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LA's #1 Sports Show is Mason and Ireland. React to LA's top sports stories with the guys afternoons from 3pm-630pm PT on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.

LA's #1 Sports Show is Mason and Ireland. React to LA's top sports stories with the guys afternoons from 3pm-630pm PT on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.


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LA's #1 Sports Show is Mason and Ireland. React to LA's top sports stories with the guys afternoons from 3pm-630pm PT on ESPN LA 710 and the ESPN App.






HR 1: Short Show

Short show today, as the Lakers take on the Magic from Orlando. Is todays Lakers game in Orlando one that they HAVE to win? Also, We give Momo Mythical Money and we all make our mythical money bets. Plus, Machine Gun Kelly gave Megan Fox an engagement ring that has thorns on it so it hurts if she takes it off? we take some of your calls about the ring. And do you get hit on more often with a wedding ring in your finger? And what will we have on the WHEEL OF QUESTIONS. There’s a report out...


HR 3: National Radio DJ Day!

It's National Radio DJ day and Chris has found archive tapes from Steve Mason back in his days as a DJ in Ohio. We talk to Steve "the Fezz" Fezzik as he gives you advice to place your bets for the NFL this weekend. More archive tapes from Mason's Radio DJ days and A lucky caller get a chanceto win Lakers tickets of they an guess Mason's Lie of the Day. Plus another edition of Game of Games!


HR 2: Things that Bother Mase!

Mason goes over the NFL Power rankings and thinks his Rams are too low. Also, we have the injury report from both the Rams and the Buccaneers as they face off this weekend. Also, Mason has a list that of things that bother him. Find out what makes him edgy? Plus, Breaking Bad debuted 14 years ago today! and we continue to talk about the Lakers struggles. And Producer Greg has his topics ready for JUMPBALL!


HR 1: Who do you blame?

Jorge is back from health and Safety Protocols! Momo is in for Ireland. The Lakers are still struggling but who is to blame? Is it Russell Westbrook? Rob Pelinka? Frank Vogel? Mason makes a HUGE take about Coach. We take some of your calls. How do you feel about the Lakers as of today? Plus, we take a break from the sports stuff and we want to see What is on the Wheel of Questions?


HR 3: No Takebacks

Trevon Diggs took back an expensive watch from his ex-girlfriend. Is this the right thing to do? Danny Green says Frank Vogel doesn't deserve the criticism he's receiving. Nick Cronin’s has a message about fans in the stands. In "Game of Games" Mychal Thompson has sports nickname related questions and has everyone wondering what a mammal really is.


HR 2: Dating Advice

Producer Emily from the Travis and Sliwa show gets dating advice from Mychal and the guys. It's the 20th anniversary of the Raiders vs. Patriots "Tuck Rule" game. A proposed trade between the Kings and Pacers could shake things up for two teams in need of one. In "Jumpball", a cold pizza debate from Travis and Sliwa bleeds into Mason and Ireland.


HR 1: Tom's Threads

Tom Brady announced his new clothing line ahead of the upcoming Rams vs. Bucs game. Is this good or bad for LA? The Lakers face off against the Pacers tonight and we find out that Mason hasn't been smoking in 2022. Is smoking pot the secret to avoiding Covid? What are Mychal Thompson's thoughts on the Lakers going into tonight's game?


HR 3: Confident?

The Rams next opponent will be the Tampa Bay Buccanneers with the " Tom Brady leading them. Steve and John wondered if the Rams have a good chance of taking down the "GOAT." Ireland thinks the Rams can go to Tampa and beat Brady/Bucs. And, would you own a "burner phone?" Plus, a very, very special guest join the boys for "Games Of Games!"


HR 2: Hungry Players

Mason marveled at the "hungry players" like Stanley Johnson and Austin Reaves in last night's Lakers win over the Utah Jazz. And, is Frank Vogel at fault for the Lakers up and down season? The fellas also took calls from a lot of pessimistic Laker fans. Then, "Jumpball" with Producer Greg's Costco pizza problem and Funch with nothing to watch.


HR 1: A Great Night

Last night, the Rams beat the Arizona Cardinals in first Playoff game at SoFi Stadium and then, the Lakers had a great win vs the Utah Jazz at home. Mason and Ireland reacted to all of the happenings. And, would Mason paint his face for the next Rams' Playoff game? Plus, Ireland went on a rant about "Airline dress codes" with the recent Olivia Culpo controversy.


HR 2: Lakers get called out!

The Lakers aren’t playing great but even Magic Johnson called them out. Should Frank Vogel be let go? The guys take calls on what should the future of the Lakers be. The Rams play tonight at SoFi against the Cardinals and Mase will be there. Mychal Thompson continues to shock us with some of his food choices. Plus, Greg is ready with his topics for jumpball. And, we play game of games!


HR 1: You won’t believe who won!

Mason and Ireland react to Wild Card Weekend and Bergman with the win so far. Mason can potentially win huge tonight! The Raiders got screwed during their playoff game. We don’t want to go there but we must with the Lakers. Plus, Mychal Thompson joins the show and said something that was surprising. And, we spin the wheel of questions.


HR 3: Sophie did the right thing!

Mason tries to have Sophie do her pick live on IG between Rams and Cardinals and she picked…? Breaking News, Anthony Davis could be back with the Lakers sooner than later. Plus, Mason had a lie, and the winner gets Rams tickets! And, we play game of games!


HR 2: It’s time for picking games!

Momo lets us know who she thinks is Nate at the station from Ted Lasso! Mason shares that he loves Kelly Stafford’s podcast! We finally reveal all the picks for Wild Card weekend. Plus, Laura Rutledge from ESPN NFL joins the show. And, Greg has his topics ready for wheel of questions.


HR 1: The pressure is on!

Ireland is out today and Mason is joined by Ramona Shelburne. Today is the big day, Momo’s toddler Daniel, Mason’s dog Sophie, and producer Greg are reveling their picks for Wild Card Weekend. The pressure is on, but who has it the most? Ireland kept his word and was Laura’s bail call at dinner last night. Plus, Momo shares why she thinks Russ is too tight. And, Mason has his question ready for wheel of questions.


HR 3: Ice Ice Baby!

The Lakers lost to the Sacramento Kings last night and we all just have one question, where is the defense? The guys continue to discuss the Lakers issues and what they need to do. Steve "the Fezz" Fezzik calls in to help you place your bets for this weekend in the NFL! Plus, who is going to guess the lie of day to win Lakers tickets? And, let’s play game of games!


HR 2: I don’t want it!

We continue to talk about the Lakers but first wheel of questions! SoFi will be the home of The National Championship and Mason is all in on USC. The Oscars are happening but who will hosting? Plus, The guys all share their thoughts on who should host. And, Greg has his topics ready for jump ball.


HR 1: He needs what?

Mason is now out on being a diva, he doesn’t want the title anymore. The head coach of the LA Rams, Sean McVay joins Mason and Ireland. John Ireland didn’t do his homework and boss Amanda wasn’t having it. Plus, we take calls on Russell Westbrook and what should the Lakers do with him. And, Russ was trolled iced cold in Sacramento.


HR 3: We’ve added and award!

With all the DIVA talk on each show, 710 has added a new award! Mason isn’t buying what Ireland is selling when it comes to fights in sports. Ireland has a deciding factor to settle this fighting disagreement. Do you believe in ghost? Greg thinks he has a ghost in his house. Plus, Laura does “what else you need to know”. And, let’s play game of games, who’s winning today?


HR 2: It’s all about effort!

What's one thing you wish you knew when you were younger? Did you know that pickles are actually cucumbers? What are your expectations for Lincoln Riley going into USC's season? The Lakers didn’t play with maximum effort and it cost them Sunday against the Memphis Grizzlies. And, Greg has his topics ready for Jumpball!