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Learn about Separation Values and How to Take Advantage of them with "Lowest Score Wins"

David Wedzik (former Korn Ferry Tour player) and Erik Barzeski, authors of the book "Lowest Score Wins", join our podcast to explain their approach of using "Separation Values" to guide practice and "Shot Zones" to help on-course decision-making. Both David and Erik are recognized and award-winning golf instructors and they elaborate on their idea of "Separation Values" and inform how you can direct your practice and preparation for the most return on the golf course. They break down how...


Mike Granato (Athletic Motion Golf) on The 5 Biggest Misconceptions in the Golf Swing

Mike Granato (alongside Shaun Webb) has worked with PGA TOUR, European Tour, Korn Ferry Tour and LPGA Tour golfers. Together they began "Athletic Motion Golf" to show golfers how incorporating a few simple athletic principles can make a world of difference to the golf swing. Granato brings a common sense approach, based on collected research data, to the golf swing and he shares some of that on our podcast. Mike highlights what he believes are "The 5 Biggest Misconceptions in the Golf...


Oliver Morton with Tips and Practice Drills to Improve your On-course Performance

Oliver Morton is an English Golf Instructor and a Biomechanics and Junior Golf Development expert. He uses state of the art technology in concert with innovative coaching techniques to help clients of all skill levels improve their golf. Oli understands the importance of the Physical, Tactical, Mental, Emotional, Social and Spiritual aspects of the game, and he joins "On the Mark" to speak about those, as well as tips and drills you can use in practice to improve your on-course...


Monte Scheinblum Reveals How to Easily Gain Power Off the Tee

Monte Scheinblum is a former Korn Ferry Tour player and a National and World Long Driving Champion. After retiring from competition he parlayed his knowledge and experience into a successful career as a golf instructor. He shares his insights and how to gain effortless power off the tee in this podcast. Monte explains fully, everything you need to know, in simple and easy to comprehend terms, how to fashion a powerful and repeating swing with the Driver to max out your power off the tee.


Marcus Potter Helps You to Improve Your Putting

Marcus Potter is a former touring golf professional. He is now one of the leading putting coaches in the game and the originator of "Potters Putting" online and on social media. Marcus helps, and has helped, golfers of all skill levels, including PGA TOUR, Korn Ferry Tour, Canadian Tour and NCAA Collegiate champions, to improve their putting. He joins us to help you improve your putting and by extension your golf scores. Marcus touches on all elements of putting including: Posture and...


Tips from The PGA TOUR. Episode 43 - Rory McIlroy's Insights on Feel vs Data

In a weekly podcast Mark Immelman reviews the most recent PGA TOUR event and highlights lessons you can learn from the world's leading golfers. In Episode 43, Mark revisits the 2020 Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines in La Jolla. Mark shares a quote from Rory McIlroy that illustrates McIlroy's take on Data vs Feel. Immelman unpacks excerpts from Rory's quote and shows how you can appropriately apply 3D Motion Capture data and Launch Monitor data for success. Mark talks about getting...


Tips from The PGA TOUR. Episode 42 - Tips on Bunker Play and Commitment to the Target

In a weekly podcast Mark Immelman reviews the most recent PGA TOUR event and highlights lessons you can glean from the world's leading golfers. In Episode 42, Mark revisits the 2020 Sony Open of Hawaii and the 2020 American Express Championship. Sony Open: Mark references how Brendan Steele played a plugged lie in a greenside bunker shot successfully, and he illustrates the lessons you can learn to do so too. Immelman also shows how Cameron Smith navigated a challenging long bunker shot...


Understand Your Body and Understand Your Swing with Dave Phillips (TPI)

Described as "a visionary thinker with a passion for teaching and learning" Dave Phillips is the co-founder of The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). He is also a member of the PGA of America and a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and a Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor. Dave elaborates on his method of "Understanding your body to understand your swing". He explains the need for, and the value of, proper assessments and screens to make appropriate decisions for your golf swing. He delves into...


Steve Yellin and the Fluid Motion Factor to Consistently Access Your Best Swing

After years of research and study, Steve Yellin has developed a revolutionary training program that allows athletes to become more consistent. Steve owns a company that has worked in seven professional sports, incl., MLB, the NHL, the NBA and the NFL. He also works with golfers of all skill levels including PGA TOUR winners and Major Champions. The premise of his work is "The Fluid Motion Factor". He shares insights on his work and how you can get into the "Zone" more often. He reveals how...


PGA Professional Rob Labritz on Winter and Summer Practice for Good Golf Year-round

Rob Labritz is a PGA Professional and the Director of Golf at GlenArbor Golf Club in New York. A well-respected Golf Professional, Rob has played in multiple Major Championships while coaching golfers of all skill levels with proven and holistic methods. He joins "On the Mark" to discuss Winter and Summer Practice for good golf throughout the year. He addresses subjects like physical fitness, stretching and mobility, swing position work, skill acquisition, target practice and short game...


Tips from The PGA TOUR. Episode 41 - Improve Accuracy off the Tee and on Approach Shots a la Justin Thomas

In a weekly podcast Mark Immelman reviews the most recent PGA TOUR event and highlights lessons you can glean from the world's leading golfers. In Episode 41, Mark revisits the 2020 Sentry Tournament of Champions at Kapalua in Maui. Immelman delves into Justin Thomas's victory and shares three tips to help you improve your accuracy off the tee and on approach shots. Specifically Mark shares how Justin Thomas hits his "Fairway-Finder" shot off the tee. Immelman also talks about playing...


Karl Morris on Improved Performance and the Lost Art of Playing Golf

Karl Morris is one of Europe's leading Performance Coaches. He has worked with 6 Major winners and over 100 PGA TOUR, European Tour, LPGA and LET golfers. Alongside Gary Nichol, he has written 2 books "The Lost Art of Putting" and "The Lost Art of Playing Golf". He joins us to talk about the art of playing golf and elaborates on various thoughts in the book incl.: Does the swing create the shot or vice versa? What does a good shot look like? What is your strategy for playing...


Kyle Porter and Mark Immelman Wrap the 2019 PGA TOUR Season

Kyle Porter has been a writer for CBS Sports since 2012 covering global and PGA TOUR golf. He is also a part of the CBS Sports Podcast 'The First Cut". He joins Mark Immelman to wrap up the 2018/2019 PGA TOUR wrap-around season. Among other fun topics discussed, they hand out Festive Season Christmas presents to Tiger Woods, Brooks Koepka, Rory McIlroy, Dustin Johnson, Jon Rahm, Justin Thomas, Rickie Fowler and Jordan Spieth. They also give out "On the Mark Awards" for the "Best Player of...


Tips from The PGA TOUR. Episode 40 - Course Management Tips from Geoff Ogilvy

In a weekly podcast, Mark Immelman reviews the most recent PGA TOUR event and highlights lessons you can glean from the world's leading golfers. In Episode 40 Mark revisits the 2019 President's Cup at Royal Melbourne (Australia). Mark shares 7 Course Management insights from former US Open champion and International Assistant Team Captain, Geoff Ogilvy. Ogilvy preached the following to the International Team to help them to navigate around the golf course successfully: Precision over...


Dr. Gregg Steinberg Addresses Emotional and Mental Mastery in Golf

Dr. Gregg Steinberg was voted by Golf Digest as one of golf's great masterminds. He has worked with many PGA TOUR professionals including Brandt Snedeker and Brian Gay. Steinberg is a tenured Professor at Austin Peay State University in Tennessee. He joins our podcast to discuss Emotional and Mental Mastery in golf and life. As he delves into the subject he addresses elements like confidence, commitment, bouncing back from slumps in form, overcoming fear and anxiety, controlling...


Chris Green Addresses Important Launch Monitor Data and Matchups

Chris Green is a PGA Professional and the Director of Instruction at the Glenview Club just north of Chicago. He is widely researched and vastly experienced in the application and use of Launch Monitors in golf instruction. He joins the podcast to discuss the appropriate and correct use of a launch monitor. He delves into the data that launch monitors provide; discusses how different brands can show differing data values and explains the appropriate data matchups and relationships for the...


Tips from The PGA Tour. Episode 39 - Ball-striking Lessons from Henrik Stenson and Tiger Woods

In a weekly podcast Mark Immelman reviews the most recent PGA TOUR event and highlights lessons you can glean from the world's leading golfers. In Episode 39, Mark revisits the 2019 Hero World Challenge at Albany in the Bahamas. Mark shares golf swing pivot insights, and a nugget from Gary Player, to help you to compress the ball at impact like Henrik Stenson. Immelman also shows how, in his opinion, Tiger Woods has freed up his golf swing and eliminated the "big miss" off the tee. Both...


Jeff Martin Helps You to Think about Golf with a Productive Mindset

Jeff Martin is the founder of "Thinking About Golf". He is also the author of "Hogan as it Happened: Setting the Record Straight". Jeff joins our podcast to discuss and share his research and work. He shows how golf swing technique has evolved of the years and he illustrates a number of lessons you can learn from the greats of yesteryear like Ben Hogan and Sam Snead. He also compares and contrasts the "modern day" golf swing (Matthew Wolff and Viktor Hofland) to the swings of the past...


Mike Napoleon from Superspeed Golf with Insights on Improving Swing Speed

Mike Napoleon is a PGA Professional, a golf instructor and the Founder of Catalyst Golf (which became Superspeed Golf). He joins "On the Mark" to delve into the mechanics of improving swing speed for increased power off the tee. He discusses "Overload/Underload Training" and how Superspeed uses "Overspeed Training" to remove the "Governor" from your golf swing. He talks about Kinematic Sequencing, Proximal Stability and the transfer of power and Ground Reaction Forces. He addresses the...


Tips from The PGA TOUR. Episode 38 - Tyler Duncan's Golf Swing for Consistency

In a weekly podcast Mark Immelman reviews the most recent PGA TOUR event and highlights lessons you can glean from the world's leading golfers. In Episode 38, Mark revisits the 2019 RSM Classic in Sea Island, GA. Mark examines tournament-winner Tyler Duncan's golf swing and shows how his stable foot action, and pressure shift, leads to effective swing stability and rotation. Those two elements enhance Duncan's golf swing timing, transition, downswing shaft pitch and ball-striking...