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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.

Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.


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Mark Immelman isn't just the older brother and swing coach of 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman, he's a broadcaster on a variety of platforms, one of the leading instructors in the world of golf and happy to help improve your game.






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Steve Furlonger Unpacks Ground Reaction Forces (GRF) and How to Maximize Them for Speed and Power

Steve Furlonger is a British Golf Professional and a foremost expert in Ground Reaction Forces (GRF). He works with golfers of all skill levels and helps them to toward improvement and self-sufficiency. Steve joins us to explain GRF from a 3D point of view and then apply the insight to use the forces for improved ball-striking consistency and power. He talks about golf swing Forces & Torques and delves into GRF in 3 dimensions: Vertical Rotation around the Center of Mass (CoM); Horizontal...


Brian Mogg Talks Technique and Ways to Improve your Golf Scores

Brian Mogg is a former PGA TOUR player and now one of the leading instructors in golf. Highly respected, Mogg is a Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and a Golf Digest Top 50 Instructor. He has lead 30 professionals to wins on the PGA and LPGA Tours. He joins "On the Mark" to help you understand technique and lower your scores. He demonstrates drills designed to help feel and understanding. Brian shares insights on putting, chipping and pitching, swing arc width and a more loaded pivot with...


Mark Immelman with Lessons from The PGA Championship at Kiawah Island

Mark Immelman is the host of the "On the Mark" podcast. He is also an Analyst for CBS Sports HQ and an on-course announcer for CBS Sports. He was a part of the broadcast crew at the 103rd PGA Championship at The Ocean Course at Kiawah Island and he revisits Phil Mickelson's record-breaking victory and the lessons you can learn from Phil's performance. Immelman's insights and lessons include: Tips on Preparation and Practice, Healthy lifestyle, Intentionality and a productive Mental and...


Kelvin Kelley on How Golf Should be Learned

Kelvin Kelley is a TPI Certified Class A PGA Golf Professional in San Francisco, CA. Making a second appearance on our podcast, Kelvin highlights how golf should be learned, a "less is more" approach, and how you can develop a simple, easy to repeat and efficient golf swing. He likens the golf swing to a throwing motion and talks about Hitting Angles and the appropriate set-up to simplify the swing. He addresses the "hitting impulse" and correct Trail Side vs Lead Side action through the...


Lucas Wald with Lessons to Learn from his Top 10 Favorite Golf Swings

Lucas Wald is a respected PGA TOUR Golf Instructor who has been recognized as a Golf Digest Best Young Teacher in America. He is widely researched and sought out by golfers of all skill levels, and he joins us to talk about his Top 10 Favorite Golf Swings: Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, Mickey Wright, Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Tom Watson, Bob Jones, Rory McIlroy and Jamie Sadlowski. The Golf Swing elements Lucas addresses are: The Grip, Power, Pivot, Footwork, the Waggle, Timing and...


Improving Your Overall Game with Tyson Deskins

Tyson Deskins is the founder of 419 Golf and a leading young mind in golf instruction. He is TPI and Swing Catalyst certified and believes there is no perfect way to swing a golf club. He does however believe in finding the most efficient way for each individual to swing and he joins us to share insights on how you can improve your game overall. He dives into a Productive Mindset and Focus and Intent on and off-course, Note-keeping for accountability, Gaining Confidence, Practice Time...


Jon Adler Helps You Develop a Balanced Mind for Better Golf

Jon Adler is a British golf performance coach, a TOUR coach and the author of two golf improvement books. He joins "On the Mark to help you get out of your own way and ensure that the best version of you shows up each time you play. Specifically Jon dives into: Playing your best when it matters; Being less frustrated when on-course; Developing a calm mind; Anxiety and Fear and their effect on performance. He also talks about "embracing the certainty of uncertainty" and "the art of relaxed...


Gavin Grenville Wood on Success in Competitive Golf for Parents and Juniors

Gavin Grenville-Wood is a British PGA Professional and the Head of Junior Education for Leadbetter Golf. With over 25 years of teaching experience and involvement with junior golfers of all levels he is uniquely qualified to advise golfers and parents on navigating the journey through golf development and competition. He shares personal anecdotes as a father and coach. He expressly advises on: Goal Setting, the Line between Pushing and Motivating, Setting Expectations, Practice, and Handling...


Steve Scott Helps You Unlock the Competitor Within

Steve Scott is the PGA Head Professional of The Outpost Club and Founder of the Silver Club Golfing Society. A former PGA TOUR professional he now teaches, writes and announces for PGA Tour Live and Golf Channel. Steve join us to revisit his epic 1996 US Amateur Final against Tiger Woods. He discusses competitiveness and shares tips on how you can direct your focus, talent and emotion to get the most out of your competitive instinct. He also addresses defining winds and dealing with failure,...


Ian Baker-Finch Shares Insights and Lessons from The Masters

Ian Baker-Finch is an Open Champion and multiple winner on the PGA TOUR. Now an announcer (17th Hole Tower) and analyst for CBS Sports he has unique and worthy insights into the professional game and he joins us to share his take on the 2021 Masters. Ian shares lessons on putting, pitching and chipping, the iron game and approach shots, course management and strategy and he also talks about playing under pressure, and how to deal with a big lead and close out tournaments. In his examples he...


Mike Stachura Advises on How to Get the Right Clubs in Your Hands

Mike Stachura is the Senior Editor at Golf Digest. He has been on staff since 1992 and leads the massive endeavor that is the Golf Digest (Equipment) Hot List. Mike joins "On the Mark" to explain the Hot List and its purpose. He also addresses the importance of, the value of, and how to be properly fitted for golf clubs. Further, he talks about power off the tee, swing speed and Drivers. He contrasts Long Irons vs Hybrids/Utility Clubs and Blades vs Game Improvement Irons. He also talks...


Mark Immelman with Lessons from Augusta National and The Masters

In our 500th podcast, host Mark Immelman walks you through some shots required around the famed Augusta National Golf Club in The Masters. Mark addresses shots required off the tee and how certain shot shapes are rewarded. He also talks about avoiding a left-miss, which is crucial to avoiding big numbers at The Masters. He also talks about the challenge of playing iron shots off uneven lies and shows what you can do to strike those better. He addresses good greenside pitching and shares a...


Dottie Pepper Shares Lessons for a Life in Golf

Dottie Pepper is a LPGA golf professional and winner of 17 tournaments including 2 Majors, The Nabisco Dinah Shore (The ANA Inspiration). Dottie is now an announcer for CBS Sports and has called countless events including The Masters, The Open and The PGA. She joins us to talk about her book release "Letters to a Future Champion." She shares countless insights, and the "Forbidden Material" she got from her lifelong golf coach, George Pulver. Lessons include tips on: The Golf Swing,...


Kristi Block Brings Drills and Exercises for Better Mobility and Pain Reduction

Kristi Block is a Canadian physiotherapist at Stapleford Health & Rehab Centre. A former competitive volleyball player she understands human movement and injury prevention. Kristi joins us to help you to better, pain-free movement and golf. Specifically she discusses better posture for wellness and for golf. She also systematically goes through the entire body from the neck, shoulders and back to the extremities and shares insights and simple exercises and movements to alleviate pain and...


Jeff Pelizzaro on Getting Fit and Strong for Better Golf

Jeff Pelizzaro has been in golf his entire life and a golf fitness, strength and conditioning coach for the last 10 years. He and his partner started 18STRONG in 2014 and have been helping golfers of all skill levels (incl. PGA TOUR players) to better strength and physical well-being ever since. Jeff joins our podcast to share their mantra and philosophy on health and fitness as they pertain to overall well-being, and golf. In doing so he addresses strong posture for better, powerful golf...


Kiel Alderink on How to Figure Out Your Golf Personality

Kiel Alderink is a PGA Professional and a Golf Digest Top Teacher Under 40 in America. An expert in "Mental Golf Types" he joins us to discuss the different personalities of all golfers and what approaches you can take to identify yours, and how you can modify your work to maximize your talents and skills. Kiel talks about "Intuitive" and "Sensory" type personalities and how they perceive and focus. He also talks about variability in learning and getting in the "zone" and includes PGA TOUR...


Oli Leett Helps You to Read Greens Well and Make More Putts

Oli Leett is a British Golf Professional, golf instructor and putting coach. He runs the "Leett Putting Hub" and he joins "On the Mark to help you to make more putts and lower your scores. Oli shares his unique journey through the game and how he has to overcome a physical obstacle to excel as he motivates you to make the most of your situation. He also addresses: Putter Fitting, Putter Styles and their influence on the stroke, Green Reading, a good Mindset and Productive Practice including...


Marty Jertson on the Environmental Factors that Influence Distance Control

Marty Jertson is a PGA Professional and the Director of Product Development for Ping. Marty is credited with the design of many of the company's golf clubs, and is listed on over 125 patents. Marty joins On the Mark for a second time, and this time he addresses the many environmental factors that influence the distance of a golf shot. Whilst showing real-life examples from Major Championships and PGA TOUR events he elaborates on wind, temperature, lies of the golf ball incl. flyer lies in...


Erik Anders Lang on Lessons Learned during His Global Travels

Erik Anders Lang is a documentary filmmaker. He has worked as protégé of Dave Chapelle. He has produced documentaries and behind the scenes content for various major companies, and now produces content for Random Golf Films and the PGA TOUR. His work has him travel over 130000 miles per year and he joins us to share anecdotes and tales from his sojourns, lessons he has learned, outlandish experiences enjoyed and wisdom accumulated. He speaks about golf, mindfulness, the Law of Intentions and...


Activate Your Glutes and Power Up Your Golf Swing with Carolina Romero

Carolina Romero is a former NCAA College golfer (Univ. of South Florida) who is now a Fitness Trainer (Fit Golfer Girl). She is a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM as and also a TPI Certified Golf Fitness Specialist. Carolina joins "On the Mark" to help you to a powerful and pain-free golf swing. She highlights the glutes as the most powerful muscle in the swing and shares exercises to help you activate and strengthen them. She also talks about...