples Center. Producer Greg has his topics ready for JUMP BALL !


HR 1: NLDS Game 3

Max Scherzer is ON the mound tonight and John is going ALL in on him. Also, Mason will be at the game tonight and what he’s going to eat tonight at the game Plus, The USC Head Football Coach search continues, who does Mason want as the next head coach? And What is going to happen to Jon Gruden? He issued an apology for his email from 2011. Should he be punished? cancelled? we take your calls.


HR 2: 2 Run Home Run

We continue to celebrate the Dodgers win with REAL DODGERS TALK. We has a caller that sound just like Los Angeles Lakers GM Rob Pelinka. Also, a caller has the chance to win EAGLES tickets if they guess Mason's LIE OF THE DAY. Plus, got the Spanish and Russian call of Chris Taylor's 2 run Home Run from last night. Plus, Matthew Berry the talented Mr. Roto calls in to help you with your Fantasy Football questions. And we lead you up to the Rams Pregame show as they face the Seattle Seahawks.


HR 1: CT3

We are Celebrating the Dodgers Win as they beat the St. Louis Cardinals in the Wild Card Game last night. Chris Taylor hit the 2 run home run in the bottom of the 9th inning to close out the game and advance to the NLDS vs. the Giants in San Francisco. Dave Roberts made all the right moves last night, Bellinger was clutch and the Bullpen came out strong. Mason talks about what he was doing to try to stay calm throughout the game as we were all in the edge of our seats.


HR 3: Scherzer v Wainwright

Clinton doesn’t think the Dodger fans shouldn’t be afraid of Adam Wainwright. Also, an affiliate in Cleveland is getting rid of its 11 o clock news and putting a comedian in . Plus, Urban Meyer situation in Jacksonville is getting worse and worse and Mase wants him to be no part of the USC team. And the guys have a discussion about Many Saints of Newark and if we are going to watch it despite the bad reviews. Can a caller guess the LIE OF THE DAY in order to win EAGLES tickets at the Forum...


HR 2: The Story of Today is Tomorrow

Could the Mase Curse be reversed since he wasn’t there on Sunday? Plus, the story of today is tomorrow: More on the Dodgers/Cardinals game tomorrow can the Dodgers advance to the NLDS? Mase hates the Wild Card and wants to make it a 3 game serious. Should this be MLB's next move? and we continueto take your calls about the Dodgers confidence, And Producer Greg has his topics ready for JUMP BALL !


HR 1: Wild Card Game

Wild Card Game. Is Max Scherzer the right choice for the Dodgers vs. Adam Wainwright? Also, the guys agree to all try and grow out their beards until November. Chargers vs Raiders wasn’t even as close as the Chargers dominated. Plus WHEEL OF QUESTIONS Would you want to live in a world where everyone’s thoughts appeared as text above their head? and we take some calls to hear from the people talking about the Dodgers and How is it that Sofi Stadium was having having issues with the rain and...