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Kurt Helin from ProBasketballTalk and Eyton Shander of NBC Sports Radio, along with the rest of the PBT team, talk all things NBA basketball: news, analysis and even the ridiculous. Plus we have regular guests, including NBA players and media members.

Kurt Helin from ProBasketballTalk and Eyton Shander of NBC Sports Radio, along with the rest of the PBT team, talk all things NBA basketball: news, analysis and even the ridiculous. Plus we have regular guests, including NBA players and media members.
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Kurt Helin from ProBasketballTalk and Eyton Shander of NBC Sports Radio, along with the rest of the PBT team, talk all things NBA basketball: news, analysis and even the ridiculous. Plus we have regular guests, including NBA players and media members.




Cavaliers vs. Warriors NBA Finals preview with Dan Feldman

LeBron James got what he probably wanted deep down — a second chance at Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors. It's a chance for revenge from last season and to knock Curry off his pedestal. Except this is a terrible matchup for the Cavaliers and their current style of play, something Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports get into in this breakdown of what's to come. They both foresee a long couple of weeks coming for Kevin Love.


Thunder /Warriors, Raps/Cavs, grown men kicked in nuts

The Oklahoma City Thunder went small and blew out the Warriors. After looking completely overmatched for two games, the Toronto Raptors have evened the series with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Yet all anyone wants to talk about is Draymond Green kicking Steven Adams in the nether regions, and how the league handled that. So Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports start with Green's kick, move on to his poor play in general in Game 3, and discuss Game 4 and the rest of that series. Also...


Stephen Curry MVP, playoff & coaching talk with Dan Feldman

Stephen Curry is the MVP, which was a foregone conclusion, but would he be the NBA's first-ever unanimous MVP was up in the air. He was, and Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports discuss why Curry could get that consensus when LeBron James and Shaq couldn't in the past. The pair also talk all four playoff series — especially focused on Spurs/Thunder — and the coaching changes in Sacramento, Indiana, and Memphis.


Thunder/Spurs, Hawks/Cavs, and Game 6s talk with Dan Feldman

Friday night sees some big Game 6s across the NBA playoffs — Indiana has the best chance of forcing a Game 7 — but everyone is looking ahead to Oklahoma vs. San Antonio in the next round. Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBCSports.com discuss those series, the Friday night Game 6 matchups, and if Portland could beat Golden State if the Warriors do not get Stephen Curry back.


Stephen Curry, NBA playoff talk with Sean Highkin

As always, you can listen to the podcast below, or listen and subscribe via iTunes, download it directly here, or you can check out our new PBT Podcast homepage, which has the most recent episodes available. If you have the Stitcher app, you can listen there as well.


Chicago Bulls future talk, Eastern Conference playoffs with Vincent Goodwill

The Chicago Bulls were in the running for most disappointing team in the NBA this season — some pundits thought they were the one team that could challenge Cleveland, but they didn't even make the playoffs. Injuries, chemistry problems, disinterested players that were poor fits for the new coach's system, and a new coach all combined in a perfect storm. Kurt Helin of NBCSports.com talks with Vincent Goodwill of CSNChicago about the Bulls season and future, as well as discussing what is...


Western Conference first round playoff preview with Sean Highkin

It doesn't feel like there is a lot of drama in the first round or the Western Conference playoffs this season — the Warriors, Spurs, Thunder and Clippers are expected to advance. Fairly easily. Kurt Helin and Sean Highkin of NBC's ProBasketballTalk discuss these series, including whether Portland can push Los Angeles a little bit. The two also get off topic at points and talk Lakers and Bulls going forward.


Eastern Conference first round playoff preview with Dan Feldman

Can anyone knock off the Cleveland Cavaliers in the East? Probably not. But that doesn't mean the first round of the Eastern Conference playoffs is without drama. Can Toronto finally get out of the first round against the Pacers? Then there are two very interesting chess matches between teams that all won 48 games: Boston vs. Atlanta, and Charlotte vs. Miami. Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports' ProBasketballTalk break it all down.


NBA end of season awards preview with Dan Feldman

MVP? Stephen Curry. Rookie of the Year? Karl-Anthony Towns. But some of the NBA's end of season awards are not so clear cut this season. Sixth Man of the Year could go a lot of directions. Can you vote Steve Kerr coach of the year if he only coached half the year? Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports and ProBasketball talk discuss all the major end of season awards in this podcast.


What is up with LeBron? We ask Dan Feldman.

LeBron James is sending out cryptic tweets, unfollows the Cavaliers on Twitter, is longingly talking about joining up with his buddies 'Melo/Wade/CP3 — he is clearly sending a message. That message is not "I'm leaving Cleveland" but it is a message. Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports discuss what is driving LeBron's clear frustration. They also talk Warriors going for 73 wins and the playoff races at the bottom of both conferences.


Jonathan Abrams talks new book about high school to NBA generation

Kobe Bryant. Kevin Garnett. LeBron James. They are the most captivating players of the past couple decades in the NBA — and they all went straight from high school to the NBA. But there were a lot of others that had nice careers, and some who flamed out. Jonathan Abrams new book "Boys Among Men" takes a detailed look at the high school to NBA generation, and he joins NBC's Kurt Helin to discuss that trend, what happened to the players, and the future of the one-and-done rule.


Utah Jazz talk with Jody Genessy

There has been no more injury riddled team this season than the Utah Jazz, with Dante Exum, Alec Burk, Rudy Gobert, Derrick Favors, and others missing all or part of the season. Yet, with a month to go before the playoffs, most projection sites have the Jazz passing the Mavericks to make the postseason. Jody Genessy of the Deseret News joins NBC's Kurt Helin to talk all things Jazz, from Gordon Hayward to Quin Snyder. Plus they discuss ketchup potato chips.


Knicks future, DeMarcus Cousins, Twitter questions with Dan Feldman

Is it somehow a surprise that Phil Jackson wanted his friend Kurt Rambis to succeed in New York? Or that Kevin Durant isn't interested in the Knicks? Or that DeMarcus Cousins is frustrated and lashing out in Sacramento? It shouldn't be, but those are the news stories of the day, which Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBC Sports' ProBasketballTalk discuss in this podcast. Other topics include your Twitter questions on the Bucks, Lakers and if Durant could end up in Toronto.


Warriors loss, LeBron tweets, more NBA news talk with Sean Highkin

Nobody saw the Warriors beating the Lakers coming. Nobody is quite sure what LeBron James is tweeting. Nobody is quite sure what Ty Lawson will bring to Indiana. Nobody is quite sold on the up-and-down rockets. There's a lot to talk about in NBA as teams gear up for their playoff runs, and Kurt Helin and Sean Highkin of NBC Sports get to it all in this latest podcast.


NBA Draft discussion with Rob Dauster of CollegeBasketballTalk

LSU's Ben Simmons is going No. 1, but how good is a guy who doesn't have a jumper? Is Duke's Brandon Ingram better? Who should be drafted third? Kurt Helin of NBC's ProBasketballTalk asks Rob Dauster of NBC's CollegeBasketballTalk talk about the top of the 2016 NBA draft, sleepers worth watching in the second round, the rise of the upper classman, plus some Big West basketball and even a little beer talk.


Joe Johnson future, Kevin Durant's too, other NBA news with Dan Feldman

Joe Johnson has been set free from Brooklyn — at a cost of $3 million to himself — and seems headed to Cleveland, although in this PBT Podcast NBC's Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman discuss how Oklahoma City might be a better landing spot. They also get to the other news of the day such as James Harden reportedly forcing Kevin McHale out, Marc Gasol's broken foot, and where Kevin Durant may play next season.


Lakers present, future talk with Bill Oram

Bill Oram puts it well, the Lakers should be one of the most exciting young teams in the NBA. They are not. Rather, they are hard to watch. It's bad basketball covered up by the Kobe Bryant farewell tour, which pulls the attention away from everything else. Oram, the Lakers' reporter from the Orange County Register, joins NBC's Kurt Helin to talk about where the Lakers are, where they go with both a new coaching search and maybe a new front office search, and how they want to go about...


NBA trade deadline breakdown with Dan Feldman

The Detroit Pistons did very well. The New Orleans Pelicans couldn't unload Ryan Anderson and now will lose him for nothing. The Clippers improved, but could they have done even better? Kurt Helin and Dan Feldman of NBCSports.com break down all the trade deadline moves, talk about what we liked and didn't, and try to imagine what the Memphis locker room suddenly looks like with Lance Stephenson, Matt Barnes, Chris Andersen, P.J. Hairston, and Tony Allen is going to be like.


Dunk Contest, Toronto All-Star Talk with Sean Highkin

Toronto may have been cold (really, really cold) but it was home to the hottest All-Star Saturday Dunk Contest since.... Jordan and Dominique? Kurt Helin and Sean Highkin were in Toronto and discuss everything from Kobe Bryant to Sting to Russell Westbrook. All things All-Star in one place, plus some Charlotte talk.


NBA All-Star talk, predictions with Sean Highkin

NBA All-Star weekend descends upon Toronto starting Friday, with everything from the Rookie/Sophomore... er, Rising Stars Challenge on Friday, the Dunk Contest on Saturday, and the main event on Sunday. Kurt Helin and Sean Highkin of NBC's ProBasketballTalk break it all down with event talk and predictions (plus both will be in Toronto with reports from the event all weekend).


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