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Pia Nilsson on How to Play Better Golf More Often

Pia Nilsson (Sweden) is a former LPGA tournament winner. Now she is a leading golf instructor to all golfers from beginners to professionals. Among a number of greats she has advised is World Golf Hall of Fame member Annika Sorenstam. Pia joins our podcast to discuss her "Vision 54" (alongside Lynn Marriott) approach to golf instruction. Among many concepts Pia addresses how to marry Technical Skills and Human Skills to improve Performance. She also talks about how to practice, a...


Jonathan Yarwood on the Science and Art of Golf Instruction

Jonathan Yarwood is a proven PGA TOUR instructor and elite development golf coach. He is a UK Master Teaching Professional and a former Golf Digest Top 20 Teacher Under 40. He was also voted as a top teacher in the State of Florida for a decade. Jonathan joins our podcast to discuss the science and the art of golf instruction and how to blend the two approaches together for improved results. The podcast includes many insights to help you improve your golf swing.


James Sieckmann Helps You Improve your Short Game

James Sieckmann is recognized as a Golf Magazine Top 100 Instructor in America and a Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher. He works with multiple PGA TOUR, Web.com Tour and LPGA Tour professionals on improving their short-games and he joins 'On the Mark" to help you improve your play around the greens. James helps you build a foundational belief of effective greenside technique and an improved understanding of reliable methods. He delves into elements like ball-contact, shot trajectory and spin, swing...


Denny Lucas with His Philosophy on Golf and Golf Instruction

Denny Lucas, a former amateur teammate of Lee Westwood, is a European Tour Professional turned golf instructor. He joins "On the Mark" to share lessons he learned as a competitor and his philosophies on the golf swing. Denny also talks about his work with 2018 US Amateur Champion Viktor Hovland (Oklahoma State) and what you can learn from Viktor's approach to golf. He also shares a number of drills you can employ to direct your practice and improve your golf swing.


Dottie Pepper Talks Golf and Lessons You can Learn from the PGA TOUR's Best

Dottie Pepper is one of the all-time best on the LPGA Tour. Now retired from the game she is part of the CBS Sports broadcast crew and a leading analyst in the game. She joins our podcast to talk about her career as a player and how she played the game. Dottie reminisces about past successes and lessons learned. She shares advice on competition to help your game. She also talks about leading PGA TOUR players such as Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, Jordan Spieth, Brooks Koepka and Dustin Johnson...


Dan Abrahams on Being Mentally Sharp and "Golf Tough"

Dan Abrahams is a former Touring Golf Professional and now a PGA Coach and a leading Sports Psychologist. He helps golfers around the world shoot lower scores and win more by introducing practical solutions to help them practice more effectively, prepare more thoroughly, perform in increased consistency and progress quicker. He joins our podcast to address all of these elements. He also shares ideas from his book "Golf Tough" and helps you to become more mentally tough and acute on the...


Dr Ed Coughlan on Skill Acquisition and Purpose-Driven Preparation

Ed Coughlan PhD is widely regarded as one of the top Skills Coaches working in elite sport today. His understanding and application of the latest techniques in Coaching Science and Sport Science provides athletes with the tools to consistently perform at an elite level. He joins our podcast to talk about Skill Acquisition and Purpose-filled Preparation in order to help you bring out your best golf and performance as often as possible.


Andreas Kali with Advice on Improving Skills and Lowering Golf Scores

Andreas Kali is a Danish Professional Golfer and leading Golf Instructor who specializes in the development on elite golfers and junior golfers. He shares his playing experience and knowledge and talks at length about worthwhile ways to prepare and practice with a view to improving skill and lowering scores. He talks about practice regimens and the addition of pressure to simulate playing environments for guaranteed improvement. He also addresses practice drills and explores methods he uses...


Alex Trujillo (FlightScope Launch Monitors) Helps You Make Sense of Golf Club and Ball Data

Alex Trujillo from FlightScope Launch Monitors joins our podcast to help you make sense of data you will see when you use a Launch Monitor of any make, but especially the FlightScope Mevo. He addresses Clubhead Speed, Ball Speed, Smash Factor, Spin Rate and Spin Loft among other data points to enlighten you on acceptable numbers. Alex references PGA TOUR data and talks about Bryson DeChambeau; he also addresses golfers of different handicap and skill levels and helps each and everyone to set...


Nick Clearwater (GolfTEC) with Six Key Positions to Play Your Best Golf

Nick Clearwater is the VP of Instruction at GolfTEC and one of "Golf Digest's Best Teachers in Colorado". Nick joins to share information from GolfTEC's SWING TRU Motion Study (a study and analysis of the golf swings of 20,000 golfers) and he shares his "Six Key Positions to Play Your Best Golf." Nick addresses: Hip Sway at the top of the Backswing, Hip Sway at Impact, Shoulder Tilt at the Top of the Backswing, Shoulder Tilt at Impact, Shoulder Tilt at Impact, and Shoulder Bend at the Finish...


Golf Lessons from Mark Immelman and the 2018 Ryder Cup Matches

Mark Immelman is a recognized and award-winning golf instructor, NCAA College Golf Coach and a PGA TOUR Radio and Television Analyst/Announcer. Host of this 'On the Mark' podcast he shares his personal insights from the 2018 Ryder Cup matches. Immelman analyzes the performances of Tiger Woods, Jon Rahm, Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy among others and brings golf-tips that will help you to improve your golf . Learn about decision-making, routine, playing under pressure, recovery and a...


Andy Traynor Helps You to Understand and Improve Impact for Better Ball-Striking

Andy Traynor is an English PGA Fellow Professional and a Lead Instructor at Plane Truth Golf. Traynor is also a TrackMan Master Professional, a TPI Level 3 Junior Coach and a PGA Coach Tutor for Great Britain and Ireland. He joins "On the Mark" to enlighten us on that "Moment of Truth" and what it takes to create powerful and consistent golf-club and ball contact. Andy discusses the many elements involved in quality impact and he shares ideas you can apply to improve your ball-striking for...


Shane Bacon and Mark Immelman Revisit Tiger Woods' TOUR Championship Win

Shane Bacon is one of the leading Television Voices in USA golf. He is a play-by-play host for Fox Sports, FS1 and PGA TOUR Live. He is also a blogger and a Podcast host. He joins our podcast to unpack Tiger Woods' epic victory at The TOUR Championship at Eastlake GC. Bacon and Immelman revisit all of the highlights, talk about and opine on TIger's performance, and share golf tips you can learn from Woods that can help improve your own golf game.


Adam Kolloff Shares Golf Drills for Golf Swing Improvement

Adam Kolloff is a talented young golf instructor and a bright mind in golf teaching. Mentored by Hall of Fame Golf Teacher, Jim McLean, Adam was previously the Director of Instruction at Liberty National Golf Course, site of the 2017 President's Cup. He now owns "Pure Drive Golf" and is a "Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America". Adam joins "On the Mark" to share some golf drills designed to improve your golf swing, your ball-striking and your scoring.


Mark Immelman and Will Haskett Discuss Golf Instruction and Statistical Data

Will Haskett is the host of "The Perfect Number" podcast and a Radio and Television golf announcer. He joins Mark Immelman to discuss golf on the PGA TOUR, golf instruction and statistical data and the effective use thereof. They discuss various topics and points of statistical data, all in an effort to empower you to make smart decisions so that you can shoot lower golf scores.


David Barry on How to Make Your Practice Count

David Barry is an Irish Golf Teaching Professional who specializes in player development and performance. He joins our podcast to talk about practice and how you can practice more effectively and make your practice productive. He talks about practice drills, a good practice mindset, skill acquisition, tailoring practice regimens for maximum effect, and how you can beat boredom in practice.


Derek Deminsky Helps You to Success Around the Greens

Derek Deminsky of GolfBetterTucson.com fame is a PGA professional and "Instagram's Short Game Coach". He joins our podcast to help you to more success around the greens. Derek addresses the all-important "pitch shot" and takes a deep dive into this critical scoring element. He talks about fundamentals, Angles of Attack, wrist, forearm and elbow form, swing arc and body motion for crisp strikes. He also shares drills you can use to make your practice more effective


Chris Malloy Opines on Good Practice Habits and Effective Course Management

Chris Malloy is the Head Men's Golf Coach at Ole Miss (The University of Mississippi). He has guided the "Ole Miss Rebels" back to national NCAA prominence with his smart approach to coaching, practice and his expertise in Course Management and savvy decision-making under pressure. He joins "On the Mark" to help you make your practice effective. He also talks in depth about Course Management, game assessment and decision-making as an effective tool to lower your golf scores.


Karl Morris Helps You to Develop a Better Mindset for Better Golf

Karl Morris is a PGA Professional and a Performance Enhancement Coach who has worked with 6 Major Champions and over 100 PGA TOUR, European Tour, LPGA and LET players. He joins our podcast to talk about the mind/body connection and how you can understand it to "Ask yourself better questions" and improve your golf. Among many subjects Karl addresses a good mindset for each shot (before, during and after) that you can apply to guarantee improvement. He uses anecdotes from Tiger Woods and Amy...


Andrew Putnam on Taking Your Golf to the Next Level

Andrew Putnam is a PGA TOUR Professional, a winner on the Web.com Tour and the winner of the 2018 Barracuda Championship (PGA TOUR). He joins our podcast to talk about his career in golf, growing up in a golfing family, and how he developed his game to become a winner on the PGA TOUR. Andrew addresses the challenges of playing competitive golf and navigating the ebbs and flows of form. He also talks about mental and emotional challenges and how to deal with them. Andrew also talks about...